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RTC1655 30 days ago
The russian-russian roulette better had to include alcohol.
Pat Peacock 30 days ago
there a difference between people and governments most people can get alone and like each other.
Kate D 30 days ago
All things considered, I love that we live in such a global society that American and Russian audiences can watch the same talk show interview, translated into both languages, and laugh at the same jokes. The access to information and media around the planet is just fantastic.
Buenomars 30 days ago
4:09 🎵 I'm a Scatman!!! 🎵
Animelytical 30 days ago
This is hilarious
Nelly 30 days ago
Best episode ever
Vastasiya 30 days ago
The only way he would have gotten that joke, is if he actually knew Russian. It's wordplay.
Mo Bahrouni 30 days ago
can u please number your videos chronologically?
Omid Saranj 30 days ago
Stephen was shitting himself drinking that shot lol
Nelly 30 days ago
I LOVE THIS ITS PERFECT!!!!! That Russian joke is on the same level as the knock knock jokes here ahahahahahhahahahah X'D
Alex Babansky 30 days ago
Country of oligarch slaves where everybody is afraid of degenerate power elites, no freedom of speech, where a citizen has NO rights but do drink themselves to death. Just as sad as that Urgant character who is never allowed to criticize the government.
Igor k-chm 30 days ago
oh here comes Ukraininan non-brother
Joe Plummer 30 days ago
National television? Hm.almost like BBC.
yoji0 30 days ago
Waaait wait wait wait wait. That guy at 1:29 is a Russian oligarch? A robber baron? For fuck's sake, I dress better on a Monday morning just going to the office.
Gal Dagon 30 days ago
More talk shows should revolve around doing shots with the guests.
Вася Васёв 30 days ago
Anericans, you need to understand, that we here in Russia like Putin, he is great president and he saved our country, and you have a lot of deceitful anti-putin propagande
MsJeniferDilan 30 days ago
Спасибо, неплохой выпуск
Shitpost MaGee 30 days ago
As an American, I hate how Americans gotta butter up people to feel comfortable to talk to others
Gal Dagon 30 days ago
(We're heavily censored here, so) we're more like Fallon than John Oliver.
mike johnston Bob 30 days ago
in soviet russia, regular roulette is played with 6 bullets
Dominic Cooke 30 days ago
Loving the translations of stop, stop stop. Also love the whole thing.
GEOVANNE RAMOS 30 days ago
vodka with a pickle? double Russian roulette worst drinking game ever 😝😝😝 Sorry but at least put some other kinds of alcohols
Твой батя 30 days ago
Ееее Urgant блять)
Michael Kats 30 days ago
The internet was invented by the Swiss!!!
Rachel 30 days ago
FoneArc 30 days ago
I hope Colbert does run for president in 2020.
Henry Myers 30 days ago
After Steven said he stayed in the presidential suite, Jon Batiste played the opening lick of Trinkle Tinkle , which is a Thelonious Monk tune
OptimusWombat 30 days ago
Ivan Urgant and Liev Schreiber - separated at birth?
Andrew Strausbaugh 30 days ago
This was the best thing I ever watched in my life
The Kirby T 30 days ago
VirtuLab 30 days ago
This was one of the worst jokes in my life. Yes, I am from Russia )))
john Dorkus 30 days ago
they were pretty friendly, FOR COMMUNISTS
Saeed Kamrani-Rad 30 days ago
what took them so long to broadcast this part?
Some Kind 30 days ago
What are we? Some kind of Stephen Makes His Debut On Russia's 'Evening Urgant'?
Tristram Delvaux 30 days ago
The way the translator says Steven is hillaryous :P
Fanboy Hex 30 days ago
Stephen if you were serious about running for POTUS. you got my vote!!!. Colbert for President 2020. Let's make it happen people!
martramT 30 days ago
I'm surprised that their state media would actually talk about Trump election being helped by Russia. I know RT is not as truthfull on that issue, so I'm wondering if it's usual or more like a one time thing since stephen colbert was there as a way to be in on the joke.
Ken 30 days ago
Vegabond100 30 days ago
hah, restrictions. there are way more of them and propaganda in US!
Dave Johnson 30 days ago
Please run in 2020! We need a good president!
Baby Hitler 30 days ago
Not surprising, any talk show run under an oppressive regime would turn out very similar to Jimmy Fallon's show.
Davit Evoyan 30 days ago
Russia is an oppressive regime only in the fables told by Western media :)
rivr crse 30 days ago
Sorry but russians are creepy and weird as fuck.
Nikki G 30 days ago
rivr crse There is no need for xenophobia. Gtfoh
honky canuk 30 days ago
Did he actually have a spare pair or did they just pull a stunt! :O
Hillary CCLinton 30 days ago
honky canuk 30 days ago
Ivan Urgant is to Stephan Colbert what Bassem Yousef was to John Stewart! :D
Dominic Kalder 30 days ago
Valeriya Sholokhova 30 days ago
Urgant is endlessly cool!! :D I'm so glad the two of them met.
An K 30 days ago
He's far more articulate than Drumpf.
Pavan Segal 30 days ago
Excellent Stephen! More like this please..
Катя Лищина 30 days ago
That moment when you watch both Urgant and Colbert shows and all of a sudden you see them together on Colbert's channel in a video about how he visited Russia and Urgant's show **mindblown** Greetings from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
How Much For A Gram 30 days ago
That little Art Tatum Jon threw in @ 1:47
William Sentamu 30 days ago
the mystery of the Ritz Carlton mattress revealed
Gerzon Chon 30 days ago
Stephen feels uneasy not being in control of the interview.
Dan Primo 30 days ago
This garbage started playing in my pocket. Never did I search out this twats YouTube videos. Fuck you youtube.
grail68 30 days ago
Man I used to watch this guy's show all the time when I lived in Tbilisi
Alex Vol 30 days ago
А шуточка про шлагбаум и истина забавная
Your God 30 days ago
Poor Urgant, he'd probably be killed for criticizing Putin on his late night show. This is why censorship is dangerous.
Андрей Судариков 30 days ago
Dudes, he missed the most important part, where the crow did hit the barrier)))
Andrea Kelley 30 days ago
OK, I have a crazy question. Is that a drawing on the wall in the Russian dressing room — of a woman in chains?
grail68 30 days ago
ArmageddonAfterparty 30 days ago
Typical to have a Dutch phrase in St. Petersburg (slagboom). There are more than a few Dutch words that made it into the Russian language, back from when they had Cloggies show them a few tricks about shipbuilding.
Davit Evoyan 30 days ago
yeah, Peter the Great traveled to Holland in late 1600's and brought a lot of words (about 200) back to Russia. Those include: плотина (damba) - dam, каюта (kajuta) - kajuit and even гавань (gavan) - haven
CrapVictory 30 days ago
Is Urgant destined to become the V for Vendetta talk show host, who jokes truth to power and then gets disappeared Nacht und Nebel style?
Rafael Garcia 30 days ago
no crazy russian hacker?!?!? safety is number 1 priority
forkmaster 30 days ago
Just me who is surprised Stephen Colbert survived that tv-apperance. After seeing it I would have expect him to end up sleeping with the kaviar.
David Alexander 30 days ago
i cant splel 30 days ago
that russian joke is the reason i dont want to be a translator. good luck explaining a pun on another language
joebstarsurfer 30 days ago
Russians are really funny.But thats rather flat so far.
MeriScrapper13 30 days ago
Stephen for President!! We already have Russian approval. They look very friendly, kind and even funny
Very Nice 30 days ago
Amy Moore 30 days ago
Jessica Avila 30 days ago
You have my vote Mr. Colbert.
Jorge Alves 30 days ago
This is just brilliant!
Игорь Kamikaze 30 days ago
Две пархатки повстречались
максим хейиров 30 days ago
Ann'G 30 days ago
*Hold up shot glass* To Russia! Now stay the phuck out of our elections.
Anna Warner 30 days ago
I do not understand why Russians are considered to be our enemies They fought with us during WWI and WWII, they helped us to fight ISIS. Why are we ridiculing Putin and his country? I do not understand.
Davit Evoyan 30 days ago
Alex Martinelli you are totally brainwashed :)
Tom Clyde 30 days ago
because Putin is not allowing american neocons to bomb and rob completely everything in the other world. It's the capitalism, baby, - the fight of economical, military, political competitors
Alex Martinelli 30 days ago
Anna Warner because he wants to own America and have it also be russia
Noelia Jaime 30 days ago
They lack the freedom to even question Putin in any way,that-s why it-s a dictatorship.
TheRealBeatMaster 30 days ago
two witty late night hosts roasting both countries, this is amazing
trefader32 30 days ago
Stephen should've checked the vodka and pickles for KGB nanobots. Thats probably how Putin got incriminating material over Trump.
lonestr1 30 days ago
was he see serious about running for president??
hibob418 30 days ago
I like the Russian joke from The Sum of All Fears. Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman are doing an inspection tour of a nuclear weapons plant, and Freeman asks, What does that t-shirt say? And a Russian worker says: I am a bomb technician, if you see me running, try to catch up.
Kaempfdog 30 days ago
Well it's funny because we wouldn't laugh so much at Colbert for president because intentional jokes and slapstick and the like are just not as funny as stupid watergate. But he is INFINITELY more qualified. At least that's a step forward 😆
ChessTauren 30 days ago
So Colbert is guaranteed to win the presidency in 2020. Nice!
Эльвира Муталлапова 30 days ago
ChessTauren i
Mike Benmos 30 days ago
American: In my country, I can look at the camera and say 'Mr. Trump, I don't like the way you're running our country!' Russian: I can do that. American: Really?! Russian: Yes, I can look at the camera and say 'Mr Putin, I don't like the way Trump is running his country!'
M Sokolow 30 days ago
So funny. And I did not know that Liev Schreiber had a Russian late-Night show!
schuetze_jack 30 days ago
mr.colbert would you like to be our german Chancellor? we want you!
schuetze_jack 30 days ago
вобще естественно фестивальный он мальчуган, этот кольбер.будем.
bluespartan10 30 days ago
You know, on the one hand i'd say people love Sephan so much now that he might actually have a shot at winning the Presidency..but then I remembered that he technically ran in the 2008 race, and despite being really popular then, he couldn't even get on the ballot in either party's primary in South Carolina, which is where he's from. Then again, his candidacy was a more of a joke because of his old show's persona, so maybe he's more serious this time.?
Brendan Farrell 30 days ago
There were times in this video where I had to remind myself that he wasn't sending these back day by day and that he's already home Because after the way he's acting I keep worrying he's gonna get himself killed over there😂
CanadianStig 30 days ago
what is the BGM at 3:12 ?
L Jayne 30 days ago
I'm confused. I am in Canada and I watch the news. CNN news in the states matches all the news in France, Canada, Germany and England. The only news that differs is Fox. But you people are saying that we are Fake and Fox is right. I am very wary of this logic. Please explain.
Axel Gumilar 30 days ago
Well he's right about his shows close to Fallon, he even had the fake laugh
Jash Kei 30 days ago
Russian here. The joke wasn't about a stop sign, it was about a boom gate. Still cringy, but makes more sense if you translate it properly, you know?
Wolf 30 days ago
a russian Jimmy fallon? why would he say something so horrible about himself ?
Tokugawa Heavy Industries 30 days ago
He said We're closer to Jimmy Fallon than John Oliver. As in, not Trevor Noah. Come on, man, what's he gotta do to live up to the title???
Don Loh 30 days ago
А издавна в Америке не достаточно заморочек? Целые городка банкротами становятся, однако вам, естественно же, говорят только о России. Что-то у нас не было таковой практики, что целые городка становятся призраками.
Евгений Лебедев 30 days ago
Don Loh будто у нас чё там у хохлов стало мемом, это итого только обычная ситуация, что огромные ТВ-медиа внушают людям, что у соседа всё ещё ужаснее
Amenti H 30 days ago
.а на ветле живёт птица наивняк.
Jeff Hansen 30 days ago
Colbert 2020!
Вова Булавин 30 days ago
Перевод хотелось бы
John P 30 days ago
This guy is one of the main ones causing the Russia craziness in the US
Eli Jeschke 30 days ago
Stephen did the thing I do of walking up stairs on all fours. I know he prolly did it as a joke, but to see one of my heroes do that just feels really good.
Matvei I 30 days ago
2:47 complete mistransation. It WAS a bad joke, but seriously bad translator. P.S. You should have hired a comedian to bw your translator. Not a general translator. all of translators have their fields of speciality. I've experience in translating.