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Kimberly Dill 9 months ago
A lot of black men tells the woman to get an abortion, get rid of his second half.
Amid Muhhammed 9 months ago
MACC MALONE 9 months ago
Tennessee Stephani 9 months ago
Hey, dudes! If you don't want a baby, before you're ready then have a VASECTOMY! (it can successfully be reversed!) Men, quit thinking you have NO control over if you bring a child into the world! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Fuck around all you want, but Protect yourself! That way if some hood rat is claiming she got yo baby. You can gladly say, skank I'm shooting blanks! You men need to quit acting like yall have no control!!! Women control reproduction, with birth control or abortion. Men can control reproduction on the front end! A vasectomy is a lot cheaper than years of child support! If dudes want to be silly enough to believe & trust a skank, telling you she's on birth control! Then suffer the outcome. Men quit crying when you get had by some 1 night stand. Control your dick!!! Or suffer the after effects of busting a nut in some slut!
Leray Fleming 9 months ago
Fuck these hoes
Angelete Delmar 9 months ago
11:37pm Houston Tx
Manny Irizarry 9 months ago
1:25:38 Tommy I'm definitely a fan, but we finally got that White women do it too [i.e. put Black men in jail]. I gotta call a spade an alaBASTARD. LMBo lol!!!! However, she's a Macklemore w.igger mudshark so they really are worse than Black women. Just like Black lezbos whom are the worst caricature of Black thug men. Dit-to.
Kirby Crosby 9 months ago
Hey Tommy Sotomayor ever think about coming to Wisconsin areas.
terry cox 9 months ago
metaphorical tactics 9 months ago
My guess is that scar face won't talk about the system being unfair to men because the majority of people who buy his music are women. I remember Tupac saying that. It's a financial move.
terry cox 9 months ago
Young brothers thinking about looking into fixing your credit and real estate check out you tubers Quebutter for fixing your credit for free and Mr.RealEstate Jay Morrison 2 good brothers that help you get your life back on track. Please Brothers be responsible and strap up before you have to deal with 18 years. Good Luck
Gates 3 Designs 9 months ago
But they won't fire chuck from the Colts. smh
DIDIT1 9 months ago
real law 9 months ago
He donated 1.00 dollar lmao 67cents😭😭😭
Michele Cobré 9 months ago
Female white caller is reason why i can't trust no women
John 9 months ago
Michele Cobré Shut up, fool, you're making too much sense. Don't you know logical men are dangerous.
Madeline West 9 months ago
What's up ? From CT
scarlet hottie 9 months ago
13:20 Men , stop getting married! !!!!!!!!!!
G J 9 months ago
So true tommy !! we blacks need to take advantage of the opportunities here. Yes we will always have problems but it is a different country than 100 years ago or 60 years ago
ahmed King 9 months ago
Did this dude say that pocession is 9/10ths of the law. So it's her kid , not mine. If you're gonna use that logic. But no biologically half of it's mine and the other half it's hers. She's just the vessel that carries it for nine months. But it doesn't belong to her and only her. Come on dog
Troy Stephens 9 months ago
Shit John fox with the bears still have a job he's an ok coach but nothing spectacular
RealRap_365 9 months ago
I've been trying to talk to you for 6 yrs now.and believe it or not, I'm still a fan. I'm not Sotonation or someone you'd smash or whatever (you are cute tho.lol), but I think we will have a productive conversation! What is a email I can use that you'll answer?? I don't want a thing from you but your time and your ear. Thanks
Ram Martin 9 months ago
wait a minute, shes blaming the kids father for her being in a shelter because she had a kids with a black man. really bitch. you still blaming others instead of yourself.
Andrea B 9 months ago
Hey Tommy disable superchat instead of having to tell your supporters off like bad kids
jamahl donaldson 9 months ago
That caller sounds like number 9 from the star show
Michele Cobré 9 months ago
First caller who hides his identity,scarface and all men who don't support Tommy and men's rights are fake ass cowards
Michele Cobré 9 months ago
First caller need to stop saying that homophobia shit because is not a real fear just because a person dislike homosexuality doesn't mean they are afraid of homosexuals
SOBER OTIS 9 months ago
Michele Cobré Agree
Kerry Williams 9 months ago
I'm sorry Tommy but any person saying they are the people the bible speaks of, that's proof that they have yet to figure out who they really are, and relying on a book to determine who you are I'd a very lost person. myopinion smh
theodore braden 9 months ago
That broad with sickle cell was no joke
Boss boss 9 months ago
I don't even feel bad for the chic with 3 different baby dadys
Thelastreal1 9 months ago
That person in the comments saying that sickle cell was eradicated in the 70’s pissed me off beyond words! I’ve had full blown Sickle Cell my whole life. I was born in ‘89 Sickle cell is a huge problem in the black community till this very day! I’m sitting here hooked up to a dialysis machine because sickle cell neuropathy destroy my kidneys in 2013! I’ve lost friends to this disease people my age and younger! That kind of ignorance and spreading of misinformation is why our Community is doomed. TRIGGERD
Thelastreal1 9 months ago
Kay D Thanks, I really appreciate your comment it made my day!
Kay D 9 months ago
MCBAM989 Mr Handsome, please don't let them comments get to you. Keep your head up sir and stand strong. Much Love, KayD
Thelastreal1 9 months ago
Elliott Randolph Thanks!
Elliott Randolph 9 months ago
Mcbam989 I salute you and hope the best for you, one love.
SOBER OTIS 9 months ago
mcbam989 Very true !
Crack Job 9 months ago
How do I call in from UK 🇬🇧 Tommy without it costing me a fortune ??
Listpost ™ 9 months ago
Im guessing you have mixed raced kids and angry at the father for leaving you.p.s im from UK
Crack Job 9 months ago
Beau Pierce , thanks 👍🏼
Crack Job 9 months ago
Why aren’t I getting notifications 🤔 I have only just got this notification now !!
Crack Job 9 months ago
Lisa Cartwheel , thank you 😊 I didn’t have it on 🙈
Lisa Cartwheel 9 months ago
do u have the notification bell clicked twice?
Crack Job 9 months ago
JACKOFF 9000 ,Lmfao 😂😂 thanks 🙈lol !!
Chucky713 9 months ago
Dam I missed it
Crack Job 9 months ago
JACKOFF 9000 , that’s happened to me a couple of times.
Crack Job 9 months ago
Same problem here !! Just got the notification now but can’t get one when it’s live ?
winkey aka Kelly Holmes 9 months ago
Chucky713 I'm wondering how to when I was on line when it began lol ???
Robert Lyons 9 months ago
Good morning Tommy.Hit the likes
jehovah Rapha 9 months ago
Funny how white women who date black men find themselves as single mothers and in the same situation as black women but tommy says black women are the problem. It seems to me it starts with the men.
Tony Uchiha 9 months ago
Louis Litke Don't forget your cape, cuck.
Tony Uchiha 9 months ago
Louis Litke Oh that's so funny nice try. You just don't want to answer the question. When did I say they were only two political affiliations? I know the two most major ones are Democratic and Republican so I figured you were one of the two.if you are one of the others, feel free to admit which one you are.oh but you ducked the question like a bitch. I'll take my W.
Tony Uchiha 9 months ago
Louis Litke Yes I do know there's more than two political affiliations, guessing you belong to one of the two I mentioned
jehovah Rapha 9 months ago
Tony Uchiha Mr intellectual doesn’t know that there are more than two political affiliations that one can have? Wow you’re really that stupid! I’m not a Rebloodlican or Democrip Genius. The Partisan BS is why nothing gets done in this country. Unlike you I’m capable of independent thought and can have productive conversation with anyone Regardless of their background. I’ve had enough of this conversation so I’m ending it. A person who doesn’t realize there’s more than 2 political parties isn’t even worth talking to bye.
Tony Uchiha 9 months ago
Louis Litke It was a trick to get you to admit your political standing.now which are you? Republican? Democratic? Your move.
MrsBzable 9 months ago