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BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
What characteristics the opposite gender possesses would you like to have?
Nelly Salazar 4 months ago
Thank YOU SO MUCH 😊 BRIGHT SIDE !! I can finally tell all the boys in my class why they are more athletic than girls
Unknown Error 4 months ago
Being cool. Oh wait, that’s present in both genders. Not my alien race, I guess.
Triton SA 4 months ago
Colour perception, the women at my place of worship dress quite nice. But I always get the colours wrong!
Crazy Cat Person With Catbug 4 months ago
SrmthfgRockLee 4 months ago
who else thinks of TO THE WILD STyle by DJ supreme. & it sounds also like new order confusion and another song. when u see the bright side
SrmthfgRockLee 4 months ago
SrmthfgRockLee 4 months ago
i talked with 5+ ppl at same time on the sea thing of my university and i multitask 24/7 listen 5-15mnusicssamet ime, play tennis on ground+basketball dribbling same time. study while walking or runing slo0wly. with bag in me or dribble/rotate basketball while on a bench studying. great warcraft 3 player winng 1v4.
SrmthfgRockLee 4 months ago
2. bad eye vision xD i have a great the0ry b0t that
all tech in one 4 months ago
What about 3rd gender
Janay Rebba 4 months ago
Kudos to all the left handers
Ah uh ah bodo amat 4 months ago
did you say oil ?
Dr. Strudelbanger 4 months ago
Aniruddha Hindu Rss 4 months ago
Thanks again Sir 🇮🇳
Mane anita 4 months ago
something about aliens
JGillyfromhu3 rapper need producer 4 months ago
But I struggle to sleep
JGillyfromhu3 rapper need producer 4 months ago
I'm left handed so I'm buzzing
chris codling 4 months ago
but which facts are the sexist ones?
Pedro Ramos 4 months ago
Clickbaiting trashes
Bharathwaj Sujatha 4 months ago
The only thing of the difference between men and women shown here only one a woman can be sexually harassed
Ritika Rajan 4 months ago
8 no wonder why men love cars more than girls
khoder khaddour 4 months ago
Why do you pronounce the t in often ??
khoder khaddour 4 months ago
So you are 😂
JAME5 GAME5 4 months ago
I dont know if I am native or not, but I live in Canada
khoder khaddour 4 months ago
Are you a native speaker?
JAME5 GAME5 4 months ago
You can pronounce it without t also.
khoder khaddour 4 months ago
We've been learning english for so long and we always learnt to egnore the t 😂 even on google translate ir another translating apps they do not pronounce the t
Marinette Du-pen-cheng 4 months ago
Oooohhhhh now I get it why boys always say that they are fricken hot
Marinette Du-pen-cheng 4 months ago
I'm happy I'm alive as a girl
Marinette Du-pen-cheng 4 months ago
It's literally 10: 40 and I'm watching this
Marinette Du-pen-cheng 4 months ago
True.. True..
Unknown Error 4 months ago
And where are these studies from, exactly??
Striker- ZQ 4 months ago
I thought men had better imune system
JAME5 GAME5 4 months ago
Nope, only abs
Jose Starks 4 months ago
Soooo why can men not drive better at night even though they actually see moving objects better than still ones?
Tuxie The Best 4 months ago
Left side of brain lol yeah that's true
Deborah Mann 4 months ago
Confirms transgenderism is all in their head. Every cell in your body expresses maleness or femaleness. You cannot change it.
Zalaxci 4 months ago
I'm an introvert and I would prefer the 1st woman (even though I'm a kid).
megga dale 4 months ago
Irony, men lose weight faste and gets a big stomach.
Jan Gabriel Reyes 4 months ago
This shows men are far more superiior than women.
Pixel Gamer 4 months ago
It's Unfair
Pixel Gamer 4 months ago
I'm sad cuz I'm Men
Emma McDonald 4 months ago
Men sleep better than women is soooo true, the second a guy put his head on the desk or table he'd be asleep it happens to my brother, dad, boyfriend and many guys who were at my school when I was younger
Sophie Toon 4 months ago
Poopz Pxwerz 4 months ago
Lol im just here to see if it true cause ima boy
Angel the skeleton Loves sans 4 months ago
MrNinjaGaming 4 months ago
My metabolism is really fast and I'm fairly fit and sometimes my temputure would reach to the hundreds sometimes and I wouldn't be sick at all.
Kids Stars Go! 4 months ago
Kids Stars Go! 4 months ago
Rachel Dunwoodie 4 months ago
😶😶 pretty cool!! Love Bright Side!!
Aakriti Aryal 4 months ago
Hannah Tolentino 4 months ago
so tru
أنثى بروح ملاءكه 4 months ago
منو اجمل من رورو
mob 4 months ago
Need folowers on instagram pls follow me its a funny page (Legendary life01)
Geeta Shinde 4 months ago
Then how go women survive during periods?
G Lepp 4 months ago
Omg get to the point quicker
selection 4 months ago
Hear that Feminists? There are only 2 Genders and we are born with our Gender.
mark riesgo 4 months ago
Like if you're left handed.
The World of Nerd 4 months ago
Plz visit my channel.
Christopher Reszel 4 months ago
Liked , had heard most of them before. Even more curious about my normal body temp of 96 Deg. o0 now.
Cole Halford 4 months ago
I'm blind at night
KxLDeHAX Gaming 4 months ago
Im a male Idk why but im a left footed/leg I always use my left foot for kicking and playing soccer Im uncomfortable playing with my right/leg foot
Pihu sharma 4 months ago
Amazing 👌👌
Mehak.kaushik 11 4 months ago
I disagree with 8
Daniel Ram 4 months ago
I can see perfect in the dark and I'm a boy
Chill Vester 4 months ago
NightFaLL 4 months ago
mustafa almaliki 4 months ago
كلشي مفتهمت 😂💔
Robloxgaming Poke 4 months ago
Men body aren’t warmer at school I wear a sweater at 99 degree and women are hot without it and soon as I went inside I was freezing as heck btw love cross country
Lumovest - Investing Channel 4 months ago
I clicked on this video because of the thumbnail. Then I read the title.
JAME5 GAME5 4 months ago
CBSE Bank 4 months ago
*I have leaked questions.*
Sid's BARBER 4 months ago
I am sexy and know it
Caitlin 4 months ago
Lefty squad here!!❤️
ALI ABRAR 4 months ago
Idk what my name is 4 months ago
I write with my left hand but no one in my family is left-handed.
My Dreams 4 months ago
Super video Yaar koi mere comment ko like or reply kyu nhi krta hai 🤔🤔🤔
Manny guitar 4 months ago
Kush hoja 😂
Eddie Brock 4 months ago
I'm Batman so some of this don't apply to me.
Princess Hernandez 4 months ago
I never knew that 😲😲
Электрик в Москве. 4 months ago
Interesting, if those, who change their gender, also change all those things? So, being a man or a woman is a matter of money, rather than a destiny, nowadays?
supernova582 4 months ago
That explains why wemon seem to be cold all the time!
Gabriella Gerstman 4 months ago
I'm an exception in that my brain & vision tend to operate more like a man's. This is not always a good thing!
More Locations 4 months ago
I will learn how to write use my left hand from now on 😊👍🏻
Bhavinkumar Modha 4 months ago
Glacy Girl 997 4 months ago
the question is why am I here🤣🤣
R haresh 4 months ago
You always compare men with women. Are you a women.Asian women wakes up early in morning around 4 and Asian men wakes up around 6am, so women doesn't sleeps a lot. Thanks for info. 👍
Q8 Rising 4 months ago
This channel is a bless from god
Papi’s Papi 4 months ago
Why get a girlfriend when u can get a Nintendo Switch
Karma J.T.B. 4 months ago
I always see the same Acting Scientist though 😪
Sam's Fog 4 months ago
u already said some of this before
Danger Zone 4 months ago
Any other lefties that perked up when we were mentioned?
The Winged Messenger 4 months ago
But what about the other 123 genders?
heru syeme 4 months ago
My mother is hotter than me. Hahaha
Pastel Fox 4 months ago
And that's smart
Pastel Fox 4 months ago
I think a girl with a kind heart is all men need
Eka 4 months ago
No. I need big bobs too
Ania The Unique 4 months ago
Mamadou Bendanloue 4 months ago
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Edgar Garcia 4 months ago
I would say the eyesight thing varies from person to person me and my friends we have excellent night vision and we work in the dark a lot and we do just fine where my wife has terrible night vision and when it comes to driving at night I have to do it she's almost killed us I don't know how many times
Sunny Patel 4 months ago
Could you also do a video on the other 76 genders and how their bodies work?
Borzah Yankey 4 months ago
Why is my body full of smiles?😂
Borzah Yankey 4 months ago
I thought that all a man needed was a cold one with the boys 😂
Michael Serota 4 months ago
Also regarding cognitive functions or academic skills, men are smarter with math and science for the most part but women are smarter with english and social studies for the most part.
Mareim Hussain 4 months ago
ياريت لو اكو ترجمة عربية
Musharrof Hossain 4 months ago
Plot twist: The information were gotten from a women
Wizard iOS 4 months ago
Bertha Marcelof 4 months ago
1435 like
Tori Thomas 4 months ago
Hassan 4 months ago
I was waiting to see the hot girl on the thumbnail
Daryian Conley 4 months ago
Thx for the info now I know more
justin 4 months ago
Conclusion we are both better at different things
hunter reborn 4396 4 months ago
I'm left handed
Bitcoin Baller! 4 months ago
That's amazing, that men are hotter than women? I'm sure it is quite the opposite..