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Matthew Maio 4 minutes ago
This is the best song to get married to😀😍😇👰🙏
Airplanes ✈ 11 minutes ago
Please collaborate with Korean music composer Roy Kim: ☺💕💕💕
Yuri pipanave 26 minutes ago
Astrid Chanis 33 minutes ago
Mi cancion Favorita con mi película favorita! 🔥☄
Melanie Laprise 37 minutes ago
MINECRAFT LOVE YOU. Squse me christina perri nice👍music
Fatyma Casiano 41 minutes ago
La canción mas triste😪
Kaua Felipe 41 minutes ago
Alguém brasileiro
Fatyma Casiano 42 minutes ago
La canción mas triste😪
Tamanna Prodhan 44 minutes ago
September 2018k ❤
Maria Alice 1 hour ago
Linda não canso de escutar
Islam Islam 1 hour ago
الدلاع راه غالي وااحب راو طاغي
CreepGirl _12 1 hour ago
Mais algum BR aí ? 2018?
jimena casavilfa 1 hour ago
hermoso <3
Assasin Hit 1 hour ago
September 2018?
TacosFlyInOrder777 1 hour ago
Cause I'm only human! And I bleed when I fall down. Your words in my head knives in my heart you bring me up then I fall apart ''Cause I'm only human! And I bleed when I fall down. Your words in my head knives in my heart you bring me up then I fall apart cause I'm only human. Yeahhh..
Michele Agrusti 1 hour ago
HOPE KHUMBO 1 hour ago
i love this song ,Really darling i will love u for a thousand years that is if i will be alive.
leh Cardoso 1 hour ago
I love you
eya eya 1 hour ago
2018! <3
Animating Introvert 1 hour ago
A beautiful song I will never forget. Even when years and years pass, I will always hum this beautiful song in my head
babymonkeylolol 2 hours ago
one of the only songs I cry to because I love it so much!!
Yousma Ikram 2 hours ago
I'll love u for a thousand more❤❤❤
Krystal Hernandez 2 hours ago
2018! ❤
Phil Carney 2 hours ago
My daughter's wedding tune. How can anything be more approriate. :)
Mousumi Bharali 2 hours ago
No matter how much people insult Twilight series now. But in my opinion that series was on another level of popularity at that time❤❤
Fabio Andre 2 hours ago
Alejandro Diosdado 3 hours ago
Omar Shahaltough 3 hours ago
Am i the only one sick of people using fake sad stories in the comments of this song to get attention and likes. For about half of my 18 year old life, i have been recieving the love and care of my parents. I never knew why they would always listen to this song on the radio, on a music player, pretty much everywhere. But when i was 10 years old, death broke me apart from my parent as they have lost their lives to a car crash. Now living with my uncle i listen to this song everyday. I know it would bring sad memories, but its the only thing i have to remind me of my loving parents. Please give a like if you understand. Dont go around blindly believing anystory, stories like mine are true, but some people are exploiting unfortunate people like me to get likes. :(
Leyla Flower 3 hours ago
ATT: Future husband RE: Arlene VAldez SEND
Zia Ramputh 3 hours ago
This is my favorite song ever
Zia Ramputh 3 hours ago
That song is going to stay in my head forever
Bronagh Boggan 3 hours ago
How could people dislike this video!? It's so beautiful 😢
paulaandrea tv 3 hours ago
Si lo estas voendo en el 2018 dame un ♥️
Leigh Burton 4 hours ago
2018 stilllllll
Fala serio Grazi e Janne 4 hours ago
MireyaIsMyAngel 4 hours ago
If u really love this song and christina perri follow on instagram this acc: @christinacfans 😍😍 she is perfect🕯✨ do it if u think it too ❤️❤️and mg this comment if u do itt❤️❤️ have a nice day🙃✨
Alondra Ruiz 4 hours ago
Que vinita canción muy muy hermosa me ISO llorar
Abhishek prasad 4 hours ago
Congratulations for 1b views my fav actress's movie.
Enasor kkml kkml 4 hours ago
❤ amo essa música mdsss
Juan Ortegon 5 hours ago
Me encanta tu música
Martyna Borowa 5 hours ago
anaile andrade 5 hours ago
Amo crepúsculo pena que Kristen terminou com Robert eles eram casal mais lindo e fofo do mundo o meu sonho era conhece eles mas isso nunca vai acontece amo demais espero que eles voltem no futuro
Lizzy lix Lix 5 hours ago
Dana Nair 5 hours ago
so many memories 😧😧😧😧
Febryan Valentino 5 hours ago
Gladis Tshiala 5 hours ago
this song made me cry on my cousins wedding 2018?????
Naomi Mahiout 5 hours ago
lonely ranger 5 hours ago
Ramona Benitez 5 hours ago
jéssica araújo 5 hours ago
lembro dos crushs
jéssica araújo 5 hours ago
melhor musica
Makaelah Willis 6 hours ago
Chills all over my body.still love this song with all my heart.
Johnes de Castro 6 hours ago
Musica boa demais. eu fiz uma versão em português para o meu casamento.
Ahmed azab 6 hours ago
2 0 1 8 ????
Kristian Vogel 6 hours ago
Ramona Benitez 5 hours ago
Musfirah Khan 6 hours ago
2018 anyone? I bet there'll be loads of you because this song is the definition of obsession!🔥❤✨
marlowe atamosa 6 hours ago
You are the light of my life M😍. Thankyou for everything i love you 😍😍😍😘
Siti Farhani 6 hours ago
im here 2018
Pascal Maraga 6 hours ago
J'adore 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amelie Avey 6 hours ago
hi i’m now emo
abdul dhol 7 hours ago
2019 😍😍
Rajaa Alloush 5 hours ago
Ohh come on dumb Ass it isn't 2019 yet
Carolyn Hmar 7 hours ago
I loved this song
Chlerafs TFM 7 hours ago
Renivaldo Alves 7 hours ago
Linda essa música 😍😘🌸🌼
Solange Fortes 7 hours ago
Amo essa música !! É eterna !💕💕💕💖💖❤
Vape Nat 7 hours ago
That voice 😻
Kamila Zabranska 7 hours ago
Lova You
RodSquare 7 hours ago
Langga Kumara 7 hours ago
it's September 2018, but it's still a favorite song
ญาณิศา สามารถ 7 hours ago
Suyash Dehariya 7 hours ago
1 billion views 😍😍😍
Bruna Wolff 7 hours ago
eu estou só existindo escutando a música tocar enquanto as lágrimas insistem em cair dos meus olhos, talvez eu deva fazer o mesmo q elas e me jogar desse mundo.
Hermine Malfoy 7 hours ago
Why are there movie clips from Twilight in this video?
Yüsra Emir 8 hours ago
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Zuzia Cieslak 8 hours ago
Twilight +this song=❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Serial Center 8 hours ago
VINEET VERMA 8 hours ago
Kerstin Bierwirth 9 hours ago
Hammer geiles Lied 😍😍😍😍
Maria Luísa de Azzevedo 9 hours ago
Oh fuck..the feels.T-T
Abdullah T 9 hours ago
Shawn. I wish you were mine♡
sabahat mairaj 9 hours ago
September 2018?❤
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Nabila Sandika 9 hours ago
Wow 1Mx view
kiki kusuma 9 hours ago
love in best
Che Caballes 9 hours ago
I will love you for a thousand years.
Juhnny Pedro 9 hours ago
Alguém de setembro de 2018? Kkk
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Chommanee Sujaritjant 9 hours ago
I. Like. You. Christina. Perry
Chommanee Sujaritjant 9 hours ago
I. Like you
Chommanee Sujaritjant 9 hours ago
Is. Cool
James Yap 9 hours ago
She's leaving me.
marcelo 9 hours ago
Amooooo essa música eu sou a menina da esquerda na foto esssa eu choro de tão linda
Irfan Ahmadzai 10 hours ago
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Delon Music L.D Nicholas 10 hours ago
This Song is so sweet.Music Lover.😍
p' k.e 10 hours ago
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Isael Santos 10 hours ago
É Nos 2018😃
Caio Farias 8 hours ago
Suellen Rodrigues 10 hours ago
rosa nome 10 hours ago
A pior música do mundo mentira a melhoooooooooioiiir
Mira Vale 10 hours ago
Frandy Bhaskar 10 hours ago
Sep 2018
Shriya Pareek 11 hours ago
Really good sad song
Gusty Putra 11 hours ago
It's, my favorit song
Zia Ramputh 11 hours ago
I love that so much