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ronda allen 3 months ago
i've walked that far before. but only because i had someplace to go.
Kevin Flores 3 months ago
Hey America wake up! We need judges like this all over the country, but of course there’s always someone saying “ Can anyone think about the children “ ! Not even Donald Trump has the cojones that this judge has!.
john knowing 3 months ago
This may be considered FAKE NEW out of context The town population is 20,000. If you have on average 35 cases a day Court being open 48 Wks a year That means at 240 days of court A judge sees 8,400 cases a YEAR.Within 2.38 years you saw as many cases as the WHOLE population of Painseville Ohio town!!! According to Crime rate Somethings isn't right in this News report
TheRealTecknos 3 months ago
Can this judge have a YouTube channel please?
panajot andoni 3 months ago
Dats how suppose to be god job judge bravo
SaZooCaballero 3 months ago
entertainment and justice what could go wrong.
cloudzinmyize 3 months ago
Imagine, that big fat excuse of a whale couldn't feed a starving dog ? Now wonder why that is , what a low life. Keep the Big Macs out of your mouth you stupid fat b&^tch ! You got off light some day your going to mistreat the wrong dog and that dog will eat you !
צבי יהונתן לב 3 months ago
Christine Shiffermiller 3 months ago
I like this judge. I believe people who commit petty non violent crimes should be sentenced this way. Plus it’s real punishment. Not a roof over your head and 3 meals a day. It’s embarrassing and I don’t think anyone is going to look forward to spending time at a dump or walking 30 miles again.
b 3 months ago
what a smart judge he not only teaches them but uses them to do work thus saving money and making money for the city and also teaching them a lesson and not having to go to jail which is bullshit anyways and most people who go to jail just become more hardened crimnals anyways. good judge.
BuzzingBreak939 3 months ago
That guy looked like Barack oboma
Hudson Michael 3 months ago
Isn’t this cruel and unusual punishment?
cheese burger 3 months ago
Ana Bailey 3 months ago
This judge makes humanity hopefully open it’s eyes
Ana Bailey 3 months ago
I despise animal cruelty. Cruelty in general, but towards helpless, innocent, animals without a voice. did Moose have a choice?
CallmeAffiliated 3 months ago
Support this judge to the fullest
Noah Morrison 3 months ago
2018 funny cat videos of cats getting scared of people farting 3018 ummmm what is this I can’t believe that we are the same species kill me now
Bob Gohardani 3 months ago
ALWAYS E! 3 months ago
This judge is faaaaar different cause other judges don’t care
Louz 3 months ago
He's so cute!
charon banks 3 months ago
Wow, omg, I liked this judge! God bless him!
Ankush YMD 3 months ago
Justice is not always in the books.
kazoo990 3 months ago
Think of all the money he saves the gov by not putting them in jail 👍
Caleb Wilson 3 months ago
This is a judge that knows how to save people's lives
M DiBella 3 months ago
Meet the judge who went viral for his ABC news review
bakersmileyface 3 months ago
His punishments aren't a slap on the face, but they teach respect. They show people what it's like to be treated the way they treat others. If you throw them in prison, what have they learned? They've learned that if they get caught, they go to a bad place. So in the future, they'll just try to not get caught.
Brom the Storyteller 3 months ago
I love moose! ♥️
KDN Games 3 months ago
nigga stole my bike
Urban Classics 3 months ago
Black people don't get that treatment.we just get the max jail time
Franziska Kreilinger 3 months ago
Wtf look at the woman! She is not even regretting it that she treated her dog like that! She will do it again.
Paul Manning 3 months ago
Just gotta add my comment in here y’all this judge is on smart judge anyone that says different is a moron. And as for the dog moose I’m in Toledo can I adopt him where do I go to get him lmk
MonoPod 3 months ago
This is a very smart person. He teaches people right from wrong, he keeps people from returning to crime. I admire that.
Michael Quick 3 months ago
the girl who abandoned the dog should have to sit in a room with no food or water for a week. it would probably be good for her
travisbickelll 3 months ago
So you pepper spray someone and your punishment is the bailiff cleans your glasses.
SAiKA 3 months ago
God Bless this man.
Tiger Cat 3 months ago
Poor moose
Xin Gaming 3 months ago
This will save our government a lot of money :D
danilov114 3 months ago
The Judge is right creativity and second chance is ok. Better for all.
Nathan Schultz 3 months ago
It’s awesome but not harsh enough.
GODHEAD1 3 months ago
A good man is a good man anywhere PERIOD.
MetroVerse 3 months ago
Sooo. does he use this method for every case? What if it's a rape case? * Well, bend over and get ready to receive the long end of the law! *
BLINKxARMY 101 3 months ago
Ayan C. 3 months ago
MetroVerse nah this is more for minor offenses, not like murder and rape.
Peter Ketchens 3 months ago
This is some real shit💯 I could dig it.
rana shoaib 3 months ago
what an idiot!
PeanutZapperYT _ 3 months ago
Ed Custodio 3 months ago
Walk 30 miles he he he.that'll teach you pay your fare.otherwise start walkin.
Cesar Montera 3 months ago
Now we have a lot of judges and speculators here.
Alexandra Hernandez 3 months ago
Can they give this guy a show
Nick Szabo 3 months ago
Violation of the 8th Amendment..
Francis 3 months ago
Judge's need consideration to the accused but at the same time have to uphold laws humanely and unbiased.
Emma120105 Gallagher 3 months ago
Poor moose I couldn't even imagine doing something like that to an animal let alone MY OWN animal
Kyle Mouttet 3 months ago
4:07 - bicycle theft. lol.. stole my bike eh
Erik Colt 3 months ago
Rachel fleming 3 months ago
Pettiest shit ever
Wendy Rosson 3 months ago
Wow the judge is so right. All people doing prison time does start with the first court incidents. Great man, the judge, honing a conscience in people to learn life lessons!!!!! So much better than using the vested interest of money they usually use to finance pockets, and the state. This is viral because it is genius.
Brenda Adams 3 months ago
thank God for judges like you I think you're just amazing and I wish there was more out there like you sir this country is better because of you
Lamec L. Lugo 3 months ago
Judge chick is a good man He was easy on the Black man who stole a bike .and he was harsh on the fat White woman who neglected Moose the pitbull-mix.
Jarjarvideos 3 months ago
Isn't this illegal? Under cruel and unusual punishments?
You deserve The mean comment 3 months ago
Gavin Sullivan 3 months ago
Lionel Maldonado 3 months ago
Please legallice Drogs
sixten deg 3 months ago
Someone pepper sprays someone else and they spray some water on her
Bill Hamilton 3 months ago
The thief is a dope and the pig is still a pig no matter where she is or what she does and is probably a very stupid broad.and I mean that in every sense of the word.
Armani Akeem 3 months ago
Good job JUDGE!! be in involved, not just a paper pushing ZOMBIE!!
Christoffer Julin 3 months ago
this judge is freakin awesome
Armz316 3 months ago
Awesome judge! Love it!
Bert Quiroz 3 months ago
I want the dog n this judge is awesome
Comeeka Lewis 3 months ago
If somebody committed a crime against me and he gave them a petty ass choice i'd be pissed
Carlos Gomes 3 months ago
He’s so nice smart. I love this man. God blessed him
AlFa 113 3 months ago
I hope someone pushed or tripped that hoarding bitch into the garbage for what she did to that poor dog.
D U P P S 3 months ago
See for murderers it should be stick their dicks in meat grinders
Jynflyn1 - 3 months ago
You get sprayed with water after pepper spraying somebody? That's super unfair
Jynflyn1 - 3 months ago
Can't you not give cruel and unusual punishments.
Jerome FitzRoy 3 months ago
The US jails more people than communist countries all together! So much for capitalism. What it shows is that incarceration isn’t working!
MegaProjectpat 3 months ago
I just want to say: I was in the system. Did hard time. During my stay, on behalf of Uncle Sam, I saw tons of rehabilitation programs. One in particular was the Discovery Program. They fail 33% of inmates annually. They also claim to have the lowest recidivism rates, period. The dirty secret? The people who failed out of the program, were the ones staying OUT of prison upon release. I would testify before Congress, putting my freedom in jeopardy if need be. But I am 100% certain that I saw almost ALL of the supposed graduates in the bricks , 3 times in a few cases, shortly after graduating the program. These bearucrats have every incentive to keep failing, sometimes harmful (numbers dont lie), programs like Discovery going. Why? The prison gets almost $7,000 extra per an inmate. And EVERY program I saw, was run by a spouse or family member of Warden's/CO's. In short- they fudge numbers to get money. With that said- a 10% recidivism rate seems fabricated. But who am I to judge???
MegaProjectpat 3 months ago
Wait, that sentence of getting sprayed with water, for assault with pepper spray is unreasonable.
Hbskywalker02 3 months ago
Why’s it gotta be a black guy that steals a bike? Lol
David Davenport 3 months ago
He needs his own court show
John Morris 3 months ago
Very nice
Al Silva 3 months ago
You could have made this episode 4 X's longer with even more examples of punishments from this judge, and I would have watched it. I love seeing people succeed, even after their failures.
Kira Sedayao 3 months ago
This my friends is what focusing on Rehabilitation can do. Where we as people are given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. For minor offenses, jail time will only make you hard.
Patricia Nield 3 months ago
a wise man
owo hewo 3 months ago
The pepper spray was unfair
Christopher Redburn 3 months ago
this video was a dump
Shelby :D 3 months ago
This guy is fr so smart
reda blq 3 months ago
1:43 Obama ?
f duff 3 months ago
Jeffree Star :Manny Irrelivent i give you two options, 10 year sister shame or a little bit of respect Manny Mua: *i pick shame*
Stefan Maria Schneider 3 months ago
Wow. What's the name of that black anchor at 1:10? She's so pretty 😍
Richard C 3 months ago
This is unconstitutional
The Gaming Castle 3 months ago
Ah yes only the most important of news
PwnishR 3 months ago
5:25 For the black boy i know a better sentence.drop him in a sewer canal underground and make him shovel human shit into 29 large metal containers(each holding 37 gallons of human excrement) for 9 hours! And no mouth or face protection.that will teach the boy! Bon apetite!
Wall Street 3 months ago
Just take the teens internet
Aunty Mummy 3 months ago
great idea more judges should adopt this clever idea especially if there is no more room in the prisons
FozzE 3 months ago
She should spend 90 days to suffer
Dean 3 months ago
it's risky. we had a judge here make a person stand with a sign at a busy public intersection as punishment. someone from a passing car threw a bottle at him, hitting him in the head. he was hurt badly. the city had to pay for his medical expenses and pay out a large settlement.
Majin Hunna 3 months ago
Damn okay this judge is the definition of a judge
headbite alien 3 months ago
The moose was set loose!
Wendell Cleveland 3 months ago
As they say it takes a village to make somebody grow up to be productive and more whole some punishments like this or way better then sticking them in the system and ruin their lives ruining their chances to ever find work for petty things such as this second chances are good if the punishment is like this
Amanda Rose Leap 3 months ago
Coolest guy ever
Steven Attanasso 4 months ago
Only blind people should be allowed to be Judges..
Steven Attanasso 4 months ago
She was supposed to sit there for 8 hrs , not pick up trash. They violated the Judges order. She should have fainted into the trash and then sued..
Emilie Joy Kerr 4 months ago
What a cute lil pup! I love moose