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BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
Hey guys! Did you guess the dance? 10:40
Regan Regi 4 months ago
Macarena dance
StrivingFor Mindfulness 4 months ago
BRIGHT SIDE Groot doing the Macarena.
THE RIPPER 4 months ago
Genesis Manalo 4 months ago
Vuong The Doge 4 months ago
Dope - BTS
Mind click 4 months ago
I subscribed your channel please subscribe my channel
Best Pet Pets 4 months ago
What video editing software is this?
Rosy Medina 4 months ago
Nate The Great Curry 4 months ago
I see the salsa dance in ROBLOX
Nate The Great Curry 4 months ago
Hulk dance 😂😂😂😂😂
shrinivas pande 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Heeyyyyy!!!!!!! It's a lot fun dancing!!!!!!!!😂😂😂
the Baystander 4 months ago
Floss and orange justice will always be the only dance move that I could do.
Mos Eisley Cantina 4 months ago
Hit like if you don't know how to dance :-)
Af Af 4 months ago
Samba is my favorite thanks for teaching
john blankenship 4 months ago
How about done one on Country line dances
Andrei Murillo 4 months ago
StrivingFor Mindfulness 4 months ago
Hey, Trivia Buffs! Who taught Michael Jackson the Moonwalk?
Phia Kate 4 months ago
My fave was little snake hips baby groot.
Phia Kate 4 months ago
Hulk looks like my older brother tryin to show me his 'moves'.
Seraphina Downes 4 months ago
I'm too old to wonder if keke loves me but I'm still trying to find out if annie is okay.
Sandhya Thapliyal 4 months ago
Alina Rajpoot 4 months ago
wow awsome
Success Onyibe 4 months ago
The Hulk can moonwalk
What Song Was That ? 4 months ago
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Anne Gobel 4 months ago
dancing is fun , 👫💓💓
Wilfried BEUGRE 4 months ago
Good video! Now do one with other dances 😁
supernova582 4 months ago
Do you know what happens when you Tango with the woman's mango? They get El Prego!
Saltass 4 months ago
now ur really out of ideas few videos later: top 10 ways to eat cereal
Vishwash Agarwal 4 months ago
Not taught nicely.
Creeper Assassin 4 months ago
so, no shookdance, backpack kid dance or breakdance? about the breakdance, there is a tutorial for that, but it's on TV not youtube
true man 4 months ago
We do twist here in the island since 1800s the colonizers took over our islands and now it is part of custom.
Saksham Mudgal 4 months ago
Moonwalk 😎😎😎
Ricki Horror 4 months ago
I have never been able to master doing Mashed Potatoes. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to go online to learn it, step-by-step? Or, if you have mastered it, can you give directions? I feel like there's a trick to it that I'm missing.
cruchty low 4 months ago
Sub and notis me ill do same. IM FAST
mohamed medo 4 months ago
Do a face reavel
Crazy fellow 4 months ago
Kartik Chaturvedi 4 months ago
Superrrb Awesome Fantastic video
Upc Cool 4 months ago
All of the moves have black roots
Lumovest - Investing Channel 4 months ago
Pretty sure grinding is the most popular dance at US college parties.
Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 4 months ago
Nice keep it up Please visit our channel also thanks
Skins 101 4 months ago
If yoh watch Bright Side, call the police!
Music is an art of life 4 months ago
Great video 😇💓 Bright side 💓😍😍👌🙏 Amazing 😭👌👌👌😂😂🙏
Tiger EXO 4 months ago
Bright Side you should do fornite dance moves!!! I wanna learn~( ̄∇ ̄)
Amy Wilson 4 months ago
Wares orange justice!!!!!!!
Versus In Xperiment 4 months ago
Wow. The Hulk dan Dance?? Awesome and Amazing. Who can moonwalk here?? hahaha LoveBrightSide
BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
Stormtrooper is my favorite :) Guys, who do you like the best?
Its Mari Melan 4 months ago
Now ya need trainers what are those? lyrics from a song (Well I THINK that's the words of the song) And it's seriously STUCK in my HEAD Can't get it outta my head get it outta a my MIND ('nother lyrics right there RIGHT THEYA) ILYSSSSM AYVSSSM (AYVSSSM Meaning:AND YOUR VIDEOD SO SO SO MUCH) Now I'm gonna like this comment cause.u know nobody else gone lift a finger and do it. likingmyowncomment
Damarys Dingui 4 months ago
Watching this video now I want to dance. Lol.💃😃
PRANZIYO RAI 4 months ago
No.5 Samba Dance like as typical Nepali west regional style
لوفي يان Luffy Yan 4 months ago
plaz subscrab
Cindy Seeley 4 months ago
Guess the dance was the Macarena by the way that is my favourite dance
Angie Olivarez 4 months ago
can you make a vid on how to tell if a commercial is a scam?
Shadow Demon 4 months ago
GREAT VIDEO now I know how to dance with a partner when they invite me to dance at parties
12345 subscribers with no video challenge 4 months ago
Yo, my left foot is stronger than my right one! :(
wanagi horse 4 months ago
That's because you're right handed.
Zabdiel Gonzalez 4 months ago
I like my comments because no one else likes my comments :D
Overlord 3261 4 months ago
Zabdiel Gonzalez 4 months ago
ShakerFries 4 months ago
When I clicked on this, I was expecting stuff from fortnite.
Nada productions 4 months ago
Please subscribe too me i subscribed 2 u😭😭💖
Air Elegant 4 months ago
Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead Walk beside me… just be my friend
Bertha Marcelof 4 months ago
Bertha Marcelof 4 months ago
Izaiah Black 4 months ago
Where’s orange Justice ?
BOMPTON boi 4 months ago
Overlord 3261 4 months ago
Then don't watch
wanagi horse 4 months ago
I'm surprised they didn't have the Electric Slide. I think this video was made before that dance was born.
Shadow Demon 4 months ago
DON'T JUDGE THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF THE TWIST 😂😂😂 Also if u and ur family actually dance with culture samba and the other one makes sense lots of people still use it
Linh Truong 4 months ago
CBSE Bank 4 months ago
*I have leaked questions.*
Ania The Unique 4 months ago
Jorden Smith 4 months ago
He'll yea
The True Jamiele 4 months ago
I want to letn *ORANGE JUSTICE*
Robert Simte 4 months ago
Wow !!!😀 I can’t
KC TSP 4 months ago
Dylan Pippin 4 months ago
Im so glad i dont dance
Squirrel ASMR 4 months ago
Some strange dance teachers 😂
Sharon Rose 4 months ago
Hey! Please could you guys take a minute to subscribe to my channel? Videos coming soon, I promise 🙏🏽❤️
Miss Tricks Mix 4 months ago
Live Love Dance again 💖💖💖💖
Maxwell Dabhi 4 months ago
fredrik Gjelsvik 4 months ago
I love to watch youre videos every day and i have also home work to watch 5 of youre videos every week and i love that home work. I come from norway if you wondered.
A Litten 4 months ago
You get homework of this?
A Litten 4 months ago
You get homework of this?
Axel Tube 4 months ago
Cool 👍
Kat Hall 4 months ago
My daughter tells me about somma the dance moves out there now, can u do an episode on them, here's the names of some of them. The dab, the nae nae, the whip and the floss. She's awsomesauce. Some of these r pretty funky, maybe she will let me video her doing somma them. Love from Lindsay, ontario, canada.
rahul singh 4 months ago
wow ! hulk is amazing dancer
Lil Pump/6ix9nine XXXTENTACION 4 months ago
T90 Match 4 months ago
Vanessa McCreadie 4 months ago
POKEMON LOVER mogammad yusuf galant 4 months ago
POKEMON LOVER mogammad yusuf galant 4 months ago
249 LIKE
LispyLeaf 4 months ago
good video
Blobby Bleb 4 months ago
Summer Breezes 4 months ago
I'm following.
Susan's Slime 4 months ago
I’m not 😂 I feel too lazy.
Hadiqa Waqas 4 months ago
Ahhh Something new😉
game awsome gamer 4 months ago
*-60th btw AWESOME-*
Isaiah’s YOUTUBE Channel 4 months ago
Doki Gamer 4 months ago
I know how to dance samba!!😆
wanagi horse 4 months ago
Me too. Only I didn't know it had a name.
Isaiah’s YOUTUBE Channel 4 months ago
Isaiah’s YOUTUBE Channel 4 months ago
Tarantulalenny 123 4 months ago
Where is the floss
Your Alpha Dude 4 months ago
You are strong and beautiful! To anyone who reads and likes this comment, I hope you have a blessed day! From a friendly masculine coach.
Ezekiel Proctor 4 months ago
BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
TIMESTAMPS: The Twist 1:11 The Moonwalk 3:37 Salsa 5:33 Samba 7:59 Guess the dance 10:40
Tiger EXO 4 months ago
That's Macarena
GALLARDO COUPÉ 4 months ago
BRIGHT SIDE orange justice
Iveta Serdyukova 4 months ago
it's macarena
Superninja 139 4 months ago
Hey now I can moon walk
Doar_un Youtuber 4 months ago
First in 1k
Caterina Carboni 4 months ago
Caterina Carboni 4 months ago
alisha Sparkle 4 months ago
Cool video
Investing Hustler 4 months ago
If I see a fortnite dance here I will quit YouTube lol jks 😂
ReadySetRewind 4 months ago
twist is in fortnite
Caterina Carboni 4 months ago
game play king cool 4 months ago
Mavy 27 4 months ago
I just wanted to see if you put the Moonwalk.and you did😉😍
cabdilaah xanafi cali 4 months ago
Today os my bday plze give subscribe🙏🙏😭😭dhow me love gud love you
RAJAT RAJ 4 months ago
Everyone will start dancing after watching this video
Galaxy Star 4 months ago
Nah!! Many of us are Procastinators!!!!!