Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

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Vodka Watermelon!  -  Tipsy Bartender

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Comments to the video: Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

Smeghead 19 hours ago
Who is the blonde with the short hair she is hot
charlie reed 1 day ago
Deepak por las Indias 5 days ago
Deepak por las Indias 5 days ago
Tony Dharmawan 11 days ago
You should name it long island watermelon
Nicole Martinez 12 days ago
hamid ahma 13 days ago
1:54 wow what a nice little watermelon 😂
Olee Garcia 13 days ago
I did this in 1994 and its still a great summer treat.
stefania marsella 20 days ago
y is ellen so quiet here
ok 21 days ago
wow this guy is annoying fucking faggot
Rheinz Chanz 26 days ago
Broo this nigga used knife and fork for watermelon im done😂😂😂
Eigher Son 26 days ago
I na każdych połowinkach zostajes geniuszem
Surayudh Yim 27 days ago
Well it’s not a water melon anymore
Kunal Khatri 1 month ago
Thanks for your black lady
seand67 1 month ago
Aju Appu 1 month ago
Giancarlo Bonfanti 1 month ago
hahaha she is so hot it's ridiculous
Mitch Harrison 1 month ago
They called that a WARP CORE BREACH when I was a kid.
Harsha Reddy 1 month ago
Oliver theass 1 month ago
Dude pulls more women in one week than i can in one year 😂😂😂
Adore Jeania 1 month ago
I miss tipsy bartender when it was like this not them 30 minutes cut scenes
Indronil Sarkar 1 month ago
Huge boobs hah
[Beast] -JOK3ST4- 1 month ago
I wonder what is name of the thing that under the watermelon while that girl eating it???
Sreejith Sasidharan 2 months ago
How many watermelons do you see?
Kid da famous 2 months ago
Tootie B 2 months ago
To much liquor for me lol
Simbah woyo 2 months ago
Savanna Almudor 2 months ago
Rhythm825 2 months ago
steg 2 months ago
I actually think that white girl is my English teacher in UK she even sounds like her
renos Vrachnakis 2 months ago
naser77 Naser 2 months ago
i dont drink but this is still good
Dustin Platt 2 months ago
I tried doing this and now my penis is stuck in a watermelon. I'm not sure how to follow instructions.
Strawberry Shoelaces101 2 months ago
Well now I know how to smuggle booze 😂
karne naveenkrish 2 months ago
Sexy girls and sexy melon
Fernando Nando 2 months ago
that girl with a black clothes has a big boobs.
WOLFMAN 2 months ago
2:37 thats what she said last night
Vikas bakshi 2 months ago
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Kundan Wadkar 2 months ago
2:15 Juicy water melon'ssssss
Technical Checkpoint 2 months ago
Ur voice is. Listen on discovery
señor pijon 2 months ago
rexy dhiya ulhaq 2 months ago
Juan 2 months ago
SyeD BaDsHaH 2 months ago
Dont be overacting 🖕
extraterestrial 3 months ago
2:25 I don't usually like watermelon but when it's filled with liquor I love it!
alfie mclennan 3 months ago
That nigga so rude
Vitaly Kriss 3 months ago
He's Gay
ZordFire gt 3 months ago
Eating water melon like a steak.
the man in the high castle 3 months ago
abomination watermelon. what have you created ?
nikhil prasad 3 months ago
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Abdullatheef i like shin chan 3 months ago
Marcus Hoffman 3 months ago
Yeah.!! i see alot of melons **__**
Vikas Patil 3 months ago
I see 7 watermelons,😅
SadxGuy 3 months ago
Anyone else feels like he’s fucks every single woman after every single vid?
TinTinTin 3 months ago
Happy End?
Knedlík XVII 3 months ago
FaroeGamerVids 3 months ago
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DaNNN. 1337 3 months ago
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Mathew Ferreira 3 months ago
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Zaynu Carrick 3 months ago
Nice boobs, I mean watermelon
Arthur Mixed 3 months ago
SHX lp 3 months ago
Did this nigga just ate a watermelone with a fork
21 Savage 3 months ago
Why the f aren’t they wearing bra’s
Galo Jogador 3 months ago
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Rutvik Bhalekar 3 months ago
I like the white watermelons that the is carrying.
WreckingRobot Gaming 3 months ago
Russian gonna Love this
Nexternities 3 months ago
somebody touch my melon
Juan Ignacio Carvajal Sanchez 3 months ago
Crazy mike tayson xd
Emanuel Dragos 3 months ago
Why are the bitches there?
BLADE23 YTB 3 months ago
i know he smashed all 4
LUKAS lukas 3 months ago
Croc Crougar 3 months ago
And the chicks man they have to have that clevage showing out😂🍉🍉
Croc Crougar 3 months ago
I am sure the black guy is gonna have 4some after he makes them taste the watermelon s
Croc Crougar 3 months ago
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Lit_Potato 3 months ago
Ben Taylor 3 months ago
I am currently doing this with brandy and Wray and nephew should be fun haha
Hype fashion 3 months ago
This Camera is for. 2011 amazing👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Quinten Gould 3 months ago
I feel like if they mixed the drinks in the bottles then put them in the watermelon would have a more consistent flavor
Dilan Marinelo 3 months ago
Chris OG 3 months ago
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diss you 3 months ago
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Nothing to do 3 months ago
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FANBOY 420 3 months ago
As i can not drink these drinks i will try this with coka cola,7up,fanta etc.
acon571 2 months ago
That's disgusting.
Tommy Lee 3 months ago
give a bite on one of them girls
Guge Yao 3 months ago
1:20 she is hot.
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Jonatan De Souza Silva 3 months ago
Muito bom o canal!seria melhor se tivesse tradução em portugues.
Raghu Gorla 3 months ago
That was 900ml liquor in that liquormelon it will take 20-25 rounds or pegs to finish it one peace is enough for me
random consumer 3 months ago
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Sup Withu 3 months ago
I actually don't like watermelon. Only person in the world but I really don't get it. It tastes like nothing.
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Fred Dy 3 months ago
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