Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

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Vodka Watermelon!  -  Tipsy Bartender

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Comments to the video: Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

alfie mclennan 8 hours ago
That nigga so rude
Vitaly Kriss 12 hours ago
He's Gay
ZordFire gt 23 hours ago
Eating water melon like a steak.
Kolumbus Macarone 23 hours ago
abomination watermelon. what have you created ?
nikhil prasad 1 day ago
Gay mother fucker
Abdullatheef i like shin chan 2 days ago
Marcus Hoffman 3 days ago
Yeah.!! i see alot of melons **__**
Vikas Patil 3 days ago
I see 7 watermelons,😅
Disbelief 4 days ago
Anyone else feels like he’s fucks every single woman after every single vid?
TinTinTin 5 days ago
Happy End?
knedlikoví goalkrypr 8 days ago
Lukas Ludvig 8 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail how bout u
DaNNN. 1337 8 days ago
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Mathew Ferreira 9 days ago
I hate this niggas voice
Zaynu Carrick 9 days ago
Nice boobs, I mean watermelon
Arthur Mixed 9 days ago
shxtxn 47 10 days ago
Did this nigga just ate a watermelone with a fork
Allen Boss 10 days ago
Why the f aren’t they wearing bra’s
Galo Jogador 10 days ago
Q susto pensei q o kidbengala tava no inicio do video lkkkk
Rutvik Bhalekar 10 days ago
I like the white watermelons that the is carrying.
WreckingRobot Gaming 10 days ago
Russian gonna Love this
Gamer Nexus 11 days ago
somebody touch my melon
Juan Ignacio Carvajal Sanchez 11 days ago
Crazy mike tayson xd
Emanuel Dragos 11 days ago
Why are the bitches there?
BLADE23 YTB 11 days ago
i know he smashed all 4
LUKAS lukas 11 days ago
Croc Crougar 12 days ago
And the chicks man they have to have that clevage showing out😂🍉🍉
Croc Crougar 12 days ago
I am sure the black guy is gonna have 4some after he makes them taste the watermelon s
Croc Crougar 12 days ago
The chick with the short hair man.perfect tits and all of them are probably sluts
DarthSailorMoon 13 days ago
That tall transgender is actually more hot than those other two girls. The wonders of science.
Ben D 13 days ago
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Mr henrich 13 days ago
think stupid that alcohol is experienced in America from 21 😂😂 too lucky I'm European
Games plays 13 days ago
Marko ruse is in ur video LOL
Oliver Antonio Gonzalez Alvarado 14 days ago
Lit_Potato 14 days ago
best video on youtube
Ben Taylor 15 days ago
I am currently doing this with brandy and Wray and nephew should be fun haha
Draw Master/Drawing and Lifestyle 15 days ago
This Camera is for. 2011 amazing👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Quinten Gould 16 days ago
I feel like if they mixed the drinks in the bottles then put them in the watermelon would have a more consistent flavor
Gokhan Erdiril 16 days ago
Blanket OG 17 days ago
How gay is that guy
Ty Bridges 17 days ago
Man you his dude has hoes
GPXGAMING 120 17 days ago
She eating watermelon like she's black and he eat that shift like he white I am confused
Nothing to do 17 days ago
The video should be named black people be like hahahah
FANBOY 420 17 days ago
As i can not drink these drinks i will try this with coka cola,7up,fanta etc.
Tommy Lee 17 days ago
give a bite on one of them girls
Guge Yao 18 days ago
1:20 she is hot.
like A boss 19 days ago
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Jaylin Godley 19 days ago
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TheRUUK 21 days ago
Where ia jessica now lol
Jonatan De Souza Silva 21 days ago
Muito bom o canal!seria melhor se tivesse tradução em portugues.
Raghu Gorla 23 days ago
That was 900ml liquor in that liquormelon it will take 20-25 rounds or pegs to finish it one peace is enough for me
random consumer 24 days ago
No1 watched this video for the guy. Get rid of him. More blondes and perky lil titties. stop fucking the pooch.
Sup Withu 24 days ago
I actually don't like watermelon. Only person in the world but I really don't get it. It tastes like nothing.
whoopess 24 days ago
I better not to see this dude in pornhub
Fred Dy 29 days ago
Hey sky do u have sex with these girls after recording, cuz damn that fucking hot
Benny Brass 1 month ago
I’m 12 y I’m I here
miamibitch305fl 1 month ago
anyone else find the short hair girl super hot?!!
Justin Harry 1 month ago
Bro this man gets bitches for days
Agentc 03 1 month ago
Stevan Nikolic 1 month ago
Nice tits
Apollloz gaming 1 month ago
0:34 Ellen? Is that you?
parker Azz 1 month ago
The tall girl is the pretiest.
eazi douglas 2 months ago
poison 2 months ago
i'm not 21 yet why am binge watching this channel
vigor26 26 2 months ago
Quem é essa mina da thumb ? que eu quero me casar com ela agora!
trick shot Gamer 2 months ago
Oh my God a lot of gold digger
Juliana Tullah 3 months ago
Wow gotta fukin try this shit
Agil rahmawan Riandika 3 months ago
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Darren Kannangara 3 months ago
Hoi 3 months ago
Who's the girl with the blue shirt from the begining?
Morgan Duterrow 3 months ago
That watermelon needs to go to aa
DrunkMouse2030 4 months ago
Negro bangs all them hoes
Sachin Bhakri 4 months ago
Where are the comments roasting Skye for eating watermelon with a fork and knife?
Sachin Bhakri 4 months ago
Where are the comments roasting Skye for eating watermelon with a fork and knife?
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod 4 months ago
Is he German
Eduard Crisan 4 months ago
tipsy bartender guy always gets all the bitches
Christian Najjar 4 months ago
Bruh u the(monster drinker) love u homie❤️
David Jimenez 4 months ago
Didn't you know that if you mix 🍉 with alcohol you could get intoxicated AS FUCK ?????!!!!!!
Radu Grigoriu 4 months ago
At first, I thought that Thunder Show was starting.
Uldis Zalmezs 5 months ago
00ironcross 5 months ago
Elen Deginerous and her small flappy titts
andrew santo Joseph 5 months ago
i am watching melon and boobs
rahul sharma 5 months ago
idk why the fuck in the middle of night i am watching this
Tobi 5 months ago
I eat pizza with a fork and a knife GermanLife
King Sushi 5 months ago
She had some nice tits
Garrett Womble 5 months ago
Lol. A black guy eating watermelon. I guess the stereotypes are true
Abdullaziz 5 months ago
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dementedpuppy 5 months ago
Omg they're all so fucking sexy
Dheeraj Sahti 5 months ago
I want to drink vodka with redbull so bad,and they making a watermalon drunk-_-
Shechvsematt 5 months ago
The blond looks like she get triggered easily
yoits whydontwe 5 months ago
Brian Deeb 5 months ago
See guys, this is the old tipsy bartender Channel with that ratchet spirit that I miss so much
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Iceman 5 months ago
That blonde chick seriously needs to grow her tits before showing he cleavage
adam swanson 6 months ago
The girl with the short blond hair is gorgeous! Most beautiful one there. Personal opinion. Wow!
DarkNight Asryan 6 months ago
Just take this to any type of public place and no one will even know
CJ 6 months ago
the blond is hot even with the deflated tits
illitum 6 months ago
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