Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

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Vodka Watermelon!  -  Tipsy Bartender

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Comments to the video: Vodka Watermelon! - Tipsy Bartender

EzioAuditore 3 days ago
that watermelon has a problem
Ulises Lira 21 days ago
Hey buddy! I have a question. Do you think that there would be a possibility that you do you sell these t-shirts?
Bilal Putra 23 days ago
Pow enak
Suliman Tyriman 23 days ago
в конце,нег всех выебал.
D_ Law9 24 days ago
كلكم مخااااانيييث
Reza Alfiansyah 25 days ago
Wong ireng kakean cangkem
Pnut Butter 26 days ago
Watermelon lol more like vodkamelon
Emirhan Sokucu 28 days ago
Clik bate
Pavel Loban*Distribution 29 days ago
Еб позже всю ноч их 100%
васька догами 1 month ago
Потом был секс
Alex Taramona 1 month ago
This looked like a BRAZZERS video at first 😂😂😂😂
Ligor Gamer 1 month ago
Gejo_4ever 1 month ago
After 👉👌
Juan David Agudelo Aristizabal 1 month ago
Jorge Guajardo 1 month ago
La rubia esta hermosa
Granda Fake 1 month ago
O memenin arasına yarragim bi dolarim feleşi sasar
Evgenii Gudkovich 1 month ago
Is one girl German?
Chathrax Deep 1 month ago
WoW😍😍 Awesome
Brown Vic Crisp 1 month ago
Poor watermelon
love gtfobae 1 month ago
И позже он её выебал
Efe Vardar 1 month ago
%80 girls %20 watermelon&Vodka
Marcos Dias 1 month ago
Queria fazer sexo com essa loira
Watermelon 1 month ago
SL CARTRONIC 1 month ago
look at lady's water me
Собакен из шашлычной 1 month ago
Vodka матушка Россия америкосы пидоры
Dario Agatonovic 1 month ago
Tony Watt 1 month ago
la meuf à droite. grave mimi
Fortnite Tournaments 1 month ago
sugar daddy
ABE jöhreyn 1 month ago
Yellow sexxxyyyyy
GoriCone X 1 month ago
King Boris will like vodka watermelon
Andropar Taf 1 month ago
Oh yeah, die is geil, Lol deutsch
Møritz Nėstler 2 months ago
Was frisst der Melone mit Messer
Mattia Informatica 2 months ago
Come cazzo mangi l'anguria
Hecke Ultra Brutality 2 months ago
He like watermelon and cheap chicken. 🤔
Jay Scoby 2 months ago
I've tried this twice and cant get it to work. The watermelon doesnt take any of the liquor. I've even measured it and left it over night.
Angelo Mendis 2 months ago
Black man using a folk and knife to eat watermelon that is one in almost never.
Raúl Marín 2 months ago
Te pareces a ronnie colleman :V
parthiban vk 2 months ago
I kept it for 2 days and not even a single drop got into the watermelon
copper man 2 months ago
Biz rakı basiyoz bizden gördünüz demi mk 😂
N ı n j a 2 months ago
Yeaaah boiiii
sus box 2 months ago
He has all the bitcbes in his house
Okipouros 2 months ago
too much triple sec!
Universal. Gaming Zone. Albania 2 months ago
I felt drunk after whatching that😂😂
Jonathan S 2 months ago
Who's the blonde chick?
Jonathan S 2 months ago
Who's the blonde chick chick?
problems in the world 2 months ago
Eric Harris 2 months ago
Not possible
Towfeek Ahamed 2 months ago
It's Vodkamelan 😂😂
Kenny Ace 2 months ago
Who is she? Does she have an instgram?
medy wibowo 2 months ago
FWENZZO 2 months ago
is that ellen
calling Ace Jack 2 months ago
Or add gas and blow that shit up
Une personne 2 months ago
Fake ?
صہخہصہيہهہ آلجہؤكہر 2 months ago
Bubbles believe 2 months ago
Put a little bit of salt on that and then damee yummmyyy
Ruvik 111 2 months ago
Нихуя чо мутят
Лена Жд 2 months ago
Vodka cyka blyat
E k 2 months ago
The push up bra is strong with this one
irish 2 months ago
Got sume fucken hoes in ther buddy
somnolents 2 months ago
En Chile 🇨🇱 ese trago es conocido como el sandy y papo
etherium cryptorama 2 months ago
This is Awsome u should cut the watermelon into smaller 🔺 triangles It makes it easier to eat
MrGamer MGM 3 months ago
anyone who cuts a watermelon like that can not be trusted. I'm sorry but its the truth
buck rowley 3 months ago
melon ball scoops and a stick blender
Lampfish 3 months ago
I’d probably just use tequila
Gustavo Chavez 3 months ago
Comentario en español pasando 😀
Артем 3 months ago
А позже он их всех трахнул
Carston Teter 3 months ago
I think the black guy came up with this video idea
Erim DEMİR Swz 3 months ago
Türkler burdamı
Andrew Martin 3 months ago
Wouldn't it be better to make a big long island and just put that in the bottles instead of hoping it mixes in the watermelon
VideoHub 3 months ago
Screw you guys I'm going home and drinking mountain dew
FIGHT CLUB 3 months ago
Kızları sarhoş Edip sikcek lanet olası niga
TV H 3 months ago
Địt. Bú to vãi lồn. Thg này cặc cũng to
zxvz xman 3 months ago
John Cena 3 months ago
can you get drunk from that watermelon?
FIL1P 3 months ago
This boobs
László Kúr 3 months ago
the blonde is hot🔥
Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin 3 months ago
Is good!
Yusif Almyad 3 months ago
Alcohol watermelon
Martin Erhard 4 months ago
Tastes like shit
Vanessa Ranger 4 months ago
Who eats watermelon with a knife and fork?
Super Boy 03 4 months ago
How tf can you eat a watermelon whit a fork
ObserverOfFire 4 months ago
That short hair girl looks yummy
Garga 4 months ago
This is retarded.
Lourenço Fonseca 4 months ago
That blond girls is damn sexy
Anthony On PS4 4 months ago
Graphics are better than my phone
Mr. Gaming_R 4 months ago
Terus si cewe mabuk, dan cowonya ewein
Geoby George 4 months ago
Tom Cruise 4 months ago
I like Melons not Watermelons.😍😍😁😂😎😘
Zoe El 4 months ago
I detect a Bajan accent 😍😝 But then I could be wrong 🤔 hahaha Anyway. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! 😊❤️
همومــ رجل 4 months ago
تم الاشتراك ياغلا ردد الاشتراك
EDΞN ØØ 4 months ago
Only my man uses a fork and knife to eat a watermelon.
ProFish GT 4 months ago
Do u pay those girls for sex and vids?
Ona 1994 4 months ago
Stop f**king up the NATURE!
Alan Garcia 4 months ago
did he just used a sharpie on a watermelon?!?!
Dat Boi 4 months ago
and later they all had an orgy
Antonio Brother 4 months ago
-do vodka-kfc next-
Juan Dantas 4 months ago
Nayib Grijalva 4 months ago
Do you ever have an ugly girl on your show, shit?
Fishh3 4 months ago
Traditional Polish fruit 😂😂😂
Abdul Haleem 4 months ago
White girl is sexy with the short haircut