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Jarvis Toney 22 days ago
They shited wit this one.B be rippin that shit
Silverroys 22 days ago
Did beyonce just said „get of my d!ck“. Did i miss something? Is she just transgender?
Meeka 22 days ago
What happened? Beyoncé use to be good but this is trash. It sounds like every other rap song that’s come out in the last few years
Phoebe Coulibaly 22 days ago
Imagine the core strength of the girls on the steps, they make it look so easy and graceful but that shit is mad hard 😂😂
Lis Tucker 22 days ago
Ahh! Usually she sets the bar but this one she crawling under it.
Ann Myrenech 22 days ago
L.L. Mozi 22 days ago
God this is such trash and these two are like cartoon parodies of themselves. There is so much brainwashing in here, it's not even funny. All the materialism, superficiality and anger are ugly af. This ish is culturally destructive. But ohhhh I can hear every basic bitch already: Oh my gosoood, Queen Bey, this is giving me LIFE, this video is everything, and every other repeated cultural mantra fed to the empty souled masses. Singing about Lambos? Posing in ridiculous overpriced outfits? Encouraging smoking weed? Calling yourself a bitch. Come ON, this is so tired. Try being real. Sincere. Loving. Emotionally responsible. Show an example to our kids that is WAY better than this total and utter nonsense. Aspiring to be rich and have a bunch of useless shit then bragging about it is nothing to be proud of. It's a huge character flaw and comes from emotional injury and just makes you look desperate for attention and approval. Pssssshhht. These style is so played out. And the music sounds like sh*t. No melody, no words of love, no beauty. Just noise. Clean up your act, this sucks.
clicksalop92 22 days ago
J'ai les yeux qui saignent. Virez moi ces singes du louvre!!
Lis Tucker 22 days ago
They made decades ago lol. This sounds exactly like Migos, they should pay royalties. If I were cardi I'd be mad af
Lis Tucker 22 days ago
Made it decades ago lol
joy joy 22 days ago
The most illuminati thing I have ever seen in my entire life
Koala420 22 days ago
Love the visuals
Just Please Kill Yourself 22 days ago
steal living 22 days ago
Dam mona lisa painting worth 800million. U even breath on it wrong, snipers hitting u 5 to the head
Priscilla McKinlay 22 days ago
Okay this is by far one of the most stupidest videos I have ever seen. So much for talent!
A.T.S 22 days ago
Someone listen to my music, give honest opinions, you don’t have to but if you don’t. ain’t shit gone happen but just give it a try homie
JLDoggard 22 days ago
New money trash.
Augusto Dias 22 days ago
Obrigado Jay! Obrigado Be! Hoje eu choro, mas estou feliz! Obrigado pela obra de arte.
Serban Srl 22 days ago
Tecuci pe Zona bă skrrrrr România ❤❤❤😎💪👑👍😇
Bud Allen 22 days ago
This Video in my opinion has more to do with enjoying themselfs in front of there crowds. And not caring what anyone or any other human thinks about them.
niya's opinions 22 days ago
Dang b THIS IS AMERICAN have more views then this
Jacob Bio 22 days ago
This looks like they are displaying them self’s as the leader of the Illuminati/ evil.
Tamara Hamze 22 days ago
This is the best duo in the history of everything
Amusiastudio 22 days ago
absolute garbage,
S Don C 22 days ago
A disgusting show of wealth and shitty lyrics that add nothing to this world.
Domingos Da Silva Cussinja 22 days ago
B, and J at their worst, that's what it sounds when you sing off your record, imitating the weak fashions of today's muttered rap and this instrumental is very weak too. If you're classic, stay classical, there's no reason to get lost in this faint music fad. God Bless!​
Cinthia Anzaldo 22 days ago
siphumelele angel 22 days ago
First time watching this coz I had to considering how much's been trending but still I struggle to understand why Bey's almost big as Madonna, sorry ? Jay is well rated tho
Desmond Rayford 22 days ago
She needa stick to singing
Solphorus 22 days ago
How tf do you rent the louvre
Alejandra Herrera 22 days ago
¿No puede hacer algo sin tener que meter al trompudo? Que coraje!!!!
Mayday ImPOrtAnt 22 days ago
142k Haters (I personally dont like Beyonce using Migos flow or flexing on me. But the visuals for the video were great and the CARTERS secured another W in my opinion) At the end of the day.you cant please everyone
Dayziaä. 22 days ago
Damn, 124k dislikes?
Arigami TV 22 days ago
Пиздец ужасный клип
Fernando SV 22 days ago
THE power couple
Pena A John 22 days ago
For everyone talking shit, this is called evolution. They made a song in the trap genre and it’s actually very decent. If you don’t like that type of music then oh well. There is a whole album of other songs they just released and this is the only song like this on the album. The rest is basically modern R&B and she does sing on them. They are actually pretty good songs. Go try them. You can’t be that much on their asses for just one song they did together.
Nick van Zwol 22 days ago
Rahshaan Waples 22 days ago
Nikki gotta touch this beat remix
Jeremiah Hammonds 22 days ago
5:30 Beyonce had some Ring the Alarm flashbacks
Qaisar Ali 22 days ago
Song lata
cofiking23 22 days ago
dlmcc1987 22 days ago
Hey for real tho.what happened to you two.trap ain't for you, you got more going than that, no hate but damn, get your shit together
New Growth 22 days ago
That shit slap so hard
Jeremiah Hammonds 22 days ago
5:30 WTF. Even Jay had to stand back
D7 Supreme 22 days ago
Nobody REALLY likes this song. They’re just being respectful to the Carters. Just being honest.
It's Crystal Love 22 days ago
Beyoncé is a clown!!!
it's ya boi no name 22 days ago
uh k
Kauri Wilson 22 days ago
I actually like this its lit 😊
Alex Curt 22 days ago
Hi ! Somebody could tell me where The Carters comes from?
Asyrf M99 22 days ago
Taik beruk??
NomiWen Dee 22 days ago
Only demons have so much energy and greed that enough is never enough. Pray for them ❤
Tatianna Jackson 22 days ago
is they getting back together
Anniva Jason 22 days ago
Look like demons
Santana Ré 22 days ago
Damn they lookin old
Jake 22 days ago
Crazy how jayz and Kanye's last good song was Otis.
The Real King James 22 days ago
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Bought him a jet (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Shut down Colette (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Phillippe Patek (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Get off my dick
Queen Jasmine 22 days ago
I love Bey and Jay but sometimes they be acting like they stand next to God. like NO NOT EVEN CLOSE
Brody Heilig 22 days ago
Is there anything Beyoncé can’t do?
Casper Gaste 22 days ago
Jha bless.i need you're song
Justin Kyle Acosta 22 days ago
Abba Alexander 22 days ago
I gotta give it to you. Peace.
Tatiana Ryan 22 days ago
jay z ass im sorry
Ms. bxrbi 22 days ago
Did jay z just quite Cheif keef
Nevo Cool 22 days ago
Freemason detected
kittima senakhawiranon 22 days ago
Rap non stop
Archer _Sterl1ng 22 days ago
Lmao, didnt realize this was beyonce.
Sexxy Tweety 22 days ago
As good as she looks and as bad as everybody wants to be on the truth is even Beyoncé gets cheated on
Nevo Cool 22 days ago
Illuminati deteced
Rob Montano 22 days ago
For once I’m not jealous. They both look like very boring people lol.
SᄐRᄐNᄐ 22 days ago
I hope that there will be a music videoo for heard about us !👀
FL3VOR 22 days ago
This is arttt
*Kimberly* 22 days ago
Ah I see this with eyes mmmm isn't ihob bullshit?
One Boy 22 days ago
lmao the adlib said Offset but it's Jay-Z came out
Amerah Zaidi 22 days ago
Have you ever seen the stage going apeshit
daunesha34 22 days ago
A lot of standing and staring lol
Saucegod 36 22 days ago
I hear Quavo?
LAFC LAFC 22 days ago
Sounds like a Migos knock off. I thought I was here for Jay Z but instead found myself with a mixture of offset / future with with an uneasy sell out Jay Z ??? I am seriously not feeling this. The video is amazing but jesus.. the whole flow and concept was horrible. A big u turn for Jay Z's long career!!!! The industry has consumed his true creativity. TRASH!!!!!!!
Lion GJS 22 days ago
A camel with long hair.
Ronald Stewsrt Jr 22 days ago
J my man.but he remind me of Trinidad James all gold every thang !!! The look is totally different!! I still fuck with dis tho CD fire the culture needs to pay attention!!!
MissyMcQueen 22 days ago
Pharrell stepped up with this one, not his usual style of beat
love island 22 days ago
Lé gadiamb 😍😎
Mauricio Alcantar 22 days ago
For shizzo you phony the rap version of sisco for sure exposing your well wife’s thong
Talapenio 22 days ago
Damn jay z is so lucky for having Beyonce
Morgan Freeman 22 days ago
It's me 22 days ago
MGang TV 22 days ago
Out here trying to network and build bless up
DLV TV 22 days ago
Basically all of this song belongs to migos
Web Strong 22 days ago
This is Trash!!!. The rap game ain't the SAME. It's like Jayz and Beyonce are grown parents to these mumble rappers in the rap GAME. I miss the 90s and early 2000s hiphop..listening to song like these feels like it decreases my iQ, makes a person feel dumb.
Tom 92 22 days ago
The back look like Quavo voice
October R 22 days ago
A week later here im again. I know the lyrics by heart now.
Kenneth Sanchez 22 days ago
Illuminati all over this vid They didn’t act like this act the start of they career how fame n $$ takes ur soul! Nice way to raise ur kids jay n bey
Руське-ватный мир 22 days ago
*_Fucking NIGGA!!! Return to the palm tree!!!_*
Doc Central 22 days ago
This Shit is Garbage.
Kwēn Dizzy 22 days ago
I knew this had a Migos vibe to it.
Naijshua Thomas 22 days ago
NFL !!! You need us we don't NEED YOU!!!
Anthony Jones 22 days ago
Ayo Beyoncé got that I got mad kids face. She cute but not top 10.
The Titan Lions 22 days ago
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ondřej Machovský 22 days ago
This trash, i was expecting something much better
Kenneth Sanchez 22 days ago
Another brainwashed video for all you worshipers wake up! 45 mil views wow this is a disgrace they both showing how cocky they are sad!!!!
Naijshua Thomas 22 days ago
Future goals baby FUTURE GOALS! LETS GO!
Naijshua Thomas 22 days ago
Correction !!!! NOW GOALS! LETS GO!
Anthony Jones 22 days ago
Glad Jay taught her about the Gods n Earths. I see 5% all in this video. Fuck y'all yacub.
Leasle Velasco 22 days ago
Its not really that good, bring back the old songs