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YGN Khev 11 days ago
She should've wore lingerie.
Karina Zickute 11 days ago
12 million soon !!!!!! I always come back to this song like I’ve never heard it
Jayla Lawson 11 days ago
In no time she's gonhave 20 mil
Pawlikowski 915 11 days ago
Świetny głos Great voice
Nurse Shannon Vlogs 11 days ago
LOVE YOU QUEEN! Can you check out my first YouTube video. ??? Love you xoxoxo
shakeywa taylor 11 days ago
Man queen you did that 🔥 🔥
Dhaliah Andrews 11 days ago
U go grl hope u happy with yuh new bae n keep praying for each other
Stefani Mungia 11 days ago
This hoe go hard ❤️😂
Wilcenys Rodriguez 11 days ago
This song is the f***ing best I love it
Tay Jones 11 days ago
your the. best🎆
SLIMEY_UNICORNGIRL 123 11 days ago
Clearance in this video you know it's real between them
Mariah Barraza 11 days ago
Me she cra cra 😅😂😘😍😜😋🤗😏😩
Neiky Stephenson 11 days ago
Queen how do you handle your personal affairs with long claws?
MeloDrippy 11 days ago
Is this the feminist anthem?
MeloDrippy 11 days ago
..wb they son.
Sammy White 11 days ago
I love your music
DeQuan Branch 11 days ago
Hey queen
fly girl 11 days ago
You are the best
Daniella Asomah 11 days ago
This songs actually for me
Mileida Delgado Sousa 11 days ago
j'aime troooop *.*
iCxmbo 11 days ago
This song is so ass LMFAOOOOO look up all girls are the same another version of dis song but way better
Yaraliz Piazrro 11 days ago
Go girl !😄😎😛😍❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💘
lynnbryant61 11 days ago
Yes Queen! You did that! I ❤ this song!!! That Chris look a like though! 🙂👍🏼
Baby Kel 11 days ago
This song snap play this 4x a day 😂🔥🤘🏽
Annmarie Evering 11 days ago
Love this😍😍😍
Michelle King 11 days ago
Queen hey
mboto corner 12 days ago
This track be lit af
lola AD 12 days ago
give another guy everything that belongs to you.
Francine Gonzalez 12 days ago
Best song of 2018. who agrees
Perie SplashGod 12 days ago
This did so good I can't wait to see how karma gonna turn out💯💯keep doing what u doing💓💓
Sylvester engelgaar 12 days ago
you are fucking ugly. get the fuck outta here. BITCH!
Katie Berthulien 12 days ago
Queen you KILLED IT !!!!!
Eagles Follow up 12 days ago
This video has a lot of questions??
Jasmine Sweets 12 days ago
I know she tried to Get someone That looked similar to Chris bUT SHE DAAAA BESTTTT
Jasmine Sweets 12 days ago
Yess she too lit
Kiara R. 12 days ago
Maine oh yeah😝😍😍😍😩🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥.
Macqueen31 12 days ago
Teresa Contreras 12 days ago
i Did this to Boyfriend
Cassandra Rutter 12 days ago
11 mill!!! You passed Chris by far on his 🤣💓
stefania restivo 12 days ago
I've watched this over so many times and I'm still as shook as the first time. You a boss queen
King Jordywoodykyliejenner 12 days ago
Queen Naija was born to be famous and rich, As for Chris(cough) he was born to clickbait his videos for views😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
REK Girlz 12 days ago
11 million 😢✨❤️ congratulations from REK GIRLZ !
Rodneisha e 12 days ago
11M views OK Queen !!!😁
SAJIA DAVIS 12 days ago
Tell me why when that guy first came in, I thought it was Chris. I'm crazy;0
Evill 12 days ago
Kaylee Michael 12 days ago
12 days later and I'm still playing this on repeat!!
Rebeccaarmani Thomas 12 days ago
11 mill stay on top foreverrrrr Best song everrrrr
Diana Pearson 12 days ago
I love this video I love you but I just don't want to be with Clarence I really think you would do good with Chris just give him one more chance he said sorry please
Mykaylah Newton 12 days ago
A fake chris bruh😬😷
The_realkeke __ 12 days ago
Lmao who this chris look alike
vl-PettyinPink-v v 12 days ago
The_realkeke __ drock
mark rosal 12 days ago
Hella beautiful 😍
Mable Steele 12 days ago
Girl you go with yo bad self
Aaryn's World 12 days ago
Savage❤ p.s that boy look just like Chris
Kay-Kay McKenzie 12 days ago
Aaryn's World Of course he does, she's throwing shade at him.
saira saucedo 12 days ago
Got this song on replay! 💯 Can’t wait for the next one!
Adachi Selas 12 days ago
This is what happens when a YouTuber who has actual vocal talent decides to make music.
CiCi Martinez 12 days ago
Bree’s World 12 days ago
11M views. You go Queen 💗💗
Shay Smith 12 days ago
And queen is she had sex in fort of he
Shay Smith 12 days ago
Both of y'all wrong you
jay boy 12 days ago
jay boy 12 days ago
U got me listen to female singers now
Melissa Parra 12 days ago
Damn 😫🔥🔥
Aronda Akins 12 days ago
Always here❤
Curly Terri 12 days ago
11m viewssssssssss🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🤟🏽🤟🏽
Jasmine Clifton 12 days ago
Natasha Lee 12 days ago
Lit tell him giggle😂😂
Hailey Campbell 12 days ago
I love this song and love queen!love u queen u did a great job with this!
Francesca Maazouzi 12 days ago
Why he look just like chris
Anna T 12 days ago
bruhhh. ur so good at singing
giuseppi genoese 12 days ago
IAM KATIYA 12 days ago
An everyone right here subscribe to me plzzz I’m begging u I’m just a pretty little girl
giuseppi genoese 12 days ago
Tianae’s World 12 days ago
Lehi Graham 12 days ago
11.7M viewsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Paulene Mckinley 12 days ago
Lovely ballot
Jasmine Soto 12 days ago
I love this song I know the lyrics
Cherrish Holmes 12 days ago
Brenaisha Gordon 12 days ago
Vanity Noedel 12 days ago
Since this shit dropped on iTunes I’ve been listening to on repeat 💯 This shit is everything! You killed it baby girl!!!!
BoNitaLady1Kind 12 days ago
This song so deep it be having you thinking hard and make you feel the pain💯👌she hit it hard on this. I think this is one of the best new songs out right now that I can play over and over by a female artist. Its no pretend it is something that really happened in real life. No matter what path them two go I hope they always stick together and get through what have happened. 😊
Audrey Ross-Matenga 12 days ago
ghee top song ATM
Lynnee Herbst 12 days ago
I love this song its one of my favorite
Merrieann Johnson 12 days ago
I so love this song 💜♥️💚🧡🖤💛💙
Kendra Floyd 12 days ago
A lot of people say this is a Chris look a like this is a man goddess😍🙌
Dominique Barnes 12 days ago
Oooooootttttaaaaaayyyyyy QUEEN.! (In Clarebear voice) 11 milli in a week 😍😍😍 YOU ARE GREAT HONEY.!
Kevin The Gamer 12 days ago
She's fine damn
Trendsetter CeeCee 12 days ago
That boy with them curls omg 😍😍🤤
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
That shit should be top trending
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
Subscribe for face revil
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
She's sexy
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
Please help a brother out by subscribing
sanna young 12 days ago
This is what happens when a boy does to queen naija
Deandre Parker 12 days ago
This go hard queen I love u
Nicette Williams 12 days ago
I love your music video
Bogus 12 days ago
12M By Wednesday 🌶 🔥
alexeeah peterrr 12 days ago
is this on spotify ? 😭😭
ssj goback 12 days ago
U when on him
Savannah Williams 12 days ago
now if Chris didn't cheat in her this wouldn't happen
Soul Queen 12 days ago
Her riding Clarence was epic. now that’s shookedness 😫
Mary Torres 12 days ago
This song soo trash !!!!!