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Dezz Epson41 4 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if R. Kelly had something to do with this hit like Nivea - Laundromat
Imma Back bitchezzz 64 4 months ago
*normally wakes up with 10 pounds of makeup*
April Davison 4 months ago
If it werent for you n this song you have inspired me soooooooo much to open my eyes(no matter what age cause Im alot older than you!!! TO WAKE THE FUCK UP !!! PEROID KIDS OR NO KIDS LOVE YOU QUEEN / CLARENCE/ N MR CJ
Alexis Nunley 4 months ago
Wow! This video is really good. Speak your truth and enjoy the better that God has brought to you.
Isabel Villa 4 months ago
Damn Queen made it all the way to the radio.. I'm so proud she's come a long way since Chris you go girl
tyreen Crosswhite 4 months ago
In this hard..
SHOOK ToTheCore 4 months ago
I love this video fr ❤️
Donicia Soliz 4 months ago
I LOVE this song! I can’t stop listening to it ❤️
Evelia Sotolongo 4 months ago
Tessa Queen!
Nikaria Banks 4 months ago
its crazy how chris cheated on a beautiful women like queen
R ike 4 months ago
honestly i just kept thinking about how she hated on 'lil black girls' for no reason smh. a decent song too, i just cant rate it tho
maybe iah Richardson 4 months ago
You on the radio I wish you were my mom😭😭😭😭 I'm 8
Elius Nero 4 months ago
hey girl
tracey6537 4 months ago
Love you!!!
Emma love 4 months ago
You are so beautiful and you don't need that boy
Kalalah Miraj 4 months ago
Queen nalja 👑
zandra mitchell 4 months ago
this is the shit
Violet Foxy 4 months ago
This song kinda annoys me. Like are you so messed up that you make a song about it? Like damn. I'd move on not make a song to show that he really got to me. Putting my mans on blast like that.
Stephanie Terrazas 4 months ago
Your caca
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Hannah Polk 4 months ago
I'm sad
Sher S 4 months ago
OMG! I just heard your song on the radio here in Austin on 102.3!!!!!
Kalalah Miraj 4 months ago
Francine Bell 4 months ago
Best song everrt
Amy Locke 4 months ago
Sounds like every other female singer. Nothing unique here.
daisy harrtion 4 months ago
Chris is stuiped for real she choose chris over her family gofind someone u can trust queen
Jenny Makrit 4 months ago
Made it on radio
darryl williams 4 months ago
You had to do that to him
CJ n KZ 4 months ago
Adry Santana 4 months ago
Clearnce or d rock ?
Honesty Alfarooo 4 months ago
This song brings out my inner hoe 😂
Janiyah Sutton 4 months ago
That's my song
Sequoya McMannus 4 months ago
Functional contractions 4 months ago
That is my medicine,,,
KimYugyeomsWife 4 months ago
There's a reason her name is Queen Naija
zavi production entertainment 4 months ago
Wat is the boy who played chris ig
Zillah Ambrose 4 months ago
Yes baby💦💖😘
Barkaka P 4 months ago
Vagisil odor wash hahahah. the advertising, if you listen to this better wash LMFAO.
Marlene Hernandez 4 months ago
This is the best song out right now. 🙌🏻
Thoko Mthethwa 4 months ago
God, I really did think that, that guy was Chris. Wow.The lookalike game is up there
Mona Barrett 4 months ago
I have listed to this song like a thousand times
Zyniaha James 4 months ago
Get it. Queen
Aitotlg Acmo 4 months ago
Been watching cris and your YouTube videos. Never have I ever known you're a big singer!!! Wow! Out of nowhere!
VARUN KUMAR 4 months ago
fat blackcharcoal
Tria Moore 4 months ago
That Chris look like though 😮😏
Madonna Johnson 4 months ago
You hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Miracle Locklear 4 months ago
i love this song
Red mud louisiana Morgan 4 months ago
That part!❤
Katlyn Garcia 4 months ago
Ima call up Brian I’m a FaceTime Ryan ima text Lorenzo and ima leave u crying😂😂
Katlyn Garcia 4 months ago
Katlyn Garcia 4 months ago
I love this song😂
Kayla Kristine 4 months ago
Yesssss mami 😍
Ok Dee 4 months ago
Awww u dont need that jerk his ass is mean soo fu** mean and u cute the other girl is ugly
Dawanna Williams 4 months ago
Alvina Davis 4 months ago
Mr.Davis this is for you😠😆
Kara Menga 4 months ago
Love ya queen 😍
Chanel Joseph 4 months ago
Ride him crazy, she did indeed BabyClareontheway
Tykeyia Dial 4 months ago
go girl
Princess 1d 4 months ago
September 2018??
Habika john 4 months ago
Wow 🙆🙍🙍🙍
Tetra Raiden 4 months ago
Hy uh by vtkg but ngjjg egg
Amiya Yates 4 months ago
I saw the behind the scenes video
Yaslin Povea 4 months ago
go girl
Raniyah Lewis 4 months ago
you no one she gay
Antoinette Gordon 4 months ago
How can 30k ppl not like this song..this song is HOT 🔥🔥🔥
Dennis Lathrop 4 months ago
You r the best singer and girls rule
Queen_mari Orellana 4 months ago
Love you so much you are the best
april prentiss 4 months ago
That is not Chris
jeff honablew 4 months ago
Sandra Barker 4 months ago
Love this song💗❤💚💜💛
Banderdash23 4 months ago
Quin Cherry 4 months ago
Niccas can dish out but they can’t take 1/3 of the shit they dish out. Karma is a bish. When I turn into a savage don’t ask me why!!!!
Vanessa Ponce 4 months ago
Your song was just on the people’s station 1 for hip hop and r&b
Candy Cool 4 months ago
Who related to this,be honest,you don't have to leave a comment
Suzana Marinho 4 months ago
so good
Toniesha Walker 4 months ago
Steve Finesse 4 months ago
She only named the song Medicine because Chris is always Coughing 🤣
edward bunch 4 months ago
I Like
Nina Inana 4 months ago
Love yourself first😍❤️
Juanpablo Pereda 4 months ago
I get the willies!!!😍😍 I 💟 you Queen❤
Jayne Hiatt 4 months ago
Love this song
FantaSha Baskins 4 months ago
This song touches my soul and I love you for this 🖤 Keep doing what you’re doing Queen 👑
iAMTUKU 4 months ago
Another shlaPper to shlaaap out here in the 801!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤
Christopher Delgado 4 months ago
Chris is so sexxy but its just a look alike and her new man is even hotter and Queen Naji is my bae 4ever
Yamileth Lopez 4 months ago
Yassssss queen you don't need no man your independent >.<
Lil Fireflametiger46 4 months ago
Chris < Clarence
The Hub 4 months ago
Is she Nigerian??
Christian Fullerton 4 months ago
Best song
Humaira Afra 4 months ago
words can't explain how much i love queen <3
Jordan Richard 4 months ago
I just got hip to her and now I can't stop listening to her music 🤗😜💜
Necodelord .Necodelord 4 months ago
Girl get a new manager this video is tuuuuurrbull !
Catherine Melendez 4 months ago
I wish you were aunt
Lauren Spencer 4 months ago
2:30 what is she wearing? Those pants with those socks and shoes?? I can't with that outfit.
Satisfying queen Vicky 4 months ago
I love this song
Suga/tayta Taeyoongi 4 months ago
I can’t stop playing this song♥️❤️💖🤪
Angene Zapata 4 months ago
Janijah Antoine 4 months ago
I is your biggest fan you are a queen
Janijah Antoine 4 months ago
NaTeesha Sell 4 months ago
And you are wired
NaTeesha Sell 4 months ago
Stop it is weird
Lazy Vibes 4 months ago
This is like the first song I’ve went crazy about and still the only