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Turbo James 26 days ago
The interesting part of the Chinese government opposing Western cultural influences is that the most Western influence in China today is the communist party itself. Communism was invented by Marx (British), Engels (German) and Lenin (Russian, lived in Germany). Do any of these names sound Chinese? The communist ideology is a pure western import to China. But pretending that Christianity is western is a complete lie. In which Western country did Christianity originate? It comes from Israel which is in the Middle East and Israel itself has been on the map as a nation state for less than 70 years. So, let the Chinese propaganda machine try harder.
Scott Ratcliff 26 days ago
China banning Xmas is non-sense. I have seen heaps of public Christmas trees (obviously set up by local govts), Christmas bunting, songs etc. Haerbin is massively into Xmas. Huge trees everywhere. This is a massivel blow up of 1 or 2 universities recommending their student associations deemphasise Christmas.
Scott Ratcliff 26 days ago
McDonalds has not been changed. Everyone that I've seen is still M爱当劳。 Really don't know where you are getting these ideas.
Aleš 26 days ago
One simple question for you.Why are you banned 1. of may, International Workers' Day (or Labour Day) in USA? And another one : since when communism or socialism, like philosophical, social, political and economic ideology , goes hand in hand with ANY kind of religion?
GL U 27 days ago
U got to be f'ckin kidding
The Trump News Network 27 days ago
Vivi is drinking a really good beer I'm fond of it myself.
Der Keit gamer 27 days ago
I can understand that china censored Christman, because China is not a Christian country
Jari Lahdenpera 27 days ago
We just had a family Christmas meal with my Chinese family. We have a small plastic Christmas tree that has been up since last Xmas. I noticed it some time in June or July and decided that it was not too late to have it in the living room, but maybe a bit early. After the meal, my wife's friend showed up and they went out to visit a flower market, but the roads were blocked way before the market because of the Xmas rush at the market. Xmas here (in Chongqing) is not a religious holiday, just another crazy shopping period like 11/11 is. I am not religious and always have seen Xmas as the most stressful time of the year, so I was happy to come to China where I could be away from all that, but there is western Xmas music blasting at all the shopping malls. The nicer ones have live bands. I even got a Merry Xmas message from my customer here.
aaa bbb 27 days ago
Oh, really? I think Christmas is not harmful.
Geek Gong 27 days ago
but it is ok for China mainland to take over other country and set their rule on them hey. China is Evil the NEW Hitler.
何家欢 27 days ago
I rarely comment on youtube but this one. holy..i've already have an idea about your next video's title: China's banned spring festival :D
Owleyes 27 days ago
China ban Christmas? When ? Why? This type of rhetoric has anti China sentiments. Why would anyone want to say things like that unless they want to spread negativity about China.
Deimos The Badass 27 days ago
Even though I am anti-CCP, your claim is not true. Just now I chatted with my Japanese friend who went to visit Beijing on Discord on which he is still touring China right now and asked if he had seen any Mainland Chinese celebrating Christmas as I also seen people on the Internet claiming Christmas is banned in China and he said that people in Beijing were still decorating Christmas decorations in almost everywhere in Beijing and even the local police were helping a lot of Beijing civilians to prepare for Christmas. So I have to conclude that Christmas aren't banned by the Chinese Communist Party.
Deimos The Badass 27 days ago
Speaking of which, I am now suspecting that you simply made this video for views and ad revenues due to the misinformation you've made in this video. Even if that is the case, I ain't going to report this video to get you demonetized. Keep up the great work but seriously don't make fake news again.
Daniel Yu 27 days ago
Please learn some Chinese if you live in China. At least you should read news paper and wAtch tv. China doesn’t ban Christmas but just suggest the communist party members not to celebrate the Christmas. The people not really celebrate Xmas in China , but will like to have some fun , unless you are blind you can see the Xmas decoration in China everywhere which I actually don’t like it
Hallow Win 27 days ago
They do ban Christmas in China..among the communist party members.. who is working for government at a position higher than certain level. Communist party was control freak but nowadays mostly only control their members, you ar7e nobody and they dont give a **
leeofthevoid 27 days ago
Susan touched me..in more way the one. my nostrils are for ever disinfected by vodka.
Momo Chi 27 days ago
JGW 54 27 days ago
Will you have merchandise available at your Conquering Northern China Q & A in Los Angeles? I can't wait to see the film and to hear about bits that didn't make it into the film.
安姆昂格瑞 27 days ago
Jesus is bitch
安姆昂格瑞 27 days ago
Fucking Jesus
Belligerent Instigator 27 days ago
Now that Xi has taken more power, he is pushing Beijing's authoritarian power over Hong Kong, making the populace hate westerners and western countries with ads talking about spies, expanding their internet censorship, and now banning western holidays. Do you guys see where this is going?
P W 27 days ago
This topic on banning Christmas only comes from those wumaos and certain parts of the communist party and the communist youth league. Most other people do not give a shit, they just see christmas as a day to go out for dinner/party/shopping and so forth. Nothing has really changed except that the party and wumaos are trying to push a different agenda. Log on to any of the consumer apps and they are FILLED with christmas deals and so forth. However, what the party believes will slowley also affect the public opinion. Maybe in a few more years, Chinese people will hate Christmas because it is a foreign holiday , who knows, it is the party that controls all information after all in the PRC. Hence, it is easy to manipulate public opinion.
pluggthis 27 days ago
The best thing about this video is the expressions your wife makes each time she takes a sip of a beer. When she took a sip of the cinnimon beer I actually laughed out loud for a full thirty seconds and this made me think about the many reasons I enjoy your channel. What the two of you do on-screen and what you two discuss is every enlightening, and also enjoyable to watch. Thanks!
DscT100 27 days ago
Hi merry Christmas to Lao family. How about Christmas holiday in China ?Are the School and university have Christmas holidays in China ?
Olive Moskal 27 days ago
I'm all for banning all religions.
Lesita Lesita 27 days ago
Oh. There is less and less pure cultures, technologies in China. Instead, it 'learns' from the western, and doing modify to it.
Katie Lee 27 days ago
I don't think Vivi was offended I think she was scared to to talk about politics.
iduyi 27 days ago
切莫听风就是雨。 中纪委发文严禁过圣诞节?真相在这里
whhusa 27 days ago
Hard to believe they banned Christmas when everywhere I go in Beijing it's more Christmassy than the year before and a heck of a lot more than when I first arrived
Kevin Byrne 27 days ago
Skeptic knowledge 27 days ago
You should have come to Markham, ON Its China suburbia. Feel free to pm me. I would love to meet you.
NewYorkCityViews 27 days ago
I think if Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and Australians read and understood the history of China, they would understand that China will not allow any Westerner to become a Chinese citizen or to allow any Western company to truly succeed in China. During the period from 1839 to 1939, eight western powers forced their way into China and took over main sea ports, took over Hong Kong island, and even placed military presence in Beijing (Peking). It started with the British selling Indian Opium (Heroin) to the Chinese that created tens of millions of addicts. Anyone in the Communist Party is taught this and it is drilled into their heads as part of history. Remember that before this happened, there was some 2,000 years of Chinese imperial rule and where they thought they were so advanced and everyone else were barbarians. During this period, the Chinese were forced to pay the equivalent of BILLIONS in equivalent US dollars to the European powers. If you truly knew the history and the devastation this period caused in China, you will understand the animosity towards Westerners and that no Western power will be allowed to compete fairly with any Chinese company. And when you understand how SAVING FACE is such a critical part of Chinese culture and how they were humiliated in front of the world, you can understand why they treat foreigners as they do. China: Century of Humiliation The Century of Humiliation - Part 1 l HISTORY OF CHINA The Century of Humiliation - Part 2 l HISTORY OF CHINA China's Century of Humiliation
Jacob1986 27 days ago
Wtf man i wish i knew you were in toronto i would have come out
NavyBlue5429 27 days ago
why china don't ban you? do you feel you have freedom in china?
Leib33 27 days ago
Why are you so grabby and clingy? You look like you are overcompensating exaggeratedly showing your affection in front of your family. I love you guys, but, just relax dude.
Graham Coles 27 days ago
I have to tell you how much I love your videos. You two are a great couple. Vivi is adorable. You're a lucky man, C-milk, but I don't have to tell you that. I got onto your channel as a result of watching Winston's channel since 2013, and I now watch all your videos, and ADV China as well. His videos inspired me, as a 62 year old Aussie at the time, to come to China to teach. I've lived in Zhengzhou since then, and travelled to a lot of other places as well. Visas are my main issue now, having passed the 65 age limit, but I am surviving. I have also found an amazing Chinese lady to whom I will get married next year. I appreciate your honesty about life in China, although I am a bit puzzled by your news of Christmas being banned here, because in Zhengzhou there is no sign of that. Personally, I think major changes in China won't happen for another generation, when the current crop of young people grow old enough to take charge. After that, well, who knows? Anyway, C-milk and Vivi, keep up the great work with your videos, and I'll keep watching.
戎明远 27 days ago
ok 😂,i don't know about it until i watch this video 😂,dont worry ,we will celebrate newtonmas. merry newtonmas! hail newton!(please let me pass calculus😭)
戎明远 27 days ago
my ladder(VeeeePeeeN) is ok right now
Michael A. Robson 27 days ago
T shirts are looking great
Chris Song 27 days ago
Stop clickbait! Vivi doesn't seem very educated about the society of China. She is very subjective when talking about it. I think Dr. Hu is much better though.
Geleeuw 27 days ago
I have never seen a chinese person so uncomfortable. Vivi rules.
Chris Song 27 days ago
Loren Smith 27 days ago
Just watch music videos by SNH48 to find out what's going on.
JoJoGaming 27 days ago
I changed my air purifier setting from 3 to 1 just to hear this video.
VL123 27 days ago
Take a train through Europe.lol
Spanish Inquisition 27 days ago
Good. It's a Foreign holiday for them. I don't give a shit about Muslim, hindu or Jewish holidays.
Crazyslimelady36 0 27 days ago
idk why I'm all of a sudden upseesed with your videos it was like 3am one morning and I found your channel and have loved it ever scenic
Visconte 27 days ago
Dee got more money than things to say
VL123 27 days ago
I literally had to turn up my volume all the way.love the Christmas sweater! Merry Christmas to your family!
Zsari Maxim 27 days ago
Fun fact. Dec 25th is actually not the birthday of Christ, but is the birthday of Mao.
Chris Song 27 days ago
NO, Mao was born in Dec 26th.
Geoff Yan 27 days ago
prblmchild83 27 days ago
I could somehow understand. In south korea is sad to see how Presbyterian or mormon religions from america and other influences without any culture or tradition took Buddhism and are fading korean culture away. And lets be honest every cultural tradition from us is a made up thing. No culture no background just made up things
Lee Hobbs 27 days ago
@jim kuan what lies, is this a lie from the mainland source?
BananaBoat629 27 days ago
Volume was too low
Tarzan 27 days ago
Chinese Xmas is a totally fake concept, so at least they are becoming honest.
jim kuan 27 days ago
Stop spreading lies.
blutey 27 days ago
Volume level too low!
Mr Dindu Nuffin 27 days ago
No one has destroyed Chinese culture more than Mao. Mao managed to destroy so much of Chinese culture that Chinese are insecure of their own culture. This is now happening in the West by SJWs. Rewriting history and changing facts that fit their agenda. This is scary in the grand scheme of things!
Seth Barham 27 days ago
You liked Qiqihaer? I live in Daqing and Qiqihaer is an industrial hellscape, IMO. Your description of Harbin was spot on, though.
Eduard Stancu 27 days ago
In 100 years, on Christmas american people will celebrate Donald Trump who was send by GOD to save USA.
Thompson Tang 27 days ago
China only Banned the officials or official organization to hold a Christmas celebration in their name or join into it. Public or commercial celebration are all free.
Deathshaker 00 27 days ago
You guys are too Awesome!
GilBatesLovesyou 27 days ago
For some reason your comments about feeling Chinese reminded me of MC Jin's Learn Chinese song.
Leatherkid01 27 days ago
If you go back to toronto. Message me. :)
Leatherkid01 27 days ago
Merry Christmas Guys.from Toronto :)
Steven Qiu 27 days ago
You guys sound so creepy, that I barely hear. What you claim is not totally true(or should I say True Lie ? I luv Hollywood BTY) I saw Christmas decorations everywhere and heard Christmas music here and there in Shanghai, especially inside big shopping malls. I am on a creepy VPN now LOL
Jim Hu 27 days ago
Merry Christmas from Texas!
stop YTbsvideos 27 days ago
Typical Communist country. Nothing but committees governing other committees. So much government bloat that no one knows shit! Communism is the WORST thing that ever happened to China. Most modern(younger) Chinese have no idea what Mao Zedong(Stalin included) did to millions upon millions of their predecessors. Similar to what the NEA has done to the public American school system through re-writing the past & sanitizing the factual truth w/ PC propaganda. It must end.
Chris Song 27 days ago
But in this video I can only see American propaganda cuz Xmas is simply NOT banned in China, period.
nick72ali 27 days ago
Is vivi okay? She seems kind of troubled
Eric Wang 27 days ago
This red face Jewish man is drunk this time.
free lance 27 days ago
What were you reading and how did they donate money to you ?
Brewmule 27 days ago
Sounds like China banned the audio in this video
Vitaliy Vinogradov 27 days ago
New game, we make cmilk crack up during serious stories
John C 27 days ago
Ure the first white guy ive seen w the asian flush gene
Francis Meloski 27 days ago
Hard to hear you Merry Christmas to you and your family.
vinm300 27 days ago
The news about Tienanmen Square : the secret report from the British ambassador supports the figure given by the U.S. ambassador :- 10438 were killed.
Vitaliy Vinogradov 27 days ago
Sound was quite, too bad
GullmanRollger666 27 days ago
1:25:10 GIT US SUM BEERS!!!
Kang Yuan 27 days ago
You sound naive with your lack of understanding regarding Chinese deitification of Chinese political leaders.
Sam Night 27 days ago
Misleading title click bait goodbye
Equilibrium Horse Center 27 days ago
I thought China was supposed to be so safe. you said anyone can walk around the streets at anytime.
Chris Song 27 days ago
Yep. It is true. But actually Southern China is not as safe as Eastern China where I live. In Southern China you still CAN get in trouble when walking in an alley at 2AM. Anyway, it's still much safer than the majority of countries in the world including US and France.
Cheng Chen 27 days ago
Serious, how much you get pay from CIA by making this fake content?
tripack Zobi 27 days ago
Probably way more than you are paid by Guoanbu ! he he he
Visconte 27 days ago
Cheng Chen I mean this guy clickbaits to all shit, I haven’t watched the full video so I don’t know for sure, but I doubt the topic of the video will line up with the title
Equilibrium Horse Center 27 days ago
The ear buds do not help. Your volume is too low. have a very difficult time understanding. You. :-((
Sam B 27 days ago
Do you get to smoke weed now that you are back home in the US?
Yvonne Wheeler 27 days ago
If you could have a higher volume it would be appreciated. Thank you.
MIKE 27 days ago
love your channel but china is making so much money on Christmas off of america all items here are coming from china very hard to believe they would ban it
Chris Song 27 days ago
Because they don't ban it. This is a clickbait.
CandelaZ 27 days ago
China banned not great, and then reinstated it for everyone else.
Equilibrium Horse Center 27 days ago
Cannot hear you, No volume on this video. !!!!
marie redmond 27 days ago
you tube wont be longer around next year
任威 27 days ago
should have banned gweilos instead.
Michael A. Robson 27 days ago
LMFAO oh man
Donald John Trump 27 days ago
任威 agree
Yan Zhu 27 days ago
I kindly suggest that you put a link of your source about China just banned Christmas below your video, especially for things that are officially published, then what you said would be more reliable! Because my parents are also celebrating Christmas in China, and those Chinese who are crazy about big western festivals are waiting for the crazy mid-night sales. Seeing is believing!
Stone Cold Texan 27 days ago
Cool Thanks shirts bro. Milk dog LITERALLY made me LoL.
American Gooeyduck 27 days ago
XI Jinping when he was growing up was a big scholar for Karl Marx and communism and ever since he’s had power China is going backwards and I think it’s going to get a lot worse before gets better and to a lot of us outside of China it does seem a lot like how North Korea operates except for one big difference China got a better marketing team for their image. Which begs the question if or when the real estate bubble pops there the currency tanks the emerging middle-class that has grown so rapidly but will happen to it. And I would not want to be a foreigner there if and when that happens because they will go right for and blame the foreigners because the CCP Does no wrong. Do you ever watch the YouTube channel china uncensored you probably do
silverspikejs 27 days ago
I watch on a tv, the audio was quiet (bit awkward connecting headphones to a tv). I turned the sound up full volume. Just have to remember to turn it down again quick when you're finished! 😱 😬😀
卷甜甜 27 days ago
It's not a festival of China
Yun Ni 27 days ago
i do not think it is china banned , maybe some areas places or schools banned Christmas. Cause I checked my hometown , they still celebrating Christmas. maybe you should revise your title. 以偏盖全
m l 27 days ago
The document is banned Valentine's day and Christmas in the government employees only, because of gifting. Somebody make it BIG!
Anthony S 27 days ago
Your audio is out of sync
MP-Tuners Productions 27 days ago
about eurotrip. please, travel trough slovakia. and text me. I would love to meet you both.
Keith Hays 27 days ago
C-Milk is being a dick in the middle of Vivi's story.
27 days ago
1:18:30 holy shit youre gonna kill yourself like that that is a *LOT* of cholesterol do you want to have a heart attack?!
SAM BOTCH 27 days ago
Low volume
allison481959 27 days ago
do the people on youtube in the states get that award? just wondering cause yours has china on it?
F K 27 days ago
You can't ban something that is nonexistent in the first place. China has never designated Christmas as an official holiday. I thought China *banned* fake news, didn't they? Hmm? I mean c'mon guys. C-milk obviously didn't buy into this bullshit. The title of this video is pure sarcasm, amirite?