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Tom Jackson 26 days ago
Crack is wack Whitney voice
Tony C 26 days ago
Renegades dont play games if they sending you emails u better chill
Madeline West 26 days ago
Danbury CT ? WOW didn't know! Uconn is bad enough - ugh-
Madeline West 26 days ago
Make a Wikipedia page about this KATE! One about Kenneka! It will be there forever - Some ppl are slow ! lol ! Hahahah regarding the name thing - They didn't listen to the entire statement. Or, they don't follow you. Great 411! TAKE CARE OF YOU! Or I'm telling your wifey on you ! REST! Take a day OFF!
Vonnie Mack 26 days ago
This shit crazy. They big big mad, time to EXPOSE mf. Rest up Kenneka
Vonnie Mack 26 days ago
Look if math a fucka so don't understand the truth or don't want to hear it good bye
ThirdEye Awakened 26 days ago
The post about the BlM forum for may 12 2017 was about thisblack 20 yr old lady shanise reid who was found hung in a park is what I read.
July Stroud 26 days ago
J4k💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Kate420💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
ayeni sia 26 days ago
Porcia Thompson 26 days ago
Some girl is having you sued for demafation of character
D m Dmuffin 26 days ago
Don't you break now you doing just what these people want u to do continue your justices 4KJ like been doing you been doing more then the fucking police they haven't done nothing
ItsLAUREN 26 days ago
The BLM article could have been about the other girl who died in a hotel freezer this year n Atlanta. And now they're connecting the cases cuz 2 young black women died mysteriously in a freezer. Otherwise how would they have known ?? Unless.
Madeline West 26 days ago
It was Kenneka's bday - I read here in comments.
Shie Milly 26 days ago
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
Damn I never heard of that. We need BLM more than ever, but they never show up during stuff like this. I think the elite fund them to be quite honest. 🙊💔💯
Tee Wig 26 days ago
Tee Wig 26 days ago
ok.got it
Madeline West 26 days ago
Tee Wig It was Kenneka's Birthday - trying to confuse everyone!
Tee Wig 26 days ago
black lives matter page said that they had got hacked when I went on the real page this what I seen of kenneka Jenkins
Sassy Susan 26 days ago
420 they keep cutting you because they want you to get a job With your fake ass crying
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
What's your point? Disenfranchising ppl isn't going to ameliorate her. ✋🚪💯
jennifer jones 26 days ago
Sassy Susan get off her live them.guess you watching so you fake or a hata
jennifer jones 26 days ago
Sassy Susan stfu
Dee Provost 26 days ago
Send letters to FBI. Be about it! Real change send a physical Letter! I did come on you all this talking and no work! FBI Chicago Division Jeffrey Sallet - Division Chief 2111 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago, IL 60608 (312) 421-6700 Dear Mr. Jeffrey Sallet - Division Chief On Friday October 20, 2017, a press release was sent stating the case was closed in the tragic death of Kenneka Jenkins, whose body was found in the freezer at the Crown Plaza O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center. I am writing you with great concern and in the hopes that this case is reopened with the FBI based on the circumstantial evidence and missing information of Kenneka Jenkins. Kenneka Jenkins is not in fact shown on video surveillance opening the freezer door in the hotel kitchen on her own the place where her body was found. I have great concern that the Rosemont Police Department closed the case and released photos of the dead Kenneka Jenkin’s body shown in the freezer. Which is uneasy to the public and others regarding the actual events that took place that lead to her death. I have great concern as to why the Rosemont Police Department did not dedicate the area of the kitchen and the freezer that Kenneka Jenkins was found as a crime scene to further investigate the plausibility of foul play. Although I understand that the FBI cannot assess the case based on my information alone. Whether the way I see the case may be insignificant but taken under consideration. All the information is with the Rosemont PD. I believe the FBI should take the appropriate investigative steps to review and determine what can be done for justice under the law for Kenneka Jenkins. As a citizen of the United States of America and a federal tax payer I plead with you to re-open the case to verify how, why and who is responsible for Kenneka Jenkins body being found in the freezer at the Crown Plaza O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center on September 10, 2017. Having a sound mind and an open heart I know it will not happen overnight. I beg for your help, I pray for clarity and justice. Thank you for your service reading and considering my request for Justice for Kenneka Jenkins. Truly,
JOSEPH PUMA 26 days ago
Sabrina Doctor 26 days ago
Be Careful Kate. Stay Strong 💪🏽
Tanya Alexander 26 days ago
Georgia has a Amazon if not mistaken. I think it's located in Jefferson Ga
GODBLISS747 26 days ago
i believe you about chicago wanting amazon chicago is running broke and they taking alot of state tax out of people checks there so that 5 billion dollars deal sounds good to them
Joshua Roberts 26 days ago
Just calm down sweetie maybe you should take some time and relax your mind Kate. take time out for yourself and get your thought together.
A Hamilton 26 days ago
Aww your dog is adorable!!!
Scarlett Sanders 26 days ago
Next to the date it say's to reload. Why??? Do you think they got the date messed up. I'm referring to the black lives matter post.
Madeline West 26 days ago
Scarlett Sanders It's Kenneka's Birthday !
TruEvidence Intl Ministries 26 days ago
God is taking all of their power which is their wealth and freedom. They will be left with nothing. Keep watch everybody, God is telling us something. Let's stay focused on this case, Kate I'm with you in the fight.
TruEvidence Intl Ministries 26 days ago
Greetings. Kate, you're not alone. Real or fake it's been brought to your and our attention, that something has been going on. God is exposing something huge that's been going on a long time, and He's saying enough is enough. it's reaping time. Justice for all who needs it, keep allowing God to guide you, we're following you to the truth of them all and it all. Thank God for you.
Ray Johnson 26 days ago
He dont go more money than the Rothchilds! Nowhere close.. Factz
brittany glover 26 days ago
Kate, what is your Facebook name ?
Ray Johnson 26 days ago
Wow.Kate420 you are right I just tired to pull it up! It only shows for a few seconds and site crashs.
Ray Johnson 26 days ago
Damn Kate you a good researcher; but your voice damn!
Tonya McClellan 26 days ago
Kate that's what the devil want you you to do is get tired,if you need rest take that time for your own health for a minute then come back to it.
Debora Carothers 26 days ago
Kate not a good idea to show your place on the inside. U gotta stay safe
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
Unfortunately face, or not totalitarians have the capacity to track I.P. addresses no matter what.
Duborah Oya Bakr 26 days ago
Kate U solved the quandary of who has the power to shut this down from all sides! U R, indeed, the Editor in Chief to the mystery of the murder of Kenneka Jenkins.
Ashley Jones 26 days ago
Keep up the good work you are doing a wonderful job those Dogs know they r in hot water.God got ur back no matter what Kate love u 😘😘😘💋You are safe kate
lady stardust1972 26 days ago
You have probably seen this ,but this Facebook page really has it in for you and chosen king ,and I appreciate both of you for your hard work ,so I thought you should know,because I wouldn't put it past them to start posting personal information.I am very suspicious about who may run that page someone with links to the cover up maybe
Chris H 26 days ago
We love you Kate! Don't give them that power over you. They will get what is coming to them. Breathe and remember why you are doing this. This girl needs justice. It's not right.
Cheya Dasme 26 days ago
Stop n breathe mama
Cheya Dasme 26 days ago
Baby girl you have become public enemy 1. You ever heard of organized gang stalking? If so easily you can become 1 . Coming from a targeted individual ( me 😔) serious bout this them big people do this when they feel you are a threat
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
Interesting stories. This 💩 reminds me of Trayvon's free mason parents. Ppl that aren't even stars with connections. These ppl even corrupted the bible. When I was young I remember seeing my mum inadvertently astral project when she was sleep. She had a celestial body. They propagandize a lot with that Horus eye, & they want our third eye to be repressed. We have a natural gift of discernment, but our third eye is decalcified, & tainted with fallen angels.
Cheya Dasme 26 days ago
lady stardust1972 it is the worst. The pain and the fogged mind is the worst. But I almost fell into killing myself. BUT u have a 6 to babygirl n gotdammit she's my life. She is my heart . They can take everything away but not my soul. I'm sorry hun this happening to u if u ever need sum1 2 talk 2 I'm here . God bless and 1 day these demons will feel what they have done.
lady stardust1972 26 days ago
I'm a T.I too,wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy !!
FreeThinker73 26 days ago
Kate is too damn brave! Not saying she shouldn't be.but, she really needs to take caution.
Feelin .Myself.34 26 days ago
And it really makes me angry that these are the mother fuckers that have money and power. Give me some money, ffs, I don't really do much care about the power. lol I'd have to pass on that responsibility!!
Feelin .Myself.34 26 days ago
Oh yeah, and what's Chicago's proposal?? Put dead girls in freezers here and there around the city???
Feelin .Myself.34 26 days ago
They're all twins! Got the same fucking ugly ass shaped heads!!!
Feelin .Myself.34 27 days ago
What the fuck?!?! The blm was dated for what day???
Loyndon 4128 26 days ago
Feelin.Myself.34 that's what I'm saying. People that im friends with on FB was passing this shit around. I had to show them this link so they would stop getting confused but one person in particular kept deleting my comments so they could go viral 😒
Feelin .Myself.34 26 days ago
Loyndon 4128 Jesus, people are such assholes!!!! I can't believe some of these people think this shit is cool in any way. They're making jokes of it!!!
Loyndon 4128 26 days ago
Feelin.Myself.34 someone was editting that page to throw us off
Passion for Fashion 27 days ago
Make a back up page
Marcie Henning 27 days ago
Keep your head up, you are touching they nerves
stephanie elliott 27 days ago
Oh yay it worked the 1st time 😁 I just wanted to give some insight on family businesses and corruptions within the family. I grew up with a ruthless business man as a dad and even tho he didn’t have the background of gang connections aso, it still was pretty bad. I love my dad and in that area he was the best but when it came to business it got pretty ruthless. He was a workaholic and did a lot of underhanded deals just to safe and get more money. He went to court quiet a bit and had to pay fines which pissed him off and he accused even Fam members for turning and telling on him. He threatened them and even his kids which were my cousins and who I loved to hang with. My favorite cousins were afraid to come and visit me, cause they didn’t want to come across him. His Circle of friends were high power ppl lawyers, judges, Dr’s and even the police. They’d never give my dad a parking ticket in our town and the surrounding towns cause of who he was. When I was little I thought my dad was famous and ppl just love him, but the older I got the more I got to see that ppl were just afraid of him. He always told us how to act in public and always to look like the perfect fam going to church every Sunday with our biggest smiles no matter how we all felt. My mom couldn’t take his lying, cheating and ruthlessness when it came to business so much so that she started drinking, became so paranoid that my dad was going to kill her by poisoning her food or drinks and eventually she ended up with a lifelong mental illness. She did run away to my grandparents house and kind of kidnapped us, cause she knew we weren’t willing to just go and stay away from our dad and our lifestyle with him. He showed up with a huge knife and threatened to kill her whole fam if she didn’t give us back. Scared me so much that I ended up staying with her after everything I’ve seen he was capable of. He had my mom working so much she was so tired and worn out that her nose was bleeding at a conference my dad set up. She was a work horse and he put us to work too every chance he got. He passed away and my brother took over the business and when he saw all the paperwork, contracts and underhanded mess he had going On and my brother said he wanted to shoot him self since he now has to deal with the mess. He made deals with ppl and my brother had to pay these ppl basically til he passes away. Very corrupt, ruthless business man and ppl including us were afraid of him. So business is tough and when money is involved ppl go above and beyond to get any kind of dirt off their hands. And these ppl are 10 times worse and more powerful than my dad was and that is scary as hell !!!! Thank you for connecting the dots, but be carful as well. I don’t want anything to happen to ya !!!!!
Meah Sims 27 days ago
O did the same Google search for the black lives matter post it looks just as the thumb nail does but when you click on it , it's an article on a different girl
jill SHELDON 27 days ago
Kate u r so good.and so on top of things. There r SO MANY channels and so many ppl that have thrown out crazy theories since day one. I know they r trying to help but common sense or a little research will tear apart their theories. U and a few others are the only ones i watch. Thank u for being honest and REALLY researching the things that u say. R all of your videos down?
Labrea Mills 27 days ago
kate wth. now i cant join ya live. ive been watching them now everytime i go to watch it wont connect me. This is crazy
Daveta Henderson 27 days ago
Nope they not gonna build it there the plans are New York , Boston, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Austin and Atlanta so nope they not getting that
stephanie elliott 27 days ago
I’ve been trying to leave comments for you but they never took. My message keeps loading and freezing to the point where I have to cut my phone back off and on. Weird !!!!! I just wanted to say thank you for looking in to the area everyone is afraid of and everyone tries to stay away from, calling it far fetched aso. But all you’ve been doing was giving receipts and ppl still don’t want to go there. Let me see if it’ll take this comment and then I’ll write another one 😁
Rebecca Allen 27 days ago
Kate when I clicked on that link. Another suspicious murder of another young black female named Kendra came up from May 2017, it is a very strange date stamp.computers don't make those kind of mistakes.this is what came up! Kendra Shanice Reid, 20, a WSSU sophomore from Lexington died from asphyxiation by hanging, according to her death certificate. Reid’s body was found hanging in a wooded area of Finch Park shortly after 9 a.m. on April 28. 2017
R. Cid 27 days ago
Chicago not getting this deal is just another reason as to why theyd try to cover this up. At its root I thinks its just a powerful parent covering for his kid. This is some wild shit.
Maranda West 27 days ago
They also found her july 6 may 12 and sept 10.if you click on each one see what happens..
Rebecca Allen 27 days ago
You are their biggest threat.you are the voice and spirit of truth!.GODS protection is over you Kate, you are one of the best for GODS work exposing these demons.Love you Kate ! Thank you !!
Rudy Stephens 27 days ago
They don't want u to talk the truth. All they asses in hot fucking water. That's y they keep cutting u off Kate. I was on the live last Nite wen they rudely did it
Dave Fernandez 27 days ago
PEOPLE !!! go watch grey hughes videos case solved its the sad truth it was an accident. He opened my eyes he DEBUNKED all these videos. There is a word for it -PAREIDOLIA -the brain plays tricks it using emotion to blind you. NOBODY is involved all these 6hr videos are useless it was an accident. GO WATCH LEARN FOR YOURSELF. please kate i suggest you go watch and ease your mind. people watch all his videos all the way through he has the correct time stamps. please ease your mind.
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
According to this psychic the dudes tried to rape her. Monifah tried to get Neka to make more cash through like an escort service. Probably prostitution. Neka declined, & the dudes beat the brakes off her, b/c she rejected them. After the beating everyone THOUGHT She played dead, & they panicked, & put her in a garbage bag inside the freezer. That is why she couldn't open the door, b/c her body was in complete anguish. 🙊💔💯
peace & love 26 days ago
Dave Fernandez its fine
Dave Fernandez 26 days ago
sorry no disrespect
Antoinette Fullman 26 days ago
Dave Fernandez pay attention to his name. He's. The opp. Plus use common sense. The crime is in the cover up. That's law 101. Don't let them play with YOU.
peace & love 26 days ago
Dave Fernandez I'm not a man I'm a female thanks
cityslickest313 27 days ago
If u notice the kids/everyone was dreasing like it wasn't that warm.in sept 6-12 it was 90° in Chicago
Lisa md 27 days ago
Wow doesnt make sense. Calm down take a break Kate. This is going to truly effect your health. :( and be safe. I agree i think you should just get all of your thoughts together and then do a video and drop it once you have all your stuff in order. That way you arent distracted by negative comments kwim? You are awesome for being so dedicated but you are digging deep and worried about your health and safety at this point.
Robert Bradley 27 days ago
this my first time leaving a comment but you to dam strong to give up now girl you a fighter so stay in that ring
Jujubox 27 days ago
Kate, you need to do your own live with Chosen King and whomever needs to be there. It's important that you go through your pictures while everybody can see them. Because it's hard to understand what you are talking about without the photos. Finally, with much love I will say this: for the sake of getting this huge information out fast, go straight to the point in your videos and go from one fact to another and make links between them so people can share and watch faster. Make a list before you speak to us. I have attention span. Much love & stay safe.
Margaret Anthony 27 days ago
Don't cry Kate!
Sunshine 27 days ago
#Allegedly Moe 27 days ago
Oh know kate it i go be ok
Nicole T 27 days ago
@Cobra Assassin SALUTE
Angele Getso 27 days ago
and I did mean that Amazon thing would come to Frisco I live in Dallas sorry about the screw up love you darling you doing a great job Kate I was just telling you to stop because I don't want you to get hurt sorry a little overprotective I am 56 years old so sorry I was smothering you I apologize but I just know you work so hard and I just didn't want you to you no risk your family like to give anybody a reason to hurt you so that's what I meant in my text you doing a great job and I already knew about this deal but others don't so you're right on point I've done my own research just as much as you but I'm not on YouTube so there you go
Angele Getso 27 days ago
Justice for kenneka justice for kenneka.ain't no sleep in in Rosemont.ain't no sleep in I. Rosemont.
Charmaine Mcleo 27 days ago
Angele Getso hey.that girl died a horrible death
Latrice Watkins 27 days ago
Well they are opening a warehouse really big in Fresno, Ca. Amozon bringing big jobs to this area
Angele Getso 27 days ago
well f*** all them because k e n n e k a was priceless and because she did die in The Crowne Plaza karma is a b**** and I ain't going to get s*** for Chicago so there you go and why would they want to go there when there's f****** body parts all over God dang Chicago just saying not directed at you just saying
B Palmer 27 days ago
B Palmer 27 days ago
Remember!!! You Said They Were Going To Mess With You!!!
Angele Getso 27 days ago
and Amazon has just about wrapped up with Dallas Amazon will be coming to Dallas
Angele Getso 27 days ago
September 8th is when k e n n e k a died yeah she died at 11:04 Friday night September 8th that is a fact
jon doe457 27 days ago
Ship this info to amazon the person that decides the city they will build. Expose them to amazon mess up their deal
Angele Getso 27 days ago
yeah that they're coming to Dallas that Amazon we already know that
Angele Getso 27 days ago
people are screwing with you cuz it May 27th is k e n n e k a birthday
Madeline West 26 days ago
Angele Getso WOW makes sense! Slick - Man! Wow!
Introextrovert Me 27 days ago
Angele Getso its obviously the photo information like the size of it that is before the date. I didn't watch the video to see if that was said already.
barbara Walker 27 days ago
Sharlene Boone 27 days ago
Kate you are so on point! This is the same thing I have been investigating on my own. This shit is way bigger than these kids.
Evelyn Worthy 27 days ago
Quit panicking and get control of yourself! YOU are having severe panic attacks! Thanks for your hard work and courage but BREATH! I suffer from panic attacks and PTSD so I know what you're feeling.take care of yourself. Peace Sister!
Shannon Paxton 27 days ago
I think it said may 12, 2017??
Terri Kitiona 27 days ago
Kate, please don't cry I know your angry and rightfully so but you are touching a nerve and they're trying their best to shut you down. Be careful and be vigilant.
Madeline West 26 days ago
Amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋KATE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ J4J
Charmaine Mcleo 27 days ago
Terri Kitiona exactly
H0NEYx D¡PPED 27 days ago
Idk why but I can't see any of the comments for your video idk if that's normal? Although I don't think it is. Anyways be safe kate these nasty mufuccas are trying to make their presence known and intimidate you. Don't give in and give them the power but also please BE SAFE MAMA. You and yours safety is important!! We love you!!!
Petey Grind 27 days ago
I wouldn’t go live. Just drop videos
H0NEYx D¡PPED 27 days ago
Hang in there kate.they want you to get frustrated and give up! Fuck that fuck them! Don't let them win don't give in you're doing amazing work on this!! On the flip side of that, also don't let them get you down. If this is starting to effect your sanity and happiness it's OKAY to take a breather every now and again if need be. And that goes for everyone in this case. You guys have been bustin your asses on this research day and night. You're humans too unlike these fuckin bots who don't need food sleep or rest. Take care of YOU first and foremost. BC you can't do your best work if you yourself arnt in your best condition. 😊😊 other than that KEEP KICKIN ASS AND TAKING NAMES!!!
Charmaine Mcleo 27 days ago
H0NEYx D¡PPED Good job Kate.at least you ain't racist you are helping to seek justice for Keeneka.
Dorothy J Nichols 27 days ago
Hi Kate 420.
juanita mitchell 27 days ago
Well there is one video of Kenneka mentioned of being scary of step dad. Now step dad killed a girl her age and place her in the freezer and the girl happened to be the same age as Kenneka (19 yrs old).
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
I saw that, but apparently no one has a timestamp, b/c mad ppl were in the comments saying they missed it.
Ray Johnson 26 days ago
what are youserious.Wow
juanita mitchell 26 days ago
That's what I was talking about, but it could also be that the killer staged Kennedka's death to be similar to James previous crime to throw us off.
ShaeShae 26 days ago
juanita mitchell james coleman killed his baby momma and his own baby he put the baby momma in a suit case and 2 wks later killed the baby then put the baby in the freezer he turned the heat down in the house he didnt kill the baby until the 2 wks later becuz he said he wanted to put it out of suffering and cryn
juanita mitchell 27 days ago
well that is what the record states.authentic, I don't know
Shakeyba Greene 27 days ago
Do you think Teresa knows that her boyfriend is connected in such a way?
Shantel Goggins 26 days ago
Shakeyba Greene So him and Carl Nesbitt are in the same gang?
Cookie Dough Crumble 26 days ago
More than likely, b/c apparently Neka said in a video where she was scared of Lamont, or something, but naturally no one has a timestamp. Also, according to a psychic the mum is mute atm, b/c she's connected to some vicious ppl in the game, & she's waiting on a time to give us the real.
Ginger Hailey 27 days ago
I think so,too.she knows more then we think
Sunshine 27 days ago
Shakeyba Greene possible! I think so
barbara Walker 27 days ago
Samira Johnson 27 days ago
Team Kate all day 💜💜💙💙