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R C 30 days ago
Very nice and very beautiful!
Trumblebee 30 days ago
The glow !!! She looks amazing
Marinus van der Lubbe 30 days ago
Coconut oil?
Ned Gold 30 days ago
I hope blood Yoda is back this season.
SAMZIRRA 30 days ago
That is a fine looking woman right there.
Kitty 30 days ago
Issa Rae is gorgeous.
darrick Ellerbe 30 days ago
Cool lady. :-)
Simone Barbou 30 days ago
She's a he. That's why she's so uncomfortable her whole life. Hasn't owned up to it yet! Does she pass?
upittman1 30 days ago
well I can speak for all black people when I say that's a dope sister right there.
Mikayla 30 days ago
I love how this woman stays true to herself and doesn't put on a character on television shows. Her personality shines through like a bright light. So intelligent. So beautiful. Issa is on a Beyoncé level of inspiration to me (and I LOVE Queen Bey just like everyone else). 💞💞💞
Gary Faulkner 30 days ago
Then stop doing it everyone in media?
Spooks McGhie 30 days ago
Q'uo Daax 30 days ago
The hotness. omg.
guardian 30 days ago
All i ever hear is niggers this, niggers that. Will their ever come a day when niggers stop crying?
Static 30 days ago
People, no body's skin looks like that naturally. Its lotion/oil. No hate. Just saying.
Static 30 days ago
Thank you! Why do minorities always get asked about their respective minority group as if we don't come from different corners of the world?
Hano Ali 30 days ago
issa knife
Ricky Spanish 30 days ago
Love how Stephen interacts with female guests. Keeping it fun and liberal/loose.
Lovely Life 30 days ago
Melanin poppin'! <3 <3 <3
biostarkick7 30 days ago
I wish I had skin that smooth.
A Laly 30 days ago
AWB was the shit!
D Z 30 days ago
She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Aagya Shrestha 30 days ago
Awkward black girl..from what angle!? I want her confidence!
Zindy Kelly 30 days ago
What a beauty ! I love her amazing skin color !
Cole Tadlock 30 days ago
Is this 21 Savage's daughter?
Everything is Flakka 30 days ago
So happy for Issa and her journey now on HBO, it's really cool! can't wait for the new season of Insecure!
Dillon Qaphsiel 30 days ago
Do black people like pizza because I swear I've never see a black person eat pizza.
PoppyDada27 30 days ago
If they remake Xena Warrior Princess, they should cast her! She is an Amazon!
Elaine T 30 days ago
My favorite show on HBO last season. So looking coward to season 2!!!
Red Fox 30 days ago
this guy asks the most condescending questions.
Tevin Green 30 days ago
The End Begins 30 days ago
If I had cable I would sooo be watching her show. Once again Stephen you are King.
Mike Tython 30 days ago
not sure what non-colbert fans are doing here, I guess they are fans of Issa, but heaping praise on her slimy skin is just weird
ihavelargepores 30 days ago
Even Stephen is in the beyhive. Cool points increased
ursaltydog 30 days ago
Such a beautiful, naturally genuine person.
Arthur Jackson 30 days ago
Åsa S 30 days ago
How awful it must be to be a sibling to a celebrity, and feeling that people all the time wants to get to know you to get close to your more famous sibling.
Adrian Fulneczek. 30 days ago
Poor interview by any standard, especially by your's Stephen. :(
samuraigundam0079 30 days ago
I personally don't give a damn about my ethnicity or anyone else's. I like what I like and only care if you're a decent person.
daquan robinson 30 days ago
Damn that dej loaf reference went right over the audiences head
mintyoongi 30 days ago
she's l i t e r a l l y glowing??????
Jss Pss 30 days ago
Tosin Otitoju 30 days ago
Just six minutes, and what a big cultural experience for me. It's as though this is the new 'dream' as it were. Gather followers or viewers or likes or whatever, and then translate that to fame and a foot in the door in a career. IT SUCKS. It used to be that just by being 18 or having a degree or diploma you ALREADY had a foot in the door in a career. I'm pissed about the new world. Fix it already! Ah, to Black-ish, I've heard such great things about it for so long, and this excerpt was really cool. And to see folks be a bit insecure too, Stephen Colbert is God as far as I'm concerned but thinks there's something about Steve Carrell (who, true, is God too), or the Black-ish star going gaga for Beyonce when both Issa and Solange are actually just as cool or whatever. LOL.
Black Duck 30 days ago
That cocoa butter game is on point, I tell you what. She's shining like me before Sunday school.
sanjuansteve 30 days ago
I hope Issa Rae and her success get a Colbert bump! :D
MusingsofaJay♡ 30 days ago
damnnnnnn what nice skin
Il Commodoro 30 days ago
Issa knife
Donny Debonair 30 days ago
>You're Dej Loaf!
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
Black guest comes on set and says Hey I'm black, white people should. Black guest has a show about dating. only black dudes and a majority non black country Black guest talks about her infatuation with Beyonce and Solange. I'm sure if Beyonce was white it would make no difference White showman proceeds to ask her about her blackness over and over and over.
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
*_I know us black women, there are a lot of things stacked against us, we feel invisible at work, we feel pressure to have the perfect relationship_* This is a quote from the show, if this is not your reality already, rest assure it will become your reality as a black women. Why ? Because this is what they tell you.
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
There is some evil evil stuff in US power structures and it's not racial. They are willing to seriously disturb the western demographics to achieve their purpose.
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
They are doing the same stuff with us whites. The famous dog whistle.
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
Why would a sane black person defend this stuff ?
Raducu Slav 30 days ago
when u keep telling people how to engage with you, that's some narcissistic stuff. Insecure is the name of the show, I mean how funny is that ? YOU ARE BEING PROGRAMED and they use people that look like you and talk like you, THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY !!!!
MELANATED TV 30 days ago
This title is Click Bait but its true you can't speak for everyone only your experiences
Hotta Fyah 30 days ago
Big up Issa Rae! So beautiful and talented! She has broadened the perspective of the black experience. Baap Baap!
FLOWERS 30 days ago
Issa been working out. She is pretty.
Fiery Biscuits 30 days ago
Blacks. most racist group of people out there
S. Bakyhnh 30 days ago
Fiery Biscuits You're an Alex Jones fan, that explains why you're so disconnected from real life.
Mrs. Uemura 30 days ago
MELANATED TV 400 for those from the Caribbean. Nope that didn't happen at all, we invented slavery for pity and likes. 😒
MELANATED TV 30 days ago
Fiery Biscuits so are were going to act like the last 200 years ain't happen
Luis A.G. 30 days ago
I can't be the only person of being sick to death of this whole black sensivity crap, it's fucking ridiculous. And I'm black btw, not American, you African Americans are like literal children bitching and moaning about shit that's in the past.
Alias Anybody 30 days ago
Many Americans of different heritage don't realize they share a similar attitude of being special. White Americans believe they can speak for all people and are the default version of people with light skin color, while Black Americans think in a similar way about all dark skinned people, because they obviously think and feel the same because they have similar levels of pigmentation. Cultural ignorance is one of the foundations of the US.
Guilherme B. 30 days ago
Shut up,I'm from Brazil and racism is real WAKE UP NIGGER !
S. Bakyhnh 30 days ago
Yep, cops don't kill unarmed black people anymore, it's all in the past, man.
beautifullEternal 30 days ago
It's all in the past, but ppl still waving that confederate flag, calling ppl niggers. Soooooo
Daily Gaming Videos ! 30 days ago
She be looking like a snack!😍
Sawyer Fulks 30 days ago
Why do people like this always have to divide people into groups based on race? It's like they're segregating themselves.
Ban Fernandez 30 days ago
Sawyer Fulks well I mean society started it first. And maybe you think its gone but it isn't honestly. Society constantly seperates us by race. Statistics, Job Applications, or any government for for that matter.
MELANATED TV 30 days ago
Sawyer Fulks Stephen asked the questions she answered
isa tan 30 days ago
What a beautiful lady
EmmaLlanos 30 days ago
She was on YouTube?
Messofanego 30 days ago
Babysitting with Issa Rae and Steve Carell. No wonder the music in the first season was so good, Solange killed it as a music consultant!
Lindsay Hopewell 30 days ago
What is your skin care regimen I NEED TO KNOW!!!!
Lindsay Hopewell 30 days ago
I hear that!!
Rowbin Ashley 30 days ago
Lindsay Hopewell Right? If she dropped a skincare line tomorrow she'd get all my money.
valar 30 days ago
She could be Stephen's new blackfriend.
Adam Tak 30 days ago
Absolutely beautiful. WOW
Seetiyan 30 days ago
Love her work. I know I've had awkward moments, having immigrant parents and not fitting into the expectations both white and black Americans have. Looking forward to season 2!
CerBoris 30 days ago
Wow, her skin is stunning.
Mik Moen 30 days ago
Seriously, the different ethnic Races may as well be completely Aliens with how much animosity there is between the skin colors. Even if our Cultures differ, Black or White and any Tans and Browns in between, we're all just people.
Uju Ugwu 30 days ago
I saw my queen and i clicked!
reyrkiih 30 days ago
Insecure is amazing show. More people should watch it.
pungochem 30 days ago
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do that job.
Lee Morris 30 days ago
Her skin is flawless 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Indian 21091995 30 days ago
You know what they say. Once you go black. . . . . . . You are a single mother!
froggy doodle 30 days ago
I remember her from her Awkward Black Girl videos on YouTube. I heard that she got a show on HBO, but since I don't have HBO, I hadn't actually seen her in quite a while. So it's kinda thrilling to see her transformation here from someone who was (or acted) awkward to such a confident, self-assured public figure that she is here. I'm happy for her; she deserves all the fame and success she desires. And, yes, folks, her skin here is quite shiny - she's been greased up backstage just like every other female celebrity making the rounds on the talk show circuit. Just look up any other famous woman who's sat in the guest seat on any talk show ever; no matter who she is or what she's promoting, she'll be wearing the obligatory short skirt, high heels, and half a bottle of baby oil slicked all over her legs so her shinbones reflect the studio lighting like road signs in headlights at night. It just looks more obvious on Ms. Rae because of her darker skin tone - apparently the backstage slickers haven't learned how to lacquer up black skin for the cameras without going overboard to the point where it's the most commented aspect of the interview on youtube.
Casper Skibby 30 days ago
I think I just fell in love!
Blair Schirmerx 30 days ago
Huh. Maybe we can go productively from that sensible title to, Not All White Men Are Privileged.
S. Bakyhnh 30 days ago
Triggered whitey.
Seanie 30 days ago
I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me? this is how u sound
Stakes Chigs 30 days ago
Jewdaei Aidin 30 days ago
LoLAwesomechad 30 days ago
a sign of a good actor is great facial expressions and she definitely has that. Also, I like her smile *blushes*.
socrappyicoulddie 30 days ago
She's so fucking cute
Alienadin 30 days ago
Isa Hamilton 30 days ago
Ayyy same name but I'm a white guy
TheICEgirl6100 30 days ago
is it a hebrew name?
SerenityReceiver 30 days ago
Louise McDonnell 30 days ago
What a beauty
Tarek Fadl 30 days ago
Trump does not talk for anyone - dont worry
Freshtex Blackman 30 days ago
Love Her.
K - Crown 30 days ago
Issa knife
Sophia N 30 days ago
Feeling uncomfortable at all times. GIRL. That's me but without the racial component cos I live in London.
Deborah E 30 days ago
Sophia N is it easier for black women over there?
Seanie 30 days ago
issa queen
lazyperfectionist1 30 days ago
Do black people. get. tired. of being asked about black people?
TheICEgirl6100 30 days ago
alias anybody 1/32 of something america hasn't been around that long to be 1/32th of anything, lol athe thing is at least they know what country they are from african americans from the african diaspora literally don't know what counry they are from what ethnic group they are from and it's really sad
EQ-smoove 30 days ago
When my assistant arrived at my office each morning, Chamique is IN the House! That is so not cool, but WTF did I know?
ZQAA SWWE 30 days ago
Biostarkick7 No, you shouldn't ridicule her to her face, but let's be honest, it is totally ridiculous.
belias360 30 days ago
Yes. Yes we do.
biostarkick7 30 days ago
Alias Anybody Apparently they are. In defense of these people trying to connect with their ancestry, people generally want to understand where they come from and find connections with others. Trying to learn about the cultures our ancestors came from is one of the easiest ways to do so. My mom's half Irish but she strongly loves Irish culture. Should I ridicule her for that because she get stuff wrong? Especially when it brings her closer to her deceased Irish-American mother who died of cancer when she was in college.
Sophia N 30 days ago
Love her so much. She's just radiant and glowy
anna :P 30 days ago
when is she dropping that skin regimen tho
Ellie Bourne 30 days ago
She's got some highlighter on her chest which is picking up some light too
Mike Tython 30 days ago
lol its called lotion, and she obviously used it 2min before going on
Ocean's 8 is coming in 2018 30 days ago
Love her, love her show. Brilliant woman.
Boul Shyte 30 days ago
shes so smart and beautiful
Oghogho Asemota 30 days ago
Damn. that melanin be poppin'
BIGBOY8D 30 days ago
Oghogho Asemota yaaaaaaassssss
Alex B 30 days ago
Go die
TQM 30 days ago
Alex B yeah I agree that you should :) fucking hater
Okechukwu Ofili 30 days ago
her skin is magic!
EVOLUTION of CULTURE 30 days ago
Her name is a meme now
InnerMagnetismEarth 30 days ago
Funny, smart, AND gorgeous. Would love to hang out with her and will definitely check out this show now.
Ticia Grant 30 days ago
Johnny Valencia 30 days ago
In this day and age, nobody speaks for anybody, black people, white people, everybody is so divided.
Sarah 30 days ago
We all just need to pretend our mums can see what we post on social media and then I think the trolling would halt in its tracks 🙊
Sarah 30 days ago
Johnny Valencia I'll speak to that 👍❤️
JPW3 30 days ago
In the US, politics has always been partisan. Go look at the 1864 election.
sanjuansteve 30 days ago
Some of us are in an EqualityMovement which has us standing up for everyone, which is very partisan as it's anti-Republican, anti-oligarchy.
MrEroticWalrus 30 days ago
I wish it was individualist but politics is definitely partisan these days.
Jasmine Tea 30 days ago
*Black excellence!*
Mac jones 30 days ago
Really? Glad you could clear that up for us. I was a little lost on that one.
Schoppe Petzer 30 days ago
Jasmine Tea new word, blackcellence? ;).you heard it from me first. copyrighted.lol
Phobe Laxu 30 days ago
Black people are people.
Fourthgirl 30 days ago