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Connector A 9 months ago
north Korea is a world wide cancer
Lion Vip 10 months ago
North Korea is not going to give up its nuclear weapons program
Jeremy Williams 10 months ago
USA is the strongest nation in the world we would make them a parking lot if they ever attacked us
Michael Green 11 months ago
..I said 2 weeks ago that I saw North Korea being a threat to US and stop taking their BS and GET them out of the way..Have North Korea as just a memory ???..
Pentcho Rouynekov 11 months ago
Some korean just told me his Comrid Kim Un like to be ruler of the world and example for a men, who succeeded great military experience and expertise and western way to think. That he prepared very tricky trap where stupid generals will bite and will be devastated militarily with side and back stebing probably at night. That will force them mizerably to leave descretly and will do not collect even the dead bodies all over. That Russ will only create a shield, Chinese in support from far. Short withdrowal, constant movement play cat and mouse, imitating losing. Will surround and totally destroy most in. That he will give a lesson to SK and Japan, that the History will write with a golden letters and will create him as a legendary leader what he learn from his father. Will join after all all territory of SK and will rule as a defender of the peace for the rest. Will keep the West responsable and make them to pay for all and spread the kommunizm at its pure model all over, making the people equal and humbold.
Marie Devine 11 months ago
Would we be concerned if Russia and Canada had war drills off the coast of Washington, Oregon or in Russia waters near Alaska? Would we be on high alert etc if Russia and Cuba had war games in Cuban waters? The devil is trying to provoke a first strike that WILL begin a WORLD WAR that NOBODY wants. Security for our allies REQUIRES WE DO NOT start a war in their neighborhood.
Sullay Barrie 11 months ago
Northern Korea plase stepdown
royalspin 11 months ago
Getting tired of all the endless saber rattling by armchair warriors.
Moxie Mayhem 11 months ago
America would loose just like the first Korean war, so far America has only attack countries with little more than a militia, in all the wars Americans fight they loose, just like the middle east over the last 15 years where they have to pay terrorists now to fight for them, a campaign which has so far only cost the American tax payer $6 trillion and only expanded Iranian influence in the region, they are always way more technologically advanced in all the wars they fight and still manage to loose, their only claim to fame is swooping in at the end of WW 2 because they were scared of Russian influence growing considering the 5 out of 5 years the Russians fought and died with us and the Americans sat back and did nothing. American's only scare tactic and power is nuclear weapons and that is it and even that doesn't work which is why they have to try to disarm any contenders. If America was to engage North Korea they would encounter a modern military fanatical in their cause, well trained and armed. North Korea Army 950,000 active, 5,500 tanks, 2,200 infantry fighting vehicles, 8,600 artillery pieces, 4,800 multiple rocket launcher systems. Navy 60,000 personnel active, Fleet 70 Submarines, 456 Various landing craft, 3 Frigates, 4 Corvette, 30 Mine countermeasures vessel, 30 Missile boats, 247 Torpedo boats, 191 Patrol boats. Air force 110,000 personnel 940 aircraft Special Operation Forces 180,000 active Paramilitary militia Civil Defence 3.5 million personnel active This is a war you would be stuck in for another 10+ years that you could not afford financially or militarily in man power, while North Korea would be getting supplied by China, Russia and Iran on the down low. I like Americans and their values, I admire their constitution and how crazy their country is because they value freedom and free speech and protect it, I just get a little down to see so many of them being sacrificed on pointless crusades because they bring it upon them selves to try and police the world, they should take a lesson from Rome, UK, Denmark, Spain and many other older nations that have tried to do this and found it only works for a short time if at all.
Ready Temp 11 months ago
Hey Military Today. if it's your BS video that triggers the conflict. won't your parents be proud. Don't be a douche. war monger.
puglover 11 months ago
Pitter patter.
doh1959 11 months ago
i really wanna lick a north korean pussy geez they are hot
Boeingemployee1989 1 year ago
Well trump said he was going to have a meeting with Kim but what he doesn't know that trump is being lured into a trap where North Korea will use terrorists and assassins to kill off the trump administration and the presidential line
Bocaj 1 year ago
Trump only wants to meet Kimmy if he gives up his nuclear weapons and rockets, and Kimmy aint gonna do that ! so there is a big problem. And next weekend Kimmy will fire another loos cannon, don't hope it drops on your head !
Boeingemployee1989 1 year ago
Trump said he wants to meet with Kim. Look it up. Also trump is being lured into a trap by attending those meetings with other countries leaders especially Kim and Putin
Ken Behrendt 1 year ago
Every day KJM gets a little closer to having fully operational three stage, solid fuel, mobile launched, intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting any target in North America. Using that threat as blackmail, he will feel free to invade South Korea and re-unify the nation. Of course, his definition of reunification is expanding his dictatorship into the south. I think that the Pentagon is already prepared for an attack on North Korea and what we are seeing now is just a delay until some incident takes place to fully justify the attack in the eyes of the world. Most likely, it will happen this year and the death toll will be in the millions and mostly Korean. Most likely, KJM, if he does not commit suicide or is murdered by one of his loyal generals, will wind up like Saddam Hussein did over in Irag. There will be a show trial for Kim Jong Un after which he will be promptly executed for various crimes his regime committed over the years.
Adam SANI 1 year ago
I am not sure Trump want to attack N. korea. Trump Afraid of China and Rusia.
J0hnnyR 11 months ago
you are right just empty talks by usa
Rose Putri Petani 1 year ago
hancurkan Amerika yg sudah menghancurkan Negara Negara Islam di dunia
juju malay 1 year ago
war is never end
Bam Mulyono 1 year ago
hancurkn sj tmbangkn presiden as donald trum