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Robyn 45 minutes ago
Your sooo good at singing
Addi C 1 hour ago
i play this song over and over
Samira Vglr 2 hours ago
Love dove ☺️❤️
Jenny Capurro 3 hours ago
Júlia e Giovanna HS 4 hours ago
Alguém do Brasil?
Vitória Mariana 4 hours ago
f00zh 4 hours ago
u need to ask me the right way LOL. lame
Daniela Garcia 5 hours ago
Ami me gusta el vestido💝💝💝💖💖😍😍
Jasmine Mahkhatam 6 hours ago
I love this song it my favorite Disney Channel I love her she's a good singer and I love her voice.
Dan 9 hours ago
this doesnt even compare it sounds atrocious. please go watch the original version by Christina Aguilera instead!
salma Ayoub 10 hours ago
LOVE MAL😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😅😍😘😍😗😘😍😘😗😘😍😘😘😗😗😍😘😗😗😘😍😘😗
Halima Sesay 10 hours ago
Arabic alaphabet
Kaycee - Marie Sheehan 10 hours ago
Hi good 👩‍🎤
david lee Seel 11 hours ago
I love this song
I Used To Be Obsessed With This
Bertha Sanchez 18 hours ago
If u wanna be with me.I can make ur wish come true.🥑💕
Emerald Z reactions 19 hours ago
Is she gonna be a new character i mean the genie girl
Gabriela Piz 21 hours ago
Who else is watching this in 2018! Anyone ok.nvm.
jim mellow 21 hours ago
Give a like if you're excited for descendants 3 I am!!!!!!
jimin you got no jams 1 day ago
Christna agruiela 1999 only some people understand.
Jacira Silva 1 day ago
a mal la muit tp
Guilherme Barboza Da Silva 1 day ago
Love dove♡☆
Monica Adelaida hola Galeano 1 day ago
Love dove 💞💞
KiaraPopDance 1 day ago
maya.be.online 1 day ago
Who loves Christina's version better? I do <3 (I know Christina originally sang the song)
Einhorn Pupps 1 day ago
So cool
Heaven Griffin 1 day ago
I had a Descendants birthday cake on October 14th and I got a mirror
Barbara Montesdeoca 1 day ago
like si te gusta descendientes 1 2 y 3
Barbara Montesdeoca 1 day ago
like si te encanta descendientes 123
Will Gamez 1 day ago
Omg descendants 3,4,5,6?🤔
James pablo Salas chara 1 day ago
nunca apareció en la película😞😞😞😞😞
Bailey Simpson 1 day ago
I love Dove Cameron so much
Maria Alice Alves 1 day ago
i love mall i love dove cameron ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Aya mal Time 1 day ago
😈💝💜💜💜💜💜💜 *Mal * + the song
Angie Silva 2 days ago
Hi 👋🏻
Gianna's Surprise 2 days ago
Magic_vp 2 days ago
Its a cover
Dodo 2 days ago
Im pretty sure its *rub* in the orriginal.
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores 2 days ago
Me encanta las canciones de Descendientes.
Felicia Lopez 2 days ago
an love
Felicia Lopez 2 days ago
the lais reimuti 😚😚😚😚
Ottilia Olsovszky 2 days ago
I like🙂♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️💃🏽💃🏽😍
Tanja sick 2 days ago
Abigail Lopez 2 days ago
Que bonito canta me encanta muy genial pongan like si les gusta como canta
ferid ababsli 2 days ago
Dove does it better
Agnieszka Mikucka 2 days ago
i like it
mtsahoi msalambeni 2 days ago
D Do Dov Dove Dove c Dove ca Dove cam Dove came Dove camer Dove camero Dove cameron Dove camero Dove camer Dove came Dove cam Dove ca Dove Dov Do D 😍
ary espinosa 2 days ago
Like si la amas
ary espinosa 2 days ago
AMO A MAL 💋💖💖💖💖💖 💋💋
Amanda Huang 2 days ago
I hope they put this song in d3.
Sitlaly M 2 days ago
Esta chica es genial😊
Alix Hudspeth 3 days ago
i think the video would've been fine without the guy dancers
Jolana Cvernova 3 days ago
Sevcan Sağlam 3 days ago
Bu kız neden bu kadar güzel 😻
Zayquan Mccree 3 days ago
Is that Mal🤔 but she is beautiful in her👗
Shammama Tasnim 3 days ago
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,ve this song !
Ionut Angheluta 3 days ago
I love it. Cameron is so cute.
Joshua Hale 3 days ago
This is very good except whatever instrument is fucking farting in the background
Shaliza 3 days ago
I am like I want to be Mal
Shaliza 3 days ago
I am like I want to be Mal
Beatriz Vitória Pereira 3 days ago
Eu adoro vcs ivi e mal
Vanina Vera 3 days ago
Hola dove cameron💙💚💛💜 me Encanta tu video de genio atrapado 😀💝
Karmela Senior 3 days ago
I wish I looked like that she's cute
Meh Duck 3 days ago
1:47 mals like: what the heck?
devils angel 3 days ago
*is in the bottle for a second* i've been here for eternities
Gabriela Velásquez 3 days ago
Ztyftugiujiogthkojijiofgvhchujij Churu y yuvgjbnlkñkjklgfgyiopujjidtdflkklkxgp Mnnf yuhklczjsopziolkzbuldhfuohfg Kdhkhdiokxsosxlsu💜
eyzmaster 4 days ago
3:24 I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark.
Norma Hernandez 4 days ago
I love. Dove
justin alejandro cabralez 4 days ago
babalu Gama 4 days ago
I love Dove Cameron
babalu Gama 4 days ago
I love
babalu Gama 4 days ago
lupe flores 4 days ago
Ella sería mi genio dentro de la lámpara
maryury meza 5 days ago
i love you
Маги Стоянова 5 days ago
Emelie Thieme 5 days ago
Cooles Outfit
zeynep ozer 6 days ago
any one older than 13 nah just me then
hiley zoellick 2 days ago
Me i am 14
zeynep ozer 3 days ago
sure age doesnt matter
Jelly Bean 4 days ago
zeynep ozer nah I'm 18 if that counts
Barcilina Das 6 days ago
Leem Leen Mufeed 6 days ago
love it
Yu Shi 6 days ago
wow and BOO
SGH Yeezy 6 days ago
Yeah 2018 lit song dove 2018!!
Solange Perez Gonzales 6 days ago
Leyla Francella Cruz Molina 6 days ago
Cremencia Pulido 6 days ago
No leo inglés pero yo doy mi versión es encantadora dove cameron es bonita canción y además es caro que pues ella ha se dependientes pero yo la adoro mucho
Luciana Guimaraes 6 days ago
eu amo você mal
Gloris Rodriguez 7 days ago
Augusto Lucca 7 days ago
callmehbob roblox 7 days ago
My fav song this is a cover
Jessica-Leigh Holmes 7 days ago
Omg my fav song
Vitoria Brilhante 7 days ago
End you tube
Un1c0rns! Are my l1fe 4ever 7 days ago
This is a deleted scene
Jose De Leon 7 days ago
I honestly think this lamp looks better than the one from the live action.
Sherry Turner 7 days ago
Mariela Echavarria 8 days ago
Mariela Echavarria 8 days ago
me encanta el video
goku black 8 days ago
sofia Perez 8 days ago
hola hermosa yo.. soy tu gran fan
Stefanie Schulze 8 days ago
Thets nice
Tamar Holtzman 8 days ago
Rollie Rollie 8 days ago
Man when i was little kid i am obessed in disney