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ana carolina 47 minutes ago
elena dey-foy 1 hour ago
I just wanna feel loved again.
Emanuel Monteiro 1 hour ago
Alguém do Brasil?
Destiny Davila 2 hours ago
noooooooooooooo were is the chuby sam smith!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!
Sara Huffman 2 hours ago
Sara Huffman 2 hours ago
Sara Huffman 2 hours ago
Daisy Alba 2 hours ago
J Rey 2 hours ago
Over 900 million views
김유선 3 hours ago
Hazard Gaming 3 hours ago
Who here after 900,000,000 views?
Kingpin Hayes 3 hours ago
I bet you wont subscribe 3 hours ago
Love this song
Metinee _AAA 4 hours ago
Amazing song X
Agnieszka Kowalska 4 hours ago
Great song very emotional Sam Smith The best singer ever
Carlos Salazar 5 hours ago
Tiffany Maughan 5 hours ago
This sounds great! Please support my daughter by subscribing to her youtube channel she just posted a cover of this song!! you can find Her Youtube channel by searching Mackenzie Maughan xx
Chun Yiu Wong 6 hours ago
This is soft pop DAYYUM
Pothead420 Morris 6 hours ago
That man can sing his ass off 💯💯💯
Estrada Ronald 7 hours ago
great song
msp 1#3 7 hours ago
This came out on my birth day
Lyrics rizwan ansari Official 9 hours ago
Fantastic 👌👌👌💘💘
Deasiaa Lovee 9 hours ago
Will Yall Please Help Me Get To 10K So I Can Support My Family And Let Me Inspire Others Positive Vibes Only😔😘
Mildredz life 9 hours ago
Little Ribo 9 hours ago
Ready for 1B Views ?
Faim Shahriar Shadhin 11 hours ago
waiting it to get 1B 😍
karis 11 hours ago
First Last 11 hours ago
I'm not gay. But Sam, you make me question that. Fucking beautiful music man.
Sofian gaming 11 hours ago
lucas mix 11 hours ago
so good
Brill White 11 hours ago
Crazy how this video has exactly 900 mill 😐
RUTH CHRISTIE 13 hours ago
Vichet Pet 13 hours ago
Shrek 5 next year
DeeVavaeng Marangal 13 hours ago
He never love me anyway😢
Anjum Sultana 13 hours ago
900 million 😅
Keke Williams 13 hours ago
This is a beautiful song🎼🎼🎼
Shile 13 hours ago
21 October 2018
NAAS Dz 13 hours ago
like it
Timothy John Checa 14 hours ago
That boxer's face looked so sad😟 Like if you agree
elmo ? 15 hours ago
1 question, Is this Song about Breakups??
Calista Noble 15 hours ago
I love Sam he inspired human beings to be passion in everyone and to be close but not 2 close and ever time I listen it make me think of life has hard and god times build to make the person to be come good at everything
AntraX Gaming 15 hours ago
Raisul akhyar 15 hours ago
this song is beutiful voice
이씨비와 15 hours ago
알라뷰다 진짜 ㅠㅠ
Henry Spackman 16 hours ago
You know, I can't remember the last time I cried, and this song has me balling because there is this who likes me and I like her but we are in are early teens and don't want to get any relationships but I like her so much it hurts sometimes. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Baby we don't stand a chance it's sad but it's true
Kayden Crowder 16 hours ago
your song makes me cry so much
technical kiran 16 hours ago
My fav
sad dark 17 hours ago
Watching this in 2018 & it's still touching ! 💔
Brayan david Macea Martínez 17 hours ago
Omg 900 m. Let's go for 1km
Alejandro Ramirez 18 hours ago
Chandler is that guy 19 hours ago
I've deffinetly been heart broken in the past. But I'm grateful for the amazing and beautiful girl I've had the chance to share my love with.❤
Jessica Espiritusanto 19 hours ago
LOVE IT and all but sometimes I think his songs are a bit too depressing.like if you agree. don't unlike if disagree. :)
Samiya Thomas 19 hours ago
Сергей Шлиончак 19 hours ago
вот прикол в клипе парнишки с порно😀
Cloudie 21 hours ago
Omg woke that is what I am doing right now
dream blue 22 hours ago
Im that much hurt without hope no chance searching for a brighter future 😭😭😭😢
hue hue 23 hours ago
21 october anyone???? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JMR REIS 23 hours ago
Nathalie issur 1 day ago
Oh Lord !! I miss 2017 so much😭😭😢 i wanna freeze the time at 2017.
Shannon Kendall 1 day ago
good bye sam
Deeq Cabdi Cali 1 day ago
I can't enjoy this song after i listen The dominicshow parody.
Erika Roata 1 day ago
My crush.
Akshay Khanna 1 day ago
is sam gay ????
Brayan david Macea Martínez 1 day ago
Fabiana Vitoria 1 day ago
Too Good At Goodbye 💔🎈
Alamin hanna 1 day ago
this song should get 3B views
Vrigette Flancia 1 day ago
Always leaving me in the dark 😪
Sunaruto2 1 day ago
That song was heart touching
Cat Bird 1 day ago
I'm the most beautiful person in the world. According to the other person!
Bronix 1 day ago
2003 anyone? ❄️
Charelis MD 1 day ago
i like this song so much
bud nothin 1 day ago
Has anyone ever calles him the male Adele?
muh ismail 1 day ago
21 october anyone?🖐
Delmys Rosa 1 day ago
me gusta mucho la musica
Lucas Gabriel 1 day ago
Who is listening to it on October 2018 ??????
The Ice Princess 1 day ago
The kinda song that takes me to church, in a hypothetical way
Pamela Walker 1 day ago
i hate it
Killas87 1 day ago
wait this was made last year I thought it was old
tim darrah 1 day ago
I am gay to
cassini jlb 1 day ago
1:07 when you see mobile legends and you have exams tomorrow.
arthemis preseseo 1 day ago
Ahm. October 20?
Ivana Barcelos 1 day ago
Linda música! I love you.
Greta Garilli 1 day ago
i'm in love with this song
Bona Resuli 1 day ago
Rayhan Fadilah Rahman 1 day ago
20 oktober anyone ?
B Grizz 1 day ago
beast mode grizz
B Grizz 1 day ago
Brooklyn grizz
B Grizz 1 day ago
you are the best
B Grizz 1 day ago
you are the best
Lex Gutiérrez 1 day ago
squishy ba222 1 day ago
I love you
Jeaned Jean 1 day ago
he looks so different
DaNaja Myers 1 day ago
mines the 24
extra Tea 1 day ago
My Best friend Nora Really loved this song. She would always tell me to listen to this but I never did. After a few weeks I had to travel and leave her. I didn't get to say a full goodbye to her. She was always there for me and we always talked together. Its hard to leave such a amazing person. So I was thinking about her yesterday and i remembered her yesterday and came to see this song.damn.
Everything Mix. 1 day ago
0:48 is the beginning of singing 🎤
I love
Carey 1998 1 day ago
Hello Everyone , Am from Africa am looking for friends all over , I tried making friends once but I got hurt very bad I just need friends who won't judge me because of my colour or where I come from
maggie bradley 1 day ago
I'll be your friend😃
Precious Taiwo 1 day ago
amazing song
Aisha Holman 1 day ago
What hurts the most while listening to this 100 time's a day is realizing the distance the person you love the most, distance's himself because you have distanced yourself, protecting yourself 🤔🤷‍♀️ 😂 😫
Mimille 09 1 day ago
Aisha Holman 1 day ago
Who's the boxer, he's so sexy 😍