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ana carolina 1 month ago
elena dey-foy 1 month ago
I just wanna feel loved again.
Emanuel Monteiro 1 month ago
Alguém do Brasil?
Destiny Davila 1 month ago
noooooooooooooo were is the chuby sam smith!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!
Sara Huffman 1 month ago
Sara Huffman 1 month ago
Sara Huffman 1 month ago
Daisy Alba 1 month ago
J Rey 1 month ago
Over 900 million views
김유선 1 month ago
Hazard Gaming 1 month ago
Who here after 900,000,000 views?
Kingpin Hayes 1 month ago
I bet you wont subscribe 1 month ago
Love this song
Metinee _AAA 1 month ago
Amazing song X
Agnieszka Kowalska 1 month ago
Great song very emotional Sam Smith The best singer ever
Carlos Salazar 1 month ago
Tiffany Maughan 1 month ago
This sounds great! Please support my daughter by subscribing to her youtube channel she just posted a cover of this song!! you can find Her Youtube channel by searching Mackenzie Maughan xx
Chun Yiu Wong 1 month ago
This is soft pop DAYYUM
Pothead420 Morris 1 month ago
That man can sing his ass off 💯💯💯
Estrada Ronald 1 month ago
great song
msp 1#3 1 month ago
This came out on my birth day
Lyrics rizwan ansari Official 1 month ago
Fantastic 👌👌👌💘💘
Deasiaa Lovee 1 month ago
Will Yall Please Help Me Get To 10K So I Can Support My Family And Let Me Inspire Others Positive Vibes Only😔😘
Mildredz life 1 month ago
Little Ribo 1 month ago
Ready for 1B Views ?
Faim Shahriar Shadhin 1 month ago
waiting it to get 1B 😍
karis 1 month ago
First Last 1 month ago
I'm not gay. But Sam, you make me question that. Fucking beautiful music man.
Sofian gaming 1 month ago
lucas mix 1 month ago
so good
Brill White 1 month ago
Crazy how this video has exactly 900 mill 😐
RUTH CHRISTIE 1 month ago
Vichet Pet 1 month ago
Shrek 5 next year
DeeVavaeng Marangal 1 month ago
He never love me anyway😢
Anjum Sultana 1 month ago
900 million 😅
Keke Williams 1 month ago
This is a beautiful song🎼🎼🎼
Shile 1 month ago
21 October 2018
NAAS Dz 1 month ago
like it
Timothy John Checa 1 month ago
That boxer's face looked so sad😟 Like if you agree
elmo ? 1 month ago
1 question, Is this Song about Breakups??
Calista Noble 1 month ago
I love Sam he inspired human beings to be passion in everyone and to be close but not 2 close and ever time I listen it make me think of life has hard and god times build to make the person to be come good at everything
AntraX Gaming 1 month ago
Raisul akhyar 1 month ago
this song is beutiful voice
이씨비와 1 month ago
알라뷰다 진짜 ㅠㅠ
Henry Spackman 1 month ago
You know, I can't remember the last time I cried, and this song has me balling because there is this who likes me and I like her but we are in are early teens and don't want to get any relationships but I like her so much it hurts sometimes. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Baby we don't stand a chance it's sad but it's true
Kayden Crowder 1 month ago
your song makes me cry so much
technical kiran 1 month ago
My fav
sad dark 1 month ago
Watching this in 2018 & it's still touching ! 💔
Brayan david Macea Martínez 1 month ago
Omg 900 m. Let's go for 1km
Alejandro Ramirez 1 month ago
Chandler is that guy 1 month ago
I've deffinetly been heart broken in the past. But I'm grateful for the amazing and beautiful girl I've had the chance to share my love with.❤
Jessica Espiritusanto 1 month ago
LOVE IT and all but sometimes I think his songs are a bit too depressing.like if you agree. don't unlike if disagree. :)
Samiya Thomas 1 month ago
Сергей Шлиончак 1 month ago
вот прикол в клипе парнишки с порно😀
Cloudie 1 month ago
Omg woke that is what I am doing right now
dream blue 1 month ago
Im that much hurt without hope no chance searching for a brighter future 😭😭😭😢
hue hue 1 month ago
21 october anyone???? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JMR REIS 1 month ago
Nathalie issur 1 month ago
Oh Lord !! I miss 2017 so much😭😭😢 i wanna freeze the time at 2017.
Shannon Kendall 1 month ago
good bye sam
Deeq Cabdi Cali 1 month ago
I can't enjoy this song after i listen The dominicshow parody.
Erika Roata 1 month ago
My crush.
Akshay Khanna 1 month ago
is sam gay ????
Brayan david Macea Martínez 1 month ago
Fabiana Vitoria 1 month ago
Too Good At Goodbye 💔🎈
Alamin hanna 1 month ago
this song should get 3B views
Vrigette Flancia 1 month ago
Always leaving me in the dark 😪
Sunaruto2 1 month ago
That song was heart touching
Cat Bird 1 month ago
I'm the most beautiful person in the world. According to the other person!
Bronix 1 month ago
2003 anyone? ❄️
Charelis MD 1 month ago
i like this song so much
bud nothin 1 month ago
Has anyone ever calles him the male Adele?
muh ismail 1 month ago
21 october anyone?🖐
Delmys Rosa 1 month ago
me gusta mucho la musica
Lucas Gabriel 1 month ago
Who is listening to it on October 2018 ??????
The Ice Princess 1 month ago
The kinda song that takes me to church, in a hypothetical way
Pamela Walker 1 month ago
i hate it
Killas87 1 month ago
wait this was made last year I thought it was old
tim darrah 1 month ago
I am gay to
cassini jlb 1 month ago
1:07 when you see mobile legends and you have exams tomorrow.
arthemis preseseo 1 month ago
Ahm. October 20?
Ivana Barcelos 1 month ago
Linda música! I love you.
Greta Garilli 1 month ago
i'm in love with this song
Bona Resuli 1 month ago
Rayhan Fadilah Rahman 1 month ago
20 oktober anyone ?
B Grizz 1 month ago
beast mode grizz
B Grizz 1 month ago
Brooklyn grizz
B Grizz 1 month ago
you are the best
B Grizz 1 month ago
you are the best
Lex Gutiérrez 1 month ago
squishy ba222 1 month ago
I love you
Jeaned Jean 1 month ago
he looks so different
DaNaja Myers 1 month ago
mines the 24
extra Tea 1 month ago
My Best friend Nora Really loved this song. She would always tell me to listen to this but I never did. After a few weeks I had to travel and leave her. I didn't get to say a full goodbye to her. She was always there for me and we always talked together. Its hard to leave such a amazing person. So I was thinking about her yesterday and i remembered her yesterday and came to see this song.damn.
Everything Mix. 1 month ago
0:48 is the beginning of singing 🎤
OHA HARRY POTTER 1 month ago
I love
Carey 1998 1 month ago
Hello Everyone , Am from Africa am looking for friends all over , I tried making friends once but I got hurt very bad I just need friends who won't judge me because of my colour or where I come from
maggie bradley 1 month ago
I'll be your friend😃
Precious Taiwo 1 month ago
amazing song
Aisha Holman 1 month ago
What hurts the most while listening to this 100 time's a day is realizing the distance the person you love the most, distance's himself because you have distanced yourself, protecting yourself 🤔🤷‍♀️ 😂 😫
Mimille 09 1 month ago
Aisha Holman 1 month ago
Who's the boxer, he's so sexy 😍