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Eric Pasta 1 month ago
I had shivers the whole time I was watching this
LMR LBI 1 month ago
Check me out could use some help out here
Khesya Kim 1 month ago
I love Lamar's lyrics on this -- oh well as always. <3
tizzle27 _ 1 month ago
I mishear so many lyrics in this song
the boom gamer 1 month ago
Cool one....
tired. 1 month ago
I love how this song can't just be a great song for EVERYONE to enjoy, but of course people have to bring race into everything saying it's for one race only etc. Smh.
Hey it's Destiny 1 month ago
I just came here because I saw an ad on YouTube.
Vinay Kumar 1 month ago
The real base is in Kendrick's voice 🔥🔥🔥
Athik Nawaz 1 month ago
Now 12 am any one is watching
Brianna Oates 1 month ago
Dashaun Farmer 1 month ago
Wakanda forever
Kiilved 1 month ago
¡Wakanda por siempre!
Adriela Chavez 1 month ago
Omg I have been looking for this song for ever
A. Bern 1 month ago
she's indifferent to me but i could watch her for hours
El Anon 1 month ago
SZA is a living Goddess
Kashyap Pandya 1 month ago
Beautiful Song
mami kaylee 1 month ago
I absolutely love SZA’s voice
Αλκιβιαδης δημουλεας 1 month ago
wakanda forever
RaGe __Sasuke 1 month ago
Like si tes la grâce à black panther
Black Panther 1 month ago
Wonderful song <3
max stewart 1 month ago
THIS LINE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE BACK WHEN I USED TO LISTEN TO IT AND NOW ITS JUST GONE? HOW? LITERALLY I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE ANYMORE OMFG WE LITERALLY DO LIVE IN A STIMULATION It's the way that you making me feel Like nobody ever loved me like you do, you do You kinda feeling like you're tryna get away from me If you do, I won't move:
Natalie T 1 month ago
max stewart this is real right here right now :) ;) !!!!!
Mahmoud Saieed 1 month ago
1.25 speed is way better
Dontrelle Butler 1 month ago
Forza Forever
Abigail Hernández 1 month ago
Black panther 😂😂 2018?
Olivia Casassa 1 month ago
Deborah Lewis 1 month ago
I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Elyasib Treviño 1 month ago
Lupita nyongo shes Mexican but i love her beauty skin color and face
Alyssa Smith 1 month ago
This song and music video gives me chills.it's amazing
Monica B 1 month ago
Song is everything.
Dontrelle Butler 1 month ago
who here from forza
De Trane 1 month ago
The video in the movie was on point👌. Great effects📹🎥
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
Bobby Wiliams 1 month ago
subscribe 2 my channe 4new music
DAB PANDA BLUE 1 month ago
Hilmi Mafia 1 month ago
Found out that my crush likes someone else And she faked that she liked the teddy bear that i gave her for ther birthday but then she told her friends that she really hated it.
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
That's really sad
Alexandria Gorham 1 month ago
I see no distinction between races. Only love and hate
Grashaun no name 1 month ago
Childish gambino
The Tunney 1 month ago
A modern masterpiece! This song is just epic! Almost sends me to another dimension
Natalie T 1 month ago
Africa unite and RISE!!! :)
Natalie T 1 month ago
11th dimension? Clarification: ( Julian Casablancas: 11th dimension music video ) Check it out!!!
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
Well it sends me to 2009 and dirt ( I was born in Africa, it's dirty (it just has alot of dirt) alot of the times unless it's a city
Marcus Vinicius 1 month ago
Very good soundtrack !
CDJWmusic 1 month ago
1:00 holy shit is that the SAPE?
Maurice Maingot 1 month ago
SZA mash up that whole verse sick boy she is bad
Luiz Felipe 1 month ago
Quem veio pelo Pantera Negra? Curte ai!!!
Mumin Abdurasulov 1 month ago
Perfect music video. I respect black culture.
Vanessa Lira 1 month ago
RICH GOAT 1 month ago
Reminds me of black panther!!!
El Jay 1 month ago
Imma say it, black panther is overrated.
El Jay 1 month ago
+Jessica Chimezie it's still overrated, the only thing unique about it is it's setting and soundtrack but everything else is eh. Spiderman 1 from the early 2000s is better than this movie.
Dontrelle Butler 1 month ago
the braves guy ever
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
It's not… It has comedy action and it's actually unique and is almost all black
The Tunney 1 month ago
El Jay this song isn’t though!
Moon Queen 1 month ago
Yes I am from Africa ❤️🙌🏻❤️
Luis :v 1 month ago
Forza horizon 4 anyone??
Dontrelle Butler 1 month ago
yes my actual name is alexa 1 month ago
All the stars are kosher
yes my actual name is alexa 1 month ago
Natalie T I know the lyrics, it just sounds like it. I'm not dumb :)
Natalie T 1 month ago
yes my actual name is alexa look closer bro;)
Kelly Phanh 1 month ago
All the stars of what happened to black panther he failed to defeat kilmonger
Cyril Lewis 1 month ago
Now tell me why isn't all the music on the radio this good and positive? This song builds me daily. We can do this. One ❤️
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
Its such a good song. (Mumble) rap and pop Go so well. It's like PB&J it's like Black and White it's like a fork and knife
Amit Rathore 1 month ago
Jayla Kirk 1 month ago
That ending was just stunning
Deadpool is back! 1 month ago
I wish Wakanda was real.
Vicki K. 1 month ago
I just watched Black Panther for first time and it was amazing!
Savage Wolf2.0 1 month ago
The soundtrack for black panther is awesome
I loved the music, very good, fantastic partnership.
Savannah Torres 1 month ago
This song really means a lot to me. I suffer from lack of motivation, self-hate, always bringing myself down. I'm my worst enemy. But listening to this song, it makes me wanna believe in myself. It makes me want to do better.
Haley J 1 month ago
jabu john mabona 1 month ago
okay chill out who are you to say anything about the movie what movie were you on
JayFrmNrb 1 month ago
Josy B 1 month ago
Oof my replay button broke
Person Person 1 month ago
Damn this song gives me the feels
fernanda nunes 1 month ago
roseline jeremie 1 month ago
Can I give this song a million likes. It's perfect. you're super sexy Love from Canada🇨🇦😊👍💖💓
Welfare 2010 1 month ago
I'm older now and I've seen rap change for the worst. But Kendrick truly is fresh air and bring the meaning back of what substance is. I don't mind spending my hard earn money on this kid. He's nice and put effort in his work. Great job
defAngel 1 month ago
Hey SZA 👀
dan_dapotato 1 month ago
1:44 this music was used in the black panther the time I stamped on this comment that shows a scene of a reference to probably the black panther see the panthers?
Count IV 1 month ago
My white brothers and sisters, embarrassing us again on this comment section, acting like our Black brothers and sisters can't be excited for something as breath taking and beautiful as the black excellence that they are celebrating. You know what our problem is as white people? It is that we cannot STAND being excluded, we can't stand being left out of ANYTHING great, even if it has nothing to do with US. If I be honest here's how we act towards our Black brothers and sisters. Poor class: Look at 'em, don't wanna do nothing with themselves, leaching off the government instead of getting a job. That's why we treat them the way we do. Middle class: Look at 'em don't wanna go no higher, just wanna be average, and don't wanna go no higher than where they at. And last but SURE AS HELL, not least,😁😁. Rich Class: Well look at them. Now they think they're all that. I bet they cheated their way to the top. I bet they sell drugs to get rich. They shouldn't be driving that Lambo, that Mercedes, that Royce, let's call the police to see if we can get them killed since they that they're so successful and better than us. WHAT?!!! WHAT!!!! DO we want from our Black brothers and sisters? I'll tell you, my white family. We don't know what we want. We just want to talk, and looking at my white family on this comment section. We're STILL talking. My black brothers and sisters. Finally, something that puts you on the of the mountain. Something that removes you from the head and trebutchets you to the head. Your deliverance from the Eygpt our ancestors brought you here to, is close and near. This country will pay dearly for what it has done to you, God's chose people.
Diallo Aboubacar 1 month ago
Mi piace
Chill Out 1 month ago
Wakanda is a made up shit hole full of monkeys eating bananas ☻🍌
jabu john mabona 1 month ago
shit up you stupid fool in ama ca zinging oldish
Viktória Sütt 1 month ago
Bp 2016 2018
Denise Morant 1 month ago
Love this video especially the black panthers and the beautiful black people. The beautiful colors attract the 👀.
daksh arts 1 month ago
Name a better video direction, lyrics, music.
Natalie T 1 month ago
No problem how bout some Lupe Fiasco while your on the tube LOL !!
daksh arts 1 month ago
+Natalie T ayy thanks man!!
Natalie T 1 month ago
daksh arts Talib Kwelis Javotti Media Productions Bro;) !!! ( look for Heads up eyes open feat Rick Ross) :)
Natalie T 1 month ago
Who can stop the black panthers!!!?
Natalie T 1 month ago
You can't bring the TRUTH to me..!!!!!
Natalie T 1 month ago
Confrontation ain't nothing new to me!!!!!!! ;)
Natalie T 1 month ago
The return of fiscally responsible black panthers !!!?
Joseph Mora 1 month ago
Andrew Atkins 1 month ago
This song really goes with black panther
DylanPlays - SeeDeng D 1 month ago
I love black people they are really nice cool kind love the clothes they where everybody who is white and black I hope your having a happy day and life I love everybody in this world no matter what this song is just like a miracle
*Camz*/*Queen Ariana*Fan Girl g 1 month ago
Ayee Wakanda where you at?🔥🔥🔥
Danielle Sloley 1 month ago
everytime i rewatch i get just love it even more
Janin Bardom 1 month ago
Jay P 1 month ago
Jason Ayala 1 month ago
Forza Horizon 4!
robloxunicornmeg 1 month ago
WAKANDA FOREVA(lucky me im from AFRICAAA :D)
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
+robloxunicornmeg I'm from Nigeria
robloxunicornmeg 1 month ago
+Jessica Chimezie what part im from ghana :D
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
So am i
Danger Doogan 1 month ago
this song gives me goosebumps every single time
Andy Th 1 month ago
This is one of the few music videos that really bring out the the black pride in me. The black women look like proud black women without have to saying a word.
Alexlenny 9708 1 month ago
R.I.P black panther
aliciamiller81 1 month ago
This song was made by black panther XD
Moni Danh 1 month ago
Gauges eul salanghae ❤🇰🇷
Yeba Solange 1 month ago
This video means a lot, adding so much to the African culture🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 a video of 3 minutes and more showing almost all of African beauty😍😍😍😍
Natalie T 1 month ago
One day we may all be stars in the sky ;)!!!
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
Ikr I just wanna make a high quality painting of SZA in all those stars
D Money 1 month ago
While Kendrick did his thing, lowkey this would be better with just SZA.
Natalie T 1 month ago
D Money i think because the gritty street appeal needed to reach the youth:)!?
Ana Zeferino 1 month ago
Олимпия holly 1 month ago
Make me wanna watch black panther again Exposed Kendrick Lamar played black panther that's why he added the parts and the girl played his sister
CookieGang 1 month ago
Sugar W's 1 month ago
HINO !!!!
Ponygirl AJ 1 month ago
I remember going to the movies to see this movie the credits made me want to look it up and that’s where I found it.
Aurumkid 8007 1 month ago
Is it just me or are the lyrics: All the stars are bullshit, all the stars are bullshit, all the stars are kosher
Aurumkid 8007 1 month ago
I'm not sure anymore
Jessica Chimezie 1 month ago
Is this a joke
Alex Sone. 1 month ago
*Literally almost every comment that is complimenting our culture has a negative ass response* *LET US BE GREAT FOR ONCE YOU RACIST FUCKS*
xxxtemptation 1 month ago
*So relaxing !* ❤️
Ben Martinez 1 month ago
Thanks bro i have this song stuck in my head.
Indiana Johnston 1 month ago
Thumbs up from Australia 👍👍👍👍