SHABO Экскурсия по Шабо.

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SHABO  Экскурсия по Шабо.

SHABO Экскурсия по Шабо. Совсем случайно узнал что на завод Шабо можно попасть, с экскурсией.| SHABO Экскурсия по Шабо. I learned by accident that you can get to the factory of Shabo, with an excursion. The way production is set up here, vineyards are growing, everything is absolutely amazing. The territory is very large, many flowers, greenery. beautiful buildings. And you can also taste wine right in the basement, in a special room. This in my opinion is very cool, and although I could not try everything because of the fortress (cognac for example), the wines were very liked (there were 5 wines and cognac). Wines: Chardonnay, Sparkling Gold Muscat, Vermouth White, Cabernet Chabaud Classics Dry Red, Muscat Chabaud Classics Deslora White. After that, with special pleasure and knowledge, you could buy a couple of bottles (or maybe more) home or for a gift.

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Наталья Сандул 23 days ago
Не истина! Вина там отличные, и все создание изготовлено по разуму! Пусть бы все этак у себя бизнес организовали, может и не были бы такими нищебродами!
Шеф Кухня 22 days ago
Что не истина ?
SuperYuss 4 months ago
хуйня а не шабо покрышка от пробки открываеться клея что ли жаль?
Коля Зайцау 2 months ago
SuperYuss бывает