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Samantha McManus 20 days ago
Weirdly enough, I'm waiting for Justin Y. To comment.
Demon The Legend 20 days ago
Ninja's hair is very pretty
riff anchor 20 days ago
Does ninja report his wife for sexsniping.... Banned
Charbel Daoud 20 days ago
hes a noob
J5 GAMES 20 days ago
Anyway else surprised that the was ‘had ninja got ligma’
i9sixKills 20 days ago
135k dislike? Yow wth
InTeLlIgEnT Athlet3_101_ 20 days ago
Anyone remember the old ninja
Ufc Prodigy 20 days ago
4:28 A 1 year and 13 months
Lorenzo Cacciacarro 20 days ago
Bendy Studios 20 days ago
*I thought he died*
Joseph tha Beast 20 days ago
Ninja got married on my birthday
adonis trejo 20 days ago
He really said 1 year and 13 months
lkgod kill1 20 days ago
He got married on my brtihday
Memegodalex 20 days ago
ninja is the only person who talks about his wife more than ben shapiro
Peter Bryant 20 days ago
But ninja is really bad at fortnite now oof
Chrisupergamer 20 days ago
Is everybody a stream sniper to Ninja?
Music Paradise 20 days ago
OMG!!!! Why are there so many dislikes i mean he just reported a guy for stream sniping and he did not do anything illegal he did what he thought was good. This video is full of negativity. He does not give up because of that like and not going to give up because some stupid kids are disliking. Think with a cool mind what will you do if someone keeps stream sniping you. You all are overdoing it😕🙁
Papi Izzy 20 days ago
your forgetting about the time you did the galaxy mobile fortnite commercial
Sir GrandPappy 20 days ago
Does Ninja harass children in H1Z1?
Rememe Edwoods 20 days ago
231k likes 135k dislikes. YouTube rewind is that you?
melloe 20 days ago
he seems a lot more normal than I expected
The 21st Century Gamer 20 days ago
The cringe has gone too far.
Kacper Napierała 20 days ago
For gods sake.Now Ninja, are you serious? Ninja is probably the most toxic person ever and has the highest ego that is higher than the Whole universe.
Cumbia Pura 20 days ago
Para Dox 20 days ago
Ok half the world know you past name was ninja hyper and you don’t even know that.Thats pretty hilarious
tomasbartos 20 days ago
Where is the ligma
F1 is life 20 days ago
Ninja so good at Fortnite he got Super Saiyan God
Gianni Villeda 20 days ago
The boy is the DanTDM of fortnite
Just A joke 20 days ago
Why so many dislikes Tf ?
Ronaldo Reyes 20 days ago
Is ninja a virgin?
Optic CodeZ CodeZ 20 days ago
Hi ninja do you have kids
zeke beck 20 days ago
if he had 60,000 subs that mean he made $150,000 and twitch made $150,000 that is rely good money in subs only
Mo Does Stuff 20 days ago
Ninja looks like Toby maguire in a way
BuriedAliveInterlude 20 days ago
He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Off YouTube and twitch. He didn’t want share hat because he doesn’t feel comfortable showing how rich his fans have made him.
Pat Rick 20 days ago
About a year and 13 months (ok)
Matthias K 20 days ago
Use code Lazerbeam
Smoke CZ 20 days ago
Did ninja really died of ligma ? xd
Ellis Broderick 20 days ago
Does ninja Beat his wife for stream sniping
Someone LOL 20 days ago
Does ninja likes memes
Reed Barnett 20 days ago
Us who live in Texas know REALLY GOOD Mexican food
TwinTurbo Gaming 20 days ago
ninja the blender
Zatus Chib 20 days ago
Does ninja has ligma
N3rk 20 days ago
Why so much dislikes?
Alim Bridges 20 days ago
Who else thought he said xans
SimplebutAwesome 20 days ago
Kumatora joined the party
DarkLinkAD 20 days ago
Never seen someone so prissy on adderall.
ShovoRock 20 days ago
no ligma que?
NAVAN 26 20 days ago
he only eat pizza
Crisis Cookie 20 days ago
How did ninja survive ligma?
Mark Wright 20 days ago
Ninja shouldn't be sponsored by redbull because redbull is a company that sponsors real athletes
Artun Alp 20 days ago
0:30 he got stream sniped by ligma
Barakalaka 20 days ago
*Does Ninja stream snipe and blame others for doing the same thing to hide his true intentions?*
SLO MO PEEPS 20 days ago
Wired do one of tfue
Owow vs Momo 20 days ago
Does he have a lazy eye?
TimorB 20 days ago
Ninja jokes about ligma after banning people on stream for typing the word
Kaleb McLain 20 days ago
He deleted his old channel bc he “only had like 100k subs” 🙄
Hoshom jonjoa 786 20 days ago
Hold up I thought he died of ligma
Documenting Ordinary Thoughts D.O.T. 20 days ago
Where is pewdiepie ?
Anxiety 20 days ago
0:27 hahah I can’t stop laughing at that part
The adventures of Ash and Jeff 20 days ago
Omg his voice is so nice
Camden Madison 20 days ago
Adpacloud 20 days ago
Is ninja. on bullying?
Mekonzi 20 days ago
the dislikes.
Grapezz Vro 20 days ago
9:49 shots fired at tfue ??
that one guy who says somthing 20 days ago
Does ninja hate it when you dance after you eliminate him?
çağan mert yılmaz 20 days ago
Mr K-rim 20 days ago
He was so happy when he said ligma Lol
Martin Hanssen 20 days ago
The question is stream sniping!
young snek 20 days ago
Does Ninja have Ligma
Ethan & Elizabeth 20 days ago
Eximius 20 days ago
j.s. Trams 20 days ago
Does Ninja really want to keep playing Fortnite every single day ?
young snek 20 days ago
MarriedMan 20 days ago
Does Ninja think he started streaming culture and making gaming fun and popular? No, he did not. People were streaming way before Ninja and were very popular. He made gaming and streaming more of a douche activity now.
Nya Kavanagh 20 days ago
Nakul Vijay 20 days ago
My mom works at Corsair
Miranha Melhor herói Miranha 20 days ago
Aonde é que eu tô. estou sem saber aonde eu tô
MegaCaptcha 20 days ago
*Does Ninja die off ligma?!!1!*
TechTauntL 20 days ago
I don't get the hate for Ninja. People dislike just when they hear his name. This toxicity is really unnecessary, I think some people just over exaggerate.
Unkempt Deacon 20 days ago
Jesus christ how many lies can this manlet say?
BlaZe Gaming 20 days ago
Third on trending and he can’t do up his fly 😂😂
Jamal Mohammad 20 days ago
August 12th I’m was born August 13th
Ciaparitto 20 days ago
stream sniping
Caleb Shimansky 20 days ago
0:29 I knew it
Aadil Emrith 20 days ago
So Ninjashyper died of ligma so this one in the video is the one that is his evil twin brother that everyone says isn’t funny (This is a joke I know he’s not dead)
Madrugada123 20 days ago
Did ninja clap jess cheeks
Brayden'sGamingFun 20 days ago
Ninja is awesome :)
Fhmi Hkim 20 days ago
Myles Johnson 20 days ago
Does Ninja spend more time on Fortnite then with his wife
OMG LIZARDS 20 days ago
I thought it meant finger nail
Romeo Baguio 20 days ago
Did ninja play pub g?
Sametschki 20 days ago
Has Ninja Ligma?
ITSYABOIII!!! Gaming!! 20 days ago
Hey ninja you forgot to mention the galaxy note 9 ad that you where in
Jan Plášil 20 days ago
This guy isn't ninja this guy is sodapoppin🙅🙅🙅
Sametschki 20 days ago
nObOdy LiKeS a NeGger
GamerAwsome28 20 days ago
True has the most wins
Panda Playz 20 days ago
Deleted account, COUGH COUGH, Ninjas Hyper COUGH COUGH
Danny Huyhua 20 days ago
Marshmallows are layer of marshmellow
Yall are Dumb 20 days ago
Why does everyone hate ninja everyone must hate successful people
BL5ZE-YT -Brawl Stars 20 days ago
Who agrees that The real answer to How does Ninja make so much money is. MR BEAST!!