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Phoenix Wright 30 days ago
Trump lawyer and Wilford Brimley without diabetes, Ty Cobb.
El Pato 30 days ago
I swear trump supporters get their counter evidence from pornhub
Rossclairborne 30 days ago
'Russia Week' isn't funny Stephen. I think you over-hyped and under-delivered this time. But all your other stuff is great!
Ricardo Costa 30 days ago
Plot twist: One of them was surely Hillary Clinton, some republicans think.
Dallas Mann 30 days ago
I called it before anyone else did - trumps autistic and he passed it down to his kids. Worse still, it rubbed off onto his wife in a way he never could in the sheets
kemi kaalio 30 days ago
What ever CIA pays Colbert, it is too much. He stopped being funny couple of years ago. Now he is grieving industry.
Johnyliltoe 30 days ago
3:03 That guy at the bottom center of the screen is REALLY happy.
Lonely Wolf 30 days ago
now next election will allow russian candidates, canadian candidates , mexican, and more. free country free election free jobs (free from payment )
Netsyms Technologies 30 days ago
Stupid unskippable 30 second preroll ads.
genevieve padilla 30 days ago
Witness prevent digital manager accomplish teenage constitute past activity.
DNR Gaming 30 days ago
Oh that counter intelligence joke got me!😂
truthseekers 30 days ago
this fucktatd isn't funny, do people laugh at this diatribe? That's a canned laugh track, mixed with a dozen people in a studio audience who's laugh at a fart. If people think this is a comedian, TV has done isn't job dumbing down amuricah. Not funny, what so ever. Not.
John Rose 30 days ago
You are and shit head and need to go some where we like true and not your bull shit come to my house and we can talk.
Anthop 30 days ago
I'm sorry, Colbert, but your eyebrows have lost a step or two since the Report.
Dan Stromberg 30 days ago
Trump's a terrible president, but would Pence be any better? I'm wondering if the incompetent Trump would be better for the US than Pence, if it turns out that Pence is. well. less incompetent at doing the GOP's dumb things? It might be better to just keep Trump in a weakened state for 3+ more years.
Zaichik Zarzarevich 30 days ago
Barnaclebeard 30 days ago
The audience stops the monologue to give special applause to a joke about Russian nesting dolls. This show is shit.
Barnaclebeard 30 days ago
Next applause break was a dig at the inauguration crowd size with a dash of small penis joke. They especially like jokes that they've heard before twenty or thirty times. Anyway, here's Wonderwall.
Ruben Pelayo 30 days ago
are you related to Mexican president penanieto. DRAIN THE SWAMP PRESIDENT TRUMP
Bill Garthright 30 days ago
Where's the fire? That's easy. Every single person in the Trump Administration has his pants on fire, from the president on down. It's like a convention of pathological liars.
Rushil Patel 30 days ago
You know I actually like the Trump news Colbert does but all I wanted to ask is does he do any other news ? Like all his monologues only contain Trump criticism, does he add other news in the show and just cut the Trump part out for youtube or does this all that his monologues contain ?
Totally Fake 30 days ago
No he does not, Patel. He is paid by the donor class to destroy both Sanders & Trump. He is a 100% Hillary shill - aka a Corpo-crat.
ArchitectOfSound01 30 days ago
Stephen Colbert has become a corporate sellout. Still trying to pollute people's minds with this Russia Lie. started by John Podesta.
Totally Fake 30 days ago
Exactly !
andrea ulrich 30 days ago
I love Stephen Colbert, but it seems as if he only has two ties. Light blue and blue. Come on, Stevie! Give us a little fashion show each night and wear some wild ties. You can totally pull it off! You're a hottie!
William Fernerud 30 days ago
gotta love the 3:03 guy with the gray shirt and white outlining his smile is fucking contagious
Karen Katz 30 days ago
Stephen Colbert is helping me survive this debacle.
Totally Fake 30 days ago
Stephen Colbert *IS* the debacle.
Steven Duncan 30 days ago
Let's be truthful. Trump and Pence are in charge of their egos over America. Mean while all Americans suffer do to political greed in wealth and power. Impeach the entire Trump office and Comrades. I just want to die. If this Administration is our future?. I want no part. Thanx for the fist up my ass Donald Trump.
enf folife 30 days ago
im feeling better about america every day now ya see trump being elected ment there was something seriously wrong with a lot of Americas ability to think but since we are catching our mistake so early perhaps we will only need a few summer classes to catch up
nillpro - Enfield 30 days ago
Fun fact: Colbert's wife has to check under their bed for Russian bears everytime Colbert goes to sleep.
hockeywarrior 30 days ago
One of the best Colbert monologues I've seen so far!!
MissWonderland 30 days ago
I'm surprised Colbert didn't mention you could see Sean Spicer in the fire trucks side mirror taking Trump's photo lol
William Wang 30 days ago
I swear Ty Cobb was Bill Murray method acting
Applejack484 30 days ago
Colbert is my favorite puppet. To bad the little fella is being used to agitate hatred toward the Russian people. I hope everyone remembers they have as many nukes as we do.
Worthsome 30 days ago
Every time we think it's the last Russian Doll joke there is another one nested inside.
Shane A Kiltie 30 days ago
Colbert/Stuart/Oliver/Noah 2020!
Textbook Fascism 30 days ago
Operation mockingbird. Colbert and Oliver even looks evil.
Totally Fake 30 days ago
LOSERS2020 !
playbak 30 days ago
I got no love for Trump but talk about beating a dead horse lol Someone tell Stephen it's not the 80's and he's not Reagan!
MsJeniferDilan 30 days ago
Meggera Laufeyson 30 days ago
dave skerritt 30 days ago
I guess that big shiny fire truck will make America great again. Wittle Donnie no longer has to play with his toy fire trucks. He can just play with a real one.
Steven O'Williams 30 days ago
Damn, Colbert is gettingg even more savage lately
Callidous 30 days ago
Don't use up all your comparisons, you may need them in the future. He is Trump's lawyer, after all.
Totally Fake 30 days ago
Wow : one more week of Russia conspiracy theory. But the truth will overcome. GO TRUMP GO !!
drillz007 30 days ago
Only way to end a russian presidential run is with a russian scandal Politics is so poetic some times. the question is why hasn't the rest of the government reacted to ANY of this information? Is there something stopping them from impeaching this fruit?
Goofy GrandLouis 30 days ago
@drillz007 : you are delusional. You think most Americans watch Colbert ? They don't give a f*ck about Colbert's incoherent ramblings !
Abhi U 30 days ago
I wonder how gleeful Colbert was when he first saw Ty Cobb's picture. I imagine he rubbed his palms together, smiled broadly, and said, 'Oh boy, are we gonna have some fun with this guy!'
Belle Wilhelm 30 days ago
What on earth?! Is this being weird for anyone else?
thepsychologistvjdj 30 days ago
this is one of the fakest comedy shows i've ever seen so forced and unfunny applause breaks for worthless jokes give away the scam
WahabiHoboFilms 30 days ago
So many jokes you can make with Cobb
Absolutely Fake 30 days ago
MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020 MAGA2020
Jed C2017 30 days ago
I expect we will hear soon that Paul Ryan was at the meeting. tRUMP's threat to expose him would explain why Ryan publicly donated his testicles to the tRUMP ( popular vote loser ) Presidency.
danrg26 30 days ago
why do libtards hate russia so much?
Absolutely Fake 30 days ago
Because CNN told them to. They are brainless sheeps : BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH !!
Treg 30 days ago
There will be nothing legally wrong about working with the Russians. This will be nothing. If it wasn't, this whole thing would be over already a long time ago.
Seth Taah 30 days ago
Went to like the video like 5 times, to gud
MagnuMagnus 30 days ago
Stephen's eyebrows ain't what they used to be.
akat19 30 days ago
Whoever is writing the jokes, give them a raise!
IAm NoOne 30 days ago
What happened to Alex Jones? He lost a lot of weight and he has hair now? WTF?! And why he is hosting the Stephen Colbert Show?? Or is it really true. Has Stevie's weirdo obsession with Trump, turned him into a conspiracy theorist??
Ty Stratton-Quirk 30 days ago
Of course, when it comes to Don Jr., there's not much intelligence to counter. Truly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Absolutely Fake 30 days ago
So now your are repeating other people's jokes. You are true sycophant !
Totally Fake 30 days ago
Get ready for 2020 Dems. 'cause the Trump train is not stopping until 2024 !! MAGA !!!!
Nicholas Fitzsimmons 30 days ago
Lollypop Guild strikebreaker. I'm done holy shit xD
martramT 30 days ago
wow, now beef lobbies defenders are involved too. it's like they make a super villain dream team
Bystander232 30 days ago
Best use of Stephen's Russian doll joke.
Seven Rings 30 days ago
Russia is normal country.
Chris Harris Jr 30 days ago
When it comes to Don Jr, there's not much intelligence to counter LMFAO
Emil Stoyanov 30 days ago
You STOOPID Americans! When are you going to start using the right letters?. The Cyrillic letter Я is not equivalent to the Latin letter R. There is no equivalent one letter sound in English for Я! The transliteration is Ya. The Cyrillic letter Д is equivalent to the letter D and not A! А is equivalent of A! Yes, we use the same letter! And the letter Щ is representing complex sound transliterated with Shta. I understand that the idea is to use look-alike symbols but you obviously do not understand that this idea is moronic. And NO, I am not Russian. I am Bulgarian. We use similar alphabets. And NO, I am not a grammar nazi. I am just smart enough to know that one word written with 2 alphabets, using all the possible wrong letters for one of them is sign of ignorance.
rise 666 30 days ago
this is funny
Steven S 30 days ago
Now that I can watch these videos the day after they're broadcasted, I can finally get my 7.5 hours of sleep every night! Thanks Mr. Colbert!!!
Ruben Pelayo 30 days ago
mr colbert. I'm going to fill your asshole whit broom sticks for every so call jokes about my PRESIDENT. AMERICA = MY HOME Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP
Rakshasa 30 days ago
If Trump were a burglar, he would drive around the city telling cops not to look in his trunk for stolen goods.
thepsychologistvjdj 30 days ago
so i guess colbert has decided to cater to a very specific audience of retarded xenophobes? do baby boomers even watch teevee this late at night? if it's young letfards who buy the red scare shit, for shame!
Sir_Starshine 30 days ago
Oh, Steven. You bring such light into my day.
Montesama314 30 days ago
Ty Cobb. wow. Is Trump getting all these characters from a movie or a comic book?
James Mezz 30 days ago
Yeah Trump colluded but hammering on just him is establishing the wrong sentiment. The entire government system and our ruling class needs to be cleared out. Until everyone gets over their personal bias bullshit our Country will continue to degrade until it implodes. So you disagree on gay marriage.. get over yourselves and act like fucking adults! Put aside your petty social bullshit so we can eradicate this cancer in our country and THEN you can go back to fighting and bickering over nonsense. I mean that's the usual order of it: Revolution and then Civil War. Would be nice to avoid the latter but we(USA) will degrade to something so SO much worse without the aforementioned. Some founding fathers hated each other enough to shoot at one another. If they can put that aside you can place your stances on global warming aside long enough to make change.
SPDYellow 30 days ago
It was worth it just for all the nicknames they came up with for Ty Cobb. Though I wonder if some of Trump lawyers are just begging him to fire them, because the Trump administration has to be the worst people to represent. I mean, most criminals are smart enough to know that you shouldn't deny committing a crime than immediately release proof to the general public proving that you are guilty of the crime you're accused of. As bad as guys like John Wayne Gacy are, at least they have the general sense to not go, Oh yeah, you missed a few bodies while digging up my crawlspace. Have you tried looking near the rosebushes? Representing any part of Team Trump has to be a nightmare for a lawyer.
kosh2001 30 days ago
I was there and I recall more than 8, LOL!
Young Keef 30 days ago
Trump and the Russians connection is a hoax CNN admit it be be a hoax just for ratings. The Russians did not hack the us election. There is no proof and if there even was you Americans should said something right away so there can be a revote or something. You Americans are easily manipulated and controlled you guys but som much trust in the media it's sad. Go to my niggas -> No Bullshit<- Channel reports ask CNN people about trump and Russia and they admit to be a fuck hoax
numaTruehome 100 30 days ago
What, next you're going to tell me that opting out of the Paris accords was a bad idea.
ericsbuds 30 days ago
Lollipop Guild strike breaker xD
Teresa Goodell 30 days ago
The Ty Cobb visual jokes were perfect!
Neil Fowler 30 days ago
I like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver but their excitement about going to Russia to interview some people makes them come across as parochial.
S Rishel 30 days ago
Stephen Colbert for President!!!!
Gordon Anderson 30 days ago
Careful with those eye brows - could hurt your eyes with material this arch. 'It was a HUGE meeting - greatest collusion ever, far larger a treasonous act than any of those loser Democrates ever did. I will just be leaving now - Pence you are taking over.I AM just too rich to have to deal with all this.I'm going to Ryhad!'
Dmitry Kirillin 30 days ago
This flood of russiaphobia makes americans pathetic and stupid. The whole civilized world is laughing at you.
Alex Martinez 30 days ago
Dmitry Kirillin Yes you've only been our adversary for near on 80 years, and are trying to undermine our democracy, but yeah it's just hysteria.
Clint Kantor 30 days ago
Welp, off to the lollipop guild.
Ryan Keller 30 days ago
I'm not convinced that the Russians legitimately wanted Trump to win. I think they did all of this to cause people to lose faith in the US government and cause instability by creating chaos. It wouldn't be the first time they've done that to a country (multiple in Eastern Europe)
Juan Hernandez 30 days ago
this stupidity Jew America
Brandon Best 30 days ago
Brace yourselves. Trump folks will be coming to claim that this is fake news.
ObligedUniform 30 days ago
Trump lawyer and man who tells you Don't worry about your investment sonny Tai Cobb
Rothan Gangte 30 days ago
no kidding, it has been a russia year
Jun Moreno 30 days ago
So that's what my friend meant when he said their jokes had a lot of animals in them.
Christopher McCausland 30 days ago
OMG, he's the funniest and factual host of late night, John oliver gets the prize for pay TV.
Doug Whitney 30 days ago
4 yrs. of Libtard Tears.
Doug Whitney 30 days ago
Steve Colberts Safe Space for Libtards.
Emily Brown 30 days ago
Stephen is in rare form ❤️
Elias Goebeler 30 days ago
We didn't start the fire.scratch that. We're sorry about the fire -Billy Joel 2017
Monica Burton 30 days ago
Bush Did 411 30 days ago
Russia week? You mean a nothingburger
CanyonCarver70 30 days ago
storebrand Billy Baldwin Donald Trump Jr.Classic burn.
Golden 47 30 days ago
3:17 That Fail with the glasses got me literally Laughing out Loud. 😂😂😂😂
Pratod Jawale 30 days ago
Donald Trump Jr. is Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu of India. Both are dumb sons of dumb politicians. Both are Chutiyaa :-P
forkmaster 30 days ago
Take a sip of licker everytime Stephen says Cobb in this video.
Rhinocerical Soh 30 days ago
I wish we could've had Colbert back when Joseph McCarthy was doing his investigation into communists.
Mithrandir Eruantion 30 days ago
You guys deserve all the recent accolades for this show - the writing is razor sharp, and everything's put together so well every day. Thanks for making people laugh and saving us from losing our minds with this fucked up administration.
blue4me43 30 days ago
Traitor Trump lies are like the Russian nesting dolls. Every day a new lie is told. Truth will come out. Impeach Trump and Pence.