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Alisha Dragon 2 minutes ago
let make it to 2b LETS STREEEEMMMM
Belmakhfi Wawi 4 minutes ago
Wawe v. Goooooooooooood 2018?
silia sahel 6 minutes ago
my favorite song < 3 so amazing <3 woooow
Prasanna Nayak 10 minutes ago
We're r u now?
ForgottenHeave n 12 minutes ago
Do u want cake? \__/ ( • - • ) 🍰C \ 1 like=everyone 1 cake 10 like=everyone 1 cheese cake! 30 like=everyone 1 mango cake!! 50 like=everyone 1 strawberry cake!!! And Last.. 150 like=1 chocolate cake and every single cake for everyone!!! must be really full.XDDDDD plz dont give me like so i dont need to spend so much money XDDDDDD
Marga Cagas 12 minutes ago
Under the sea urder the seae
jerome jack 13 minutes ago
Who still watching this video.2018
Мангл ТВ 13 minutes ago
В канце. Очень груснооооо😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Did You Know? 15 minutes ago
все тв 17 minutes ago
Давайте добьем до 2 х мелиардов
Ellen Mystery 17 minutes ago
Anyone till 2018?
Dragon warrior 20 minutes ago
😭😭😭 what a voice 😘😘
sasha aleksander 24 minutes ago
TechGamer Siddharth 28 minutes ago
Who hate this song
Thong Vantnt 31 minutes ago
Имя Лол 33 minutes ago
Uzaif Ansari 46 minutes ago
Who is still watching this in 2018???
Tamer 7521 47 minutes ago
العرب لايك 👍🏻
sartaj chaus 49 minutes ago
Who loves this song?😢❤️💕
The FiringHand 53 minutes ago
2b so close
raul825able 57 minutes ago
Looks like the lyrics should say And like a star, you fade away rather than 'Another start
Omar Aldolimy 1 hour ago
ILov uoy😍😍😍
Linus Torres Sillén 1 hour ago
<333 this song
Кот Бро 1 hour ago
Aa Aa 1 hour ago
Tan Loi 1 hour ago
Wtf view
Priya Rockzzz 1 hour ago
F Fa Fad Fade Faded Faded A Faded Al Faded Ala Faded Alan Faded Alan W Faded Alan Wa Faded Alan Wal Faded Alan Walk Faded Alan Walke Faded Alan Walker❤️ Faded Alan Walke Faded Alan Walk Faded Alan Wal Faded Alan Wa Faded Alan W Faded Alan Faded Ala Faded Al Faded A Faded Fade Fad Fa F
Hamza Amdani 1 hour ago
Still love this song
Zia Ann 1 hour ago
Shady 123 1 hour ago
Why 2018
Version 1 1 hour ago
📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Alan Walker └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty
Shady 123 1 hour ago
The best songs ever it makes me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭
jhviglioni 1 hour ago
Tran Huy 1 hour ago
Who's listening to this song like me ?
khac dang pham 1 hour ago
i love alan walker
권지윤 1 hour ago
firework everywhere 1 hour ago
Where r u now?? 🙁
اليزابيث تشان 1 hour ago
عربي مر من هنا
stardust paladin 2 hours ago
Who will watch it in October 2018?
Dian Pratama 2 hours ago
sept 2018 like it
Smita Sahoo 2 hours ago
It is the best song. PLEASE make it the most liked and viewed. PLEASE. 🙏 I'm FADED Atleast more than Despacito
Jacient Gates 2 hours ago
these are not the places you are looking for.lol. great video
Gagan Arya 2 hours ago
I am from India & I love this song
Edward Michael 2 hours ago
Hit like 👍 if you're listing in 2018
DIMON 2018 2 hours ago
Benyahia Mohamedsedik 2 hours ago
The best song ever💓💓
อภิเดช ดีจันดา 2 hours ago
แม้ 2018 ก็ยังชอบฟังเพลงนี้ 2018 is still listening to this song. 💕❤️♥️💓
อภิเดช ดีจันดา 2 hours ago
I like this song very much.
OBSCURE MASTER 2 hours ago
No ones gonna like my comment after all 😂😂😂
Hjgfvh Bhrfjg 2 hours ago
蔡丞政099 2 hours ago
代唷小 2 hours ago
Techno srajal 2 hours ago
Ish H 2 hours ago
Who's Watching This In September 2018? This Song Makes Me Sad And Happy At The Same Time 1 Like, 1 Friend For Me.
刘淑蓉 3 hours ago
I,m love tis song where are you now 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Кри Стал 3 hours ago
Тут кушать российские ало?
Sam Masih 3 hours ago
صباح الشامي 3 hours ago
Vlogger 21 3 hours ago
does Alan walker have cousin called Alan wheelchair.
海裳 秋 3 hours ago
Doniyorbek Ismoilov 3 hours ago
Arvid Lundberg 3 hours ago
OMG that was asom!
You Tuber 3 hours ago
Where are you now 😥😥
Moood Medo 3 hours ago
يآخي سعآده😔💔 آلعربي ينطي لآيك بدآعت اغلى شخص عندك😍
sohan ahmed 3 hours ago
I Like 😘
Hà Lê 3 hours ago
Nekita 987 Cat Love 3 hours ago
Like, si estabas cantando y le lleno los comentarios
Alexander Kirke 3 hours ago
i love this
シュクレーナイShu Kurenai 3 hours ago
September 2018? Where's the voice and like?🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚
rami Drici 3 hours ago
••kim taehyung•• 3 hours ago
•ki azko musik para ratas :v•
Умарбек Адизов 3 hours ago
super best of the best
Ever Isaac 3 hours ago
Yuri Yuri 4 hours ago
i love alan walker
ABHAY CHOPDA 4 hours ago
Leo Gemini 4 hours ago
My fav part of this song is at 2:60
Fatu Granger 4 hours ago
Sayed Haggag 4 hours ago
الأغنية تقترب من كسر حاجز 2 مليار مشاهدة 😂😎
Subhrankan Saha 4 hours ago
super b.
I love Alan walker
Lavindal Craft 4 hours ago
mysterious world videos 4 hours ago
Guys like to tell the girl that give her voice Is dead
Valenzuela 4 hours ago
Lalo Luna Martinez 5 hours ago
Is a singer amazing
Thirdy Jamo 5 hours ago
Me: Where are you now? Alan Walker: Atlantis. Me: under the sea? under the sea? Alan Walker: so lost, I’m faded
Lorena Ramos 5 hours ago
¿Quién es el hombre del videoooo?
Ely Lyckylady 5 hours ago
Wow. Ala. Bergenshion
Lutpan Hajim 5 hours ago
Bang kenapah gabisa di download
Lauren orlandofanclub 5 hours ago
2 billion i am faded
Neymar JR 5 hours ago
Aliyev Aliyeva 5 hours ago
Butun mahnilari superdi..dinlemekden zovq aliram
e H 5 hours ago
Jadiel Dominguez 5 hours ago
RAKSHITHA V 5 hours ago
Who came to check views
Naveen Mittal 5 hours ago
Where are you now..😭😘😘
Jairo Gabriel Romero 5 hours ago
GuTo GamePlays 5 hours ago
daniel sheldrake 5 hours ago
Hitting 2 billion soon :)
Duy Tran 5 hours ago
小靚 楊 5 hours ago
A J 5 hours ago
This song amazing