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20th Century Fox 3 months ago
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AVENGERS: INVINITY WAR (2018) 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐍𝐨𝐰 ► Drapsmennene og deres allierte må være villige til å ofre alt for å beseire de mektige Thanos før hans kalumner av ødeleggelse og ødeleggelse slutter universet.
frankenpope 1 month ago
why are you saying the second commming you satan worshiping llloser get a kicck out of mocking Jesus Chrst you will scream and cry when He comes at the seciond comming!
Lara Croft 1 month ago
If it bleeds, we can kill it. Of course, Arnold! Totally not bullshit.
BigBertha 2 months ago
AVENGERS: INVINITY WAR (2018) 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐍𝐨𝐰 ► Drapsmennene og deres allierte må være villige til å ofre alt for å beseire de mektige Thanos før hans kalumner av ødeleggelse og ødeleggelse slutter universet.
Preeti Pradhan 1 month ago
Demon Bam 1 month ago
Peter S2
Sue Aaron 1 month ago
Welcome to the infinity war
Ella Christensen 1 month ago
Are you sure ur not from the DC-universe?
Khoj Fun 1 month ago
che jalebe baba be in migan film
ReeLoy Kenjins 1 month ago
They should connect these movies to the upcoming Venom movie. It would be an awesome battle. Please give this a thumbs up if you think it's a good idea.
Kevin Mitchell 1 month ago
Funny Fking movie! RR is just funny
Eagle One 1 month ago
DeadPool 3: Peter's Song
Kevin Allan 1 month ago
1:37 TEABAG!!
infinite, h cave,GAME 1 month ago
vai te fuder miserável vocês todos bande miseravi
Zarqa Almas 1 month ago
hacker101/ trickshot 1 month ago
You sure your not from dc universe hahahahhahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
wade3108 1 month ago
1:32 Juggernaut?
Troppie 1 month ago
1:32 he punches the juggernaut
K maz 1 month ago
No really.it wants my adderall.and money cable comes off the ability.to become a us shoulder.
Samuel Diche 1 month ago
1:21 dc universe lolol😂😂
keaton prewitt 1 month ago
I Saw The First One And Man This One Looks Way better
Xd Joshua 1 month ago
I thought that taxi guy got his car accident?
Extra Thicc 1 month ago
0:55 Deadpool royale
Makena Cottrell 1 month ago
0:01 Vancouver 💖
Upendar Kumar 1 month ago
very nice video borr I'm Jay my tool fevet
Mr. Stark 1 month ago
The Studio that maked Wolverine don't feel good
Gegs Art Gaming 1 month ago
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Galaxy Girl 1 month ago
That Guy with the Hat 1 month ago
I just saw the ad. You're in. 😄😂
Juju Larue 1 month ago
Why the kid is fat in the world??
Black Phoenix Productions 1 month ago
I'm waiting for Peter the Movie!
Eddie Valenzuela2005 1 month ago
I saw the movie as soon as it came out. I loved it!
Lewis T 1 month ago
Am I the only person who didint see deadpool 2 yet
JJ GamingYT 1 month ago
Hey thanos
Agris Kondrats 1 month ago
The best film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will kill you till your build is blue again 1 month ago
Are they anything bad like you know what in this movie
lâm nguyễn 1 month ago
ae ghé xem deadpool 2 thuyết minh tại đây
Lara Croft 1 month ago
If it bleeds, we can kill it. Of course, Arnold! Totally not bullshit.
Ramire Wiggins 1 month ago
Deadpool is crazy
PixelatedGameplays 1 month ago
Kind of like The guy Peter
Chee Kiat Teo 1 month ago
Mama said knock you OUTT!!! hahaha gotta love their choice of music.
Xiotus 1 month ago
hendry The bear 1 month ago
A like Peter so funny and fat
The Bonzo 1 month ago
2:02 Why we all came here 😂😂😂😂
Kashif Khan 1 month ago
What is the song played in this trailer?
Laith Atwan 1 month ago
Where is brad Pitt ?
Late To My Funural 1 month ago
Did Pool say “Thanos”..AND THEN HE ROASTED DC LMAO
Edward Bowman 1 month ago
2:06 when you buy a book that you don't know about because it has a nice cover
kunal panchal 1 month ago
1:32 pause
GEO movie Series 1 month ago
Deadpool2 (full movie dubbed in hindi hd 2018)geo movies series
final vento 1 month ago
2:04 music industry today
The Joker 1 month ago
The last bit I got no powers lol
Stefan Petrea 1 month ago
Check out my painting / drawing on this character, please ! And if you`ll like it please don`t forget to smash the button and show it to the world, love you all like DP does !
Olivia D: 1 month ago
Wow now that's what I call false advertising
G2D1 1 month ago
Why are there so many Peters in marvel
Dillon Ow 1 month ago
Thanos: I'm gonna destroy half the universe. Peter: Hold My Beer
Achmad sjaefudin Sjaefudin 1 month ago
Meanbean good
Jessica Ames 1 month ago
If deadpool vs thanos Read more
narwhal pig 1 month ago
Luck isn't a power *komeada walks in* uhh I beg to differ
Akayo Kalumba 1 month ago
team Peter
Johnny Lopez 1 month ago
Your in!!
Rocket Rowan 1 month ago
1:24 i DIED
Marcus West 1 month ago
Peter is the hero we need but don't deserve
Gray Grantham 1 month ago
The last time I walked out mid movie was over 30 years ago. I made it through probably about 10-15 minutes of this awful and boring bloodfest before it occurred to me that this movie was far more worthless than the last movie I walked out on The Gods must be Crazy in 1984 I'm not sure which was worse, Ryan Reynolds pathetic portrayal of a worthless human being, the producers disgusting text overs or the relentless display of human slaughter. This movie seems to be a video training device for future school shooters of America. What a POS movie. Save your money, go bowling.
Olivia D: 1 month ago
I mean are you serious? A video training device for school shooters? Get a grip on yourself
Như Ý Sơn Trịnh 1 month ago
cho những ai k có điều kiện xem rạp. Nhấp ✔ bước bảo mật là xem được nhé.
Royale Gaming 1 month ago
0:59 Battle Royale mod Confirmed
Morine Opepe 1 month ago
0:12 I love that snece
red engineer 1 month ago
I don't have one, I just saw the ad Hell yeah fam
SHUBHAM PANCHAL 2 months ago
1:13 kill me. Like as toy a toy
Jimi Leopardo Animations ツ 2 months ago
From The Studio That Killed Wolverine.Deadpool 2 :v
funny videos 2 months ago
From the studio that killed the wolverine
TheNoob 2 months ago
DeadPool Is My Favourite Super Hero/Villain Because Of His Humorous Acts And *Infinite Health* Like A GTA Cheat XD
Vile Dust 2 months ago
I feel like when Deadpool slices the bullet in half, it’s a reference to X Men origins when Wade Wilson who is also played by Ryan Reynolds, slices the bullet in half
Kaitlyn B 2 months ago
Honestly so many of the movie scenes/shots were just for the trailer and I'm honestly not even mad about it! A brilliant, hilarious movie!
Dead PooI 2 months ago
Nice one guys
A Sus 2 months ago
Hello Peter
Drarry Rulz 2 months ago
Calling Josh Brolin THANOS! 😂😂😂
Dead Pool 2 months ago
Gjeit 321 2 months ago
2:03 the best in the whole movie
Arshad Marzuq 2 months ago
1:37 oh hell no!
Richard Alonzo 2 months ago
1:36 yup mama said knock you out
Matt and chris dudes 2 months ago
1:13 deadpool vs cable
Bu filmi izledinmi 2 months ago
kanalıma gelin filmin orjinalini izleyin
Your Marvel Fan 2 months ago
Lol at 0:24
Your Marvel Fan 2 months ago
He said thanos 😱
Triton prime 2 months ago
this guy 2 months ago
Pump the hate brakes thanos.
Cyber Cat 2 months ago
that was.. insane.
Cyber Cat 2 months ago
david edge 2 months ago
Deadpool best marvel character ever no other person could play him better than ryan reynoldsi fink hes more fucked up than deadpoolhaha
Hctv 99 2 months ago
Thanos Hue Hue
DJ ZOO HAMSTER 2 months ago
DJ ZOO HAMSTER 2 months ago
Yosef 2 months ago
David Avalos 2 months ago
I laughed so hard when he thought he was slicing the bullets I think I urinated in my pants
ravis pouresmaeil 2 months ago
Deadpool is the most relatable character in Marvel.
Vivian-Wilson 2 months ago
Awesome video! If you guys wanna watch this movie free of charge, search in google for siditan ijo crot. It works for me.
Siggie Svensson 2 months ago
I'm not really a fan of their acting. But this looks like a cool movie. Gonna watch it using BOXXY SOFTWARE
Aji Gaming 2 months ago
billskarsgard love
Dollaman 2 months ago
Am Ithe only one that noticed that goonies reference?
javier muro 2 months ago
So dark you sure your not from the DC universe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
William Diament 2 months ago
What’s the song playing in the trailer?
Isaias Soto 2 months ago