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Saraah Sister 9 days ago
Omg i’m felling so old now😭 like all of these disney shows aren’t on disney anymore. I’m literally about to cry
quincy leah 9 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Wyd did they have to end labrats kiknit❤️💔
Cinthia Canales 9 days ago
Some parts were cringe
Chloe Blumke 9 days ago
I have watched this video so much times because it is so so good
Alina Tran 9 days ago
I love 0:48
Green 9 days ago
Its RnaChannel 9 days ago
I remember first watching this on TV and here I am , it's been 4 years. Damn time flew by but this here was history made. When they all came together , that gave me life ❤
farhana Arif 9 days ago
It's making me cryy 😭😭😭
Alice Brumbaugh 9 days ago
Geez Bertram
Reji Paul 9 days ago
Kali burged
Reji Paul 9 days ago
Sabrina Carpenter Olivia holt Rowen Blached ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zamokwakhe Khumalo 9 days ago
that was very good 😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
The World Of Music 10 days ago
0:48 - 0:55 OMG! That's Grace Phipps, She played as April Young in The Vampire Diaries. 😍😍😍😍
Vitoria Gabrielle 10 days ago
Y love you
Asta Poulsen 10 days ago
10 seconds in and im crying lmao
Cyanmädchen Monkey D 10 days ago
1:04 she is pretty *-*
Stacy Lopez 10 days ago
Sing you can count on me plZ 😀😀 😁😀 😀😀 😁😁 😀😃😄 😄😄 😃😄 😄
queen_12_dxddy_daddy queen_12_dxddy_daddy 10 days ago
Wowowowow all the people I watched on disay
Abby Mills 10 days ago
I’m shook!!
Xiomara Morales 10 days ago
Courtney Loud 10 days ago
I grew up on disney its been 81 yrs scince I watched it 18*
Riley Covers 10 days ago
Why didn't I see Bob ducan?!
Asta Poulsen 10 days ago
Riley Covers RIGHT
Nana's Cake 10 days ago
Id have more respect for them if they they didnt use vocal effects. Their original voices are probably way better
Tebogo Makgetle 10 days ago
2:04 who is she ?
vlog with kay 10 days ago
Tebogo Makgetle riley from girl meets world
MJ YT 10 days ago
I love it so much! <3
Lola M 10 days ago
Hahaha burtrum is actually a good singer.
Jannat Bajwa 10 days ago
Sophia Andreou 10 days ago
Delia Doherty 10 days ago
Awful singing
Sara Djina 10 days ago
Everyone is singing and I’m like ok this is good then Jordan fisher comes in and he’s like “hold up lemme blow your mind wait a minute”
patrick reher 10 days ago
Hej ❤️
Cybercraft Olin 11 days ago
I feel old guys.
Cybercraft Olin 11 days ago
My Childhood heroes
Keyawanna Jackson 11 days ago
Seven Atumata 11 days ago
*I was like OMG*
Luisyft Campos 11 days ago
I know I ‘m supposed to hate frozen but i was crying to see all of the disney channel shows come around that is so great
スターファン1号 11 days ago
Blackberry 16 11 days ago
All the Disney shows bruh 😖
Caitlin Gonzales 11 days ago
Caitlin Gonzales 11 days ago
Emily Zavala 11 days ago
These were my fav shows
Emily Zavala 11 days ago
How is Bertram there is so sad
Emily Zavala 11 days ago
It's so sad when Joey hugs parker
/Zoe Greene 11 days ago
SAS- ASMR & N.E Let's Eat Are The Best! 11 days ago
TV: *Ended All The Good shows* (MAN, I MISS LAB RATS!) Also TV: What Did I Do.
Gema Franco 11 days ago
They gave me chills
Tommy dixon 11 days ago
The black dude can sing
Prince Damon 11 days ago
Danielle Pierman 11 days ago
This breaks my heart they were my childhood now I can't even watch Disney without being made about hiw it changed
Yaretzy Navarro 11 days ago
Sabrina and Jordan I love their voices
Sofie Kreupeling 11 days ago
This make My happy🎉❤️
Imani 11 days ago
Jana Bauer 11 days ago
Jakelynn Zumaya 11 days ago
I watched it’s my childhood I’m sad they’ll be gone 😭😢😢🤷‍♀️ I miss it I’m crying 😢
Carlie Heinritz 11 days ago
This is so sad I have chills
Ева СВИНЦОВА 11 days ago
Я скучаю по ним 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😘😘😘💕💕😭😭💕💕💕
katie young 11 days ago
I gonna say Sabrina carpenter I like her voice better and also l like is Olivia Holt is way too pretty strong voice and also l like Jordan Fisher I like strong men voice and all Logan Paul I his strong voice better
Nnamdi Ndu 11 days ago
Holden voice is beautiful
Nnamdi Ndu 11 days ago
I love Kelli and Sabrina voices
結川灯 11 days ago
joseph agripalo 11 days ago
hector juarez 11 days ago
1:03 through 1:12
South Side Serpents 11 days ago
Jordan Fisher ❤
katerinaop 22 11 days ago
Peyton List
katerinaop 22 11 days ago
Olivia Holt , Sabrina Carpenter & Jordan Fisher
My Guy 12 days ago
What was the name of the show with the twins Olivia Holt and someone else jasmine and some other people
My Guy 12 days ago
Back to when Disney was innocent
Durga Basu 12 days ago
Rowan should have voiced Anna in frozen
Nilam Ekka 12 days ago
Best song 👍👍💕💖💖
KingTae24 12 days ago
Who remember this
minkiez36 unicorn lover 12 days ago
Amazing Wow Where's dove
Syuhairah Asril 12 days ago
Chidimma Obi 12 days ago
Burtrum!! 😂
Gereme Roda 12 days ago
Where's dove?
Kayla Belez 12 days ago
This has nothing on the throwback classic songs😂send it on and the circle of life that’s when Disney was actually a good show 😂
scars edits 12 days ago
Guys this is what the new Disney is like search up a dream is a wish your heart makes that’s my Disney.
quaking master 12 days ago
bruh I think we can all admit Jordan Fisher had them vocals and making everyone shook
Valeria Serrano 12 days ago
Memories r.i.p.
Cassia_Flower 12 days ago
Awe! I miss these days so much!
Unicorn Pegasus 12 days ago
Even tho it’s been like 4 years I still love watching this
savannah wilson 12 days ago
i'm crying right now :'(
Cameron Boyce lover 12 days ago
1:09 she's so pretty I love her smile
Keicy Ketellen 12 days ago
Victoria Møller 12 days ago
Love this😱
Pikey 1 12 days ago
oh no
Lari Yami Pulido 12 days ago
Jordan fisher i LOVE You
Kiki Pijnacker 12 days ago
Where is dove 😭😭
SAS- ASMR & N.E Let's Eat Are The Best! 12 days ago
*When Lab Rats Ended.I died Inside*
AustBob The Cuber 12 days ago
I remember all of these people but I just can’t put my finger on what show they go to and it’s getting me really irritated 😤
Jana Smith 12 days ago
AustBob The Cuber From what I recognize they are from Jessie, Dog With a Blog, Good Luck Charlie, Girl Meets World, I Didn't Do It, Liv and Maddie and Lab Rats
Aditi Kumar 12 days ago
I saw lots of Jessie cast
Pd nickson Chiru 12 days ago
I love dis song
Jose Omar Carrizo 12 days ago
Jajajakakjqjajajajjajjwjsjwjwjqjqj que tiernos saludos de Argentina
Ana ballesteros 12 days ago
I locos ir😆
Vee 2004 12 days ago
Sabrina Carpenter💓💞💟💝💘💗💖
Nalin sae 12 days ago
2018 ???💓
Elkin Leon 12 days ago
Me encanto la cancion
Malak Hiks 12 days ago
They suck
Semaj Brisco 12 days ago
I miss the show I didn't do it
Dias Emanuel Josias 666 12 days ago
Além de besta, falo sozinho, converso com o universo, pássaros, flores, plantas e etc. mas gostei dessa família de uma forma inexplicável!. Amei tudo isso! Parece um mundo encantado preparado para realizar meus sonhos mágicos inimagináveis. kkk gente eu agora estou sem palavras. falacomigomickey. minhahorachegou!! kkkkk
anas tca 12 days ago