How to use the em dash when speech is interrupted

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Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: Let's talk about the difference between the en dash and the em dash. They sound very similar and look very similar but they are used in different ways. So the en dash looks like this (en -). It is about the width of the letter n. The em dash looks like this (em --) and it's about the width of the letter m. So that's how they get their names. Now how do we use them? We use the en dash in place of the word to. Oftentimes when we are talking about dates. So we might say from the years 200l to 2003 (2001-2003).That right there is the en dash. (She points to the dash between 2001 and 2003.) It is not the hyphen, it is not an em dash. It is that in between length of a dash called the en dash. You can also use it by saying January to March (January-March). Again the en dash is replacing the word to. It is kind of a short hand. Another way that you can use the en dash is if you're talking about a border perhaps.Say you want to say the Arizona Texas border, (Arizona-Texas) the en dash works well there too. We use an em dash, the longer dash, a different way. Essentially, it is a form of pause punctuation that can take the place of a comma, a semicolon. an ellipses. It is a way to set some information off in our sentence and say this is extra important or perhaps this isn't a side. Here is one example: You are my friend--My best friend-- in the world. So you can see how we have used the em dash to set off this information. It is not necessarily critical to the meaning of the sentence but it is some extra information and it adds emphasis.So the em dash can be really good for drama. In the past it has been frowned upon in formal writing but I think it is becoming increasingly popular in informal writing and in magazines, newspapers and essays. So you might find yourself using the em dash more and more.

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The Emdash is an often over-looked punctuation mark that has a lot of uses. It can be used for subordination or coordination. Meaning the side information added inside the dashes (like you would otherwise use in a rhetorical clause or in parenthesis like this) can be a full sentence, or it can be a fragment. Dashes are used to add information at the beginning, end, or middle of a sentence. And they come with some added benefits including: mimicking the way Donald Drumpf is always interrupting himself when he's talking, forcing a reader's eyes to dash across a page, and making a sentence stand out. Indiana Academic Standards 6.W.6.2b: Punctuation – ● Using punctuation (commas, parentheses, dashes) to set off nonrestrictive/parenthetical elements. 8.W.6.2b: Punctuation – ● Using punctuation (comma, ellipsis, dash) to indicate a pause, break, or omission. Ohio Academic Standards 6.2.a Use punctuation (commas, parentheses, dashes) to set off nonrestrictive/ parenthetical elements.* 8.2.a Use punctuation (comma, ellipsis, dash) to indicate a pause or break. Music Used: Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (.) Source: -. Artist: Facebook Page ➡ Twitter ➡ Contact Me ➡ Popular Uploads ➡ About Channel 46 ➡

Dr Lisa Lines explains how to use this punctuation mark correctly. The em dash is the longest of all the dashes and has very particular uses.

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In this tutorial, I'm going to be teaching you guys how to make an EM Dash on an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

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An em dash is a versatile bit of punctuation that can function like a comma or colon or set of parentheses. The most common uses of em dashes are for bracketing parenthetical information and for adding emphasis. Using em dashes in this way can add real flair and energy to your writing—a dash (aha!) of drama, if you will.

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Let's talk SAT grammar rules and writing tips. In this week's video, I introduce a versatile punctuation mark—the em dash (see what I did there?). Try Magoosh SAT free for 7 days here: And subscribe to our channel for more SAT test prep videos!

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Dashes can be confusing because they're commonly mixed up with hyphens. In this video, I state the main difference between a hyphen and a dash, as well as give an example of how to use the em dash in a sentence. Check out my blog post post on dashes: ~~~~~~~~~~~ Guess what? I'm an author. Please support all of MY BOOKS on Amazon by clicking here: Educatiional website: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook: Periscope:

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This lesson discusses how to use the colon and the em dash.

Insert three em dashes in the place of a repeating author's name in a bibliography.

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Learn how to use parentheses, the em dash, and commas in parenthetical and in other constructions. Also learn the nuanced meanings these punctuation marks convey. [CC] English video | con subtítulos en español | legendado em português. ______________________________ FURTHER READING More about dashes The case—please hear me out—against the em dash (A Slate article ridiculing the over-use of em dashes) - ______________________________ SNAP LANGUAGE PLAYLISTS ______________________________ MUSIC And Then We Take Them Down Again by Dokashiteru (feat. Susan Joseph) Pink Tape in Artificial Music by Aryll Fae (aka Artificial.Music)

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The dash is a common punctuation mark in English. Yet it's also much misunderstood. First of all, we should distinguish between the em dash and the en dash. These two terms refer to the length of the dash. An em dash is as wide as a capital M, whereas an en dash is shorter. It's as long as a capital N. In this video we review the uses of the em dash. To form an em dash, type two hyphens in a row. As you keep typing in MS Word they will automatically turn into a longer em dash. In the past people often put spaces around an em dash, but that's less common now. An em dash often functions like other punctuation marks. The difference is that is tends to feel a bit more casual in tone. Try not to use too many dashes in a row, as that can get confusing for readers. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Introduction 00:48 - 1. Before a final explanation 03:46 - 2. After an introductory element 06:01 - 3. Around parenthetical information 07:53 - 4. With a break in speech For more information, as well as exercises, please visit The Nature of Writing is a Youtube channel and website () dedicated to the teaching of English literature and writing. To support this work, please visit our donate page:

The ACT English section can be challenging if you don't know the rules!! This video goes over the Procedures and Em Dash punctuation rules for the ACT. This rule makes answering this question soooo easy!! Thank you for watching! Please remember to subscribe and have your friends subscribe as well! Be sure to watch all the videos in this series and leave your comments and questions below!

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How to make an em dash in Microsoft Word. For more helpful tips like this, sign up for my free newsletter at:

En dash (–) is slightly wider than the Hyphen (-) but narrower than the Em dash (—). Read English writing tips here. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Stand up Comedy 2018 - Hilarious Live Comedy by Tarundeep Singh -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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We look at several different types of oddly named dashes, and try to understand where their names come from! = CREDITS = My appreciation extends to the creators of the following external assets that made this video possible: Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ISRC: USUAN1200100 = 0612 TV = 0612 TV is your one stop for general geekery! Learn about a variety of technology-related subjects, including Photography, General Computing, Audio/Video Production and Image Manipulation! Enjoy your stay, and don't hesitate to drop me a comment or a personal message to my inbox =) If you like my work, don't forget to subscribe! If you're interested in showing monetary support, consider making a recurring donation at: Alternatively, you can send me a one-off payment via PayPal. Click on the Business Enquiries button to reveal the email address on this page: More about me: Official Twitter: ----- Disclaimer: Please note that any information is provided on this channel in good faith, but I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy / correctness on all content. Contributors to this channel are not to be held responsible for any possible outcomes from your use of the information.

Video shows what em dash means. The symbol (—). Em dash Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say em dash. Powered by MaryTTS, Wiktionary

Mon's back with another instalment of top grammar tips. This week: the illusive em dash and en dash.

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(bonus points if you can name the movie from which this title is derived!) Check me out! I use social media: Twitter: Blog: Wattpad: Em Dash How-To Page: To make Word autocorrect two hyphens to an em dash: -Click the Microsoft Office Button image, and then click Word Options. -Click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options. -Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and then select the Hyphens (--) with dash (—) check box.

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