Do you recall studying for your exams? You probably do. But do you remember how you studied, how you memorized French words or the year of the American civil war? Now, that’s probably harder. As a teenager, Ricardo Lieuw On was packing groceries when he knew what he wanted to study: he wanted to learn about learning. He picked up a study in psychology and learned how to reduce his learning time from 3 hours to 1 hour on the same piece of content. He gained the same knowledge in 200% less time. And specially for TEDxHaarlem, he shares the secret of his technique. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Get your FREE training on creating a mind palace and remembering anything you want: In my 24 years teaching memory improvement and memory training workshops I have compiled a list of ways to improve memory. Believe it or not there are very simple things that you can do to improve memory. I implement all of these to different degrees as I work to improve my memory. Ways to improve memory with good habits 1. First way to improve memory with good habit is to get a good nights sleep. 8 hours of sleep per night will make your memory so much better. 2. Drinking plenty of water is an important part of having a focused brain and a good way to improve memory. It is often overlooked but it is so easy to do. 3. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve memory. It helps in direct and indirect ways. Directly because exercise reduces inflammation and stimulates growth of new blood cells. Indirectly it helps you sleep better and reduces stress. 4. Too much salt is harmful to your memory but too little salt is also harmful. A way to improve memory is to watch your salt intake. 5. Reducing your stress level is one of the best things that you can do to improve memory. For this ways to improve memory technique I will meditate and even get massages to relax. This helps my body and my brain. 6. The next way to improve memory is to avoid excessive sugar. 7. Excessive alcohol is terrible for memory in both the short term and the long term. 8. Alcohol in moderation has actually been shown to be helpful to the memory. 9. Another easy way to improve memory is to train your mind to think in pictures. Start seeing numbers for pictures (21 = deck of cards, 10 = fingers, etc). You also do the same with names. Create images for common names. Steve = stove, Lisa = Mona Lisa, etc. These are greats ways to improve memory. 10. The last tips for ways to improve memory is to use the Mind Palace. It is without question my favorite way to improve memory. Click the link here for more free training on this

Many psychiatric tests and methods are used in order to find out what is going on in the patient’s head. Here are two simple questions that can be answered only by a person with schizophrenia or by an extraordinary genius person. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

If you don’t want to be in one of those, or better yet featured on YouTube as “that crazy tourist,” fined or even arrested, pay attention to our list of do’s and don’ts accurate in different countries of the world. “So many countries, so many customs.” Any jet-setter will agree this good old proverb is true. In the age of globalization, going places has become an essential part of our life. We’re all well aware of the fact that while visiting a foreign country, we must obey certain local traditions and common rules. Failing to do so has given a rich ground for many jokes. TIMESTAMPS Russia 0:54 Chile 1:44 Singapore 2:18 India 3:05 Japan 3:29 Mexico 4:07 New Zealand 4:39 Norway 5:25 Turkey 5:49 United Kingdom 6:29 Ireland 7:03 Germany 7:35 Kenya 8:26 Malaysia 9:16 Korea 9:35 SUMMARY - If you want to surprise your Russian girlfriend or your business partner, never give an even number of flowers as a gift. Even numbers of flowers are for grieving and funerals. - Manners matter more to the people of Chile than to other South Americans. It is extremely important not to eat anything with your fingers. - Chewing gum, for example, is banned in Singapore, so you’d better leave it at home before getting on the plane. If you break the gum rule for the first time, you may be fined for up to a $1000. - When in India, you have to keep your private life to yourself and your emotions under control. No matter how much you want to show affection to your special someone, never kiss them in public. - Similar to India, public demonstration of affection is not acceptable in Japan. Remember, there is no hugging, or even worse, kissing, in public! - A good piece of advice will be to stay as thick skinned as possible since Mexicans love making jokes and never miss a chance to do so. Don’t take things too personally. - Remember the difference between “aussies” and “kiwis.” Never mix them up! In case you didn’t know: the “aussies” stand for Australians, and the “kiwis” – for New Zealanders. - When in Norway, don’t ask questions concerning church. This may be taken for disrespect. Many people here don’t attend church, and those who do will want to keep it to themselves. - An essential thing to remember before going to Turkey is not to give anyone the OK sign. It might seem like a sign of approval to you but is considered an obscene gesture for the Turks. - British people like their pudding fresh and their queues well-organized. Don’t jump the queue. Or expect to be judged by the locals. - Do not try to play it cool and sound like Irishmen. For Irish people there is no such a thing as Irish accent; they recognize and divide accents depending on the region of Ireland they come from. - Don’t stare at people. Germans might look very attractive but try to resist the temptation of staring at Fraus on the metro. Only poorly educated and crazy people do that here. - Don’t show disrespect for religion. No matter what their religion may be, Kenyans are very devout. - For Malaysians, this is “the home of the soul” and the most sacred part of the body. Keep yourself from running your fingers through people’s hair, especially babies. - If you want to have good manners in Korea, use two hands when handing over money. When you pay for things, pass on your cash or credit card with both hands. It’s a sign of respect. Do you know any other things that are prohibited in foreign countries? Share them in the comments below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Your body sends you cries for help when something isn't working the way it should. Here’s a list of 10 signs which indicate that your kidneys aren’t working properly. Show some love to these bean-shaped organs by watching the video till the end! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

A lot of works of art and architecture are famous all around the world, but we often don’t know a lot about them. Here's a list of 11 of the most intriguing ones. We were amazed at what we found out, and we are sure that so will you! TIMESTAMPS The top-floor apartment of the Eiffel Tower 0:34 The broken chain of the Statue of Liberty 1:27 The Isleworth Mona Lisa 2:07 The time capsule in Mount Rushmore 2:55 The Matterhorn at Disneyland 4:10 The Sphinx’s original appearance 4:54 The creation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 5:46 The face of Rembrandt’s Danaë 6:42 The name of the most famous tourist attraction in Britain 7:48 The color of the Golden Gate Bridge 8:38 The sky in the painting The Scream 9:16 SUMMARY - Gustave Eiffel, the man who designed France’s most popular monument, built and fitted out an apartment for himself on its top floor. He often used it to rest and receive guests. - The monument was presented to the USA by the people of France in honor of the 100th anniversary of the American Revolution. It symbolizes freedom, democracy, and the repeal of any kind of slavery. This is the reason why a broken chain lies at the feet of the Statue. - It’s a well-known fact that many artists have reproduced the famous Mona Lisa. But it’s believed that there is one other portrait painted by da Vinci himself, and it’s not a copy. What is interesting is that the second version if painted from a slightly different perspective. - During the construction of this famous monument, architect Gutzon Borglum wanted to create a Hall of Chronicles inside the cliff face. He wanted it to be a secret room where future generations would find the fundamental records about the USA’s history. For this purpose, he excavated a cave behind the head of Abraham Lincoln. - The Matterhorn at Disneyland was designed and named after a mountain in the Alps. Climbers used the basketball court and staging area to prepare for scheduled climbs or to pass the time when the weather was bad. - The Great Sphinx of Giza is the oldest statue in the world. Originally, it was decorated with bright paint, but because it’s has been far too long since the statue was constructed, now we can only see some fragments of the paint behind the ears. It also had a nose and a ceremonial beard. - The famous tower has many secrets. Everybody knows that the tower is leaning, but very few people know who build the bell tower for Pisa’s cathedral. One of the reasons for this mystery is that it was built over the course of nearly 200 years, so it definitely couldn’t have been one person. - Rembrandt started painting Danaë two years after his marriage to Saskia van Uylenburgh. The artist depicted his wife in many of his paintings, so it was a mystery for a long time who was in Danaë. - You probably know that «Big Ben» doesn’t refer to the whole tower in the British Houses of Parliament, but instead only to the large bell within it. Now the official name of the structure is «The Elizabeth Tower». - It took a long time to agree on the construction with the United States Navy. The Navy wanted it to be painted in black and yellow stripes so that it would be visible in the fog. In the end, the architect of the bridge, Irving Morrow convinced the military to paint it a dark orange color. - In 2003, a group of astronomers suggested a theory that the bright scarlet color of the sky that astounded the artists so much was caused by the Krakatoa volcano eruption in 1883. A huge amount of volcanic dust was thrown up into the atmosphere so that people could observe bright flame-like sunsets all around the world. Do you know any other amazing facts about famous works of art? Tell us about them in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How to Know if You’ll Be Rich. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but most of us still wouldn’t mind having a little more of those unhappy bills. So let’s find out if you’re gonna have more than enough or barely enough to get by! You’ve got 10 questions to answer. Don’t overthink it; just go with the first option you like! This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind. TIMESTAMPS Question 1 0:44 Question 2 1:26 Question 3 2:15 Question 4 2:49 Question 5 3:32 Question 6 4:08 Question 7 4:55 Question 8 5:35 Question 9 6:21 Question 10 7:09 If you got 100 to 160 points 7:53 If you got 170 to 230 points 8:24 If you got 230 to 300 points 8:48 richpoor personalitytest Music: SUMMARY -You’re offered a deal: you either get $10,000 right now or have to wait a year but get $100,000. What would you choose? -Will you go for the second pair of shoes you didn’t really plan on buying just to get the third one for free? -Speaking of shopping, do you make shopping lists and keep a budget? -Will you get the latest greatest smartphone model everybody’s buzzing about? -What’s the perfect birthday gift for you? -Would you go to a concert that is in 2 days for free if it’s 1,000 miles away? -Describe your eating habits. -Would you rather have a well-paid secure job that’s boring or do something financially risky that you enjoy? -Imagine you’re offered a promotion, but they’d have to fire your best friend. What would you do? -What’s the meaning of life in your opinion? -If you got 100 to 160 points, you’ll be living in Saving Mode. -In case your final score is between 170 and 230 points, you’ll be Quite Comfortable. -If your total came to 230 to 300 points, congratulations! You’re a Future Rockefeller! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Can we, as adults, grow new neurons? Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis—improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with aging along the way. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at Follow TED news on Twitter: Like TED on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel:

The deductive method can come in useful not only to detectives. It helps us make the right decisions and develop observation skills and systematic thinking. Bright Side has a few engrossing detective riddles for you to crack. If you find yourselves at a loss, have a quick peek at the answers at the end of the article. TIMESTAMPS Prison break 0:24 A light-fingered neighbor 1:20 Cafe Theft 2:27 About to go off 3:30 Who’s the odd one out? 4:11 Gunshots 5:01 BONUS The Water Riddle 5:46 SUMMARY - Three prisoners intend to escape from their cell. To get out, they climbed onto each other’s shoulders, but the one on the top is still a few inches short of the window. What should they do to escape? - 10 minutes ago, someone stole money from the café. Everyone claims they weren’t at the café in the last 10 minutes, but it is known that the thief is one of the four. Who is lying? - When is the bomb going to detonate? - Find a criminal who hides among the guests of a costume party. - Which bullet hole was made first? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

We got familiar with diet specialists’ recommendations and put together 7 food combinations you’d better avoid. These food combinations can affect your digestion system badly and even make you sick. 😱 TIMESTAMPS Sandwiches with coffee 1:14 Tomatoes with cucumbers 2:30 Potatoes with meat 3:34 Pasta with minced meat 4:41 Beer with nuts 5:38 Dairies with pineapple 7:06 Milk with banana 8:06 SUMMARY - Unfortunately, when you say hello to cheese sandwiches and coffee, you also say goodbye to all the healthy properties of cheese. The main reason is that the simple carbs in bread prevent calcium from being digested properly and bringing help to your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Moreover, if you add instant coffee, there will be no benefit to your health at all! - The latest research actually shows that combining these two vegetables can disturb the biochemical pathways of your body. This can lead to excessive calcination and swelling, and the vitamins contained in both vegetables won’t be digested properly. Above all, these products have different digestion time, which again, confuses the system. - Potatoes with meat: the starch contained in potatoes demands alkalotic digestive fluids, and the proteins from meat demand acidic ones. So, when put together, they just get stuck inside your stomach and can bring such disorders as heartburn, belching, gas, and many others. - Just like with potatoes and meat, the same reasoning applies to minced meat with pasta. The salivary glands produce ptyalin and amylase, which transform the starch carbs in pasta into simple sugars. - Salty products contain a lot of sodium, so your body increases the fluid loss, and you get thirsty. That increases the likelihood of having more and more pints of beer. On the other hand, beer, as the third most consumed drink in the world after water and tea, has a couple of bad effects on your system as well. - Pineapple and dairy don't really go well together. Sour fruits make your digestion work slower, especially in the morning. Besides, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzymic complex which can cause intoxication when combined with dairy products. - Combining bananas with milk, as a smoothie or milkshake may disturb your digestion process as well as your sleep pattern. Also, different flavors of these products confuse your digestion system and result in different kinds of imbalances. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

It takes just a little observation to find out more about a person. The body shows a lot about your opponent’s inner self and helps find a way to communicate with them better. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Being a soldier often requires some real-life MacGyvering. But you don’t have to be in the military to benefit from tips like putting duct tape on your feet to prevent blisters or using cotton balls and Vaseline to get your campfire started. Here are 11 hacks from the men and women in uniform that’ll make your life a lot easier! For instance, there’s a very particular hack when it comes to those super shiny soldier shoes. Take a generous amount of shoe shine, rub it on your leather shoes or boots, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, go over the area with a lighter or flame, and get ready to see your own reflection! For a finishing touch, use a clean damp cloth to polish the surface. If you want to know about other tricks, watch the video! TIMESTAMPS: Duct taping your feet 0:40 Ladder lacing for added ankle support 1:25 Maxi pads for first-aid 2:38 Putting sugar on wounds 3:17 Running tights for added warmth 3:52 Super shiny shoes 4:19 The military tuck 5:00 Cotton and Vaseline as a fire starter 5:42 Lose a tail when driving 6:18 Making a pristine bed 6:39 Peeing in the shower 7:34 militaryhacks lifehacks makeyourlifeeasier Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Nowadays, soldiers use duct tape to prevent blisters and calluses caused by those notoriously uncomfortable military boots. - If you still have a lot of lace left (although you shouldn’t with this laddering technique), just wrap it around your ankle and then tie it. Tuck the remaining laces inside your shoe. - In case of an emergency, you can use sanitary pads to prevent a wound from bleeding out. - Speaking of first-aid in a pinch, you can put sugar on a wound to prevent bacterial infection. Don’t worry because this unconventional medical treatment has scientific backing based on a study by the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine. - Running or compression tights aren’t just for jogging or making a fashion statement. You can wear them under almost any pants without them being noticeable. - Covering cotton balls in petroleum jelly and lighting them on fire, you get a strong but steady flame that keeps on burning. A great hack next time you go camping! - If you ever feel like the driver in your rearview mirror is following you, all you gotta do is make 4 consecutive turns in a row. This is usually the best way to lose a tail! - According to the medical community, it actually prevents and cures athlete’s foot! Urine has natural properties like uric acid and ammonia that help fight fungal infections. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Subscribe to Bright Side : For copyright matters please contact us at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regular exercise helps you stay in good shape and push back the appearance of changes associated with old age. This fact applies to all the organs in your body, including your brain. Today, you have a unique chance to check how fast your brain is! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

We learn things throughout our entire lives, but we still don’t know everything because we forget a lot of information. Bright Side will tell you about 11 simple memorizing tips that will help you remember everything and improve your memory. TIMESTAMPS Why we forget things 1:04 How to remember everything 2:00 How to memorize something quickly 2:30 How to memorize something for a long time 3:20 Try to understand what you learn 4:17 Learn the most necessary information 5:11 Serial position effect 5:45 Interference theory 6:06 Learn opposite things 7:22 Build your own «mind palace» 7:22 Use «nail words» 8:19 Make up stories 8:40 Use a tape recorder 9:10 Visualize 9:51 Choose only the best materials 9:59 SUMMARY - Your brain is like a hard drive — the space is limited. Remember Sherlock Holmes? He couldn’t name all the planets of the Solar system — this was not because he missed school or something like that, but because he was too smart to have such irrelevant information in his memory. He deliberately erased facts he would never need. This is what your brain does: it protects you from overloading with information. That’s why all new data is stored in the short-term memory, not the long-term one. So, if you don’t repeat it or use it, you forget it very quickly. A German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus researched the memory and its mechanisms. He described the Forgetting Curve which shows that just one hour after learning something new we forget more than half of the learned information. One day later we remember only about 30% percent. Well, you see where this is going. - There is a memorization technique called «Spaced repetition». To keep some information in your head for a longer time, you need to try to put it into your long-term memory. Forced memorization is not very effective in this case because your brain can’t make sense of the information quickly and form strong associations. Here it all depends on the reason why you are learning something. - To memorize something quickly, repeat the information right after learning it. The second repetition should be after 15-20 minutes. You don’t need to return to the information between repetitions — just rest and do something different. Let your brain relax. Repeat the learned material the third time after 6-8 hours. And you should have the final repetition 24 hours after the first contact with the information. Do you know any other memorizing tips? If yes, share them in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Get ready for a new portion of mind-blowing riddles to solve which you'll need to apply all your logic and detective skills? That's a tough challenge but if you are up to it, let's start! After each riddle, you'll have 20 seconds to find a solution. However, if you need more time, don't be too shy, simply pause the video. Music: Boo Boogie - Dougie Wood The Farmer In The Dell (Instrumental) - The Green Orbs Splashing Around - The Green Orbs Rodeo Show - The Green Orbs TIMESTAMPS Riddle 1 0:38 Riddle 2 1:52 Riddle 3 3:16 Riddle 4 4:28 Riddle 5 5:30 Riddle 6 6:33 Riddle 7 7:59 Riddle 8 9:12 Riddle 9 10:13 SUMMARY -Your task is the following: empty 1 jar of milk and 1 jar of water into a bowl. -Guess how John managed to stay under the water for two minutes longer than the magician. -How is it possible that Sam shot himself with real bullets but stayed alive and unharmed? -If we select 40 random people from the phone directory, how many of them will have unlisted numbers? -Can you figure out how to slice a cake into 8 absolutely equal pieces with just three cuts? -Why did the blind man commit suicide even though his surgery was successful? -What one thing can you buy to have something to eat, something to drink, something to feed a cow with, and something to plant in the garden? -Which death did the smart man choose to save himself? -Is there a possible way for one of them to survive if one of them can be shot with a gun and the other one can fall into abyss? Who will actually die? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

This simple personality test can every tiny thing you probably want to conceal or save for yourself. Do you want to know your true personality? TIMESTAMPS Your style of walking 0:45 Night eating 1:40 Making your bed 2:40 Dirty dishes 3:26 Bag test 4:07 SUMMARY - Swinging your arms means you are mostly a relaxed person. You are joyful, and sometimes people even don’t take you seriously, though you are still a brave, self-confident person. On the contrary, if your arms are inactive, you don’t easily trust people. You’re a bit reserved and not overemotional. - Your habit of getting up to eat something at night also can tell a lot about your personality. Such people are seemingly in a long termed stressful situation. Notably, the more often you get up at night, the deeper the stress is. You can even not pay attention to such “night fridge excursions,” thinking it is because of some insomnia or loud noises that wake you up. In their turn, psychologists say that the reason is the slight indifference towards your health and life necessities. - Those people who do not make up their beds, don’t notice trifle things in other aspects of life! They are not so good at planning their actions and can be disorderly; sometimes even dissipated. - If you are in the habit of leaving dirty dishes till you wake up in the morning, please, accept our congratulations! You don’t like troubles! You don’t like to treat things as they come in. To be exact, when you have small misfortunes, you always like to think the will solve themselves at some time. - If you prefer a backpack, you’re probably always ready for adventure and prepared to go at any moment. If you firmly hold your belongings in your hands, complete and utter control over everything is your motto. People who wear a bag on their shoulder love reading: this position allows them to fish out their favorite book even when there’s virtually no space for it. If you carry your bag over your shoulder, no criminal will be able to steal your precious cargo. What was that rushing past you just now? A tornado? Nope, that’s a person who carries their bag on their stomach — that’s the only way it’s not blown away by the wind made thanks to their speed. personalitytest bagtest personalitytypes Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Do you want to clean your blood vessels? How to decrease the risk of heart attacks in the future? Are you ready to improve your overall well-being? Here are 15 food products that can take care of your heart and prevent heart diseases. Our heart is one of the most important organs, but, surprisingly, we take care of it the least, loading it every day with stress and unhealthy diets. And that's too bad because fatty food increases cholesterol levels, which leads to vascular plaques that prevent the heart from working correctly. In this video, you will get familiar with 15 products that perform all these activities! Some of them might surprise you with their health benefits! Watch till the end - as a bonus, you will find a recipe for a special drink for healthy blood vessels. And remember to press the like button in appreciation of our work! TIMESTAMPS Fatty fish 1:05 Oatmeal 1:51 Berries 2:30 Dark chocolate 3:19 Nuts 4:00 Extra virgin olive oil 4:45 Red wine 5:23 Green tea 5:53 Broccoli and spinach 6:35 Avocado 7:39 Pomegranate 8:13 Cinnamon 8:43 Watermelon 9:14 Garlic 9:43 Apples and pears 10:28 SUMMARY - Salmon, mackerel, herring, haddock, and other fatty fish decrease the risk of arrhythmia and atherosclerosis. They also contain lots of vitamins as well as minerals. - Rich in fiber, porridge decreases the levels of bad cholesterol and improves digestion. Coarse oatmeal is the healthiest. - Blueberries and strawberries are very good at lowering blood pressure and dilating blood vessels. Strawberry-lovers also get fiber, folate, antioxidants, and potassium from their favorite berries. - Dark chocolate provides the anti-stress effect as it increases the production of serotonin which is known for its calming effect. Cocoa, the main component of dark chocolate, also helps to prevent memory decline. - Nuts contain protein fibers that are useful for the heart. They also have vitamin E as their ingredient which helps to decrease the levels of bad cholesterol. - Olive oil is very high in oleic acid which reduces blood pressure. It is interesting that when the olives are crashed, oil leaves them naturally; therefore, beneficial ingredients and vitamins are not harmed by chemicals or preservatives. - French scientists have also found out that red wine contains some elements which can prolong a human lifespan for about 60 percent! Saying this, it still should be consumed in moderation. - Green tea makes the brain function better. This drink may decrease the risk of different types of cancer (such as prostate and breast cancer). - Broccoli, in particular, has a lot of medicinal benefits, such as prevention of some kinds of cancer, digestive system improvement, detoxification of the body. It also resembles a vitamin injection, filling you with numerous vitamins and minerals. - Avocados are packed with fiber, which can be useful for weight loss, blood sugar reduction, and other health-benefitting processes. - Pomegranates contain antioxidants, lower blood pressure, normalize blood circulation and increase hemoglobin levels. - Cinnamon can protect you from heart diseases and atherosclerosis. It also boosts metabolism and helps you to lose weight. - Watermelon plays an important role in vascular health. It stabilizes the cholesterol levels and contains antioxidants. It provides hydration, which is a great thing for your body. - Garlic dilates the vessels, lowers blood pressure, alleviates vasoconstriction, and prevents atherosclerotic plaques from appearing. It improves digestion as well, assisting in the functioning of the intestines. - Apples and pears are rich in fiber that helps your heart. They normalize blood circulation and are cheaper and more readily available alternatives to pomegranates. Besides, apples will help to maintain white and healthy teeth. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

In this video, I talked about a secret that affects your subconscious mind. It can change how you think about your self. Its the bets motivation that you can give to yourself. If we talk about the basic defination of your mind, the mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory. It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity's thoughts and consciousness. It holds the power of imagination, recognition, and appreciation, and is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions. The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious mind via our subconscious, and is what provides us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, as filtered through your beliefs and habits. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams. Your unconscious memory is virtually perfect. It is your conscious recall that is suspect. The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. Info Source: Social Pages: Like the Facebook Page! - Follow On Twitter! - Follow on Google+ - Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

One of the Bright Side writers decided to adjust his daily routine to leave only 2-4 hours for sleep! Do you ever think about how cool it would be if there were more hours in a day? You would easily have time for everything: work, hobbies, friends, and family or just lazing around doing nothing at all. But enough dreaming, let's get back to reality. The only way to make it happen is by sleeping less, but would that actually work without turning you into a tired grouch? TIMESTAMPS Where did the idea come from? 0:50 Day 1 2:48 Day 2 3:20 Day 3 3:46 Day 4 4:15 Day 5 4:55 Days 6-7 5:41 Days 8-10 6:20 Days 11-14 6:55 Pros of polyphasic sleep 7:30 Cons of polyphasic sleep 8:46 My thoughts after the experiment 9:48 SUMMARY If your life is like one big to-do list that you just can't seem to keep up with, then polyphasic sleep is probably for you. All jokes aside, I definitely became more productive, and I have a lot of spare time that allows me to do everything I want and even more. On the other hand, it can be difficult since the whole world is on a completely different regimen. Your friends and family might think it’s weird when you tell them you can't go out with them or ask them to pause a movie so you can take a nap. In any case, it's your choice to make. Just do your homework first, and then go for it! If this sort of dramatic change isn’t for you, don't worry! There are still lots of things you can do to improve your productivity. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Scientists revealed 12 surprising signs you're much smarter than you think. Find out if you can call yourself a genius for a reason. Exceptionally intelligent people always stand out. It turns out that even the smallest things like your height, weight, or eye color can say a lot about your level of intelligence. Smart people don't need others to have a good time. Psychologists in the UK found out that people who learned to read early on are more intelligent. Norwegian researchers at the University of Oslo have proven that older children are almost always a bit smarter than their younger siblings. Another sign of intelligence and future success can be seen from a very young age: 3-year-olds that are taller than their peers have much higher scores on cognitive tests. People who had some formal music training for at least 9 months boast higher IQ levels than those who were in drama club or didn't do any extracurriculars at all. Intelligent people prefer activities that demand patience and constant mental stimulation to active sports. People with long ring fingers tend to be good at math and spatial thinking but lack verbal skills. Those with a longer index finger are usually better in humanitarian fields like languages and literature. Tons of research has been done on the correlation between eye color and intelligence. People with light-colored eyes are smarter than those with brown or dark-colored eyes. Music: Pina Colada - Silent Partner TIMESTAMPS You prefer being alone 0:41 You learned to read at a very young age 1:35 You're the oldest child in the family 2:11 You're tall 2:56 You took music lessons at some point 3:36 You don't suffer from obesity 4:15 You don't really like physical activity 5:02 You have blue eyes 5:52 You're highly sensitive to noise 6:35 Your ring finger is longer than your index finger 7:20 You panic pretty easily 8:15 You have a bit of a potty mouth 9:01 SUMMARY -People with a high IQ feel comfortable in their own company. -The earlier you learned the alphabet, the more books you read throughout childhood, and the broader your horizons became. -The IQ of older children is higher by an average of 3 points than that of their younger siblings. -A study at Princeton University showed that taller children usually have higher IQ levels. -It may be the high intelligence itself that makes children choose music instead of something else. -Slimmer people are statistically more intelligent. -If you love sport, you might have less interest in learning new things. -Blue-eyed people usually do better in situations when you need to stop and analyze everything that's going on, instead of reacting to it. -If a squeaky floor, chips being crunched on, or even someone’s loud breathing can easily distract you, you're probably more intelligent than you think. -People with long ring fingers tend to be good at math and spatial thinking. -Smart people tend to be pessimistic and imagine all kinds of bad stuff that might happen to them. -Believe it or not, cussing is actually one of the signs of an above-average brain. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

You are way more intelligent than you realize! Here's a list of signs that actually indicate a super bright mind. They are all scientifically proved, so if you feel like a few of them are true for you, you have every reason to call yourself a genius! TIMESTAMPS You realize how much you don’t know 0:48 You wear the same clothes every day 2:00 You can feel what others are thinking 3:01 You can perfectly control yourself 3:50 Your eyes are blue 4:53 You are a chocolate lover 5:54 When you’re upset, you know what’s bothering you 6:56 You talk to yourself 7:47 You can’t stand any background noise 8:35 Your handwriting is messy 9:21 SUMMARY - Justin Kruger and David Dunning worked with a group of Cornell University undergrads and published the results of their research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1999. They asked students to predict their scores after being tested in Humor, Logical reasoning and English Grammar. Those who were 100% sure they did outstandingly well ended up with worse results than those who were more critical of themselves. - Psychologist Oliver Burkeman has done some serious research on the lifestyle of the brightest minds in the world. He concluded that smart people tend to save up their mental abilities for more important things. Unless those smart people are fashion designers or Lady Gaga, of course. - Empathy is a sign of exceptional mental intelligence. If you are emotionally intelligent, you love meeting new people and learning new things. According to psychologist and author of Focus: The Hidden Drivers of Excellence Daniel Goleman, people who care a lot about others and can feel them well, generally, succeed in life. - The ability to control instincts is what we know distinguishes humans from animals. Genius people went even further: they manage to overcome and control any impulses they have. If you can plan and achieve goals without being distracted by emotions you are more intelligent than you might imagine. - Professor emeritus of the University of Louisville Joanne Rowe has concluded light-eyed humans, and even animals are way better at activities requiring self-pacing than the dark-eyed creatures. The fact that you are better at self-paced activities means that you like paying attention to every detail. - M.D. Franz H. Messerli, who is most likely a chocolate lover himself, published the results of his study in The New England Journal of Medicine. He tried to link genius (Noble prize winner kind of genius) per ten million people with the amount of chocolate consumed in certain countries. And he found it. - Genius people don’t stick to the past. And, they don’t blame everyone and everything around for their sadness. Psychologist Daniel Goleman explains a real genius does not only address problems but also recognizes emotions when he feels them, and not ignores them. - Psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupyan conducted a whole study on it. The good self-talk, according to them, helps us sort the important thoughts from useless stuff going through our minds. - A study conducted at the Northwestern University has stated that a genius hates any kind of background noise because it prevents him from concentrating on important issues. - Next time someone criticizes your handwriting, simply nod, say “I am sorry you don’t get it” and triumph on the inside. Messy writing is one of the signs of a genius! Did you recognize any of these signs in yourself, or maybe you are now positive your best friend is a genius? Feel free to share it in the comments section. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to make the right choice? Here are 10 extremely difficult choices you will ever have to make! Throughout our lives, we are constantly bombarded with major choices. Our decisions determine your future and define you and shape your personality. In this video, Bright Side offers you to make 10 extremely difficult choices. At the end of the video, we’ll tell what kind of person you are! TEST RULES There are only two possible answers to each question. You need to choose between option A and option B. As you’re taking the test, keep track of how many times you chose A or B because you’ll need these totals at the end of the video to find out your results. You’ll only have 5 seconds to think about each question before we give the explanation. Don’t think too long, and go with your gut; you’ll get the most accurate results that way! WOULD YOU the smartest person or the most charming? rather always have to tell the truth or lie? 1:47.never have Internet or never take an airplane? 2:21.find true love or win a million dollars? 3:04.never be able to speak or have to say everything on your mind? 3:28.have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you want? 4:09.never have sex again or never eat your favorite food? the only person to live a happy life or be the only person to live an unhappy life? the first person to discover an inhabitable planet or inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease? poor but able to help people or get incredibly rich by hurting other people? 6:38 SUMMARY If you chose A 1 to 3 times, you’re a pretty selfish person. Very few people would like to work with you on a team. It’s not that bad though; it just means that you prefer fighting for yourself to get exactly what you want. If you chose option A 4 to 6 times, it means that you’re moderately selfish. You’re like the Goldilocks of this list: not too much, not too little, just right. Pretty much most people would fall into this category. You can be selfish when you need to be. If you chose option A 7 to 10 times, you’re the type of person who is always ready to sacrifice your own interests for someone else. What results did you get? Do you agree with them? Tell us in the comments section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

LAST CHANCE to Join Broadcast Yourself: FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS: FREE PODCAST LAUNCH GUIDE: Jim Kwik the renowned expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury leaving him learning-challenged, he overcame it by creating strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. Jim have since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their own brain-power, and serve as a coach to many of the world’s leading CEOs and Celebrities, including Elon Musk, Will Smith, and the cast of Xmen. His message is that “Knowledge is power, learning is a superpower”. JIM KWIK Website: Instagram : @jimkwik Twitter: @jimkwik Facebook: About London Real: Founded by Brian Rose in 2011. London Real is the curator of people worth watching. Our mission is to promote personal transformation through inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment. We feature interesting guests with fascinating stories and unique perspectives on life. We aim to take viewers on a journey through the lives of others and ultimately inspire them to embark on one of their own. Don't miss our weekly episodes, hit subscribe: Website: Facebook:

Bright Side found 19 of the most extraordinary things people in various countries aren’t allowed to do according to the law. We don’t know much about laws if other countries, but that topic is usually pretty boring. But not this time! Why can’t you save a drowning person in China? Where can’t you pay only with change? What happens to a man in Samoa if he forgets about his wife’s birthday?!. In this video, we will tell you about 19 most extraordinary things people aren’t allowed to do in various countries. We still struggle to believe some of them! TIMESTAMPS You can’t eat biscuits on Christmas Day 0:44 You can’t touch whales 1:13 You can’t die in Parliament 1:36 You can’t rescue a drowning person 2:01 You can’t kiss at train stations 2:36 You can’t feed pigeons 3:15 You can’t buy Kinder Surprise 3:33 You can’t pay only with change 4:18 You can’t step on money 4:36 You can’t forget about your wife’s birthday 4:58 You can’t show your tattoos 5:22 You can’t run out of gas on highway 9:04 You can’t wake bears up 6:14 You can’t offer cigars to pets 6:43 You can’t cheat in school 6:56 You can’t frown 7:14 You can kill your cheating husband 7:29 You can’t pee in the ocean 7:59 You can’t eat at a burning restaurant 8:23 SUMMARY - In 1644 in The United Kingdom Oliver Cromwell prohibited celebrating Christmas because he thought it was immoral. It’s curious that this law hasn’t been abolished, so every Englishman technically commits a crime every time he eats a biscuit on a Christmas day. - All whales, dolphins and other sea mammals within the 3-mile radius of the UK are considered Elizabeth’s property. So, you can’t touch them without breaking the law. - It is illegal for any politician to die in Parliament. We are not completely sure what punishment a criminal might get. - Not a single list of strange laws can leave China untouched. One of such laws says that it’s illegal to rescue somebody who is drowning. This bizarre and inhumane law is connected with the Eastern philosophy stating that interfering with a person’s fate is immoral. - This law first appeared in France in 1910 when kissing couples were so busy saying goodbye to each other that they actually delayed trains. As a result, the authorities banned kissing at platforms and made special «kissing zones» where lovers can take a moment of tenderness. - It is illegal and punished by a fine to feed poor, hungry pigeons in Venice. - The famous chocolate eggs had been prohibited all around the United States since the very day of their appearance. The reason for this was that, according to the US laws, it is prohibited to put small toys into food because children can choke on small parts. - In Canada, you can’t have fun cracking your piggy bank and buying something. There is a law that prohibits you from paying only with change if the price is over 10 Canadian dollars. - Rama IX who was the king of Thailand for 70 years before he died in 2016. He was and is viewed as divine by the people in Thailand, so stepping on the money with his picture is considered a crime. - You will pay a fine in Samoa if you forget about your wife’s birthday. We wonder: do offended wives actually report their husbands? - It’s not that there is law in Japan that prohibits having visible tattoos, it’s more of a stereotype that people with tattoos are associated with criminal groups like the Yakuza. - There is a network of high-speed highways in Germany called Autobahn. You can drive extremely fast on such roads so you are not allowed to run out of gas and stop because this might cause a car accident. - So many people try to wake up bears during their winter hibernation, that it was actually made illegal in Alaska. - You can’t offer cigars to pets. Poor animals in Illinois, USA! - Any Bangladesh student older than 15 who is caught cheating in school can be imprisoned. - When in Milan don’t forget that it’s illegal to frown there. - In Hong Kong, if a wife catches her husband cheating, she has the legal right to kill him. However, she can only kill him with her bare hands. - You can be sentenced to some time in the cell if you get caught peeing in the ocean in Portugal. - There is a law in Chicago that prohibits you to continue eating your meal when the restaurant is on fire. Do you know about any other laws we didn’t mention? Tell us about them in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to drink coffee the right way and healthy? Why is coffee good for you? Here are 7 surprising reasons why you need to get yourself a cup of coffee right now. TIMESTAMPS Coffee boosts brainpower 0:40 Coffee increases blood pressure 1:46 Coffee makes your immune system stronger 2:24 Coffee relieves a headache 3:16 Coffee reduces stress 3:51 Coffee improves your memory 4:40 Coffee helps you lose weight 5:30 An amazing coffee cocktail recipe 6:06 SUMMARY - Coffee with sugar can turn you into a little genius for a while because the combination of caffeine and glucose activates certain sectors of your brain. The caffeine in coffee acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system. This neuronal activity triggers the release of the adrenaline, that will affect your body in several ways: your heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises, breathing tubes open up, sugar is released into the bloodstream for extra energy. - You might want to keep off the coffee if you are going to have a blood pressure test within the next 2 days. If you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor whether you should limit or stop drinking caffeinated beverages. - Coffee is known for its energy-boosting caffeine effect -- is an abundant source of nutrients and healthful chemicals that can aid your immune system. According to scientists from several countries, coffee reduces the risk of premature death. This is because coffee alters your immune system, making it stronger and healthier. - The caffeine can cure headaches and migraines. People are aware that caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate, but may not know that caffeine is also contained in a variety of over the counter medications. That’s why it’s an ingredient in a lot of traditional pain relievers. - Coffee acts well as an anti-stress substance due to the release of dopamine and serotonin, which trigger a good mood. One cup, or even just the smell of coffee, can calm your nerves. This could explain a lower risk of depression among coffee drinkers. - Coffee can positively affect mood, enhance alertness, and memory abilities. The stimulators and neuro-mediators obtained from coffee not only boost your mood and productivity but also improve your memory. Of course, this only works with your short-term memory. - Coffee can keep off and help you lose excess weight. It can temporarily suppress your appetite and may stimulate minimal calorie burning. When the level of the hormone leptin is low, your body starts storing fat, and you gain weight. Coffee, however, increases the hormone levels in your body. BONUS If you're looking for something sweet to pair your milk, this cocktail recipe is a must. It is deliciously smooth and refreshing and, if bottled, ready to take on the go. • Make your favorite coffee. • Let it cool off, then fill an ice cube tray with the coffee. • Place it in the freezer. On a hot day, add the coffee cubes to a glass of milk. Sip a delicious mix and feel wonderful! Share the video with your friends to keep them caffeinated and hit the like button below the video! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to spot a liar? What can be more intriguing than a true detective story in your real life? Here are 5 things that can show you that your interlocutor is insincere with you. As a bonus, we’ll show you an amazing 99% working method to distinguish between the lies and the truth. TIMESTAMPS Liars avoid mentioning themselves 1:09 A liar’s speech attitude is negative 2:03 A liar’s explanations are as simple as possible 2:38 A liar uses confusing wording 3:19 Liars use too many details in a simple story 4:12 BONUS 5:40 SUMMARY Scientifically speaking, when we know we’re telling lies we can’t but feel nervous. That leads to faster heart beating and pupil dilation. All you need is to ask the question you want to be answered and watch the interlocutor strictly in the eyes when he answers. You’ll see everything you want. By the way, not only the pupils can give away the lies, but the inability to watch back. Also, a liar thinks that details make the story true to life which is wrong. We do not memorize our automatic, habitual actions. There is a hint for this point: if you are not sure about the person, ask him or her to tell the whole story from the very beginning. If you are talking to a liar, he will be trapped in all his imaginary excessive details. Just try it and share the experience in the comment section below, it will be interesting! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Get memory training tips at link above now Brain foods are good for your memory and brain. However, if your really want to start remembering more you are going to need a system. My memory training system is at the link below More brain foods: What are the top brain foods to improve your memory? I do have a list of my best brain foods and this would be it 1. Eat whole grains for a steady supply of energy to your brain. This is a a great brain and memory food. 2. Eat oil fish (Salmon, trout, mackerel, herring). Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through a diet. You can get this from Omega 3 pills as well. Flax seed, pumpkin seeds are also a source 3. Eat more blueberries. They have antioxidants that are helpful for the brain. 4. Tomatoes. They protect against free radical damage 5. B6, B12 and folic acid prevent against brain shrinkage 6. Walnuts are the top nuts for brain health. Just a quarter cup of walnuts provide the daily intake for DHA 7. Avocados are healthy brain foods. It is a healthy fat and promotes good blood flow and is one of my favorite brain foods. 8. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties that protect brain and is a natural stimulant and is a top brain food. 9. Broccoli has significant amounts of vitamin K and that is going to be good for your memory and brain 10. Curry. Curry has turmeric in it and this spice is helpful to your brain and memory. If I could eat curry every day I would (and I guess I can!) and the reason I love it as one of my best brain foods is the taste. But the benefits for my memory and brain are real. There are many things that you can do to help your memory and your brain and diet is one of the first things you can start with easily. It is not on this list but drinking plenty of water is also great for your brain. I hope you benefit from my list of healthy brain foods let me know in comments your favorite or if you have any I should had to my next list of top brain foods for memory

Press this point and hold exactly for 60 seconds, and see what happens next. There are a few important pressure points on your body that can heal your body and mind. What do you do when you have a headache, rub your temples? A lot of us instinctively do this, but most people are unaware of the tons of points on the body that they can press to help cure a whole slew of health problems, not just headache. Keep on watching because Bright Side is bringing you a huge list of pressure points that work utter magic on the body! TIMESTAMPS The Third Eye (or Yintang) 0:55 The Drilling Bamboo 2:23 The Welcome Fragrance 3:33 The Heavenly Appearance 4:40 The Heavenly Pillar 5:16 The Wind Mansion 6:16 The Temple Region 7:19 Release tension in your muscles 9:30 Improve blood circulation 9:42 Increase your life force energy 10:04 Get rid of pain 10:21 Tone your facial muscles 10:39 Strengthen the reproductive system 10:58 Heal emotional trauma and pain 11:18 SUMMARY this is all thanks to something you’ve probably heard of called acupressure. It’s been used to heal different ailments since ancient times, and it appeared in Asia over 5,000 years ago! The basis of this practice is a belief that the human body is made up of chi energy, and this energy flows freely through the body along invisible channels called meridians. If the meridians get blocked, an illness appears in the place of the blockage. Acupressure can help unblock these sort of traffic jams in your body and make it work even better than before. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

For millions of people around the world, their biological and their emotional age are two completely different things. Here is an easy but very accurate test that will determine your mental age. RULES The rules are simple: answer the question of picking the first thing that comes to your mind. Seriously, do not overthink. If you get 9 as your mental age, it does not mean your IQ is low; it only shows your perception of the world is young and bright. If you get 60 while you are 22, it’s not too bad either. It just means you are really wise. For each answer, you pick, add a certain number of points. You get 1 point for each time you choose number 1 option; you get 2 points for option 2, and so on. There will be 4 options for each question. TIMESTAMPS Pick a color 1:25 Pick a meal 1:54 Online preferences 2:53 Your spirit animal 3:58 Pick a movie 4:40 Skills to learn 5:45 Dream vacation 7:00 Big money and how to spend it 8:25 Taking responsibility 9:16 The meaning of life 9:57 SUMMARY • 10-19 points: 9 years old If you got 10-19 points, you are 9 years old. A cute little child at heart. You’re energetic, interested in everything, and open-hearted. You react emotionally to every event in your life, you need people to share it all with, and a fluffy unicorn to cuddle with. • 20-29 points: 15-19 years old Hello there, teenage soul. You are seeking new emotions. You want to riot, conquer the world, and explore yourself and the people around you. This is the period when you want to find your place in the world. • 30-33 points: 20-29 years old It’s a great age when your true personality is formed. You always know what to do, but you also perfectly remember how to have fun, which is no less important, right? • 34-37 points: 29-55 years old Your mind level is middle-aged. You know that we are responsible for what we do, and you don’t allow your emotions to rule your mind. It’s a great age for intellectual activity and self-realization. Career, family life, or both – this is your time to shine! • 38-40 points: 55 and older The age of stability when you don’t have to prove anything to anyone and know how to live for yourself. You wear no mask and always stay yourself. Such a philosophical attitude keeps you away from unwanted thoughts and complexes. The golden days. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Are you smart or average? How would you describe a genius? Einstein’s grandnephew who knows the answer to every test question ever? Or maybe it is a smart person who can solve any problem? We have news for you: it is not just about your genes, grades, or life experience. Scientists have revealed ten signs of a wise person we bet you’ve ignored. TIMESTAMPS You don’t smoke 0:36 You’re not the loud type 1:32 You can find a connection between just about anything 2:34 You're a liberal 3:47 You often ask yourself the big questions 4:48 You’re super loyal 5:54 You have surprising hobbies 6:45 You like to take risks 7:46 You bite your nails 8:54 SUMMARY - Dr. Mark Weiser who works for Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and his colleagues believe there is a link between smoking and intelligence. They found that the more you smoke, the lower your IQ is. - Super smart people are mostly quiet. They don’t babble, and they don’t often initiate conversations. Why? They are too busy thinking. - Creativity is about drawing lines between what seems to be disconnected from others. It is possible for those who have experienced more things and have analyzed that experience. Doesn’t it sound like the definition of being wise? Those wise people normally come up with the most genius ideas. - One of the signs of being super smart is to be bold enough to accept ideas that move our world forward. - The more you think about the nature and future of everything around you, the more you realize different scenarios are possible. You know that at some point, it could all go wrong, and it’s making you anxious. Being always alert and prepared for whatever may come your way is typical for smart people. - Those who successfully beat the desire to do it and are loyal partners to just one special individual tend to be smarter than those who cheat and sleep around. It is also explained in that intelligent liberals study by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. -. If you are a computer systems analyst who gets new ideas from origami or a chef who is inspired by furniture design, you are pretty much a creative genius. It has to do with the ability to relate the totally unrelated and being bold enough to try new things and design new concepts. - When we speak of risks, we don’t mean life-threatening stuff like jumping off the roofs and train surfing. Risks are the new challenges and ideas that you gladly try out of curiosity. And, quite a bit of adrenalin, as well. - Nail biting has been largely considered just a nervous habit, yet recent studies show it may be a demonstration of perfectionism. According to psychologists, such body-focused habits as skin picking, pulling your hair or biting your nails help fight boredom and soothe dissatisfaction. Have you found any of these signs in yourself? Or maybe you just realized your friend is much wiser than you thought? Feel free to share in the comments. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

16 amazing facts about the human body only a few people know about. Our bodies are being constantly analyzed, and scientists keep making incredible findings almost every day! Superpowers? Isn't it something that only superheroes are supposed to have? Typically, it is. But a human being is one of the greatest wonders. Did you know that Monday is the most dangerous day for your body? How much information can you remember during your life? superpowers braincapacity humanbody TIMESTAMPS The brain's memory storage capacity equals 1 petabyte 0:45 No exercise guarantees abs 1:26 Human bones are several times harder than concrete 1:56 You need to put out 7,700 kcal to burn 2,2 pounds 2:24 The total area of your lungs equals the area of a tennis court 2:50 Hiccups can last for years 3:15 People have more than five senses 4:01 The eye cornea is the only part that has no blood vessels 4:55 Most kids are born with blue eyes 5:16 The embryo can heal the mother 5:48 Women blink twice as often as men 6:10 The eyes close while sneezing so as not to let bacteria in 6:39 You are about 0,4 inches taller in the morning 7:10 Human ears are capable of hearing molecules 7:35 The chance of having a heart attack is higher on Monday 7:58 Eyes can have more than one pupil 8:21 SUMMARY - One synapse (the space between neuronal cells) has the storage capacity of 4,7 bits. Knowing the whole number of synapses, it turns out that the brain's memory storage equals 1 petabyte - and it is 10 times more than previously thought! - The visibility of the abs muscles also depends on body fat percentage. The numbers are different for men and women. The definition is visible with 3-6% of fat for men and 8-12% for women. - Our bones are made of a composite material: they are hard and elastic at the same time. Bones consist of calcium hydroxyapatite (about 60%) and collagen, so their structure is fracture resistible. - When we are actively slimming, excess fat falls into carbon dioxide and water, which is accompanied by the release of energy. To get rid of 2,2 pounds of fat, you need to burn through 7,700 kcal. - If the total area of all lung air cells were summed up, you would get the area of a tennis court! And all this fits inside our body. - According to the statistic, men are more subjected to this trouble than women. - Taste, sight, smell, touch, and hearing are by far not the only senses we have. Scientists count from 9 to 20 senses, by various estimates. - Due to having no blood vessels, the cornea remains transparent. This is good because their presence would be a barrier to eyesight. - Most babies have blue eyes when they are born. But if you have always been dreaming of a blue-eyed child, don't get your hopes up, the color tends to change over time. It is explained by melanin, which is responsible for the eye color. - It has been noticed that 50% of women who has cardiomyopathy got well during their pregnancy without any healing. The explanation is in the stem cells of the baby, which are capable of restoring the injured tissues of a woman. - An average person blinks once in every four seconds, but it can be even more often when they are tired, worried, or surprised. However, it is believed that women blink twice as much as men do. - Many people think that they cannot open their eyes while sneezing because they will be blown out of the skull. The truth says otherwise. - Many people think that they cannot open their eyes while sneezing because they will be blown out of the skull. The truth says otherwise. - Human ears are capable of hearing molecules. If you want to make sure of the fact, just close your eyes and ask somebody to pour some cold water into one glass and some hot water into another. - Swedish scientific research shows that the risk of a heart attack is higher on Mondays and during the Christmas or New Year holidays. The lowest rates are on Saturdays and in the middle of summer (July). - If someone has 2 or more pupils, it is more often a fake effect: only one hole in the cornea does the job of a pupil. All additional holes do not play any role for eyesight. There was a case with a woman from Massachusetts who had five pupils, all in one eye. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

From the very childhood, our minds have been conditioned and programmed with a tendency to compare ourselves with others. And it inevitably leads to restlessness, dissatisfaction, jealously and countless unfulfilled desires in our minds. The more we get attached to such conditioning, the more we are likely to fall in the trap of living a stressful life. Rather, this trap can be prevented by asking a simple question at the very moment a desire arises. Do I really need it? The moment we ask this question, therein, our intelligence kicks in and that's the key for living a blissful life! Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life. To know more, log on to Connect with him at Watch his inspirational videos at

Are you a teen? Your teenage years are tough. There’s so much to manage: school, homework, friends, family, changes in your body, and even more. You might be dealing with social or personal challenges all while learning how to best live your life. There will be pitfalls along the way, but you can avoid the worst of them. Take, for example, social media. Much of what you receive through social media is probably not relevant to your life. And because many people present themselves in disingenuous ways, it might seem like everyone in the world is doing great — which makes things feel pretty lonely when you’re having a tough time. Remember that engaging with your real friends and family will always be more rewarding than getting any number of likes. Watch our new video for tips on what to avoid during your teens so that you can focus on living a happy, healthy life. TIMESTAMPS: Don’t eat too much junk food 0:53 Don’t use tanning beds 2:08 Don’t do body art without taking precautions 3:15 Don’t stay stuck to your phone 3:53 Don’t go it alone 4:32 Don’t buy into the latest social memes and challenges 5:32 Don’t worry about your looks 6:19 Don’t drive with other teens 7:30 Don’t text and drive 8:34 Don’t drive recklessly 9:13 teenproblems teenageyears teens Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Junk food contains the things our bodies love: fat, sugar, and calories. In healthy portions, these things are good for us — but not when we overindulge. - Tanning is a beauty technique many people seek out. Nothing looks better than healthy, tanned skin, right? Well, there’s nothing healthy about tanning, and there’s a high risk of it leading to skin cancer. - A piercing or tattoo can be a unique way of expressing yourself. But you should do your research before choosing to get one. There are medical concerns to think about: infection, allergies, and unwanted skin reactions to name a few. - Negative feelings of fear, anger, and sadness are designed to tell your mind and body that something is wrong and needs fixing. If you don’t acknowledge those feelings, you’re holding on to negative energy, which can lead to depression, anxiety, increased stress, and even physical symptoms like heart disease and headaches. - Eating Tide pods? Not a good idea. If you feel challenged to do something that’s obviously dangerous, don’t! Some of the pranks that become popular on social media require a keen eye on safety. - Editors and artists work to make these people seem thinner, more muscular, or more attractive than the models, actors, and celebrities actually are. No one can achieve this in real life, so don’t try to emulate it! - Many factors play a role in safe driving, but one that greatly increases your chance of a fatal accident is simply having your friends in the car. - Another major factor in deadly car crashes is texting. The bottom line is that no one, teen or adult, should ever text and drive. - There’s plenty to be said about safe driving, but this is the last tip. Let’s face it, if you only got your driver’s license a few months ago, you’re simply too inexperienced to be a perfectly safe driver. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

I’ll read your palms and tell you what it means and what your hands say about your personality dominant traits. We all like to take personality tests and learn something new about ourselves based on the type of coffee we pick. It turns out it is not just our choices, but also our palms that can tell a lot about us. Experts of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, professional psychologists, reveal the basics of scientific hand analysis. TIMESTAMPS Determine your strong hand 0:45 Determine your strong and weak fingers 1:02 Analyze your hand shape 2:55 The shape of your fingertips 6:05 The gaps between your fingers 7:09 If you have doubts regarding the seriousness of all this hand analysis, we have something to tell you. It is getting more and more approved by scientists, as long as it’s not about reading your future based on your palm lines. Therapists and counselors, and even geneticists around the world are actually treating it more and more seriously these days. It turns our fingerprints are developed before our birth, at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and stay the same throughout our lives. The patterns on our palms are something like the map of our brain neural pathways. Those pathways are made of thoughts and actions that define us. Other peculiarities of our hands change as our preferences and character changes over time. Hand analysis can be a way of learning more about ourselves, finding explanations and improving our emotional health. Finally, some researchers say certain genetic disorders and markings and hand shape are linked to each other. It is quite possible that hand research will contribute to the study of genetic abnormalities in the future and then no one will doubt its scientific status. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Scientists Prove: Your Sleeping Position Can Say a Lot About Your True Personality, Habits, and Relationship. What is your favorite sleeping position? Today, we’re really excited to present a simple test that can reveal a lot about who you are. Trust us – it’s really straightforward! Watch this video, and pick a position which you think you sleep in most of the time to learn something new about yourself. And if you sleep in different poses rather than one, that’s a sign that you have a multifaceted personality. It means you have some hidden depths not even you yourself fully comprehend yet. TIMESTAMPS With the knees out 0:25 The fetus 0:55 On the stomach 1:32 On the back 2:04 The soldier 2:28 With one knee up 2:55 SUMMARY - If you can’t fall asleep without sticking your knees out whilst lying on your side, then you are a calm and reliable person. It’s not easy to offend you, and you’re not scared of the future. You smile even on the most miserable winter morning and can adjust to any changes that occur in your life. - If you mainly sleep in the fetal position, then you often feel the need to be protected, understood and sympathized with. By curling up in this way, you literally try to cut yourself off from the problems you face day after day. Although you seem tough, you are a very sensitive person. - If you sleep lying on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, then you can call yourself a leader. As an impulsive person, you take the initiative and make sure there is order in both your personal and professional lives. You prefer to plan everything in advance, and you aren’t a big fan of surprises. - If you sleep lying on your back, then you are most likely a positive person who loves life and good company. Also, you like to be at the center of attention. You work stubbornly and persistently, but in a rational way, and prefer to always tell the truth. - If you sleep like a soldier at attention, lying on your back with your arms at your sides, then you’re probably a well-adjusted person. You know your life goals and single-mindedly strives to achieve them. You can be strict, pedantic and demanding, but mostly to yourself above all. - If you sleep like a heron, with one knee raised, then it might mean you are an unpredictable person who is often drawn to all kinds of adventures. However, sometimes your mood changes so fast that it can be confusing for people around you. Well, it was true for me, how about you? Were we right about your personality? Share your thoughts in the comments down below, and if you’ve enjoyed the video, hit that thumbs up button! Subscribe to Bright Side here: Facebook: Instagram:

Some people consider the rules of etiquette to be outdated and old-fashioned. However, good manners never go out of style. If you want to be taken seriously, you should know there are things that can ruin your image of a true lady. We at Bright Side have come up with a list of typical etiquette mistakes a lady would never make. Keep them in mind, and you'll always make a great first impression. TIMESTAMPS Wearing poor-quality fake designer items 0:34 Making fashion mistakes 1:20 Slouching 1:59 Not taking good care of yourself 2:30 Wearing too much makeup 3:00 Being too fussy 3:25 Finishing your soup 3:59 Being rude and spreading rumors 4:32 Talking and laughing loudly 4:49 Arguing 5:17 Eating on the go 5:43 Being too honest 6:07 Wearing white high heels 6:25 Being late 6:50 Leaving an umbrella open to dry 7:12 Responding to another person's sneeze by saying Bless you 7:39 Not wearing pantyhose 7:58 Refusing food or drinks offered by a host 8:18 Dancing with your hair down 8:41 Blowing on your food to cool it down 9:00 SUMMARY - You don't have to spend all your money on some ridiculously expensive designer bag. But if you can't afford it, buying a much cheaper copy is not an option. A replica, even of good quality, can be easily spotted. - A true lady would never wear an oversized sweater or a pair of overly tight shorts. She knows how to choose the right types of clothes that say a lot about her style. - Improving your posture is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Including regular exercises in your schedule will strengthen the muscles in your upper back and shoulders and improve your posture. - A true lady takes good care of herself. She loves sports, maintains a healthy diet, pays attention to skincare, and consults specialists if necessary. - If a woman pays special attention to skincare, her skin looks amazing. She knows exactly what makes her face stand out and uses makeup accordingly. - A true lady knows how to take control of her nervous habits — if she has any. - To get the last spoonful of soup, you need to slightly tilt your bowl or soup plate. Although table manners say you should tilt the plate away from you to avoid splashing, it's better not to finish the soup at all. - Being rude, gossiping, and whining are taboos for a true lady. It's beneath her. Neither would she listen to someone else's whining and gossiping. - It's very important to watch the tone of your voice. Laughing loudly, yelling, and offensive language is unacceptable. - A true lady always has her own opinion, and she's 100% sure of it. However, she'd never force her ideas on anybody, nor would she argue her choice. - Etiquette rules say you need to use cutlery when you're at the table. So even if pizza is your favorite food, don't order it in a restaurant. - A true lady is never too much when it comes to communicating with new people. - A pair of white pumps can be worn either with a white wedding gown or with a white summer dress. If such a pair is decorated with a colorful detail, such as a bow or something of the kind, it is easier to integrate the shoes into your outfit. - A lady knows that it's unacceptable to be more than 15 minutes late, both for business and personal meetings. And if the event is a wedding, graduation, or funeral, it is absolutely unacceptable to be late. - Close your umbrella before entering a building. Shake the water off, and hang it to dry. You can also use a special drying machine if it's available. - Many people respond to someone else's sneeze by saying Bless you, but this is only acceptable if the sneezer is a close friend or family member. - According to modern business etiquette rules, a woman must wear pantyhose to work and formal receptions. Even on the hottest summer day. If it's too hot, you can wear thigh-highs or pants instead of a dress or a skirt. - A true lady would never refuse food and drinks offered to her. If a host asks what drink she prefers. - A true lady cares about other people's health and safety. - It's unacceptable to blow on your food, which is why a true lady waits for it to cool down naturally. The best way to do it is to take a spoonful of your dish and hold it while you support the conversation. What do other etiquette rules you follow? Write to us in the comments; we will be happy to know your opinion! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to control non stop thoughts? | Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Answering a question on controlling thoughts that are going non-stop, Sadhguru looks at it how thoughts work. What is the basis of this thoughts being just going on and how can we stop it. Sadhguru MindControl Thoughts For Sadhguru's Tamil Videos: About Sadhguru: Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. ★ MORE RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU ★ If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy these other videos from Mahabharat: • Just do this every day, and see wonders happening - • Sadhguru and Ranveer Sing Dance Together - • Sadhguru In Conversation on Consciousness at Google - • Sadhguru on his Enlightenment and Viji Maa's Maha Samadhi - • Sadhguru with George Stroumboulopoulos - • Sadhguru on Food - • Do you have impure thoughts? - • How to be in love without emotionally attached? - ⚑ MAKE A STEP FOR YOUR GROWTH ⚑ Sadhguru's videos are a great support for individual growth in spirituality and to handle life. View Sadhguru's amazing talks by subscribing to our channel: FOR MORE ON SPIRITUALITY AND SADHGURU CONNECT WITH US ON: Whatsapp: +91 860 880 6660 [Join your daily broadcast by sending Namaskaram to this number and receive Sadhguru's Videos, Quotes, Articles, etc., ] Telegram: If you don't wish to share your number in WhatsApp to receive Sadhguru's daily messages, join our English channel in the Telegram. Facebook: __ Thank you for watching - Please do share to make a difference in other's life. Pranams, Team Mahabharat.

We don’t realize that even little things can give away our true essence. A lot of the things you do instinctively, as well as our preferences, say a lot about your true personality. Your everyday habits can reveal surprising things about yourself! Don't take it way too seriously, just have fun and watch the video! TIMESTAMPS Shopping 0:54 The desire to wear a watch 1:55 What your eating habits say about you 2:52 What words you use in everyday life 3:46 What music you like 4:55 Household chores 6:15 Art 7:19 SUMMARY - Shopping is a big part of every person's life, whether you like it or hate it. And, surprisingly, the way you shop can tell a lot about your personality! Most buyers can be divided into two types. The first ones actively study labels and require as much detail as possible before buying something. - People who wear a watch might be introverted but emotionally stable, whereas those who don’t wear one are less emotionally stable. Those of us, who can't leave their house without a watch, can be considered more reserved. Others, who don't really like this small accessory, are often way more open. - It is believed that impulsive, less open, and less conscientious people prefer sweet wine and very rarely eat fruit. Those, who prefer dry wine and gladly include fruit in their diet are more likely to be open, calmer, and more conscientious. - Anxious and emotionally unstable people usually use words related to negative emotions. It seems like quite a solid point after you read for example some widely and unnecessary negative comments online. Extroverts, on the other hand, prefer words that describe positive emotions. - The kind of music you like to listen to can tell others about the peculiarities of your psyche because the music you listen to has a long-term effect on the brain. It's commonly believed that people who prefer sad or aggressive music to express their emotions are usually restless and nervous. - People who are happy to iron things, wash dishes, and play with children are easier to communicate with than those who don’t like chores. The explanation for this is easy - for the first type, the happiness of others is important. Therefore, they prefer to work around the house rather than moan about domestic trifles. - People who like poetry, go to the opera or are engaged in art themselves are more sociable and open to everything new, unlike those who ignore art. The “artsy” people tend to be more accepting and open-minded about life in general. People with other hobbies and interests are often more straightforward and confident. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How often do you train your mind? Yes, you can and should stretch it, as well. Exercises, games and even meditation can help you with that. Try them now and add this video to your favorites to make them a part of your daily routine. You will see the first results in a week, and it will work even better if you keep working out for a month. TIMESTAMPS Enriching your vocabulary 0:37 Visualizing 2:14 Chunking 3:27 Memory shortcuts 5:12 Reaction game 6:18 Pocket reading 7:26 Inventing conversations 8:17 Making predictions 9:13 Riddles 9:56 Building focus 10:59 SUMMARY - This 1-minute exercise will help you find new ways of saying “beautiful” and “comfortable.” - Can you quickly memorize the words you see on your screen? - How good are you at memorizing numbers? - There are some pieces of information we’d better remember for good. - It’s time for a reaction exercise. You will see different shapes appear on the screen. - A set of exercises which are meant to stimulate different brain areas in what might seem like unusual ways. The term “neurobics” was made up by doctor Katz, a professor of Neurobiology at Duke University Medical. - Your task is to improvise and invent some lines for its characters. - Try to predict the outcome of something, which will be known in the next 24 hours. - Different kinds of riddles are a great help if you want to keep your mind sharp. - Let’s finish our workout with some super useful relaxation. Don’t forget to save this video to your favorites so that you can come back to it easily! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to Know if You've Been Hacked? If you think your smartphone is your private zone, you may be very wrong. So far, there is no such device that can’t be hacked. We often see our smartphones as our secure digital havens. We use them to keep our most personal information: from pictures to credit card details. Some people even save their passwords in Notes. That’s a bit too much, right? You probably have all your text and email communication, including work stuff, based or synchronized on your phone. To reduce the potential risks, we figured out three things: the ways your phone can be hacked, how to recognize them, and how to protect your phone from hackers. TIMESTAMPS You find new apps on your phone (you didn't install them) 3:45 Some apps stop working like they used to 4:20 Your phone has suddenly started to run out of juice very quickly. 4:37 Your smartphone seems slower than it used to be. 5:01 Your phone gets warm. 5:31 Your phone reboots itself, switches off, dials numbers, or starts applications. 5:56 Unknown phone numbers appear in your Recent calls, and it costs you. 6:20 You cannot switch off your device 6:47 There are noises or echo during calls 7:12 You notice an increased use of mobile data 7:28 Pop-ups start appearing on your device out of nowhere 8:49 Emails sent from your phone are blocked by spam filters 9:15 You can’t make calls, or they are being dropped 9:38 phonesecrets onlinesafety SUMMARY What should you if you see any of these signs on your phone? Try running mobile anti-malware software, delete all the apps you have not installed, and unreliable apps eating too much traffic. If it is possible, you can also reset your phone and go back to original settings. If that does not seem enough to you, consult a professional. How can anyone steal your personal data? - The easiest way is by taking possession of your phone for a few minutes and installing spy apps such as Spy Phone App, Spyzie, or Spyera. These apps are basically mobile trackers that record the incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages. They can track GPS location, online activity and communication going on Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, and Skype. - Via an unprotected Wi-Fi network in a cafe or airport. The means of public Wi-Fi, you share all your traffic with everyone around you. Think of it next time you want to “Check in” somewhere exotic. - When charging your phone via an unknown USB (even in an airplane or a car), there is a risk that all your data will be revealed and transferred. That’s a lot of information that can be used against you. - SMS phishing. This happens when you receive a message with a link saying that it is, for example, your bank statement, a money transfer, or your photos. So you click it, download the file, and then reveal all your phone contents to hackers. - With the help of the Signalling System SS7, used by the majority of telephone stations all over the world, hackers can read your text messages, listen to your phone calls, and track your cell phone locations. But if you are not a celebrity, there is nothing to worry about. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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We’re going to tell you about a unique, helpful method of keeping your child out of harm’s way. Don’t forget to teach your kids this quick way to escape from any dangerous situation! Here’s an example: Your teenage kid is hanging out with bad company. One day, they decide to try alcohol or even drugs. Such a situation might well prove too unpredictable for your son or daughter to handle. Moreover, your child most likely won’t phone you for advice for fear of looking a coward in the eyes of his or her “friends.” And even if you call your kid to ask whether everything’s all right, you’ll probably get a standard reply along the lines of  “Yeah, I’m absolutely fine!” Bert Fulks, a pastor from West Virginia, has studied this teenage psychological trait to better communicate with his son, Danny. As a result, Fulks invented a kind of a secret code that allows his son to send his dad SOS signals without the risk of losing face with his peers. All teenagers admitted having experienced such moments on many occasions. So the pastor decided that something needed to be done to help kids (and, specifically, his own son) overcome the problem. kidsafety protectchild childsafety Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including as one's capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity and problem solving. It can be more generally described as the ability to perceive information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context. Intelligence can be increased through meditation but there are many tricks that you need to know. You know, as there are tricks in mobile phones and computers, in the same way, there are many tricks that you can follow to give a boost to the power of your mind just like speeding up the performence of any mobile or a laptop or a computer. You might be thinking why I am comparing the technical gadgets to the mind. So, I must tell you, these technological gadets works in the same manner. Mind works like a computer. Info Source: Well, no Source for this, because I just shared some of my personal tricks that I felt like sharing. Social Pages: Like the Facebook Page! - Follow On Twitter! - Follow on Google+ - Music Source: CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence () Source: Artist: Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Bright Side analyzed the most popular doodle patterns and their true meanings. We all do it while talking to someone on the phone or during a meeting. We all pay no attention to what’s going on. Just kidding. We all doodle. It turns out those little masterpieces are more than a product of unconscious drawing. They can actually tell a lot about their creator’s personality. First of all, it is important to note that not only what you draw tells a lot about you, but also where you do it. If your doodles occupy most of the page, it means you are a nature-lover and not exactly an outgoing person, but you want communication in reasonable amounts. Little doodles in the corner of the page indicate that their author likes order and discipline. The same is true for those who use the margin area as their canvas. They like it when everything is in its place. What if your doodles are right in the middle of that paper which was supposed to be for work? You are an extrovert seeking the attention of others. We can even guess your job: you must be a lawyer, a teacher or an official. Did we guess it right? Comment in the section below if it is true for you. Your job puts you in the limelight, but sometimes you would not mind some extra personal space. Are your doodles spread on top of the page? You must be a self-confident person with many ideas for the future. Most people tend to doodle on the left side of the page. It means the person has some sweet nostalgic memories of the good old days. Doodling on the right side is not that common. Left-handers do it for obvious natural reasons. As for right-handers who do that – it most likely shows they have an urge to express themselves or share some deep personal thoughts. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What your body language says about your personality and your relationship. You can understand what is happening in your relationship without any words. Don't worry; it might be not so dramatic as you imagine. There are a lot of things people try to communicate non-verbally. There is no need to say anything when our body language is expressive enough! The main thing is to read it correctly. TIMESTAMPS Situation 1. Everything is fine, and you like each other. 0:57 Your partner turns their body to you. 1:17 Their pupils dilate. 3:24 Too active in your presence. 3:54 Situation 2. Something is going wrong. You need to talk. 4:45 Their kisses become quick and formal. 5:09 Reaction to your jokes. 5:20 Body blocks. 5:39 bodylanguage attractpeople personalitytest SUMMARY Good signs - A fantastic indicator is if you start to notice that your hands touch each other by chance very often. There might be even no real reason for it. Or, even better, many specks of dust unexpectedly appear on your clothes that need to be urgently cleaned - what your partner diligently does! Well, with such signs, you can be sure that the interest in you is high. - Sometimes you might notice that, after telling some joke, the person who told it is looking at you and waiting for your reaction. Oh, that is an obvious sign of liking! - A shocking fact for you now: did you know that men usually stop smiling widely around the age of 5-6 years? If you notice that a man near you is wearing a Hollywood smile, it can mean that he is really happy, according to the words of the psychologist Patti Wood. - 100% proof that everything is going well is if you start to notice that your partner uses the same gestures and intonations that you do. It doesn't mean that they are trying to tease you. It is more probable that they like you and are copying you subconsciously! Bad signs - It is a bad sign if partners show contempt toward each other. It might be eye-rolling or speaking badly about the partner, making sarcastic remarks or even calling names. According to the statistics, it is a predictor that there is a threat of break-up or divorce. - You and your partner may sit at the table together, but if you are still eating your ravioli while your partner is already on their coffee and cheesecake, - too bad. Happy couples typically mirror each other's movements, therefore showing some synchronicity. It happens on a subconscious level, and its absence can be food for thought. - 'Arguing is a bad sign!' - you will say. Well, yes. But if partners are cold toward each other and keep their emotions conserved, it can be an indicator that they have moved past the point of no-return and don't have any feelings left to express. - Loving people tend to show care toward their beloved ones. If instead of straightening your clothes or smoothing your hair, they simply inform you that your hair is messy, you should think whether your relationship is still harmonious. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

@STUDY@ Zaada tar log apni puri brain power use nhi kar paate kyu ki vo nhi jaante ki apni willpower ko kaise badaya jaaye.Is video me humne Kelly Mcgonigal ki book “The Will power instinct ke bare me baat ki hai”. Jisme scientific way bataye hai apni will power ko increase karne ke liye. Agar aap apni brain power increase karna chahte hai t apni will power ko increase kare. Aur phir ye will power aap studie me laga sakte hai aur ache marks laa sakte hai. Ye video brain research par based hai aur kisi ka opinion nhi hai. Facebook :- Instagram:- Twitter:- Get the book:-

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