Free video about a funny clown in Barcelona. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license with the attribution to as the original author of this super funny clown video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A super funny clown is a stereotypical character, who commonly depicted with extravagant costumes, makeup or colorful hair. Usually, a funny clown is associated with an artist of the circus show, where people laugh at clowns. A super funny clown doctor is a popular job for actors. Laughing generates happy hormones, this helps the body to heal faster. The job of the super funny clowns in hospitals is to provoke laughter and to help patients to become healthy faster. A super funny clown is a comic character. The clown has its roots in roman comedy of Italian art, and in the silent films. We believe that nothing is impossible for super funny clowns. The funny actors use their greatest skills for improvisation, which is the most difficult level of comedy. Despite the colorful and festive costumes, many people show discomfort or fear of clown. This is normal, because some clowns are very scary and not funny. Super funny clowns can be grotesque and disturbing. The phobia of super funny clowns is known as the fear of clowns. It is defined as a persistent, abnormal, and uncontrollable fear of super funny clowns. The first major celebrity of super funny clowns was the mime artist Jean-Gaspard Deburau. This super funny clown appeared with a painted face in the early 19th Century in London without any circus show. The super funny clown has a typical face with makeup, a big red nose and a colorful costume. Super funny clowns love to wear wigs and drawing a big smile on their face. Super funny clowns have pants with funny gadgets that can entertain mothers and children. A complementary skill of the funny clowns are the musical instruments, balloons, or acrobatics. The humor of the super funny clown is often called white and silly. The super funny clowns like to play very simple jokes without words. This style of jokes has a historical origin is the funny theater from the medieval time. The funny circus show is the natural location for funny clowns. Circus clowns can have many specializations, like: music, dance, acrobatics and physical jokes. There is no clear division. The majority of super funny circus clowns can do anything that is funny for the children. Often the funny clowns use techniques that are very difficult and not funny, such as juggling or balancing. A super funny clown is one of the most creative and at the same time, the most complex and versatile professions. The history of clowns has many examples of clowns, who became actors. Many super funny clowns achieved considerable success in the film and theater industry. Today, almost every person in a city of Barcelona, has seen this super funny clown, if you are one of them, please like this video and be happy. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

A good video about the screen printing machine. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the screen printing machine. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The screen printing is a printing method with a special ink. The special ink is pressed trough a fine net onto the fabric. The net has holes, but not everywhere. The color can pass trough the holes onto the fabric. The spaces without the holes are without the color. The net must have an picture in the shape of the holes. The net can be made from silk, nylon or metal. This screen printing method is very good for many materials. It is possible to print on a flat material or on curved surfaces. These special ink can be used on different materials. On metal, plastic, wood, textile, glass and ceramic too. The size of the printed image has no limits. It can be bigger than the net. The image can have multiple parts and an unlimited number of colors, as long as the colors are all mixed together. The screen printing ink can be very thick or very thin. Multiple layers of ink can be printed on top of each-other. The printing speed is relatively slow, but the quality is very high. Screen printing is used in the advertising, for labels, in the printing processes on t-shirts, ceramic mugs and industrial applications. Many artists love the screen printing machines, because the artists can mix any color and all the prints are unique, every time ! Screen printing is a very traditional process. The printing frame has an image in the shape of a net with holes. This image can be made by a special machine, or it can be printed or painted with glue. It is possible to create everything with hands and without machines. The spaces without the glue will create the holes int the screen. The holes will allow the pain to go trough. The ink will create and image. The mask prevents the paint from going through. The holes allow the pain to go trough. The mask is an exact opposite of the final image. Quality is very important for women. The printing screen can be connected with a frame, so that it does not move during the printing process. The t-shirt is on the plate, so that it does not move during the printing process. The plate can be warm, so that the paint can enter the T-shirt much better. After the printing, the paint must become dry. It is possible to heat the pain, so that the textile and the pain will connect together. The heat connects the paint to the T-shirt. The paint does become part of the textile and can not be separated anymore. The modern screen printing process is relatively modern. It was invented in the first half of the 20th century. Europe and Japan used similar screen printing processes in the 18th and 19th centuries, but the machines were not as good as today. Many artists use the screen printing method for their art, because they can create everything at home. Even paper can be used for the screen printing. Just cut out the holes on paper and press the paint into the holes of the image on the paper. The screen printing process is very practical and easy. The graphical screen printing is used by artists. Industrial screen printing and textile printing is used on a large scale. There are very important printing applications for glass, ceramic and any products that are created in very large qualities. Industrial screen printing is also used for the manufacturing of electronics, solar cells, computers, window heating elements, dashboards, T-shirts, sport bags, curtain fabrics, clothing, carpets, and much more. Screen printing designs are produced with existing images of drawings. Manual production of screen printing frames is possible. The manual techniques are often used for education of artists. The screen printing process is very good for mixed colors and images with many small lines. The screen printing paints are very durable and can be used on any surface. You can re-use this video for free. Go ahead. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about marbling art on water. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this marbling art video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The marble paper is a decorated paper, that is created with a special process. The sheets of Ebru paper have been created since the 18th Century in Turkey and much earlier in China and Japan, because China invented paper. Today, the marbling paper is used for decoration and for very expensive books. The Ebru paper is also used for the packaging of very expensive luxury goods and gifts. The traditional marbled paper was invented in Japan and China, 1000 years after the fall of Jesus Christ. The marbling paper often looks like marble stones. For the painting of the marbling paper in Japan. A shallow pool was filled with water and gum jelly. The natural paint was a boiled water with plants, herbs and bark of the trees. The paint was painted on the jelly and then scraped off with paper. Today, special Ebru paints are used. No jelly is needed anymore. The modern Ebru paints help to break the surface of the water. The Ebru paints are not mixable with water. The Ebru paint can not mix with water or the other colors, because different Ebru paints have a consistency and the different size of molecules. The Ebru colors can be painted into ornamental patterns with different techniques. Natural marble patterns are possible. The Ebru paints can stick to the paper. A heavy sheet of paper must be placed on the Ebru paint in the water. The paper is laid onto the Ebru paint and then carefully removed. The paint sticks to the paper. The remains of the Ebru pain can be cleaned with water. The Ebru paint combines with the drying paper, after everything is dry. Paints with oil can be used. The Ebru paints with oil do allow to create marbling paper without the jelly in the water. However, the results of the Ebru art from Turkey are less impressive than those of the basis of the Japanese water color paints on the jelly, because the patterns can not be controlled without soft mistakes. The traditional Japanese method of painting on the jelly is more difficult, but also more beautiful, because the paint can mix on the jelly. Turkish oil colors have a specific granular appearance that can look artificial. Water colors can mix and create a natural emotion on the marbling paper from Japan. Marble paper is a high quality paper product. Each sheet of marbling paper represents a unique art, because the patters can never be repeated. This is why the marbling paper is so popular in mass production and decoration, because every picture looks different. Marble paper was used for covering book throughout Europe. Today, many marbling paper designs are produced and sold in Venice and Istanbul. In addition to the real marble paper, there are also cheap imitations from regular printers. Different tools can be used for the creation of Ebru art. Often, sharp tools are used to create dots and lines. Brushes can be used to create large surfaces. Dots of marbling paint are stretched into different shapes. Ebru art about nature is very popular. Flowers and leafs are very common. The geometric patterns of Ebru art are very easy to create. A comb is moved in the water to create any pattern very fast and for cheap. Real paintings of plants and stars are more difficult, but also more beautiful. A controlled movement of the paper can create a specific shape and a special Ebru art. The dark stripes can break through the lines and create a pattern of natural marble stone. The marbling of objects is also very popular. Special paints are used for creating Ebru art on plastic and metals. These patterns are created by the flotation of colors on the surface of water or very soft jelly. Textiles can be also used, instead of paper. The marbling art has been used for many centuries to decorate all kinds of surfaces and materials. The marbling paper is often used as a medium for writing of calligraphy, for posters and for books. Each Ebru art has a different pattern and gives a unique character to any object. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about caricature portrait. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this caricature portrait video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Caricatures are usually a pictorial form of satire, which sees itself as partisan criticism of existing values ​​or political conditions and is often used as a weapon in social conflicts. The caricature exaggerates aware escalates and distorted characteristic traits of an event or person to move through the indicated contrast to the reality and the contradictions shown the viewer of the cartoon to think. Often takes the cartoon on a topical issue sarcastic-ironic position. Major errors and deficiencies of the depicted person or of the object or event depicted are uncovered and exposed by the way the most graphic presentation of ridicule. The cartoon can more satirical or rather comedic be aligned, depending on whether they fully condemned their victims and making ridiculous or - as a mere joke drawing - just a few deficiencies in a low irony wants to comment. In addition to these political cartoons, there are portrait caricatures, which deal exclusively with the physiognomy occupied by people or their faces. We are talking here about emphasizing the striking facial features without losing the recognizability of the person. Often the cartoonist Typical personality traits tried to portray the public perception or a subjective interpretation of the caricatured person. In this category also fall the cartoons are made ​​by street artists at places such as on the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, or in theme parks. Here we speak of quick signatories. The first cartoons should have already existed in antiquity. In ancient Egyptian papyri, Greek vases or as a Roman mural are found sporadically cartoon-like representations. In medieval churches can be found on capitals of columns or in the Illumination satirical motifs. During the Reformation period were on leaflets representative of Protestantism and Catholicism caricatures of the respective other side. Leonardo da Vinci drew some grotesque caricatures of contemporaries. In the 16th century, the brothers devoted Carracci of portrait caricature. In Holland there was moralizing and satirical prints in the 17th century. The actual socio-critical caricature evolved in the 18th century in Great Britain. One of the forerunners of the modern cartoonists was William Hogarth with his modern life images that bursting with satirical swipes only pretending. With regard to the formal presentation structure differentiates the impersonal kind cartoon caricature personal type and the personal individual cartoon. The property caricature occurs least frequently. Although they are usually aimed at political and personal details action to obtain its statements primarily on things or objects, but can easily bring people in connection with certain of the viewer. The personal type cartoon deals with states, peoples, social groups, institutions and associations. A specific figure is representative of a government or the people of a particular nation in these cartoons for example. So represents the Michel , the Germans or Germany, Marianne , the French or France, the Yankee the Americans or the USA, elegant clothes and cylinder the entrepreneur, overalls and helmet to workers who Lederhosen Bayern etc. Also animal forms can such representation functions accept: examples are the British or the Bavarian Lion, the Russian or the Berlin bear, the Chinese dragon, etc. The event cartoon takes a punctual event, about one day events of temporary actuality a bead, eg. As the result of an election, the fall of a government, a political incident, a political speech, etc. The process of caricature is aimed at the historical changes, will turning points highlight, ascent and descent feature, deals with the before and after, or confronted with ideas of reality. Often such cartoons appear in a two- or multi-unit sequence and look of the respective presence in retrospect to the past. The state cartoon Although attacks mostly on current events, but endeavored, from them to attack lasting, little convertible, conservative structures satirically, about existing domination, social or economic systems. This also includes the panoramic caricatures who want to designate a day on the timeliness beyond reaching, general and longer-term political situation. The body is the main purpose of caricature, and especially the face deformation which will reveal the emotional and below the senses. The cartoon is a kind of rape consciousness barriers and taboos, or voluntary blindness recipient's subconscious are scanned by an image, which we first perceive the formally scandalous. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about the Asian calligraphy. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Asian calligraphy video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Asian calligraphy is famous for soft shapes and rich traditions. Ink and brushes are the tools for this art of the Asian calligraphy. I this video you can see the Korean calligraphy art from Asia. The Korean calligraphy began to evolve from the Chinese calligraphy, when China did invent calligraphy. In the past, all handwriting was form of calligraphy. Beauty and form was very important for the Asian calligraphy. The Chinese writing style did dominate Asia for many years, until every region did develop their own calligraphy style. Japan and Korea did invent their own style, that was based on the original calligraphy art from China. The Asian calligraphy was used for religion, art, poetry, music and advertising. There have been people who did pain the Chinese calligraphy for money. They did noting else. Just write anything in nice letters. Many people do believe that the written words can have the power to change to universe. The Asian people do believe that the wishes can come true, if the words are written in the nice style of the Asian calligraphy. The Korean calligraphy is similar to the African calligraphy. The Korean calligraphy can combine small paintings with letters. The animals and plants are very popular among the people who paint the Korean and the Chinese calligraphy art. The African calligraphy can also use animal pictures that are painted like letters. The idea is the same. The Korean and Chinese Calligraphy are often used for advertising, for famous words of famous people and for gifts. People love to paint Asian letters on small gifts and on red gift cards. The Chinese people love the red gift cards. The Korean people love the white gift cards. The Asian calligraphy can be very abstract or it can be very simple. There are different styles, that can be used for different results and ideas. The abstract Chinese calligraphy is often painted in the form of the object or person that the words are speaking about. The Japanese and the Chinese calligraphy can be very similar, because the Japanese language can use some of the Chinese letters. In the past the complex and beautiful Asian calligraphy was very important in Korea, Japan and China. Today, the calligraphy art is popular among the creative women from Asia. The regular women like to read fast and to write fast. The beautiful Korean calligraphy is only used for special products, letters or gifts. In the past, the Asian calligraphy was part of the education system in Korea, Japan and China. The students had to write letters in the style of calligraphy. Good handwriting was very important for thousands of years, until humanity did invent modern tools for communication. The Chinese culture is deep and old. The Chinese calligraphy is the result of the very long process of history and constant change that did change Asia over many generations. The modern women love to write the names of their lovers in the beautiful style of the Korean calligraphy. The small flowers, animals and plants make the letters more interesting and popular. The Asian countries of Japan, Korea and Japan have annual competitions for the best calligraphy artist. The calligraphy is very important for the Asian art. Many women around the world love to own a Chinese tattoo on their body. Very often, this tattoo with the Chinese calligraphy is about love, power, money or emotions of important proportions. Sometimes, the women buy the Chinese calligraphy tattoo for their skin, because it is beautiful, but has no special meaning. Yes, the Asian calligraphy is very popular among the people who love to have a tattoo on their skin. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

A free video about wok-fried noodles in Singapore. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original author of this video about wok-fried noodles in Singapore. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The fried noodles are the noodles that are very common in Asia. There are countless numbers of varieties, cooking styles, and ingredients, but they all have one common ingredient. The Chinese cuisine uses different types of noodles. Chinese noodles refer to the noodles that are made ​​from flour of wheat or rice. They are very different from the traditional Italian pasta. Chinese noodles are made ​​from dough with salt, therefore there is no need to add more salt into the boiling water. The Chinese noodles do cook faster, usually in less than 5 minutes. Some Chinese noodles reach this stage in less than a minute, and are ready to be eaten. The process of wok-fried Chinese noodles is very difficult to categorize, because there are many different versions of the Chinese noodles. Each noodle version can have a different name. Fried noodles are very popular in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other regions and communities where Chinese people work. The wok-fried noodles can also be prepared with a fired egg. Good Chinese restaurants prepare fresh noodles ​​by hand. The Chinese Muslims from western China also eat fired noodles. Wheat noodles are typically prepared from flour, salt and water with addition of eggs or alkaline water. Rice and starch noodles made from rice flour, starch and water. The Chinese noodles can be made ​​from rice flour or starch. Wheat noodles are more common in the north of China. Rice noodles are more popular the south of China. Wheat noodles are often made with eggs, alkaline water, arrowhead or tapioca. Wok-fried Noodles taste better, if they are made ​​from fresh noodles. Usually the Chines noodles are boiled in water, and the cook fry them in the Chinese wok. The fried noodles are eaten with very hot sauces, gravy,meat, egg, or soup. Some varieties of rice noodles are made from rice slurry. Unlike western noodles, the Chinese noodles are made fresh and are eaten fresh. In Singapore, the wok-fried noodles are eaten with curry powder, bean sprouts, soy sauce and very hot pepper. They are eaten with a vegetarian mix of plans or accompanied by chicken meat, beef and shrimp. The friend noodles appear on the menu of almost all Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The fried noodles with beef meat are called Ho Fun. The most common method of cooking Ho Fun is in soup before the wok. The main advantage of the wok, is the very round shape of the wok. This form provides a small region of intense heat at the bottom of the wok. A relatively small amount of fuel is needed for this point. The shape of the Chinese wok also helps to move the food without any danger of overflow or spills. Traditional Chinese woks have two opposing grips. The modern Chines woks have only one grip and are easier to use. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about tasty poffertjes. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about tasty poffertjes. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The poffertjes are the tasty pastries from the Netherlands. The women and children like them a lot. They look like small pancakes. They are relatively thick. The tasty poffertjes have a lot of butter and sugar. They are much sweeter than regular pancakes. In the Netherlands, the sweet poffertjes are often eaten with honey or Canadian syrup. Winter and Christmas are the time for eating the sweet poffertjes. The Poffertjes were invented in France, in 1795. The French monks invented the first Poffertjes. During the French Revolution, the French people did export the sweet poffertjes to the Netherlands. The tasty poffertjes became more popular in the Netherlands. The sweet business was born. The sweet poffertjes are a national food in the Netherlands. God restaurants, coffee shops and street shops do sell the sweet poffertjes in the Netherlands. The sweet poffertjes are also popular in the northern part of Germany, during the Christmas season. The tasty poffertjes contain 50% wheat flour and 50% buckwheat flour. Additional ingredients are milk, eggs, yeast, salt, melted butter and sugar or syrup. The tasty poffertjes are cooked in the special pan. The pan has many round dents. One dent for one poffertje. One spoon of the mix for each poffertje. The sweet poffertjes can be also cooked on a flat pan, but it is more difficult. The pan must be sprayed with vegetable oil, before cooking. This can be dangerous. The oil can create fire. Some bakery shops use butter, instead of vegetable oil. The cooking of the tasty poffertjes does require a lot of patience. Special tools are available for the shops and restaurants. The sweet poffertjes are very popular. The women love to eat them. Many small businesses earn a lot of money with the sweet poffertjes. Money can flow like a river, during the Christmas time in Europe. During the cooking time, the tasty poffertjes must be turned with a fork. The sweet poffertjes will be cooked from both sides, but the cream will stay liquid in the center. This is what what women love about the sweet poffertjes. The sweet cream makes women happy. The tasty poffertjes are very easy too cook, but they do need time and patience. In large restaurants, there are cooks that do cook the tasty poffertjes every day. Those cooks do make money by cooking the sweet poffertjes all day long. It is also possible to by frozen poffertjes from the supermarket. The frozen poffertjes can be cooked on a pan and will be as good as from the restaurant. There are many different ways to become rich. Some people did become rich by cooking tasty poffertjes in Europe. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about water wheels. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this water wheels video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! In the industrialized regions water wheels today have little or no economic significance. Most are available in numerous mills converted to museums, some drive smaller generators and serve the electricity. Partial water running wheels for decorative purposes without energy. In the castle Nymphenburg in Munich water wheels but for over 200 years now, its still the pumping stations for the two fountains in front of the castle. An important difference between water wheels and turbines : Water wheels can not control when and with widely varying amounts of water without significant loss of efficiency run. Most water wheels are in the developing countries of Africa and Asia as indispensable tools especially the agriculture available. The world's available power potential of water wheels in the range expected by some reliable estimates terawatt lie. Typically, a water provides a driving power in the one to two digit kilowatt range. It represents a contribution to the sustainable use of water power is because it due to its low power and decentralized arrangement requires only a small impact on nature. At the beginning served water wheels of irrigation in agriculture, as a bucket for lifting water, Such waterwheels since before the Christian era in the Hellenistic states and in the Roman Empire, and later in India and China widespread. In undershot water wheels, the water flows under the wheel by a goiter. The goiter ('K' in the schema sketch to midle-shot waterwheel) is a guide which is adapted to the wheel. It prevents water below and to the side of the blades flows without driving it. Due to the rather simple construction undershot water wheels are the oldest form of water wheels. A undershot waterwheel resembles a undershot, but with the water wheel that is immersed in an (almost) flat river and is driven solely by the flow rate. Compared to the undershot waterwheel is here only the natural flow rate of the water body of concern, an increase in available energy by an artificial slope in the water (along the water wheel or by a barrage before selbigem) does not occur. The waterwheel was in the course of power generation based on renewable energy Renaissance experience. Water wheels are characterized by a cost-effective implementation in existing channels (eg irrigation canals), where the structural and technical size limits of water wheels (drop height max. ≈8-10 m, max flow. ≈10 m³ / s) use in the field of small pretend and micro hydropower. Another extension was the waterwheel, receptacles and combination blades, permitting extensive irrigation near rivers. In Syria, the great waterwheels of Hama can measure up to 21 meters in diameter. They can be fed by the current strength or by an animal, human or a motor. The bulk of the water wheels is now in developing countries in Africa and Asia, where they still are an indispensable tool. Especially agriculture without waterwheels even today unthinkable. In industrialized areas most waterwheels serve today nevertheless no more for energy, but rather for nostalgic purposes. Where a water right is available and adequate, uniform hydropower is present, the energy through turbines operated. Therefore in industrialized regions, the economic significance of waterwheels today only slight. Therefore, most water wheels are now in the numerous museums, some float and small generators to serve the power supply. The invention of the waterwheel was a milestone in the technical development of mankind, since by harnessing hydropower opposite muscle very much more mechanical energy could be made ​​available. When water paddle wheels are water buckets are applied directly to the water wheel with its vanes, which is driven by the flow. It is, therefore, no power transmission through the shaft is necessary. At the highest point of the wheel empty the water bucket into a collecting basin, where it walks into a water kanaal. In the Middle Ages this technology was also in Central Europe its appearance, but not really in the Netherlands because the Dutch had a powerful means to generate energy, the windmill. They have stood back in Europe for several decades, and they are often replaced by modern irrigation systems. In Möherdorf in Germany are nine historic water paddle wheels in operation already before the beginning of the 15th century were in use. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the funny comedy of Karcocha. This free video was created for you by , and it can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the funny comedy of Karcocha. Official pages of the artist are: Facebook: Karcocha Street Art Youtube: El Karcocha Oficial Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! There are the special people who can create a positive atmosphere in any possible situation. Karcocha is one of those special people. He is one of the wonderful artists who have an ability to create a smile on the face of the people in the streets. In this funny video we can see the funny skills of Karcocha. The comedy is an interesting form of art. There is more creative freedom in the space of the comedy. The funny clowns can break the limits of culture. The funny comedians can break the limits of the social borders that are keeping us in the mental limitation. The comedy can be also be a good therapy for the emotional pain. When we create the funny jokes, then we change our internal emotions. The emotions are in control of our actions. When we feel happy, then we are able to do the positive things that are helping us to build a better future. The jokes and the smile are like the fuel for our soul. We want to be happy, we want to smile and to laugh as much as possible. The ability to create the smiles is like a gift to the soul. We can be very happy that Karcocha is creating a lot of smiles in the faces of the people. He is changing the mood for the millions of people who see his funny comedy on the Internet. This comedy can lead to the positive change in the world. The comedy can heal depression. The jokes and the entertainment are like a therapy for the mind. The funny people are like the angels of the good emotions among us. We find new hope and the new inspiration for life, when we are happy. The jokes of the Karcocha can make us happy. He has a very special talent for creating funny jokes in the different situations on the street. The improvisation is the special ability of Karcocha. The jokes are sometimes similar, and sometimes they are special and unique. The creation of the comedy is one of the highest forms of art. The jokes can be funny, or the jokes can be very funny too. The very funny jokes do require a high level of creativity or intelligence, which is the same. The understanding of the jokes does require the creativity too. The comedian has to understand the audience and the culture of the audience. Some jokes are very good, they are funny for almost all the people. Other jokes only work well, when we understand the culture and the situation. Karcocha uses his voice, but his jokes are very easy to understand, even without the words. The character of the Karcocha is a very funny man who is making the jokes about the people who walk on the street. The jokes are harmless most of the time. He does not force the people to be the part of the joke, if they do not want to. The jokes are short and very funny for the people too, if they are able to make a joke about themselves. The egoistic people can not make a joke about their own personality. The happy people do understand that we all have our personal limits and that we are not perfect in any way. The humble people are able to make a joke about their own mind. Karcocha likes to create the funny jokes that are connected to the stereotypes and the cultural standards. When we can laugh about out own culture, then we can break free from the limitations of this culture. Very often our culture does create many limits for our own mind, when we can not break the traditions or the limits that were set for us by our ancestors. The jokes and the comedy can help us to move beyond the culture that is not relevant in our modern life. We can be very glad that Karcocha is helping us to become more happy and less strict about our perception of reality. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about living statues. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this living statues video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Living statue is the term conventionally attributed to a mime, model and street artist together, posing street remaining motionless as a statue or a mannequin of the kind displayed in department stores and clothing stores. Follows the motto of English living statues, namely, living statue. This kind of mime, also called statuary, mimics with surprising realism, and thanks to a refined make up (makeup), the appearance of a real statue made ​​in white marble or bronze or made ​​of other materials (the changes can be endless). Often, these human statues have bright-colored reflections of ' gold or of ' silver or are enhanced by imaginative and changing decorations. Frequent is also the use of simple masks, in this case necessarily matched with appropriate costumes, often multicolored. Living statues are able to stay still for hours in the same position, making only small movements of the eyes and sometimes the head and hands: long is the training to minimize the flutter of eyelashes for long periods. To refine this technique, the artists must go through a long training aimed at obtaining a particular control of the nervous system undergoes a lot of stress in terms of patience that is under the statue itself. The purpose of a living statue - example of performer street - is to amaze and entertain the passer, often invited with subtle winks of the face (and sometimes with quick hand movements) to drop a coin in a special trash left on foot the base on which the statue poses. Living statues performing in the historic centers of the world and their use has become, over time, and uses different facets such as those in the exhibition showcases like mannequin or bait for original candid camera. Like other so-called performing art, living statues can work in certain shows or attend art exhibitions. Interestengly then the liaison between the world of the living statues and the particularly imitative of ' childhood, harsh light emotional expressiveness and results. The living statue is mentioned - directly or indirectly - also in science fiction and, more generally, in the world of fantasy. The meaning of these holdings has added value and a different and deeper meaning, since they often involve human beings. Another example is the movie of the 2005 House of Wax, which describes a city crowded with lifelike statues of wax that comes to life while remaining trapped in their sticky wrapper. In Don Giovanni of Mozart, the Commendatore, Donna Anna's father, also known as stone , it appears in two different scenes in the guise of a marble statue come to life to curse and to plunge into the flames, watched astonished the servant Leporello, the unfortunate protagonist. A living statue is formed by one or more persons, on a statue appear. This is achieved by makeup and custom clothing. In some performances, it is intended that the person or persons concerned actually (long-term) do not move, which requires a lot of concentration and a lot of stamina. The annual competition was in the Netherlands since 1996 every year in late August in Arnhem held under the name Dutch Championship Living Statue. Nowadays the World Statues Festival. On the Saturday there is for kids Kids Statues and on Sunday there is the championship for adults. The statues are present in both summer and winter. Many of them change costumes when the season changes, however, sometimes only the material is altered for example, is replaced by cotton wool or leather. It takes about 20-30 minutes to put on makeup, and usually work alone or in pairs. Among them are respect and usually does not occupy the position of another statue, but they are not friends. On the contrary, there is much competition and often the problem that the costumes are copied arises. Note that you can not just invent your own statue and choose your position since you risk a fine of 200 euros ! Being a statue is not just a hobby, but a real work and true to its own rules. From 9.00 to 21.00, you can witness the staggering numbers of statues of the Ramblas causing a spontaneous curiosity to know who is behind the mask. It is normally difficult to interview a statue, especially by the fact that talk breaks the magic they create, and again become normal people. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about the city of Erlangen. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this the city of Erlangen video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Today the town is mainly by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and diverse works of the technology group Siemens coined. The unincorporated area Mark, the communities Möhrendorf, Bubenreuth, Marloffstein, Spardorf and Buckenhof and the woodland Buckenhofer Forst (all the Erlangen-Höchstadt belonging), the cities of Nuremberg and Fürth, the municipality Obermichelbach ( district Fürth ) as well as the city Herzogenaurach and the community Heßdorf (both Erlangen-Höchstadt). Erlangen is located in a transition zone from maritime to continental climate. The Erlangen's Old Town has been repeatedly destroyed, most recently at the great fire in 1706. Only parts of the city walls in the northern city wall street and the rear ground floor of the former bathhouse. The first six Huguenots arrived at Erlangen on 17 May 1686 about 1500 followed in several waves. In addition, also came a few hundred Waldensian, but could not keep up and in 1688 moved on again. Before it could be seen could be expected how many refugees decided the Margrave, south of the Old Town Erlangen since founding the town called Neustadt Erlangen as autonomous legal settlement. The rational motive to promote the economy of their own country, the hope was combined in typical of absolutism way to fame as a city founder. The post-war period led to a further expansion, not only the number of students, but also the chairs. Especially the cooperation with the newcomers to Erlangen Siemens AG announced the further expansion decisive impetus and led among other things to build the southern area for the technical and scientific faculties. In 1961 the Hindenburg University Nuremberg was integrated as the Economic and Social Sciences and the College of Education in 1972 as Faculty of Education. The name of the university was then in University of Erlangen-Nuremberg changed . The population of Erlangen initially belonged to the diocese Würzburg, from 1017 to the Diocese of Bamberg. 1528 of the mayor and council of the first Lutheran pastor committed and therefore the Reformation introduced so that Erlangen for many years remained a Protestant city. The Catholic church, which soon increase received by French emigrants who had fled from the revolutionary turmoil, but fell because of the ever-changing political situation in a financial crisis. The Archdiocese of Bamberg belonged since 1803 to the Electorate of Bavaria, Erlangen was until 1806 Prussian, after four years French. As employees abroad subjects received the Erlanger clergy of Bamberg no grade. Only with the inclusion of Erlangen in Bavaria, this problem has been solved. The city flag is white and red. The lion in the lower part of the emblem represents the Erlangen's historic quarter. It is the Luxembourg-Bohemian lion, which is detectable in the city seals since 1389. In the upper half are of Brandenburg and the Prussian eagle, symbolizing the Town of Erlangen. They decorated the New Town emblem since 1707. The letters E and S stand for Elisabeth Sophie, the wife of the Margrave Christian Ernst. Since 1977 the city of Erlangen used as a badge next to the coat of arms a 1976 designed by the Munich-based designer Walter Tafelmaier Signet with the lettering city Erlangen, which the mission statement with its design Erlangen - open from tradition graphically transposed. In 1860 Erlangen exported three times as much beer as Munich. The invention of the refrigerator at the beginning of the 1880s brought this soaring to an abrupt end. Today in Erlangen there are only two breweries. The establishment of the cotton mill AG in 1880 opened a new industry in Erlangen. Through several mergers was created in 1927 the cotton industry Erlangen-Bamberg (ERBA), which employed before the Second World War, more than 5,000 employees. Erlangen is one of the economically strongest cities in Germany. As a result of long-standing efforts to promote new, innovative technologies Erlangen was founded in 1998 as the first Bavarian metropolis entitled Economics friendly community honored by the Bavarian State Government. Since autumn 2007, the retail landscape of Erlanger city is through the covered shopping arcade Erlangen Arcaden marked on three floors with nearly one hundred retail outlets. In two citizens' initiative (2004 and 2005), the Erlanger population had expressed for the establishment of the passage in the grounds of the former main post office. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about circular stone saw. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this circular stone saw video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A concrete stone saw ready for use. The man in the background is preparing the hose to cool the stone saw with water, while the operator is moving the tool to the required position. A powerful engine drives the circular stone saw. A concrete stone saw, or concrete, is a machined tool, used for cutting elements of concrete. To cut concrete blocks form a stone saw used circular has teeth TCT or artificial diamond ; these special teeth are hardened to achieve high strength and toughness. The stone saw is driven by an internal combustion engine. The great friction generated in the cutting of hard materials such as concrete, requires these discoidal stone saws must be constantly cooled with water. In conventional diamond cutting discs in the lower and middle quality segment of a cooling break is observed. This required cooling time is referred to these products. In professional applications are increasingly being special blades for use, do not require a cooling period. Certain additives in the metallic bond and a special laser welding seam joining the segment with the master sheet, thus allowing a more efficient operation. Not only the average power (cutting ability, efficiency and service life) is characterized by a high quality diamond blade. Fatigue-free operation and reduced noise level is essential in the daily use of this technique. The load on the server, especially the sound exposure is significantly minimized by the use of perforated steel blades. Nevertheless, the wearing of acoustic protection is offered, and respiratory protection -measures if dusts. The circular stone saw is a tool used to perform straight cuts on different types of materials including, wood and wood products, plastics, metals and many others. Portable circular stone saws : they are very compact and lightweight as it should be challenged by the operator. In this type of machine, the workpiece is placed on a work bench and the car runs over it on its slipper thrust by the operator. This is a very handy portable tool: unlike fixed stone saws, portable stone saw is supplied to the object to be cut (not the reverse). It has a bearing surface through which the blade, and a guide for making relatively precise cutouts. The blade is generally attached directly to the motor shaft. The circular stone saws are special portable stone saws or motor and blade are mounted on the system to hide the blade in a housing outside the operating time of the machine. A spring acts to make up the blade and it is necessary to press the handle to make a cut. In addition to increased security, this device along with a guide rail allows for better precision cuts and make full panel cuts. The stonework is the craft and art of tilling the stone for use in construction. Different artisans involved in the process are called cabuqueros, sculptors, masons and carvers and carvers. The stone is the raw material of stonework, varying techniques and tools used according to their hardness, brittleness, geological composition, depending on whether it is fine grained, thickness, etc. When the sculptor has changed the raw block of stone to give his work its general form, it then uses a grater or riffler to improve the sculpture and give it its final shape. The sculptor uses the grater to remove excess stone as small chips or dust. The riffler is instead used to create details such as folds in clothing or hair strands. The stone saw is a tool used to cut wood or other materials. It consists of a blade with sharp teeth and managed to hand or by other sources of energy, such as steam, water or electricity. According to the material being cut different types of stone saw blades are used. According to Greek mythology, was invented by Perdix, the nephew of Daedalus. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about bag packaging machine. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this bag packaging machine video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Stretch film is the umbrella term for elastic films which can be extremely stretch without cracking. We extend these films within its elastic range, they have an elastic restoring force. Some of these films are also liable under severe strain successive still good, which is exploited for various applications. This adhesive force on itself, the most multi-layered films is built, through formulation of sticky polymers, or by mixing migrating sticky, highly viscous polyisobutylene, during film production (= extrusion reached) in the film surface layer. In the supermarket they are used for packaging of meat and vegetables in trays and bowls. In household using cling film to cover bowls and for wrapping food. Cling films on PVC basis have the advantage that drop formation is avoided and no condensation forms on the film due to their polarity. In the supermarket this is anti fog property of the film very much appreciated, otherwise the packaging unit by water misting (drops) can be unsightly. Cling films are also on the basis of polyethylene produced. The expert speaks of agricultural stretch film with the aid of conserved animal feed are produced by lactic acid fermentation. The good extensibility and adhesiveness of the film enables this crucial airtight packaging of silage. The film thickness is 25 microns, the roll widths are 500 mm or 750 mm, depending on the used silage stretch machine. Depending on the daily volume range, the range is backed up manually with hand-stretch film machine or machines with stretch film wrappers (= stretch wrapper, stretch equipment, stretch equipment). To use this get a maximum of 20 kg rolls, which are processed to semi and fully automatic stretch systems. In the beverage industry, fully automatic stretch systems are usually an integral part of the bottling plant. Stretch winders are available in different designs and price ranges, semi- to fully automatic, for the horizontal and vertical Pallets, the expert speaks of stretch wrapping. Stretch film in roll widths 100-250 mm are used for bundling long transport goods. Perforated (macro-perforated) stretch film is used to secure pallets where air circulation is required (plants, cardboard has yet to dry it, in an autoclave sterilized canning). A more exotic applications, the range of bondage, but also the protection of luggage at airports. With a consumption of 1.5 million tons per year in Europe, is in stretch film to a mass product of the European foil industry. The automatic winders, unlike those semi-automatic include a conveyor system to automatically load the machine and automated systems for applying, seal and cut the film. They are used for high production. The stretch film is also used in airports, at the request of interested travelers. to pack the hold baggage processing of the planes, so as to reduce the possibility of damage due to accidental opening or infiltration of moisture and to discourage theft. Rotating platform: the load to be wrapped is placed on a turntable which enables the load to rotate while the stretch film reel, which positioned in a trolley able to move vertically along a riser fixed, envelops it. The winding is obtained by the combined action of these two elements by rotating the load at a speed greater than the film. Rewinder rotating arm: in this system the reel of film is positioned on a trolley that slides vertically along the rotating arm. The load REMAINING still while the machine arm rotates around the load wrapping. These winders are able to reach very high production capacity. Wrapper rotating ring: The stretch film reel is positioned on a carriage which slides along a horizontal ring. in this system the load remains stationary while the ring rotates around the horizontal moving vertically. These winders are able to reach very high production. The word luggage is used to denote a variety of goods which can carry on a person. In a literal sense, it is usually a briefcase, purse or backpack which they bring when they travel. The word luggage is originally from the Old French. The word bague that bundle does, however, stems from the Germanic origins. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Opera Singing. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Opera Singing video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The silhouette is an arts and crafts techniques (Psaligraphie) and also the name for the result. This is paper or other flat material by means of a scissors cutting or special tools machined (eg cuttings) that either the remaining or the cutouts outline or both result in a vivid image that realistic or schematic ( ornaments ) can be. The paper cutting art, originally in North China located, is one of the oldest folk arts of China. After the turn of the century he had initially lost importance because the window glass paper to which they used to glue paper cutouts replaced. Each province has its particular style and its specific color scheme. In Germany, the silhouette was popular in the culture of Goethe's time and the 19 Century, dedicated to the art of silhouetting has Konewka Paul. An important representative of the silhouette in the Art Nouveau style is the illustrator Marcus Behmer, who has used his scissors cuts partly also as a template for ornamental designs. The German paper cutting art club eV dedicated to the care of this art and the archive of artist biographies and work samples. Even nowadays have classic and modern silhouettes her lover circle in the art scene. Known representatives of modernity are the scissors cut paper and artist Brigitte Prommegger-Weilguni and the Swiss paper cutter Adam Dario Keel. The Swiss Post has issued four stamps in the autumn of 2007, with designs by Swiss papercut artists. World champion as fastest silhouette artist ( Guinness Book of World Records 1982) is now based in Dusseldorf, Frenchman Jaques Maté (actually Jacques Matéo). In the 1980s, he participated in many television shows and had some prominent models such as Brandt and Kohl, recently he is still portrayed with scissors and paper fairs and Christmas markets. In 2010, he announced the end of the Dortmund Christmas market to sell his business. In Poland the colorful be Łowicz silhouettes cut. We also speak in the plural, to cut paper, or cutting, or even in reference to canivets small knife that can be used. We can not say exactly when was the art of paper cutting. It probably goes back to the dawn of time. It is practiced in China since before the invention of paper, the oldest attested copies back to the Han dynasty (-206 to 220). The technique is probably arrived in Europe via Persia and the Balkans: it is attested in Central Europe since 1600. Hans Christian Andersen known for his ability to produce carvings paper has left many of whom 1500 were retained by Henry Dickens (1849-1933) son of Charles Dickens in which Andersen visited. From the beginning of xix th century, with portraits, shadows, the middle classes begin to have access to paper cutting art. As later at the photographer, the sponsor of a silhouette poses. More it is large and complicated, more expensive it is: this is why the portraits are often limited to the heads. The photo will spread to the general public until 1884, with Eastman Kodak. In Switzerland, the paper cutting art is gradually spreading in the country. The first Swiss cutters whose name, from the countryside are known, lived in xix th century between Saanen and Country Enhaut. Among them, the best known are probably Johann Jakob Hauswirth (1809-1871) and Louis Saugy (1871-1953). Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about hammered dulcimer. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this hammered dulcimer video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The hammered dulcimer is a stringed instrument that the box zithern is counted. His strings are with small mallets struck or mallets made ​​of wood, also with leather or felt can be covered. Due to the nature of tone, it also belongs to the group of percussion instruments. To achieve particular effects can you hit the strings with the fingers plucking. The instrument can trapeze - having Halbtrapez-, rectangular or wing shape. Modern instruments have the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. In most run over two bridges metal strings. Per tone two, three or more strings are usually grouped, the dulcimer is therefore two, three, four or fünfchörig. The strings with tuning pegs voted. Design and selection of mallets have a material effect on the tone. The thesis of Curt Sachs, the origin of the dulcimer lying in the middle east, has been refuted by more recent researchers (Heyde, Gifford). Gifford says that condition is a drawn steel wire, the there is only since the 14th century. Forged wire is unsuitable for musical instruments, and gut strings plucked would result in a better sound. An influence from the Middle East is obvious, however for one of the forerunners of the hammered dulcimer, the psaltery. Gifford dated the Psalter from the 11th century, it was from the aforementioned sound reasons rather than plucked beaten. Under the name dulcimer dulcimer 1470 in England is detected, the American variant Appalachian dulcimer is known since the beginning of the 19th century. The Iranian dulcimer santur was shown for the first time in the 17th century, his name was older. In the 1950s, the place Santur input in the North Indian classical music. The Thai dulcimer called Khim. From the 18th century came with mallets struck box zithers probably from Europe to China. Another theory suggests that the Iranian version of the hammered dulcimer have taken the land route through Central Asia. The fundamental barrier to the vortex of the Yang-Qin mounted as in the European dulcimer on the slanted deck plate, the Iranian as the Iraqi santur, however, are attached to the edge. From China it spread further to Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. The Eastern European Cymbal is the first half of the 16th century is in Hungary. It has been used since 1637 by Jewish itinerant musicians, the Prague Bohemian trigger Cymbaltradition. During the 17th century itinerant musicians of different origins bring the instrument as Bandura in the Ukraine and Belarus. The development of the legendary in his time pantalonischen Cymbals 1697 by Pantaleon Hebenstreit based on Bohemian tradition. It was about four times as large as the normal dulcimer, had a double soundboard and both metal and gut strings used. 1717 summarizes the English Dulcimer on the coast of North America by foot, at the same time it is in China as Yangqin (yang ch'in, foreign zither) adapted. Meanwhile, place the dulcimer in the form of salterio ( salterio tedesco, literally German psaltery), input in the Italian and Spanish Baroque music. After hesitant beginnings, the dulcimer comes in the course of the 18th century in some regions of Austria was very fashionable. 1874 invents Venczel József Schunda in Budapest in a very short time very successful Pedalcymbalon, short cimbalom called in chromatic similar mood and strings build the Salzburg dulcimer, but still partially diatonic. Shortly before the Second World War to develop the Salzburg Tobi Reiser and the instrument maker Heinrich Band Zauner vollchromatisches a dulcimer without sharing webs that to the 6-plus-6-instruments counts. It consists of several strings of wire arranged in groups of two to five note and distributed along a flat box-shaped resonance and trapezoidal. The strings pass over bridges that are coupled to the soundboard. Each string is equipped with a damper controlled by a pedal. The tessitura of the dulcimer is quite wide and ranges from two to six tones.The sound is when hit by a light hammers that produce a vibrant, dry, metallic sound. There are variants available chromatic scales and not chromatic. This instrument is in the folk music of all Europe ; serve as an example hackbrett Swiss, the cimbal Czech and santuori Greek. In the late nineteenth century, the dulcimer Hungarian, the cymbal with mallets or cimbalom, resulted in an elaborate instrument, fully chromatic, with four legs and a pedal muted as the piano. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about beer robot. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this beer robot video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The beer robots will act respecting the laws of beer robotics, but not as a moral rule because the structure of their Positronic brain is built around them; in fact, they were based build beer robots that do not require redo the whole science of beer robotics. These laws arise as a measure of protection for humans. According to Isaac Asimov, the design of these laws wanted to counteract the fear that beer robots could rebel and attack their creators, and are no more than a law enforcement tools, not made to be too obvious: tool should be safe, should do the job for which it is made and should not be damaged. Beer robots are learning. Repeat a sequence of movements that has been previously performed by a human operator. The way to do this is through a mechanical device. The operator performs the required movements while the beer robot followed and memorized. Beer robots controlled by sensors. The driver is a computer program executes commands and sends the manipulator to perform the necessary movements. Intelligent beer robots. They are similar to the above, but also have sensors that send information to the computer to control the state of the process. This enables intelligent decision making and process control in real time. The architecture is defined by the type of general configuration of the beer robot, can be metamorphic. The concept of metamorphism of recent onset, has been introduced to increase the functional flexibility of a beer robot by changing your settings for the beer robot itself. Metamorphism supports several levels, from elementary to the more complex as the change or alteration of some of its structural elements or subsystems. The devices and mechanisms that can be grouped under the generic name of the beer robot, as indicated, are very diverse and it is therefore difficult to establish a coherent classification of the same resist a rigorous and critical analysis. The subdivision of beer robots, based on its architecture is in the following groups: Poliarticulats, Mobile, Android, zoomorphic and Hybrids. Beer robots are large displacement capacity based on carts or platforms equipped with a rolling type of locomotor system. Continue your way to remote or guided by the information received from its environment through its sensors. These beer robots ensure transport of parts from one point to another in a chain of manufacture. beer robots are trying to reproduce all or part of the shape and behavior of the human kinematics. Currently android devices are still little advanced and without practical utility, and intended mainly to study and experimentation. One of the most complex of these beer robots, focusing on which most of the work is that of bipedal locomotion. In this case, the main problem is to control dynamic coordination process in real time and simultaneously maintain the balance of the beer robot. Beer robots zoomorphic considered that in no way restrictive might also include the androids are characterized mainly by a class of transport systems that mimic the various living beings. Despite the disparity of their possible morphological systems of locomotion is convenient to group zoomorphic beer robots into two main categories: walkers and walkers. The group of walkers is not zoomorphic beer robots evolved very little. The experienced made in Japan based on cylindrical segments beveled axially coupled together and endowed with a relative movement of rotation. beer robots zoomorphic multípedes walkers are very large and are being experienced in several laboratories with a view to further development of real terrain vehicles, or pilotejant autonomous, able to evolve in very rugged surfaces. The applications of these beer robots will be interesting in the field of space exploration and the study of volcanoes. These beer robots correspond to those difficult to classify the structure of which is in combination with any of the above already exposed, either by combination or juxtaposition. For example, a device with segmented and articulated wheel is simultaneously one of the attributes of mobile beer robots and beer robots zoomorphic. Similarly be considered hybrids formed by some beer robots juxtaposition of a body formed by a car and a mobile arm similar to that of industrial beer robots. In such a situation there are some anthropomorphic beer robots that can not be classified as either mobile or as androids, so is the case of personal beer robots. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Hamburg Shopping. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Hamburg Shopping video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Jungfernstieg is located in the center of Hamburg, including the Gänsemarkt and Piazza del Municipio. The Hanseatic Quarter is a shopping mall in the Hamburg city center between Post Road and Great bleaching. It was opened on 14 November 1980, offers on 9000 m² of space for 60 shops. Owner is the Allianz Life Insurance Company. The building complex yet additionally comprises a hotel, offices, apartments and a parking garage and is a total of 45,000 m² in size. The Jungfernstieg is a road on the southern shore of the Inner Alster in Hamburg city center. It runs from the Reesendamm bridge to the goose market and is the first street in Germany, the asphalt was (1838). The street name means street of virgins and is derived from custom, or one for which a time, to Sunday, unmarried women of the middle classes were conducted for a walk in the area with their families. The Reeperbahn is the central street in Hamburg entertainment and red-light district of the district of St. Pauli. It is about 930 meters long and runs from Millerntorplatz to the west up to the Nobistor ( Hamburg-Altona ), where in the King's Road passes. It is considered sinful mile in the world. The New Wall is a commercial street in Hamburg Neustadt. The road stretches for about 580 meters from the Jungfernstieg with a slight slope in a south-westerly direction to Stadthausbrücke and from Alsterfleet and Bleichenfleet limited. The shopping road is one-way street from Stadthausbrücke. Shops and restaurants are all geared to consumers with high purchasing power. She belongs to a study by Jones Lang LaSalle 's ten leading luxury shopping streets in Europe. The New Wall is regarded as Hamburg's most expensive shopping street and with its range of shops compete with the Munich Residence Maximilian Street. In the streets are full of designer shops, furniture stores and stores that carry only a luxury segment, level. Nearby Jungfernstieg are a jewelry store, shoe shops and several branches leading international fashion houses. Rents here are higher at the end of the road, close to Stadthausbrücke are due to the slightly lower rents businesses with larger retail space, including a furniture store. In the middle section there are several textile shops, porcelain and a lamp shop. The legal framework of the architects Patschan, Winking, Trix Haussmann and should halt the decline by the formation of the new town shopping arcades attractiveness Moenckebergstraße stop. The proliferation of neon signs has been contained, the windows again adapted the original facades; the road was concentrated and banished the private traffic from the road. When shopping arcade of shops are available in a common structural unit. The development and orientation of the expenses is carried toward the parking lot and onto the street. Particularly widespread this form is today in the United States, where rows of shops made ​​of a cast as strip malls are known. Since the eighties increasingly shopping centers are planned and built in the inner cities. This trend has accelerated since at least the late nineties rapidly. For a number of years can be observed by an ever-increasing density of spatially close to each other located shopping centers with simultaneous loss of purchasing power of consumers crowding-out. The possible consequences for retail are not yet in sight. There is research showing that most of the customers enter many shopping centers not on the road, but over the garage. The type of the shopping center has been optimized to the extent in recent decades that specialized developers largely define the layout and design of the building, while external architects - if ever - used only for the design of the facades and required by the local urban integration be. The size of the shopping centers depends on the catchment areas of the purchaser and can range from a few to hundreds of shops. In a larger centers is often entertainment integrated, such as cinemas or catering businesses. As a rule value is the shopping center complex with a leased retail space of 10,000 square meters. The Europa Passage is a shopping mall in the Hamburg city center between Jungfernstieg and Mönckebergstrasse. It was opened on 5 October 2006. On five floor levels and a length of 160 meters is space for about 120 stores with 30,000 m². Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about the Chinese wok. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the Chinese wok. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Chinese wok is a special tool for the Asian kitchen. The main advantage of the Chinese wok is the high edge. This shape of the Chinese wok has a small spot for intense heat at the bottom of the Chinese wok. It is possible to save fuel, while cooking a big meal for many people. The curved shape also allows the food in different parts of the pan, without any danger of overflow. Curved walls provide the protection against extreme heat and burning. The word Chinese wok comes from the Cantonese language, and it means pan in Chinese. Most Chinese people use the word Guo in the official Chinese life. The western people use the name: Chinese Wok. The best Chinese wok has a long wooden handle and a strong steel pan. The Indonesian wok has two handles for cooking on fire. Originally a Chinese wok was a flat pan. The fire was creating a dent in the flat steel plate. People began to use the hammer to repair the dent in the steel plate. Some people created an even bigger dent. The Chinese wok was created in that time. The invention of the wok created a new way of cooking. When used properly, the Chinese wok can last for 100 years. The modern Chinese wok can be made ​​from stainless steel or aluminum, with enamel or a Teflon coating. The traditional Chinese wok is only made from carbon steel. It is best to use the traditional Chinese wok. Carbon steel can rust very quickly, the traditional Chinese wok must be cleaned without the detergent with a bamboo brush. The carbon steel can soak up the oil and fat on the surface, which gives the Chinese wok a special anti-stick properties. Therefore it is better to never use soap on the Chinese wok, so that the fat can stick to the metal. The combination a high temperature, and the layer of fat can create a special Chinese flavor and aroma of the food that is cooked in the Chinese wok. This aroma is the breath of the Chinese wok. The Chinese people love it ! The Indonesian wok is not related to the Chinese wok. They are very different tools. The Indonesia wok is like a cooking pot that can be used on fire. The Indonesian people use it for cooking soup and coconut on the slow fire. The Chinese wok is used for cooking very fast and to use a lot of oil for rice and noodles. The flame can create fire in the wok. The fire on the food can create an interesting flavor. The western people love to eat Chinese food, because it is exotic and interesting for them. There are many fast food restaurants for Asian food in Europe. The wet rice and wet noodles can be cooked very fast in the Chinese wok. One small restaurant can create food for 1000 people every day. The cook will be very tired, but also very rich. Cooking the food in the Chinese wok is a very fast way to make money in Europe, because the people love everything that is exotic and new for them. The modern Chinese wok has multiple layers of materials. There is a ceramic insulation that can keep the wok worm and hot for a longer period of time. The cook can save electricity or gas and the profit is higher. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Cyr Wheel. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Cyr Wheel video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A Cyr Wheel or Roue Cyr is a sports or acrobatics device similar to the drum hoop, but only with a single tire. The IRV (International Wheel Gymnastics Federation) has the sports equipment initially with the official name Monowheel included in the competition program. The name was at the annual meeting of the Association of line 2013. Cyr Wheel amended. For the first time was the Cyr Wheel at the World Championships in 2013 in Chicago part of the title fights. The wheel consists of a bent steel tube, it is optionally coated with epoxy resin and taped at the points that must be especially secure. The steel pipe has a diameter of 3 to 5 centimeter, the tire itself has a diameter which is 10 to 20 centimeters greater than the person who wants to use it. The weight of the Cyr Wheels can be 7 to 15 kilograms. Named after the wheel is Daniel Cyr, who is not his inventor Although it but in 2003 as winner of the silver medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain had introduced in Paris. Known worldwide, it was the performance at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006. Use of Einreifens is however already documented in the 19th and 20th centuries. By reducing to a single tire that Cyr is much faster and more dynamic to enable rotations than the drum hoop. At the same time it stabilizes itself and the artists inside the wheel by the rotation, similar to the operation of a gyro. Since the internal, secure handles the Rhönrades missing hands are to be associated with using the Cyr but significantly endangered, squeezed. The Cyr Wheel is a circus apparatus. It is a torus solid metal about two meters in diameter, and the circular section is approximately five centimeters in diameter. The acrobat puts the rotating object in the handling and is inserted therein to perform tricks. The Cyr Wheel is a sports device, which consists only of a tire as opposed to drum hoop, and it is becoming more popular. Therefore, the International Wheel Gymnastics (IRV) had for an additional competition decided decided in the framework of the World Championships 2011 in Arnsberg, where some of the best Cyr Wheel acrobats had pledged from around the world. When Cyr Wheel there are no handholds or loops for hands and feet. With pure body control keep the athletes in the wheel, which, sometimes rotates at breakneck speed times around its own axis close to the ground. A Monowheel is a mostly motorized vehicle with an (external) wheel. Unlike the unicycle is not sitting on the bike, but laterally offset in him or. The wheel bearing is that of a Orbitalrads. They are now driven mainly for entertainment purposes, but applicable during its pioneering days in the 1860s until the 1930s well as potentially serious transport. Since 2014 there are electric powered unicycles - mostly without saddle - with steps, in addition to other names like Solowheel also Monowheel be called. These mono Wheels are based on the Segway technology. The wheel gymnastics is a form of gymnastics invented in Germany in 1925 by Otto Feick in the city Bavarian of Schönau an der Brend, nestled in the mountain range of Rhon (hence the name). The gymnast performs exercises using a large wheel called Rhönrad ( wheel gymnastics, in Italian) or German Wheel. There are three types of disciplines: Linear, Spiral and Vault. The wheel consists of two large wheels parallel metal joined together by horizontal bars. The latter are used by the gymnast as blocks: some have small platforms useful to rest your feet comfortably, while others have handles to improve grip with your hands. The diameter of the tool is variable based on the height of the gymnast: typically can reach two meters in diameter. Throughout the year the wheel has to touch the ground with only one of the two wheels at a time. Elements are carried out with the wheel inclined more than 45 ° and elements with an inclination of less than 45 ° in the final stage of the year. The output should be performed at the wheel stops on the two circles. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about quadricycle. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this quadricycle video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! It is called Tandem a particular type of bicycle equipped with more than one seat and a pair of pedals, and can be moved by pedaling more than one person. Originally were built by welding two bicycle frames together. At present the components have been improved and built high-end tandems, both road and mountain. As a tandem has to bear more weight, usually take more robust components. The word is also used tandem to indicate elements of the same type that are positioned in series, ie one after another, and serve the same function in a mechanism. Thus, the term has been applied to the tandem bicycle, as well as the use of two consecutive wheels on trucks, trailers and locomotives to provide improved traction and support the load. In a tandem has double the pedaling power with a slight increase in friction losses in the transmission, and has just over a simple drag bike. High performance tandems can weigh less than two bicycles, so that the power to weight ratio can be even better than that of a single cycle. Two cyclists on a tandem well combined can move faster and farther than one. In flat and downhill areas, tandems are clearly faster. In the ups should not have to be slower, despite widespread belief, although the coordination of pedaling cadence can make the performance is decreased. Although tandems are associated with two cyclists, may be for any number, the world record is 40 for a tandem bicycle that was built in 1984 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. The most common is that tandems are for two adults, but there are tandems designed to carry any combination of adults and children. In a tandem going forward governs the management, brakes and gearshift, while one or more other bikers just pedal. It is noteworthy that to successfully drive a tandem effective coordination between the crew must be achieved. The quadricycle, often called quad is a four-wheeled vehicle. The first experimental steam cars were called quads to steam, and some of the first cars internal combustion motor quads were called. The terms automobile and cars became universal, supplanting the use. There are different models depending on the number of places, the most common are two-and four-seater, but there are also cars. This vehicle has a higher pedal stability because others are founded on two axles and four wheels. The position of handle, usually the driver sits and extends the feet to the pedals, while the bicycle driver is mounted on the frame and the pedals, and the trike position is semiacostado to reach the pedal. These vehicles are treading pedals moved earlier by simple pendulum pedals, since the 1960s with the introduction of Kettcars the company Kettler like a bicycle. A pedal car is a toy vehicle and is not used for long distances. Originally pedal cars were intended for adults, but since the 50s they are more for children. With a trailer small loads can be transported; the trailer is a trailer hitch attached to the go-kart. Some pedal cars are made ​​under license from the major automotive brands. The original go-kart was a German product with the brand name Kettcar. The word is derived from the name of Heinz Kettler, the manufacturer. In touristy areas are pedal cars are rented to tourists. The rosalie or cuistax ( Belgium ), is a small vehicle terrestrial velocipede, usually quadricycle or, more rarely, tricycle can accommodate more passengers, each of which has pedals for propulsion. The rosalies have been used since 1853 and have been the source of several types of vehicles for different needs, including tourist rentals, pedal taxis, private tours, uses mountains and industrial sites. To use fun, it is offered for rent for the walk in places tourism such as amusement parks and resorts. A beer bike is a bike on which a counter is mounted. The beer bike is suitable for 10 to 20 people, who while they sit at the bar for the drive take care. The beer bike is often used by tourists and bachelorette parties. The bicycle counter works on the basic principle of the bicycle. The passengers sit facing each other at a table and pedal, which drive the vehicle. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Industrial Robot Automation. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Industrial Robot Automation video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Robot Automation is a system of automatic control mechanisms by which check its own operation, making measurements and introducing corrections without the need for interference of man. In its modern usage, Robot Automation can be defined as a technology that uses programmed commands to operate a given process, combined with information feedback to determine the commands to be executed properly, often used in processes before operated by humans is the application of computerized or mechanical techniques to reduce the use of hand labor in any process, especially the use of robots in production lines. Robot Automation reduces costs and increases production speed. Industrial Robot Automation of a machine / process essentially consists in choosing from among the various technologies that are available to us, the best adapted to the process to develop and the best way to connect to always ensure the best value cost benefit. Industrial Robot Automation is the application of techniques, software and / or specific equipment on a given machine or industrial process, in order to increase their efficiency, maximize production with less consumption of energy and / or raw materials, lower emission of waste of any kind, improved security conditions, whether material, human or information concerning this process, or even to reduce stress or human interference about this process or machine. It is a step beyond mechanization, where human operators are provided with machinery to assist them in their work. Business Robot Automation Branch which is the application of specific techniques in optimizing business processes, usually using more software than hardware, such as: systems inventory control, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, goods identification a bar code or radio frequency identification (RFID), etc. Home Robot Automation - Application of Robot Automation techniques for improved comfort and safety of homes and housing developments, such as: access control for biometrics, intercom and electronic gates, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), brightness control environments, control humidity, temperature and air conditioning (HVAC), etc. To enable the Robot Automation of a particular process, there is a preliminary need to conduct a technical study (also called basic engineering or data collection) that will check all the necessities for the desired process, serving as a resource for the identification, analysis and determination the best control strategy and to choose the hardware resource and / or software necessary for the application. Currently, Robot Automation is present at different levels of activity of man, from the residences, in traffic, through traffic and signaling control systems in commercial buildings, purchasing processes, sale and transport of goods, primary and secondary industrial processes and even in space journeys. Prior to the introduction of Robot Automation replacing manual labor occurred through the mechanization of the main and auxiliary operations of the production process. Intellectual work has long remained not mechanical (manual). Currently, the operation of the physical and intellectual labor, to formalize and become the object of mechanization and Robot Automation. Process Robot Automation began much earlier than we might seem - Robot Automation actually appeared almost immediately with the emergence of production, and production itself has been around for a long time. In the steel industry, about 95% iron and 90% of the steel smelted in furnaces automated; were put into operation the first automated rolling mills. Were put in automatic installations in refineries. Implemented telemechanical control pipelines. Automate many water systems. We began to operate automatic concrete plants. Light and food industry has been widely equipped with machine guns and semiautomatic machines for packaging, dosage and packaging of products and automatic lines for the production of products. In addition to the widely used neural network technology, there algorithms Self- robot interaction with the surrounding objects in real three-dimensional world: the robot dog Aibo running such algorithms passed the same stages of learning as a newborn baby, taught himself to coordinate the movements of the limbs and interact with the surrounding objects (rattles in the playpen). This gives another example of mathematical algorithms understanding of higher nervous activity of man. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Aquarium tunnel. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Aquarium tunnel video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Underwater World is an oceanarium located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. Opened in 1991, it comprises more than 2,500 marine animals of 250 different species worldwide. The oceanarium is underground. It is the property of HawPar Corp. The ticket for admission to Underwater World also includes admission to the Dolphin Lagoon at Palawan Beach. Underwater World has a 83 meter long escalator through a glass tunnel in which to see life under the sea is like coral, turtles, stingrays, moray eels, sharks and many species of fish. An oceanarium is a public institution, specializing in the presentation of marine animal species, living in an ocean or pelagic habitat within large aquarium tunnels containing several million liters of seawater After oceanarium, which is not completely well defined, can be attached two types of oceanographic institutions of different design. The first known oceanarium was established at St Augustine in Florida in 1938 under the name of Marine Studios. It originally was a large saltwater tank used to exhibit marine mammals to film them underwater views. In Hong Kong, Ocean Park, opened in 1977, is considered the largest oceanarium in the world. It was designed as a theme park around the Nature and animals of the ocean with aquariums and a theater of the sea including 4,000 tickets to the exhibition of orcas and dolphins. The life expectancy of captive cetaceans is shorter than in the wild, due to the stress and various infections. Basins often concreted or with a metal frame filled with treated water or chlorinated and sometimes without vegetation are not adapted to the biology of these animals, which are fed with dead fish and treated with antibiotics. As a rule, there are several aquariums pools of various sizes. In small aquariums containing small fish and invertebrates, and to oversee their inhabitants one of the side walls make transparent. In large aquariums put big fish, turtles, pinnipeds, sirens, cetaceans. There are aquariums, in which satisfied the submission of trained dolphins and pinnipeds. Some aquariums conduct research. For commercial gain aquariums sometimes placed as part of a large shopping and entertainment complex. Aquarium tunnel can be used for breeding, the presentation of plants and animals and to conduct research into the biology and psychology. Aquariums can be created in the form of an aquarium, pool, or specially designated coastal parts of the sea. Efforts have also been attempts to culture in oceanariach whales and deep-sea fish. A special type of aquarium tunnel is a dolphinarium, and its developed form - marine amusement park. An underwater tunnel is a tunnel under a river or a strait and can be built as a (more expensive) alternative to a bridge. The construction of underwater tunnels is often placed at the crossing of waterways, which are navigated by large ships as underwater tunnels pose no limitation of headroom for shipping. In particular, for railways provide underwater tunnel in shallow topography of a suitable alternative to a high bridge, since it will allow a gradient poor routing. The sea-water or salt-water aquaria is a branch of fighting dogs. It covers all activities related to the care and feeding of marine organisms in the aquarium are connected. The coral reef aquarium tunnel is the most common for residential customers Meerwasseraquarienart today. All reef aquariums need strong lighting, since most of the commonly corals in symbiosis with unicellular algae, the zooxanthellae live. These produce through photosynthesis from carbon dioxide and water oxygen and organic compounds that serve the diet of coral. In coral reef aquarium tunnel a temperature of 24 to 28 ° C should prevail. Often the pumps and lighting generate so much heat, that an additional heating rod as in fresh water aquariums, is not necessary. Today in occupied with coral reef aquariums in particular are damselfish, gobies, wrasses, Dragonets, dwarf angelfish and other coral fish kept. doctor fish can be found in almost every reef aquarium tunnel. Sentosa's S.E.A Aquarium tunnel in Singapore. The aquarium, is the official record holder of the two Guinness World Records,for the world's largest aquarium tunnel and for the world's largest acrylic panel in its Ocean Gallery. In public aquariums and zoos often attractive large fish such as are sharks, stingrays, moray eels, grouper, snapper or trevally held. For very large systems, visitors can often run in a glass tunnel through the aquarium. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about African Kora Harp. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this African Kora Harp video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The African Kora Harp is a stringed musical instrument in West Africa. It is a harp-lute Mandingo. According to legend, the first African Kora Harp was the personal instrument of a woman-genius who lived in caves in Kansala Gambia. It should not be confused with other African Kora Harp strings quite similar like the ngoni or Bolon. The first description of the African Kora Harp, called konting by explorers for centuries, spoke of a 10-string instrument. African Kora Harp consists of a large half gourd of 40 to 60 cm in diameter, recess and pierced with a hole of 10 cm in diameter as an ear (in the upper right part). Two other holes (above and below) are used to pass the handle through the calabash. The long handle of about 1.20 m to 1.40 m runs between the main vibrating elements of the African Kora Harp. The strings of the African Kora Harp are based on a large wooden easel, kept on the skin only by the pressure of the strings whose number is usually 21. However, one sometimes encounters African Kora Harp equipped with 22-28 strings, especially in Casamance in Senegal and there is even a special model 32 strings. Today the ankles wooden rubbing or mechanical keys can equip the African Kora Harp to facilitate tuning. At the other end, the strings are connected by the halyard to a tailpiece via a bridge timber which provides mechanical connection between the string vibrations and skin. A new approach to the African Kora Harp, which has its roots in the work of the monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa (Senegal), is mainly embodied by Brother Dominique Catta, a monk of Keur Moussa, and by French composer Jacques Burtin. Brother Dominique Catta introduced the African Kora Harp in Christian liturgy from the 1970s; with him, the African harp interacted for the first time in its history with Western instruments. The music of the African Kora Harp under the oral tradition, no partition for African Kora Harp existed until the XX th century, except for transcripts made ​​by ethnomusicologists. These transcriptions were written on two staves (keys Sol and Fa) to cover the full scope of the African Kora Harp. This rating system linked to the teaching method developed by the monks, opened the practice of African Kora Harp musicians from very different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Composers bent over the instrument and began to write a specific literature. At present, more than two hundred pieces were written for the African Kora Harp: solo pieces, duets with Western instruments, ensemble music for several African Kora Harp. The African Kora Harp is played in Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The performer is known African Kora Harp Toumani Diabaté. His album Kaira (1987) is considered the best ever solo African Kora Harp album. Externally, the instrument has a remote resemblance to an ancient Egyptian bow harp, their successors among others in Uganda and Central Africa are widespread, and an angular harp, whose form in the in Mauritania played ardin lives. In fact, the African Kora Harp one of them independent development of the West African inland spear lutes type ngoni. When ardin the neck occurs vertically out of the calabash shell; In contrast, the long neck extending African Kora Harp parallel to the soundboard inside the calabash. The MVET of Cameroon has a similar notch web, but not a sound body. The next to the African Kora Harp used is the Soron the Malinke in Guinea. The African Kora Harp consists of a kuhfellbespannten gourd body, on which a bridge is positioned vertically. 21, the strings pass from one ring to the underside of the body by means of notches on both sides of the web up to its fixing points along the neck. The out of the hardwood keno neck produced acts as attachment and not as a fretboard, where the strings are of different lengths and so (diatonic) can be tuned. Unlike sound instruments the strings are attached perpendicular to the body and not in parallel. Nowadays, the strings of the African Kora Harp from nylon ago, initially turned to them from the skin of a female antelope. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about fried noodles. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this fried noodles video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The fried noodles are noodles common kitchen Asia. There are countless numbers of varieties, cooking styles and ingredients, but they all have in common ingredient. The Singapore style noodles is a plate of vermicelli rice sauteed and seasoned with curry powder, bean sprouts, soy sauce and chili peppers or sliced. Serve as a vegetarian or chip dish accompanied by chicken, beef and shrimp. The dish appears on the menu of almost all restaurants (mainly Cantonese) Chinese style in Hong Kong, as well as those of Singapore, being also very popular dish in British, Australian and cooking Chinese-American. Importantly, not from Singapore, based his name on the stereotype that singapuresa cuisine is usually spicy. The prescription may have been invented by some enterprising restaurateur eager to give an exotic touch to your menu. The Shanghai fried noodles are a dish made ​​of noodles cu mian which can be found in most Chinese food markets. They can also be replaced by the famous Japanese noodles udon. It is a staple of Shanghai cuisine, which is usually served at the premises of jiaozi. The noodles are sautéed with cuts beef, cabbage or spinach, and onion. The fried noodles shanghais have come to Western chefs, including celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. Chow mein is the Chinese term for a stir-fried noodle dish which there are many different variants. The pronunciation chow mein comes from the Taishan dialect of Chinese. In Chinese Mian refers to noodles made ​​from wheat. Chǎo炒stands for the verb in this dish for baking and stir-frying. Chinese noodles are an important part of most regional cuisines of the Chinese mainland and in Taiwan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries with significant overseas Chinese populations. There is a large variety of ingredients which may include chow mein out. As a basic wheat noodles are used, with added meat (beef, chicken, pork), shellfish (shrimp, crab), different vegetables and / or fried egg. If sauce is on the mainland used a lot in China soy, fish and oyster sauce. In Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands are often categorized under chow mein noodle dishes. The beef chow fun is a signature dish of Cantonese cuisine, prepared beef cow or beef stir-frying with rice noodles and bean sprouts. It has become a named dish in Chinese cuisine in restaurants yum cha in Guangdong, Hong Kong and even beyond the borders of China, like the cha chaan tengs. An important factor making this dish is called wok hei . The dish should be done on a high flame and stir quickly and constantly. Not only must the ho fun be quickly removed, but must be handled very strong so will not break into pieces. Also the amount of oil must be controlled according to the needs of the plate, the amount of ingredients, etc. Improper amount ruin the flavor of the dish. Because of these factors, this dish is usually one of the most widely used to test the chefs (likely to be hired) in Cantonese cuisine. It is possible to assess the skills of a chef just for implementation and tasting this dish. Yakisoba, literally fried noodles , originated in China but today they are built entirely in Japanese cuisine, as with the ramen. Although the term soba is part of the word yakisoba these noodles are not made ​​from flour buckwheat, but are similar to ramen that are produced from flour of wheat. The noodles are combined with vegetables, meat or fish cooked. They can in Teppanyaki -Restaurants either buy ready or on the Teppan prepare yourself. Here, you get a bowl of pre-cooked noodles and other ingredients. You can either fry until the noodles and then add the rest or put everything together on the teppan and fry. There is also a special yakisoba sauce. Also on the various Japanese festivals ( matsuri ), there are in addition to other food offerings Yakisoba stands. The wok is one of kitchenware base of the Far East. It looks like a hemisphere, in metal or ceramic, with two handles, or sometimes with a handle. Cooking is favored by the spherical shape of the instrument that requires only very little fat. The device is held in contact with the heat source by a small removable conical base. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about mineral gems. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this mineral gems video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A gem, also known gemstone is a rock or mineral which, when cut and polished can be used in the manufacture of jewelry or art objects. Others are man with resin and pigment, or created, are of plant origin, such as amber, or animal, such as pearl. Some stones are manufactured to imitate other gemstones. However, synthetic gems are not necessarily an imitation. For example, the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire and emerald created in laboratories have the same physical and chemical characteristics as the original article. A gem is evaluated primarily for its beauty and perfection. In fact, the appearance is most important. The beauty must also be durable; if a gem is damaged somehow loses its value instantly. The characteristics that make a beautiful stone are color, unusual optical phenomenon, an inlay as a fossil, rarity and sometimes the peculiar shape of the crystal. Traditionally, gems were divided into two groups: precious stones and semi-precious stones, nothing more. However, today, the gems are described and differentiated by specialists for certain technical specifications. Among them, how they are made, their chemical composition. Ruby has trigonal crystalline configuration often forming hexagonal crystals. Diamond is one of the world's most precious minerals by their physical characteristics. Diamond has outstanding optical characteristics. Some materials other than diamond, including the cubic zirconia and silicon carbide are frequently referred to as diamond simulants, resembling the diamond in appearance and many properties. Techniques have been developed gemological distinguishing special synthetic diamonds and natural, and diamond simulants. Sapphire or ultralita -sinónimo little usado- belongs to the same family of minerals that the ruby, namely corundum, the only difference being a convention of name. It is called ruby to red corundum and sapphire in all other colors of corundum, including pink. It is a gemstone highly valued because of their rarity, since from antiquity green gemstones were discovered as malachite, but emerald is the only crystal. Your name, possibly Persian, means stone green hue and has given its name to the color emerald green. The word turquoise 'is very old and of unknown origin. Derives from the French pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone. This is thought to arise from a confusion, because in Turkey there is turquoise, but they were sold there, and then the gem was associated with that country. The Topaz is a mineral of the group VIII ( silicates ), according to the classification of Strunz. Its name derives, according to Pliny the Elder, the island Topazos that is in the Red Sea. However, deposits of this island are olivine, often confused with topaz. Opal is often an element fosilizador animals and plants. It also serves as a raw material in the industries of carved stone. Formerly opals came from deposits, now exhausted, in Slovakia. In Australia were found the first opal sources in 1863. Today there are concentrated 98% of the world market. The town of Coober Pedy in the desert of South Australia depends almost exclusively on the market for opals. In Mexico variety of fire opal, and other colors it occurs. Opal is often an element fosilizador animals and plants. It also serves as a raw material in the industries of carved stone. Formerly opals came from deposits, now exhausted, in Slovakia. In Australia were found the first opal sources in 1863. Today there are concentrated 98% of the world market. The town of Coober Pedy in the desert of South Australia depends almost exclusively on the market for opals. In Mexico variety of fire opal, and other colors it occurs. Almost from the beginning they tried to sell other minerals under the name of jade, which was achieved with the mineral called serpentine ( Chinese jade, new Jade ). The serpentine not only has the same appearance as the jade, but appears in the same deposits that jadeite and nephrite. It is a softer and less resistant than jade material. As works much better than the jade has been established as the preferred substitute in recent years. The jewelry is much trade in jewels, like its production, as the places where these activities take place, the shops where they are sold and the workshops where they are manufactured. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about fried food. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this fried food video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A fish fry is a type of lunch consisting of fried fish batter, chips (fries), salsa coleslaw, sliced ​​lemon and tartar sauce. It is usually served on Friday evenings during Lent as a special dish some restaurants in the United States ; can be found in the restaurants of type all you can eat and occasionally as a dish family style (serving dishes and place them to the left of the table). The best drink that accompanies this dish 'fish fry' is the beer. Often a fish fry may include potato pancakes (with cream of sour taste or applesauce ) and a little caraway and bread if served in regions where many Germans. In the United States it is common to see 'Fish fry' in the regions of the Midwest and Northwest United States. It is predominantly in the communities of Catholics. In Wisconsin it is so popular that you can even serve in normal restaurants (not chains resturants), one of the most famous is Olive Garden.In Syracuse, New York is such a popular dish during Lent served in almost everywhere in this city. One of the most popular fish is breaded Eguelfino. In the southern United States is often used in the preparation of 'fish fry' fish from freshwater as bluegill, catfish, the morone, etc. The fried fish is a traditional dish of the coastal Mediterranean, for example in Huelva, Sevilla, January Provence ( France ), Roussillon (France), in the coastal regions of Italy, in Greece, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Valencia, Málaga, Cádiz, Almería, interior provinces as Córdoba and Sevilla, also from the Canary Islands, which can be served in specialized chip shops, but not necessarily being typical of bars, pubs and terraces. It is made ​​overflowing fish in grass pea flour or wheat, frying in olive oil and sprinkling with salt as the only seasoning. It is usually served hot, freshly fried. It can be taken as an appetizer, for example with a beer or wine, either as a starter or main course. In Catalonia usual accompany with tomato bread, and can be a main course, or consistency , typically at dinner. In some places often accompany it with a slice of lemon and sprinkle over cool a little juice. In others, for example in Catalonia, sprinkle the fish with fresh lemon juice can be outrageous for the cook as it is understood that the lemon serves to disguise the taste of a fish in less than optimal conditions. Fried fish and ate the Romans in ancient Rome and even today is very common throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Small and little spiny fish such as are considered suitable goby, the mullet, the anchovy, the pijota the Tapaculos, the sardine and heartburn. However, larger fish, are also used as the dogfish, the whiting and mackerel, which are sliced ​​and macerated occasionally in marinade before you fry. Often the fried fish including molluscs cephalopods such as squid, the cuttlefish cut into rings, whole cuttlefish, the puntillitas and crustaceans such as shrimp. In England the most common to serve fish and chips fish is cod, but there are many substitutes for fish, especially those white fish such as the pollack, the anon, the flounder, salmon rock. In northern England and Scotland are preferably eating haddock. Australians prefer to take cod, but of a different variety; used in some cases meat shark in their fish and chips. A fishcake is a recipe similar to a croquette made ​​with meat of fish and potatoes, sometimes covered with bread crumbs or breaded and fried. Are often served in fish and chips English. It is usually made ​​of cod, but scarce as it used other types of white fish such as haddock or whiting. The fishcakes can also be done with oily fish such as salmon, to get a taste very different. Also has traditionally done fishcakes salted fish (usually cod, haddock or pollock). Even prepared without bread crumbs or batter. Once fried foods, depending on how tempura, you can soak snacks in various sauces. Highlights pickles as prepared with three tablespoons of tomato juice, spices (especially paprika), three tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of soy sauce. In the same every bite is soaked immediately before eating, it is not advisable to pour this type of sauce on plates with tempura. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Pétanque. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Pétanque video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The petanque is a game in which the goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball, previously launched by a player with both feet on the ground. The game in its current form began in 1907 in La Ciotat, Provence, in southern France, although the ancient Romans played an early version with stone balls, which was brought to Provence by Roman soldiers and sailors. The game can be practiced in all types of terrain, although usually done on flat ground, gravel or sand. The tracks are rectangular with a length of 15 m and a width of 4 m for national and international competitions, although they may have a minimum size of 12 mx 3 m for other competitions. The balls used in the game are metal (should not contain lead or sand inside) with striations that draw all sides. Its diameter should be between 70.5 and 80 mm, while its weight ranges between 650 and 800 g. Little or bowling ball is made ​​of wood or synthetic material and have a diameter of 30 mm. Pétanque (okzit. Petanca [petaŋkɔ]) is the boules associated precision sport. Here try two teams, a certain number of balls as close as possible to a previously ejected target ball to throw. In competition, each 3 players (triplets), 2 players (doublet) or 1 player (tête-à-tête) are facing. Pétanque was invented in the early 20th century in the south of France. 1959 was the first World Cup held in Belgium. 1963 in Bonn, the first petanque club in Germany was founded. Pétanque is in the Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP) with currently 94 member countries (as of September 2014) organized. The association is subject in Germany the German Pétanque Federation (DPV), in Switzerland the Fédération Suisse de Pétanque (FSP) and in Austria the Austrian Pétanque Federation. The DPV had end 2014 19.820 members, which is equivalent compared to 2013 respectively, an increase of 4.4%. Today Pétanque is represented in some regularly scheduled sports competition events: Among other things, in the World Games, the Indian Ocean Iceland Games, the Mediterranean Games, the Asian Indoor Games, the Pacific Games and since 2001 in the Southeast Asian Games. Of the current 94 member countries a total of about 600,000 members comes the majority from Europe and Africa. The basic rules of Pétanque are simple and are followed usually by recreational players. The rules are presented here only in outline. On the detailed rules that must be followed during petanque sports events. A petanque game without time limit can take in exceptional cases, for several hours; especially if several zero-recordings are played. The petanque rules only determine a time limit of one minute between the union of the target and the ball of the first ball, and then the following spheres. Is measured, the time begins to run after this process. Pétanque is a game that can be played by people of all ages, including those who are physically or mentally impaired. The rules are very simple and understandable. Special force is not necessary, it is not about who gets furthest; so all can play together. The material is easy and not expensive, a place can be found everywhere. The ball game was created in Gaul. The balls were first clay, stone and wood and finally steel. But after the Bouleurs of the Middle Ages, the golden age of the balls of all kinds was certainly the Renaissance when the nobility seized the game just like the cup and ball and tennis court (later courts ). For unknown reasons, it seems that bowling was banned to the people from 1629 to the Revolution. At the petanque, the objective is to score points by placing their balls closer to the goal than his opponent. Pétanque is played on any terrain. Most of the time in competition, officers (a frame is a ground on which to take place part) are plotted; Official dimensions then are 15 meters long, 4 wide, and a minimum of 12 meters of 3. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about the drawing of funny portraits. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the drawing of funny portraits. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Drawing of funny portraits is an important form of art. The artist can express his emotions in the face of the portrait. The funny faces can make women and children very happy. The tourists buy the funny portraits on the streets of Barcelona. The artist in this video is helping the people to feel happy. The children like the funny faces. Their parents also like the funny portraits very much. When the children see their funny portrait. Their brain can express a wide range of emotions. The brain can understand the face, trough the magic power of the funny portrait. The humans and some animals are able to recognize their face in the funny drawing. The children learn to understand the differences of human expressions in the funny portrait. It is like door to the emotional side of the brain. When the sun is strong, and the birds are loud. The tourists buy more funny portraits from the amazing artist in this video. He can draw and paint funny faces in 3 to 5 minutes. His amazing talent can be seen in this video. The fast drawing of the portraits can be a gift from nature. Some people can draw very fast. Other people can not draw funny pictures. The ability to draw portraits is connected to the ability to see and to move the hand with the help of imagination. The funny drawing of caricatures can be connected into a large story. The funny story is a comic book. The comic book is a very strong form of comedy for the entertainment of the human mind. Many women have been inspired by the comic books and funny drawings. The imagination ca become very wild. The flow of entertainment has no limit in the magic environment of the funny land of the portraits and caricatures. The essential part of the funny face are the eyes, the nose, and the mouth of the person. The brain is able to recognize the funny face, even if the face is very different from the real person. The ability to recognize faces is a natural machine inside of the brain. The differences in the face can become funny, if the nose is too big, if the eyes are too large, if the mouth is too huge, or if the face has an unusual expression. The smile is one of the most important things for the funny portrait. A happy smile can increase the profitability of the artists who can sell more funny portraits, if the people laugh more. The artist in this video is very good. His art is a perfect magnet for the happy people who like to smile and to laugh about their own face. is very happy about the funny portraits, and the ability to draw portraits very fast. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Koi. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Koi video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Nishiki' is the Japanese word for 'colored robe', while 'Goior koi' carp 'means. The koi is a growing variant of the common carp and enjoy - especially in recent years - a great popularity in ornamental ponds. The taxonomic status of the species is uncertain. The Japanese are wild carp Cyprinus rubrofuscus either Cyprinus carpio Rubrofuscus. The trend is to split the species. For breeding koi crossed with German mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio carpio), so the koi with the irregular pattern of the mirror carp scales are hybrids. When the transport times shortened and the keeping - including with the advent of plastic bags - improved, the global spread of Japanese koi became a fact. In Europe, the UK was the first country where the koihobby feet put to the ground. But soon followed other countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Estimates of the number of koi ponds in the Netherlands and Belgium from 50,000 to even 400,000. Keeping koi is more difficult than simply make a pond and koi. It is a requirement to have some knowledge of biological balance and water balance. Koi do not go together in a pond with plants, since they have a tendency to loose rooting plants it is difficult to keep plants alive beside the koi. For this reason used in koi ponds extensive filter systems the water clean and healthy should take. In addition, is often built a plant filter, this is a part separate from the koi pond arranged so that here only in plants stand, and where the water of the koi pond flows. Each year almost anywhere in the world koishows organized. Here are Koi exhibited in blue showvats, all Koi come one person in one vessel rightly, to transfer as little as possible diseases. Previously, another system was applied in Japan, this all Koi variety or size were shown in the same vessel, but this way many fish were infected including KHV. On the show is usually also a fair where all kinds Koigadgets, filters, etc. can find a competitive price. The show usually takes 2 to 3 days. The shows are several jurors present that judging the koi. The origin of the Koi is not clear. Probably originate monochrome carp from Iran and were taken about 2000 years ago in Asia, where they were kept as insectivores and food fish. Since about 1870, the Koi in Japan by aristocrats were kept as status symbols. Meanwhile, the Koizucht is also very popular in Europe. Koi have a life expectancy of up to 60 years and reach a weight of up to 5 kg with a body length of up to one meter. You create about 400,000 to 500,000 eggs in about 4 days out of the egg develops into a juvenile. Koi eat plants, insects and worms. The water temperature drops below 10 ° C, reduce the Koi their metabolism and keep their home water at the bottom of hibernation. Koi are bred in germ-free as possible systems and to achieve a particularly large growth, held in Japan often a large natural ponds. Since they are social animals, they should always be held for more. What should be the swarm, depends on the size of the water body. We recommend a minimum clearance of 1 to 3 m³ per fish. The koi pond should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but not completely isolated from it. The water should regularly on the pH and the content of oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, copper, ammonium and ammonia are tested. The water must have a minimum depth of 1.3 m are as the Koi keep this depth hibernation. You may then not be awakened or implemented. Animals may not be fed to lush, since they do not even finish the food intake when there is still something edible is in the area. The food must be rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates to be. In breeding aids are as Ablaichbürsten used to reduce the risk of fungal infections among others. The Koi herpes virus is one of the koi herpesvirus (KHV) caused epidemic-like, acute to subacute running viral infectious disease of carp and koi -Karpfen. She's since late 2005 in Germany a notifiable animal disease. The Koi herpesvirus (KHV) was in 2000 by Ron Hedrick of the University of California, Davis as herpesvirus described. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the comedy performance with Karcocha. This free video was created for you by , and it can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the comedy performance with Karcocha. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The art of comedy is one of the most popular forms for entertainment. We love to laugh, and we love to feel happy. The comedy can remove the emotional stress and our pain. There is power in the smile. When we smile, then we feel less angry. We feel more relaxed. The mind and the body can heal much faster, when we are relaxed and happy. We all want to be happy. We want to smile and to laugh. In this funny video we can see a wonderful comedian who can make us laugh. His magic artist name is Karcocha. He has the special ability to create a joke in almost every situation. What we see in the video is the magic art of improvisation and comedy. Karcocha is ready to make the joke in every situation. His style of comedy is connected to the theater and acting. When we are sad, then the funny comedy can help us to repair our mind and soul. The mind can heal, when we feel relaxed. The funny comedy can make us feel very relaxed. The is magic in the happy and funny moments in our life. We love to remember the funny things, and the happy moments from the past. The Karcocha did provide many funny moments to the people on the streets. He is bringing the funny moments to the audience. The funny jokes of the Karcocha are often simple. Almost everybody can understand his universal form of comedy. His funny jokes are often connected to the culture, and to the basic human behavior. Religion, vanity, money and gender difference are all part of the comedy. Every comedian has a special style. The comedy style of Karcocha is connected to the silent films and the theater. The funny jokes are without words. The magic happens in the symbolic gestures, in the movement of the face and the body. Karcocha is a funny comedian who is playing with stereotypes and random situations. Some jokes are spontaneous. Some jokes are from the different performances. Some jokes and funny games are prepared in advance. The funny comedy show of Karcocha is like a combination of the fanny situations, and the simple jokes that the people can understand without effort. Many comedians have a social or political agenda. The comedy of Karcocha is different. There is often no deep meaning or any political agenda. The jokes of Karcocha are fast, simple and effective. His style of comedy is connected to the traditional art of the clown and the silent actor with a mask. The colorful costume of the clown is a good tool that Karcocha is using for the creation of the character that the people can laugh about. The very old silent films are similar to the comedy style of Karcocha. His jokes are often without words. He does speak sometimes, but most of the jokes are without words. Good acting and the funny games are part of the comedy magic that Karcocha is cooking on the streets. The people are part of the comedy show. He is a good artist. We can be all happy that Karcocha is making us laugh like we are children once again. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! funny comedy comedian fun jokes

Free video about Christmas tree decorations. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Christmas tree decorations video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Beautiful Christmas tree decorations or Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments includes all decorative elements with which the Beautiful Christmas tree is decorated, in a broader sense the candles. According to the latest research findings, the Beautiful Christmas tree has from the tree of paradise developed in the medieval paradise playing on 24 December was used. The paradise tree was mainly with apples decorated, but also with pastries and colorful flowers made ​​of paper. According to the sources, the first known Beautiful Christmas trees were in Alsace also adorned with these elements. Beginning of the 20th Century belonged to Adam and Eve and a snake to the traditional Beautiful Christmas decorations in northern Germany since the 24th December in the liturgy of the day of remembrance of Adam and Eve was. Besides sweets played very well early gilt and silver plated elements play an important role, especially apples and nuts. Initially there was no Beautiful Christmas tree decorations industrially-prepared, but he was entirely manufactured by the families new to the rule for each Beautiful Christmas. For this purpose, a number of books with corresponding craft instructions and decoration proposals published. This custom lasted until well into the 19th Century, but was then gradually through the newly introduced glass jewelry and the industrially produced tinsel largely displaced. The glass Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments has been since the mid-19th Century mainly by home workers in Thuringia made. One legend According comes the idea to produce colored glass baubles for the Beautiful Christmas tree, from a poor Lauscha glassblowers, which in 1847 the expensive walnuts and apples could not afford. Documents can not this story, using raw materials needed by one in each case Glashütte related and certainly was not in vain. Get the order book of a glassblower in which 1848 marked the first time an order for six dozen Beautiful Christmas balls in different sizes, and they were therefore not made ​​for your own tree. 1870 succeeded Justus von Liebig to coat glass body with a silver solution and bring the shine. However, it went Liebig in his invention not Beautiful Christmas decorations (Beautiful Christmas tree ball), but scientific device. Around the year 1880, the Americans imported Frank Winfield Woolworth, the first Beautiful Christmas baubles in the United States. This production has been greatly expanded. Until 1939 there was the figurative balls and Beautiful Christmas tree decorations, which was blown into various shapes. The Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments made ​​Gablonz reached soon also increasingly popular, it differed significantly from the Thuringian products because here objects made ​​of glass beads were made, especially stars. Two years after the end of World War II, the family businesses manufacturing resumed. Later, in the GDR, took over the state-owned enterprises (VEB) art glass and glass jewelry producing by machine mass production. In the Federal Republic of Germany arrived since the 1950s increasingly balls made ​​of plastic in fashion who were less fragile. In the glass blowing town of Lauscha of glass Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments is still made ​​in the traditional craftsmanship. Today, all major offer retailers and the Beautiful Christmas markets a wide selection of Beautiful Christmas tree decorations in most different design, including oddities such as Beautiful Christmas cucumbers. The Beautiful Christmas tree decorations was 19 before Century made ​​in families, especially yourself, even if it's on the Beautiful Christmas markets were already buying some jewelry items. Before the introduction of tinsel for example, colored paper chains were tinkered, which were wrapped around the branches. The earliest reports of decorated Beautiful Christmas trees mention almost entirely edible tree decorations. Since the 18th Century were very popular so-called model -baked goods made ​​from a dough, in the region of Franconia eggs sugar was called and in Swabia and Bavaria Springerle. Already in the Middle Ages Model for the Beautiful Christmas cake were used. Many of the themes that have been made ​​as tree decorations had that Beautiful Christmas has nothing to do, but corresponded to the spirit of the times. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Fresh vegetables. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Fresh vegetables video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A grocery or sale is a small shop that sells traditional products of large consumption, especially food and may complement the offering with products of hygiene, beverages and objects of domestic use. A grocer, the owner of a grocery store different types of food from various sources for sale to retail. A store or business is a type of commercial establishment, physical or virtual, where people can purchase goods or services in exchange for a payment, traditionally. The shopping malls are way (or places) completely covered and open only to pedestrian traffic which meet various commercial establishments and hospitality. A second heyday of arcades is linked to the birth of the largest malls in the shopping arcade which is a key precursor element. Moreover, the European framework does not consider a shopping arcade within the shopping centers sector precisely because of its SBA. So while colloquially a mall is considered a small shopping center, in the technical language a gallery Shopping is a unique association of commercial establishments by their building, history, location, specialization. as the Mercado de San Miguel or the Mercado de Fuencarral in Madrid. The evolution of market centers and malls is related directly to the ability of household consumption, resisting activity in times of crisis like the present. A convenience store is a type of store where customers can choose and personally pick the goods you want to purchase, unlike department stores. The definition of self-service shop ranging from shops baseline to the big chain supermarkets owned by multinational corporations. At the self-service system most supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores and hypermarkets are welcome. In this part shop mainly has two functions, the suppliers deliver the goods that the store has asked different companies for you to take, in the same way coming out goods not sold well or were discontinued and they sent back. Sometimes when we are talking about large chains, it may also be the case that transfers in and out of store to store merchandise. Veganism is one of the vegetarianism emerged setting and food and nutrition. The veganism rejects not only the consumption of animal carcasses, but in general, any use of animals and animal products from. Vegan Living people avoid either at least all foods of animal origin, or the total use of animal products. Ethical vegans motivated eighth most cases even with clothes and other everyday objects that these free of animal products and animal testing are. The veganism emerged from vegetarianism. In German-speaking appropriate attitudes and lifestyles in the were early days in the life reform movement and in connection with biocentric to find ideas. A motivation especially for raw food vegans is approaching a state of naturalness and originality , which our evolutionary ancestors had lived by would have fed exclusively of wild herbs and wild fruits. These natural diet is designed as a justification for their particular diet. The vegetables are vegetables whose predominant color is green. However, the popular use tends to extend its meaning to other edible parts of plants, such as leaves, stems and inflorescences. The term vegetable is no scientific or botanical case a popular name with a meaning that varies from culture to culture and can sometimes be synonymous with vegetables or equivalent plant not bearing a sweet or sour taste of the fruit. Fresh vegetables should be properly stored until the time of consumption. The conditions and duration of storage greatly affect the appearance and nutritional value. Most vegetables should be stored at temperatures low with high humidity, so the grocer's refrigerator is the most recommended place. It is assumed that vegetables are rich in vitamins. But is not the same fresh peas cooked in a vapor cloud, another fresh from the liquid in a tin can. The vegetables have to wash or scrub carefully before consumption, as in the case of leaves, roots or tubers. When they can not be peeled, must be cleaned a lot, especially if they are rough or hairy skin. The vegetables that are eaten raw should be immersed in water with a few drops of bleach diluted for about five minutes and then clean with running water. You must do this because sometimes vegetables are irrigated with non-potable water may contain many bacteria and irrigation water comes in contact with the vegetable that is usually at ground level. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about automatic toilets. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this automatic toilets video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The name of automatic toilet comes from being the first fixture which had a water seal to prevent the escape of odors, far more necessary than in other devices. Before the appearance of this system obviously was smelly, and enclosed in a small, exclusive for that use, which had the name of the local automatic toilet. The other apparatus also adopted the water seal, then theoretically could also be called automatic toilets. In some hotels and public automatic toilets, to avoid vandalism, behind the facing embedded tank holding the automatic toilet, at higher elevations that are used less than the lower and the upper tank, so the tank is only the push button drive being large enough to serve the tank registration for repairs. In collective automatic toilets, in which the frequency of use can be large, flow meters, avoiding having to wait the time required for filling the tank between uses are employed. However should limit the use of this device, because it requires larger diameter pipes and if the installation has many connected devices of this type, it may require other than normal installation itself. By contrast has the advantage, collective public automatic toilets, it is harder to spoil vandalism. The automatic toilet pedestal is designed for the person using it do both sitting position for defecation and urination. Therefore has a height of about 40 cm and a special plate to support the thighs comfortably. When someone decides to use the automatic toilet, this inevitably pollute the water. It is estimated that a family of 5 persons using it pollutes more than 150,000 liters of water to carry about 250 kilos of feces and 2500 liters of urine in one year. The Japanese automatic toilets are known for their advanced features, which may include a wash water jet and massage, an electronic control ventilation, heating of the telescope, etc. They are marketed in France, as qu'abattant Japanese. Public automatic toilets are easy to find in Japan and few would have to look far when nature called. The automatic toilet is located in supermarkets, bookstores, record stores, parks, most stores and in all railway stations, except the more rural. In the early 1990s, there was a movement to make public automatic toilets cleaner and more welcoming than they were in the past. This seems notable for tourists and the Japanese themselves. The modern automatic toilet in Japan according to the principle of the washlet, known there as Washlet or automatic toilet seat with warm water cleansing , the most advanced type of automatic toilet is equipped in the world and with different functions. The Washlet Zoe Toto is in the Guinness World Records as the automatic toilet with the most features. While the automatic toilet is not much different at first glance from a conventional seat automatic toilet western style, it harbors a variety of functions such as odor, hot air blower, heated seats, massage function, adjustable water jets, automatic lid opener, automatic flushing, radio controls, heating and air conditioning, etc., either in the automatic toilet or in the automatic toilet seat are integrated. The system is operated by a separate controller which is laterally attached to the automatic toilet or on the wall and often by infrared communicates with the automatic toilet. Most high-tech automatic toilets also allow you to choose the water pressure to suit user preferences. By default, the vulva receives less pressure than the anus. Usually it can also choose the water temperature. The washlet can replace automatic toilet paper completely, but many users opt to improve hygiene in combination with the mechanical action of the paper. A function of soft closing reduces the rate of descent of the automatic toilet lid when closed to avoid making noise, or in some models the cover is automatically lowered a while after being used. Another recent innovation are intelligent sensors that detect if someone is facing the automatic toilet facing him, in which case lift the lid and seat. The seat heating function is very common, and is available even without a built-in bidet automatic toilets. It is often used as an example of unnecessary technology, but in a house without central heating, automatic toilet may be only a few degrees above freezing in winter, and a pre-warmed seat may not seem so frivolous. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about luxury yacht. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this luxury yacht video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The term luxury yacht of generically every pleasure craft of any size and propulsion, the more correct translation in Italian is simply the boat. In common usage, however, it tends to be defined as a luxury boat yacht important and expensive. In the regulations of the word luxury yacht race generically every boat that participates in and is subject to the rules. There are many classes of boats officially recognized by the International Sailing Federation, and the definition of luxury yacht has been used specifically for 9 classes. A luxury yacht is a fast sailing luxury yacht for pleasure use. Initially used mainly hunts, from where the boat type is named. Already in 1815 had the world's first probable luxury yacht club, The Yacht Club has been based in London, and as the King George IV acceded became The Royal Yacht Club. 1833 organized the regatta in Cowes, who later became annual, and established its clubhouse in Cowes Castle. Since then it has been called the Royal Yacht Squadron and is one of the most prestigious luxury yacht clubs in the world. The first pleasure luxury yachts were then of the old English royalty. These yachts proved too narrow and rigged. an improvement in 1923 of the rule resulted in a new type. 1907 was adopted in Sweden Square Metre Rule , which was subsequently amended several times. It gave rise to a long, narrow luxury yacht, which was certainly fast, but less suited for heavy seas and habitability. From the late 1800's kept his most royal houses in Europe with some kind of lavish boat, often motorized or steam, and people started talking about ' yachts or luxury yachts. Wealthy industrialists and noble families soon followed, and today one can at marinas around the Mediterranean see enormous floating luxury villas. They started later also using the concept of motor yacht, and it could then It will be used on everything from small motor cruiser at 7-8 meters in length and 10-horsepower engine to large motor yachts Orion with 3,600-horsepower engine, 3,420 tons displacement and 93 meters in length. Internationally, the term luxury yacht, usually for pleasure ships over 12 meters intended for recreation. There is a distinction in English between sailing yachts and power yacht boats. But also luxury racing yachts. On the Swedish speaks nowadays rarely about hunting, other than as expressly case of significantly large and lavish floating structures, thus luxury yachts. The designation of sailing yacht , is often used for ordinary sailing boats also in Swedish context. Particularly large luxury sailing yachts are occasionally Maxi yachts called. These are often given by very rich people for representation purposes in order. The longestluxury yacht in the world is the Eos with more than 92 meters in length. A sailing boat is a pleasure craft that primarily by wind is operated. From sailing ship, it is distinguished by its smaller size. Sailboats on the one hand in dinghies and keelboats are split and on the other in monohulls and multihulls. Weight Stable sailboats, which also also include a living room with bunks and have kitchen are often called luxury sailing yachts called, especially if they are longer than about 10 m. Boats with bunks and kitchen shorter than 10 m are also Day sailer called. A Daysailer can be both a keel boat and a dinghy or a keel boat. While dinghies a sword use to counteract the drift, there are two different types of luxury sailing yachts in essentially keels. In contrast to the sword a keel is very hard and has thus also the heel counter. Another difference is that swords can be made ​​up in order to reduce the depth and the water resistance while Hubkiele the exception. Classic luxury yachts usually have a so-called long keel, which can account for up to three quarters of the length of the ship. More modern luxury yachts are, however, almost invariably with a short fin keel, at the lower end often more than extra weight a keel bulb is built. Especially in modern racing yachts increasingly come swing keels used fins keels that can be issued at a right angle to the ship's axis. Swing keels optimize the weight distribution when the luxury yacht is heeled and allow, in relation to similar vessels with rigid keel fin, the reduction of the total weight. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about German Sausages. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this German Sausages video in the streets of Germany. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Sausage is a food which made ​​from minced meat, bacon, salt and spices, for certain varieties also using blood and offal is prepared. The prepared mass, the meat is, in intestines, bubbles or stomachs filled, by setting with Wurstgarn or Abklammern with stainless metal braces divided into individual sausages and cooked according to the variety by cooking or baking or by drying with or without additional smoking conserved. In industrially manufactured sausages are often casings, also glasses and cans used. For the production of German sausage meat (mainly from pork, beef and veal, besides also of lamb, poultry ( chicken German sausage ), horse and wild finely cradled) and bacon or with the meat grinder crushed and mixed with the spices. For fine sausages, the mass is in addition to the cutter, under Attaching ice processed into a homogeneous dough. The German sausage was and still is the product of the greatest possible exploitation of (slaughtered) animal. By processing the meat so the meat can be made ​​longer. The first sausages, though not in the modern sense, were probably produced in antiquity or even earlier; see also Haggis or pig's stomach. China's first mention is about the year 589 BC, when the lamb and goat meat were used. Raw German sausage consists of raw meat, bacon and spices and is either eaten fresh or dried or smoked preserved. Before smoking is a maturation process in which the German sausage umrötet, developed its consistency and flavor. In the maturation additionally play lactic acid bacteria, partly noble mold, a role. Sausages are divided into spreadable and sliceable sausages. Typical spreadable raw sausages are not or only briefly matured Mett and Teewurst. Typical cut resistant raw sausages are the longer-aged, hard sausages as awl German sausage, country hunters, salami, chorizo ​​and Saveloy. Cook German sausage is produced mainly from ingredients already cooked. Only the preponderance of liver, bacon or blood, the proportion of raw ingredients can prevail. Cooked sausages get their bond over coagulated liver protein and by the froze when cooled fat (applicable in liver sausages), through which on cooling solidified jelly or collagen (applicable in Sülzwürsten) or by the clotted blood protein and the light emerging from the rinds and solidified on cooling collagen (applicable for blood sausages). Cooked sausages are cooked again after filling, sometimes smoked. To cook sausages are all blood and liver and brawn as calf liver German sausage, black pudding, white pudding, pressing head, corned beef, brawn, Palatine pig's stomach and haggis. As bratwurst are different types of German sausage called. Today, it refers to sausages to roast are or were fried. Originally the name for sausages was meat (from Old High German Brato for muscle meat used), a double word origin is not excluded. Sausages are available in raw and brewed form, the brewed form is more common. Most commonly used are unsmoked cooked sausages. Regionally there are also dry German sausage as German sausage. For the production of meat is meat grinder or cutter may minced together with other ingredients (spices, onions, herbs) and tools such as shaved ice. Then you fill it in intestines of pork or lamb or forms them in other ways (such as wool German sausage and German sausage ) without bowel in hot water. Then the sausages are brewed in hot water, stock or water vapor. For preparation then cooked mostly on the grill or in the pan. Nurnberg Bratwurst is a German sausage made of ground pork and German sausage-meat. It is just like the local bratwurst protected. Typical spices are included in the German sausage mixture, used to marjoram. The mass has a coarse structure of 5 mm. It is filled into sheep casings having a diameter of 22-24 mm and has a weight of 40 g. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about cooking Asian food. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about cooking Asian food. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Asian food has won over the world. The Chinese wok is an important instrument for the cooking of Asian food. In this video we can see the cooking process of Asian food in the Chinese wok. The strong fire creates a hot temperature. The food heats up and can cook very fast. In this video the food is already cooked, so that the wok has only to heat up the food, and to fry the vegetables with spicy oil on the skin of the vegetables. The Chinese wok is the traditional tool for the cooks in Asia. The Chinese wok can heat up very fast, and is more comfortable on a large fire. The Chinese wok is the perfect tool for the cooking of large portions on a gas stove. The fire is the best friend of the Chinese wok. When the fire is large and strong, then is is very important that the food is mixed very often. The heat can be very strong at the bottom of the Chinese wok. The sides of the wok can also heat up very well, because the Chinese wok can capture a lot of heat from the fire. The first step of the cooking in the Chinese wok is always the heat. When the wok is hot, the it is possible to add water or oil. The cooks in China use oil and spices for the creation of the flavor, before they put the food into the hot wok. There is a modern Chinese wok for the electric stove, or the induction stove too. The modern wok, for the electric stove, has a flat bottom and a round shape inside of the wok. It is practical for cooking at home, when there is no access to a gas stove. In this video we can see a Chinese cook, who is cooking in the Chinese fast food restaurant. The kitchen is very fast. The fire is strong and the cook has too cook one meal in every 3 minutes. It is a very fast environment with many customers. The noodles are all ready for eating, when the Chinese cook is putting them into the wok. The strong fire is only used for the vegetables, the eggs, the spices and oil that is providing the flavor to the Chinese noodles. The Chinese wok can be used for boiling, cooking, frying, steaming, or even as a bowl for the salads. The Chinese wok is the universal tool for the traditional kitchen in China. The ancient Chinese traditions are now more and more popular in the western world, because the people love to try new food and to eat something that is different from the classical food in the western countries. The Chinese wok is slowly becoming a popular took in the restaurants of the western countries, because it can be used for large portions with a lot of control over the temperature of the food inside of the Chinese wok. Cooking is a very physical job. The traditional Chinese food does require a lot of physical work and movement. The Chinese wok is the product of many years of evolution. The modern shape of the Chinese wok is the perfect result of an efficient design. The Chinese wok has one grip for the hand. The sides of the wok are tall and round, so that no food can spill out. The bottom is round and there is a small surface at the center of the bottom. This small surface can collect heat and send it to the sides of the wok and to the center of the food. The Chinese wok has a very good distribution of the heat. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about paver paving. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this paver paving video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The profession that deals with the installation of patches of all kinds, the paver. For the installation of larger areas often a plaster plan is civil engineers created, in addition to the type and location of the paving stones also includes the amount of information to a parent drainage needs. The pavement consists of the actual paving stones that lie in a paved stone and the underlying support layer, mostly of compacted Siebschutt ( Mineralbeton exists) or concrete. Patch is made ​​of natural stone, concrete, clinker, wood or blast furnace slag produced. Already from the antiquity are paved interiors, streets and squares of Babylonians, Egyptians, and particularly from the Roman Empire known. In the Middle Ages the paving decreased especially in the highways and only began with the increase in traffic in the 19th century and again until increased in the 20th century paved roads were built. Today patch for attachment of inner city roads, footpaths and cycle paths, car parks and areas with high demands on the design and the quality of stay, such as pedestrian zones or public places is used. Paver, Swiss Pflästerer also pavers, paving translators or stone Leger, is a professional training of construction or of horticulture and landscaping, the laying of pavement in artisanal or industrial divisions Construction includes business or in the horticulture and landscaping. In Switzerland, the profession is now mostly as a professional basic education provided. The profession is a classic male domain. 2010 was proportion of women in education and professional practice in the DACH countries not more than 1.4%. The paver paving provides for traffic areas make any types. These include, for example, roads and paths and places. He also builds edging as shelves and trays, a. For this purpose he used paving and flooring boards from nature - and artificial stones. In addition to the installation work itself (flat and plan according laying, backfilling / grouting, cleaning) also transferring the installation plan belongs to the pavement grading and preparing the base layer (concrete substrates, antifreeze gravel, laying sand, laying of drainage and soil compaction) to the working field. Furthermore, also stone stairs and troughs offset from the paver and, like slope paving and pavement in the wild flow obstruction, and carried out repair and maintenance work. Also setting up and securing the construction site is in his field of responsibility. How many construction trades this profession is exposed physically demanding and weather conditions, and mostly seasonal work. The job requires patience and accuracy despite effort also, care, often with high-quality stone material, as well as teamwork and care in working with colleagues and other professionals and support staff of the construction crews. The professional field includes employment in businesses (contractors, civil engineering companies), road paving companies with heritage-emption and highway and road maintenance. The work is usually carried out in specialized small firms, and in metropolitan areas where diverse organization of public space is. In addition to being a freelance possible activity. Job prospects are for paver by the always necessary maintenance work (eg in the. urban renewal ) and for the structure of the traffic area still irreplaceable Areas of relatively low; especially qualified skilled workers with joy of creative work are in high demand. The profession is almost exclusively exercised by men. The craft paver is a teaching profession. The course is three years and takes place in the dual system of vocational schools and business and industry and road construction companies. The apprentice training with the final apprenticeship examination as pavers from. Career opportunities exist in training as a foreman (section leader), foreman, master and site managers. A road worker or paver is a craftsman who streets, yards, sidewalks and plazas constructs. A road worker knows the different types of substrates and required pavement, know what the characteristics of these materials are, and also how to build a good, flat surface. Common types of pavement are: brick, stone, boulders, tiling. Most paving is a sand bed that is well compacted with a vibrating machine or vibrating plate. Then come the stones, which are pressed with a rubber mallet. Regularly checked with a spirit level or the stones lie flat. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about the foot-bag game. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the foot-bag game. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The game of football is a very popular game. There are many different games that are connected to football. The foot-bag game is one version of the free-style football. This interesting game is using the small bag with sand, instead of using the round ball. The tricks and movements are similar to the game of football. The foot-bag game is a very energetic sport with a lot of movement and muscular activity. The rule of the foot-bag game are simple. The small bag must not fall down. The special tricks and movements have more points. Each round of the game is about 3 to 5 minutes long. The best Foot-bag players are also very good players of the football game. The athletic man in this video is a very talented person from the world of sport. Good physical skills and creativity are required for the best results in the foot-bag competition. The foot-bag game is modern and old at the same time. This game has been invented a long time ago in many different regions of the world. Indonesia, Latin America and China had this game in many different versions, before football was invented in Europe. The interesting foot-bag game can be played in almost all locations. There are no limits in the amount of players. Each player can count the points of the competition, until the best player is selected from all of the players of the foot-bag game. The small foot-bag can be filled with sand, coffee beans, rice, beans, or other flexible materials. The game of the foot-bag has evolved in recent years. It did become a fashion and is very popular among the young people in Europe. There are competitions and special event for the best foot-bag players. The best player can win a good prize with real money. The first big best foot-bag championship was in 1999, in Berlin. Each year, more and more foot-bag players participate in the international tournaments. The are two style of the foot-bag game. In the strict foot-bag game, the bag may be touched only below the knee. In the freestyle version, the foot-bag can be touched with any part of the body. It is possible to play the foot-bag game in a circle of friends. The players stand in the circle and kick the foot-bag from one player to the other. This version of the game is very good for training. The football players also train their skills in the same style. In this version of the game, each player can touch the foot-bag only one to 3 times. The rules must be decided before the game. It is also possible to play the foot-bag game in a team. One player can enter the area of the game, the player has 3 minutes for showing the best tricks. After this the foot-bag is given to the next player without an interruption. The second player will perform different tricks, then she will pass the foot-bag to the next player. The number of player in such a game can be as low as 3 or as high as 10 players. The best team with the higher number of points can win the tournament. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Reverse vending machine. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Reverse vending machine video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Reverse vending machines serve the assumption of deflated mortgage duty of drinks packaging, such as returnable bottles or cans. They are often in place staff serviced empties assumptions in supermarkets, beverage and consumer markets. The empties (in crates and as single bottles ) is scanned, weighed, and by pattern recognition automatically checked for redemption capability. Button, the customer will receive after completing the Return an expression that has a barcode (vendor specific area of the EAN system's) which encodes the deposit. The value of the collateral is in the scanner cash settled or paid in cash. The empties adopted can be automatically sorted by suitably equipped machines according to criteria such as Packaging, material, color in separate containers to facilitate further processing. The average price of a reverse vending machines is 25,000 euros. The automated recognition of each dealer is obliged to provide the disposable bottles leads to redeem all the bottles. The obligation is, however, on bottles of the same material (for example PET limited). The new reverse vending machines will need an Internet or a LAN port on the computer systems of the dealer to exchange data with deposit clearing the DPG (so-called clearing- exchange). The machine reports data on the returned packaging according to the type and number and with data on the packaging to be accepted (especially their EAN Code) fed. To prevent multiple deposit refund for one and the same package and save transport costs, most reverse vending machines for drinks disposable packaging have a device that bottles entered into a flat shape suppressed ( compacted ) or shredded into small pieces. Since the one-way deposit reform from 1 May 2006 to recognize modern reverse vending machines and non-reusable drinks packaging commonly used and refund the deposit. This happened first on an examination of the EAN code of the bottle against a database of mortgage prescription bottles. This method was very uncertain because of the possibility of manipulation in the fall of 2006 by a recognition of the printed color in a special security deposit logos nationwide entrusted with the management of the disposable society pledge German deposit system GmbH replaced (DPG). Critics, however even with this lack of security successor system. These bins are widespread in most countries that have laws on recycling mandatory or legislation on returnable bottles. In some places, bottlers contribute to mutual funds that then reimburse people who recycle the containers. Every fund surplus is then used for general cleaning of the environment. In other places, such as Norway, the state requires sellers to pay for the recycling of bottles, but leaves the system in the hands of private industry. Once the container has been identified, (in comparison to a database ), and it was determined that it is an approved container, this is processed and compressed normally (for disposable containers) to reduce size, to avoid the loss of liquid and to increase the storage capacity. Reusable containers (refillable) are deferred and ordinat hand and then be reported to the company bottler. The machines can also use methods of recognition of the material instead of or together with the reader barcode if necessary A vending machine is a self-service terminal for receiving empty pant liable drink packaging, such as bottles and drink cans. They have many places replaced the so-called bottle boys in supermarkets and at drugstores. When returning empty pant packaging scanned bottles or cans of mortgage machine, weighed and tested automatically for authentication using pattern recognition. At the touch of a button the customer will receive upon completion of the return one cash register receipt, which value of the deposit is indicated by a bar code. The deposit is offset against either in connection with the purchase or paid in cash in the box. Some of the largest manufacturers of mortgage machines is the Norwegian Tomra and the German Wincor Nixdorf. As part of an attempt opened the Danish Returns a new mortgage station in Taastrup the fourth September 2012 where one leaves filled bags with mortgage packaging. When you received you insert his credit card and after treatment the mortgage amount deposited into the Dankort account. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about container house. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this container house video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Shipping container architecture - construction of transport containers intended for housing. In order to build such homes use containers that have been designed for freight. Construction of buildings from containers technologically simpler construction of traditional methods, besides the strength of container allows their use in areas where there are often announced hurricanes and tornadoes. One of the first began experimenting with containers Adam Kalkin, an artist and architect from New Jersey. A container house is a stylish house individually or collectively constructed based containers, new or re-employment. Using as much recycled or environmentally friendly products as possible to their homes in development, these homes can combine an attractive price and low environmental impact, especially in case of old shipping containers reuse. Containers enable a robust structure relatively quickly but require specialized handling means for the establishment and are not adapted to the original residential use. Several companies offer this type of habitat. The container houses are made ​​primarily of one or the other of these two types of containers: the 20-foot containers (about 6 meters) and 40 feet containers (about 12 meters). These shipping containers are divided into different families: containers Dry, Flat-Rack, Open Top, Tank and refeer. Depending on the type, a different use to be done. Mobile buildings on the basis of build-containers used as temporary offices for different purposes: construction offices, shopping pavilions, prorabskie, cabins, changing rooms, dining rooms, guard posts, communicating, mobile medical units, mobile home garden and in many other cases, where required speed, flexibility, mobility in the construction and operation of buildings. Block containers can be used as structural elements of pre-fabricated modular buildings, as well as freestanding buildings (huts, sanitary blocks, premises communication stations and measuring equipment, etc.) The most common are office-block household containers. They can be used as a stand-alone buildings, such as huts on construction sites. At the same time, office and household containers are used in large quantities for the construction of modular buildings, as the main structural elements of buildings for various purposes. Standard block containers usually designed for the construction of administrative or residential buildings up to three storeys. For the construction of higher buildings use special block-containers constructed with the increased load. Storage block can be used as containers for the transportation and storage of goods, and as structural elements of storage space. Standard size containers 10 and 20 feet can be equipped with a window and a door and enforced in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice for industrial premises. Sanitary block containers are often used as a freestanding toilet modules. However, they can be used as structural elements as larger sanitary facilities, consisting of several units, and large modular buildings: residential, commercial or industrial. Block containers can be made ​​of shipping containers used to transport various cargoes. Such containers possess a block rigidity and high reliability. They are generally used in harsh environments or when you need to transport over long distances. Setting the block-containers on the ground is simplified. By the assembly area are put forward minimum requirements. In the case of the construction of modular buildings should be prepared foundation with 4, 6 or 8 points of support for each unit. Modules can be connected end or front side, and the case of the construction of two- or three-storey building - to put on each other. With the construction of modular buildings or install individual block containers must be respected requirements SNIP for residential or industrial premises. The walls and roof of the building installed bolted or welded, which allows the construction at any time of the year and greatly accelerates the process. In addition, due to the light-load-bearing roof structures and reduces the load on the metal frame and foundation, which significantly reduces the cost of construction. Buildings on the bolted joints are mobile, as they can be disassembled and transported to another place. Single-storey small area prefabricated buildings can be installed on flat ground without a foundation. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about embroidery machine. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this embroidery machine video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Domestic sewing machines are designed so that a person can sew individual items using a stitch. In a modern sewing machine fabric slides down the machine without needles and thimbles, making the task more quickly than with manual sewing. Industrial machines, moreover, are larger and faster, providing better tissue production. An embroidery machine is a sewing machine which is capable of a motif or text embroider. Embroidery machines are normally used for personalization of textiles, hats and the like. Many modern embroidery machines are controlled by a computer, leaving it in an embroidery hoop clamped under the needle moves back and forth, so that the design of the pre-programmed embroidery pattern is automatically on the fabric stitched. Simple machines for domestic use are less automated than commercial embroidery machines and make other than industrial machinery, using only one needle, which allows only one color applied in multi-colored designs. Embroidery machines are used for automatic making of embroidery, so the decorating fabrics by ascending or sewn threads. In the more modern types, a distinction single needle and multi-needle machines. Single-needle embroidery machines work with the chain stitch, multi-needle embroidery machines can be used as hand embroidery machines (also known as satin stitch machines) or as a shuttle embroidery be executed. The latter work like sewing with two threads (upper and lower thread), the other machines on the other hand with a thread that is pulled by a double ended needle through the fabric and recycled. The first working mechanism for an embroidery machine was the 1829 from Alsace Joshua Heilmann developed hand embroidery machine. It imitates the handwork after. The embroidery figures arise in this case, by the threads are inserted and pulled through to the figure edges by needles through the tissue to form gradually on the surface of the pattern in sublime form. The embroidery frame is not horizontal and stationary, but vertically and movable while the apparatus which grips the needle and runs through the thread, makes only a horizontal movement. Developed by Heilmann machine came initially because of technical problems and poor quality of the goods produced almost into oblivion. Only through of Bartholome Rittmeyer and his son Franz Elysäus Rittmeyer and his mechanic Franz Anton Vogler improvements made ​​in St. Gallen hand embroidery machines could be brought about around 1850 to market. This first hand embroidery machines made ​​embroidery from about 1850 specially in St. Gallen and the surrounding area for a very important economic sector. The embroidery was an important export branch of the Swiss economy, the z. B. in 1910 accounted for almost 20%. The St. Gallen embroidery sparking the previously successful cotton and canvas manufacturing in the eastern Swiss textile industry from. Both based in substantial part on the cottage industry that an additional purchase provided the rural poor. Stick factories prevailed only slowly. In Germany, the embroidery widespread especially in Saxony and has that body, particularly with the Plauen lace made ​​a name. Multi-head embroidery machines are used mainly to embroider finished tubular fabrics such as T-shirts, polos, shirts, socks and hats. Mainly embroidery for promotional purposes, associations and Work wear be created. The multi-head embroidery machines predominantly used today have attached to a crossbeam multiple embroidery heads, which are linked together by a continuous main shaft. Each embroidery head is equipped with multiple needles that then - depending on the color to be sewn - drive over the needle plate and the underlying gripper. As with normal sewing embroidery using a needle thread / bobbin thread system is caused by a lock stitch. The movement of the frame, in which the fabric is clamped, the upper thread is placed on the fabric and fixed by the entanglement with the lower ockstitch. Modern embroidery machines have up to 56 embroidery heads, and can set up such applications. B. applying sequins or cords. While multi-head embroidery machine embroidery on a horizontally oriented frame, embroider large embroidery machines on a vertically positioned frame. Large embroidery machines are usually much larger than multi-head embroidery machines. On them mainly large-scale textiles such., Curtains, fabrics and embroidered tablecloths. Today embroidery machines are in a position to implement other textile techniques. Among other things, sequins embroidery, cord embroidery, ribbon embroidery and moss embroideries are possible. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the Chinese kitchen. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the Chinese kitchen. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Cooking is very good for health. The people who cook, can live longer and more happy. I this wonderful video we can see how two cooks can cook in one kitchen. The Chinese cooks work in this Asian kitchen. Both cooks work in a team. One Chinese cook is cooking Asian food in the wok. When the ingredients are mixed. The second cook is taking over the job, from this point. The second Chinese cook is stirring the food in the wok. There is a high degree of sharing the load of work. The clients can get their Chinese food much faster in this efficient Asian kitchen. The wok is an efficient instrument for cooking. The modern wok has a flat bottom and a high, round edge. The high edge helps to keep the food inside of the wok. It is possible to cook very large portions of Asian food in the Chinese wok. The Chinese food did become very popular in the world. The Chinese wok did follow the popularity of the Chinese food around the world. There are multiple benefits of the Chinese wok. The wall of the Chinese wok is tall and round. This can protect the food from spills. The tall walls also help to improve the distribution of the heat inside of the Chinese wok. The round shape does help to increase the efficiency of the flame. The round bottom of the Chinese wok is perfect for the cooking on the gas fire. There is a Chinese wok pan with a flat bottom. The flat bottom is perfect for the electric stoves. The people in China know how to cook on the Chinese wok from an early age. The Chinese wok is very often used with vegetable oil. The Chinese cooks put a lot of different spices into the boiling oil. The flavor of the spices. can enter the food much more rapidly, when the food is mixed into the hot vegetable oil. It is also possible to cook boiled rice or boiled noodles in the Chinese wok. Most of the food is fired. The Chinese people love fried food ! The Chinese wok is the result of the many years of evolution. The shape of the wok did change in the old history of China. The current version of the wok will change again, when somebody will figure out how to make the wok lighter, more efficient and more easy to use. The Chinese people love their food. The fired rice, the fried noodles, the fried chicken and the steamed bread can be cooked in the Chinese wok. The wok can be used with water of with vegetable oil. The wok will take the smell of the food and the spices. It is important to wash the wok after each cooking process. The carbonated steel wok has a thin layer of vegetable oil on the walls of the pan. This layer of oil must be protected. It better to wash the wok with water and later to burn the bacteria with fire. In the Chinese kitchen, we can often see how the cook can cook many meals in one wok. In this professional kitchen, the wok is washed after each cooking process. Every meal is special and different in composition from all other meal that have been cooked in this wok. The taste is always similar, but never the same. It is always good surprise, when the cook can match the desired taste for the customer. It does require experience, which only the best Chinese cooks can achieve. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the fast drawing. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the fast drawing. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! People and art have been connected since the start of humanity. The art is helping us to expand our ability to understand the world and to create new ideas. The art is not about logic. The art is about the experiments and little efforts that people put into their art. The reality is often limited. The world of art has no limits. When the people can create art, they can improve their ability to see the world from a different perspective. Some people are better at this form of thinking. The drawing can help the people to expand the personal limits of imagination and creativity. The drawing of faces is a very special and emotional subject in the space of art. The faces can create emotions. Very often the artist is drawing the faces of other people, because this can help the artist to communicate her own perception of reality. In this wonderful video we can see how a professional artist is drawing the portrait with charcoal and pencils. The fast drawing of portraits is a difficult skill that people like to learn. The drawing of faces can be complicated, when the drawing has to be an exact copy of the reality. The drawing of caricatures, cartoons and the funny faces can be very easy. It is possible to develop a special style of drawing that can be repeated in every drawing. The professional artists do develop their own style. They practice the style of their art for many hours. Then the act of drawing can become very simple and the hands just repeat the same strokes in every drawing. We fall in love with the people who have special abilities. We respect the people who can draw very well and we admire the people who are famous for their art. The drawing is often without any special logic. We are drawing for the pleasure or for the entertainment. The human mind can find a great source of entertainment in the drawing of the faces. This emotional connection of the people to the faces of other people is a sign of personal requirement for respect and recognition. We often want to be good as something. Some people do select to become good at drawing. Being good at something is often not the only thing we want. We want that the other people say to us that we are good. This emotion is connected to the ego of the people. Some of us have more ego than other. The drawing of the faces can show the inner personality of the artist. The humble people will draw faces that are more beautiful than reality. The egoistic people will draw ugly faces, that are not as good as the reality, because they want to feel better than other people. The art can create emotions. It is important to respect the people, their faces and the subject of the drawing. It is important to remain professional and to follow the style of the drawing. Each drawing is like a message that can create an emotion in other people. It is important to remain positive and to create art that will create positive emotions. The people buy the art that makes them happy. An artist can gain more respect, if the art is helping other people to be happy. The most easy way to make other people happy, if when an artist can draw their face more beautiful or very funny. Respect of the clients is very important for the process of the drawing. It is much more easy to create a good drawing, if you pay respect to your own time and effort that you put into the drawing. Everybody has a different level of talent. Some people put a lot of effort into their art, but they have no results, because their limit their creativity. Other people can draw a very beautiful face in 20 minutes, because they set no limits and they are not afraid to make mistakes. The best artist learn how to use the power of freedom and the soft flow of the hand. The strict hand is very difficult to move, during the process of the drawing. The soft and relaxed hand is much more better for the act of drawing. It is very important to practice yoga and stretching before the drawing. The physical activity can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and to help the hands to become more relaxed. The hands begin to draw very beautiful patterns and shapes, when the boy is flexible and happy after the yoga. The improved connection of the body and the mind help us to create better drawings of the faces. We can be very happy that the art and the drawing is part of the human experience. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the drawing of a portrait. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the drawing of a portrait. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! People love to look at beautiful faces. The beautiful people make us happy. We love to look in the mirror. We love to look at photography. We love to look at portraits and drawings. There is a natural desire to be able to see our own face. The good artist can capture this natural desire. A good artist can paint a face that is more beautiful than the real face in the real life. In this video we can see a good artist, who can draw a funny face. The funny faces make us happy. The ability to draw face can be learned. It is possible to learn the art of drawing and painting. The people draw faces form their internal emotions and their internal perception of reality. A good person can draw a positive image. A bad person can draw a negative image. In this wonderful video we can see a good artist, who can draw a good portrait. The drawing of faces can be difficult. The art of drawing does require a lot of practice and experience. The artist like to develop their own style and to repeat that same style in the different portraits. The same artist can draw one million faces. The faces will be different, but the style of the drawing can remain the same. The good painters have a good style. The artist in this wonderful video has distinct style. He likes to draw funny faces that can make people happy. The art and paintings can make people happy. The colors activate th brain. When the eyes see the colors, the brain can feel more happy. The dark and the gray can make people sad. The drawing in this video is gray, but it can also make the people happy. It is very interesting. The mind is complex and different in every person. The good artist in this video is using the black charcoal for the drawing of the portrait. He is using his fingers for creating of the soft edges, around the hard corners of the face. Some artists do use fingers, other artists like to use brushes. The use of charcoal is a classical material in the drawing of the portraits. The famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci , did use charcoal for the drawing of his art. The charcoal drawings are very cheap for the artist, because paper and charcoal are cheap materials. Positive art can change the world. The artist in this video can use the power of his skills for the creation of a better world. The people are more happy, if they have something that makes them happy. The funny portrait can create a good connection between the person and the brain. When the person is happy about it's own image, then the person can think that the personality is good and positive. Many people think that they are good, some people know that they are good people. The portrait can create an illusion about the personality of the person. There is magic in the beauty of the art. The art, the paintings, the drawings, the video, and photography can create a perfect world. The drawings can remove the bad parts of the face. The drawing in this video is about the desire to create a happy face in the form of a good portrait. The human brain is more happy, when it can see happy, faces. This connection of emotions and art is very powerful. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about waste management. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this waste management video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The waste management is the collection, transportation, processing or treatment, recycling or disposal of waste material, generally produced by human activity, in an effort to reduce the harmful effects on health and aesthetics of the human environment, although currently working not only to reduce the harmful effects caused to the environment but to recover its resources. Waste management may include substances solid, liquid or gaseous different methods for each. Waste can be classified into: residential, industrial, agricultural and hospital, each of these residues is managed differently. Waste management also includes the management of hazardous waste. Waste management differs for developed and developing, to urban and rural areas residential, industrial and commercial producers. The management of non-hazardous waste for residential and / or areas in metropolitan areas is usually the responsibility of local government, while non-hazardous waste from industry itself is the responsibility of the waste generator. The efficient management of such waste is among other things, to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfill. These efforts include recycling, turning waste into energy, designing products that use less material, and legislation that gives a mandate to the manufacturers responsible for the disposal costs of products and become the packing (see the Product Management and Extended Producer Responsibility). For example in industrial ecology, where material flows between industries are studied, the byproducts of industry can be a useful material to another, resulting in a decrease in the final waste. A relatively recent idea in waste management is to treat the waste material as a resource to be exploited, rather than simply as a problem to be eliminated. There are different methods depending on the resources that can be extracted from waste: the materials can be extracted and recycled, or the calorific content of the waste it can be converted into electricity. The process of extracting resources from waste is called in several ways: secondary resource recovery, recycling, etc. The practice of treating waste materials as a resource becomes more common, especially in metropolitan areas where space for new landfills becomes more scarce. There is also a growing awareness that without further removal is unsustainable in the long term because there is a finite supply of most commodities. The management of urban, industrial and commercial waste has traditionally consisted of the collection, followed by the provision. Depending on the type of waste and the area, the process can continue with a specific treatment. This treatment may be to reduce their danger, recover material for recycling, produce energy, or reduce its volume for more efficient disposal. Collection methods vary widely between different countries and regions, and would be impossible to describe them all. For example, in Spain there from the typical plastic bucket which is collected daily by truck to a collection system pneumatic sucking waste at a speed of 100 km / h to a transfer center where it is collected by means of transport conventional. Many areas, particularly those less developed, have no formal collection system in place. The garbage truck is the vehicle that makes the transport of the products not used by the urban population of most cities in the world. There are several models. Vehicles normally given for domestic waste collection activities are trucks with compactors bodies or compactor truck, provide greater economy of fuel and storage space, in that it may carry a greater amount of waste. For the safety of workers some have television cameras in the rear with monitor in the cabin of the driver. The term self-propelled motor vehicle falling further and trucks, agricultural tractors and military vehicles without affecting the driver or without driver. Is not referred to as autonomous land vehicle an unmanned vehicle when there of people remotely needs to be, so do not autonomously can go. Autonomous cars can perceive by means of various sensors and their environment determine its position and that of other road users from the acquired information, driving in cooperation with the navigation software, the destination and avoid collisions on the road. Currently, many of the major car manufacturers are already investing worldwide in the development of autonomous cars, at the same time drive electronics and semiconductor industries, the development of technologies for advanced. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about folding chair. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this folding chair video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! A folding chair is a type of seat lightweight and portable that can be stored together with other pieces in a stack, row or in a car specially designed pair this purpose. Usually they are used to give seat to a lot of people in a place where the seats are not practical or permanent. This primarily includes major cultural events both indoors and outdoors, such as funerals, graduations, religious ceremonies and games or sports competitions. In the private sector, folding chairs are used for easy transporting, or for trips and camps, or for any social situation requiring additional seating, as parties, card games, or temporary seats at the table. folding seat for professional use Plichaise. The folding chairs were already used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The chair throne of the Roman magistrate was a fold, like the Emperor. The structure was made ​​primarily of wood, and rarely of metal. Wood was decorated with inlaid, carved art, golden elements and decorations ivory. Currently are constructed of different materials, such as tubes and sheet steel, wood and plastic and have adapted to different uses, functions and environments. Folding chairs are collapsible chairs. These chairs are since the antiquity popular because they can be easily transported. Whether in war camp, traveling, walking or even in artistic and scientific works outdoors. Therefore, the folding chair was also camp chair called. Folding chairs were already in ancient Egypt, in Greece or Rome used. So who was curule chair of Roman magistrates as well as a folding chair, the seat of the emperor. The frame was usually made ​​of wood, rare metal. The wood was decorated with artful carvings, with animal heads and animal feet, with gilt and ivory inserted. The seat was either stuff, leather and the like, or slats, which also lay down together when folding the chair. Special dissemination was the folding chair in the middle ages. Here he was a liturgical appreciated piece of furniture. The Faldistorium or Faldistolium was the folding chair of the bishops (if you do not use the state of the throne), the prelates and abbots in all Pontifikalhandlungen. Since the 15th and 16th centuries, the folding chair has then mostly backs and armrests. Today folding chairs are used where it comes to ease of transport and a space-saving storage. In the interior of the flexible seating of function rooms, outdoor as gardening and camping chair (for example Sweden chair ) and often in beer gardens. The classic director's chair is a folding chair. Depending on the requirements Various materials are used: wood, metals, plastics, textiles. The seat is often made ​​of canvas or plastic, stretched to a folding metal frame, with some hinges quickly opened and closed can be folded. An advantage of a folding chair is that it can be easily and quickly stored and taken away. A disadvantage is that a folding chair which is usually uncomfortable, due to the often simple construction. Folding chairs are also found in public transport and in cinemas. They have often a fixed backrest and a folding seat (often by a spring automatically if you stand up). Sometimes the simple hard seats, but often also chairs with a soft seat and back, almost as comfortable as a regular chair, only without armrests. So can be used in the transport space required to sit, or to a wheelchair, pram or large luggage (optional for standing). In private vehicles are also folding chairs or benches, for example those in which the backrest can be folded down so that they can take more or larger pieces of luggage. A folding chair is a type of chair lightweight and portable that has the feature of being able to withdraw. It is studied and designed to be easy to store and store, especially if the chairs are similar or may be assembled or nested. Folding chairs are generally used at gatherings of many people as a cultural event (concert, exhibition, conference, etc.) or family (marriage, death, etc.), both indoors and outdoors, in a place that is not permanently equipped. They are also used in a more personal way for leisure outdoor and camping, such as booster seats, or to be easily moved as a chair director. The chairs chairs are folding chairs for outdoor use. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

One good video about the Spanish flamenco dance. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the Spanish flamenco dance. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Spanish flamenco dance is an important symbol for the culture in Spain. The flamenco dance is very emotional with many impulsive movements that are connected into a powerful performance. The Spanish people love to be proud of their country. The flamenco dance is full of pride and powerful expression of energy. The goal of the flamenco dance is to create sound with movement and the dance that is connected to the speed of the music. The music is often traditional and almost always connected to the Spanish guitar. The Spanish flamenco dance is an expression of female beauty and a river of emotions. The flamenco dancers are often female, but the men can also dance the magic dance of the Spanish flamenco flamenco. Women love to watch the flamenco dance. The emotions of women are often connected to the wild movements of the Spanish flamenco dance. There is beauty in the impulsive and powerful emotions of the flamenco dance. The powerful movements are often followed by a short break of calm relaxation. The Spanish flamenco dance is like a magic combination of fast movements with many short breaks without any movement at all. The sound of the flamenco dance is like a music that can be create with the feet. Men produce more energetic and fast flamenco music, the women produce an elegant sound, that is often more direct and more emotional, than the sound of the men, who like to dominate the flamenco dance with powerful movements. The Flamenco is a style of music and dance that is typical in Spain. The main parts of flamenco are singing, the touch and dance with many traditions and rules. There is a controversy about the origin of the dance, because there are different opinions, but none of them can be proven historically. It is possible that the Spanish flamenco dance was created by dancers who did travel across Spain, so that many parts of the country were exposed to the flamenco dance at the same time. It is believed that the flamenco dance emerged in the late eighteenth century, in the cities and villages in the Lower Andalusia , although there is virtually no data on those dates and the manifestations of this period are more typical of the flamenco dance. There are hypotheses that suggest the connection of the flamenco dance to the Indian dance of kathak. The flamenco dance did become a national symbol of Spain during the dictatorship of Franco. The brave people of Spain did use the power of the flamenco dance to protest against the dictatorship. The dancers did organize secret events where people did meet and discuss political ideas, while drinking, eating and dancing the dance of the flamenco. It was a dance for the alternative people, who did not want to become part of the dictatorship. After the political change in Spain. The country did experience a growing economy with a large part that was connected to tourism. Today the art of flamenco is used as advertising of the Spanish culture and the traditions that are very positive and powerful. The flamenco dancers teach many students from other countries. The flamenco dance is an exotic dance in many parts of the world. The power of the flamenco dance is helping the Spanish people to connect to the other countries and to promote Spain around the world. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Classical Wooden toys. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Classical Wooden toys video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Classical Wooden toys has not been out of the market over the decades the toy development until today. Even in the electronic age, which has also been introduced into the children's rooms, wooden toy still retains its place in the range of toys. This is justified, because this toy has advantages that are irreplaceable by other toy variants. Classical Wooden toys or toys made of plastic - this is not just a matter of personal taste, but often also on life. Many parents prefer toys made of wood and for many reasons. Why Classical Wooden toys but is now so popular and what are the benefits? Why swear so many moms and dads on the renewable resource and why it pays to rely on wood in Toys & Games? Classical Wooden toys proves first of all be very durable. In this case, this toy will be passed down through generations, but it does not lose its importance in changing times. The most impressive example is the wooden building blocks that are already for decades to find in nurseries and also do not lose their importance by modern toys. Sturdy and durable this toy is already suitable for toddlers and attractive wooden toy represents virtually no risk to the child. Also regarding the educational value Classical Wooden toys can not be ignored by the market of toys. The imagination of the child is stimulated and just the simplicity of the design of Classical Wooden toys, it is often that the exact value for the game brings, the educators and parents want for their own child and his development. A further advantage is that good and high-quality Classical Wooden toys has no pollutants. Unpainted branded toys from wood can also be used by small children in your mouth without incurring health risks. Is the high-quality Classical Wooden toys supplemented with color accents, these are abrasion resistant and also resistant to saliva, thus supporting the research on many senses optimally and completely harmless. Wood is also a renewable resource. Thus Classical Wooden toys is also ecologically sound. Due to the longevity of the toy also does not arise the question of the disposal and their impact on the environment. Has the damage taken to be robust and almost no destructible toys, this toy is so often still repairable, still usable. A special feature and a new direction in the market of toys made of wood here represents the toy made of bamboo. Classical Wooden toys is back in vogue and therefore there is a wide range. Long Classical Wooden toys has moved from the alternative area and is experiencing a revival. Wooden toy is made ​​from a natural and renewable material. However, plastic toys may cause harmful plasticizers and one of the raw materials is more sparse decreasing oil resources. Classical Wooden toys has a different structure than plastic and therefore stimulates all the senses of the child. children grope and sensing, for it is the natural material a good foundation. Wooden toy encourages creativity of the child and is convertible. Classical Wooden toys is, above all, robust and stable, it is much more durable and can last for generations also. Since then looking forward to even the children and the grandchildren when the wooden toy is inherited. Even if it sometimes violent and turbulent approaching the play - wooden toy is very durable. And really about time something breaks, it can be with a few drops of wood glue to repair again, this is a decisive advantage over plastic toy. Classical Wooden toys is indeed to purchase something more expensive, in the long run it makes but paid. Classical Wooden toys is classified as educational value and is child and age appropriate. With wood you bring nature into the nursery, so the toys are livelier and warmer. You have a decisive impact and leave the children a sense of beauty and harmony. Toys decisively influenced the development of the child. For Classical Wooden toys to beauty of form and functionality mate to form a harmonious picture. The material wood is very diverse, from the building blocks to the doll house or small shop it can be framed. Nevertheless, each piece is unique, the grain and texture is not like with another. In the first years of life the senses development must be promoted, so it is important to address as many senses as possible. But wood is an excellent material. Classical Wooden toys can be supplemented also excellent and the risk of injury is rather low. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Good video about the Japanese yakitori machine. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the Japanese yakitori machine. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The Japanese yakitori is a grilled bird meat with spices. This Japanese food can be cooked from small pieces of chicken meat on a grill. Traditionally, this food is cooked with chicken meat, but other birds can be used for this Japanese grill machine. The first historical record about the Japanese yakitori was written in 1674. The yakitori are very popular in Japan and almost in all parts of Asia. This food is a very popular snack in the Japanese cuisine. The Japanese sushi and yakitori can be found in every good Japanse restaurant. In Japan, the yakitori are often eaten as a small meal with alcoholic drinks. It is common to see many Japanese yakitori shops in the same street, where people drink beer and eat the Japanese yakitori from every shop. There is even an adventure park for the Japanese yakitori. Good food is very important for the Japanese people. The Japanese yakitori needs many years before all of the details can be understood about this tasty Japanese food. The Japanese yakitori can be translated as bird grill. The yakitori can be made from pork, beef, fish, mushrooms or vegetables, there are no limits. The modern Japanese yakitori can be vegetarian too. The spices and the grill are the most important things about about the Japanese yakitori food. The modern Japanese grill is very tasty and healthy. The modern Japanese machines can cook the Japanese grill in a very clean and safe environment. The Japanese grill machines care very popular in all of Asia. The restaurants and small Asian businesses are getting rich with the help of the Japanese grill machines. Grilled meat on a stick is not a modern invention. This food did exist for a long time. The Japanese grill on a stick is different, because it is smaller than traditional grill. There are more spices and the food is heated up in a vertical position. Vegetables, meat, fish, spices, oil and vegetarian meat can be used in the Japanese grill machine. There are no limits to creativity. is very happy about that. The Japanese grill is very popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe and USA. Some women love to eat meat. The Japanese grill is more healthy, because the amount of meat is small, but the taste of the food is very big. The meat must be very fresh, because the Japanese grill machine is only for the outside of the meat cubes. The inside of the meat can be raw and soft. The spices help to remove bacteria and bad taste. The Japanese grill is can be so tasty that the customers can not stop eating, until they have no money in the wallet. The Japanese people love to take fresh ideas from the rest of the world and to create a Japanese version of everything. The Japanese grill is similar to the traditional Russian grill, but the portions are small and the spices are liquid. The Japanese grill is using liquid spices that are heated on the meat, before the hot machine can cook the meat at a high temperature. The meat on the stick was probably invented, when the wild women began to cook meat on fire with the help of sticks. The Japanese women did create a perfect version of the grilled meat on a wooden stick. When you have a chance to try this wonderful food, go try it and make your mother proud. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Free video about Korean calligraphy. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Korean calligraphy video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! Korean calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing in Chinese characters were developed in Korea. In China, calligraphy emerged with the beginning of Chinese characters. Script in China is basically pictographs created by mimicking the shape of the object that was originally in the form of characters or images. The origin of calligraphy in Korea introduced from China since the era of the Three Kingdoms. Each style of writing these countries is different, but equally beautiful and graceful. In the period of Goryeo, calligraphy is one of the skills that must-have scholars. The rapid development of calligraphy in progress at the time of the Joseon Dynasty where many emerging styles and techniques of calligraphy new. The Chinese calligraphy can be drawn according to five historical styles. Typically they are all made ​​with brush and ink. These styles are intrinsically linked to the history of Chinese writing. As the Chinese administration affirmed by the power of the writing, the characters seemed to seal style, complex and very regular, was a brake on the speed of comprehension and learning of writing. This style is quickly replaced since the third century, like that regularly. However, continued using handwriting on even to this day. It gives the composition a dignified air, judgemental and majestic. It is used therefore in part in calligraphy, primarily slogans, famous quotes and titles. The Shodo is the calligraphy of Japan. It is considered an art and a discipline very difficult to perfect and taught as a subject most Japanese children during their primary education. It comes from the Chinese calligraphy and practised by the ancient technique with a brush, an ink which prepares the ink and a sheet of rice paper. Today it is also possible to use a laptop with a brush ink tank. Western calligraphy and calligraphy Latin calligraphy is based on the use of the alphabet Latin, created by the Romans, and in a broader sense also covers the work carried out using the Greek alphabet or Cyrillic. The calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing using signs. It can refer to two different concepts: first, is the art of letter writing with artistic and properly trained, according to different styles. Opposes style manuscript or spontaneous single autograph of each person and studied, among others, by graphology. A contemporary definition of the practice of calligraphy is the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and elegant. Calligraphy ranges from completely utilitarian creations to magnificent works of art where the abstract expression (or not) becomes more important than the readability of letters. Chinese culture attaches great importance to calligraphy. This is based on the visual beauty of ideograms the technical realization and metaphysical precepts of traditional Chinese culture. Western calligraphy developed much later and totally independent. Its origin is the alphabet Latin, which in the Middle Ages wrote copyist monks on parchment. At about the same time the Islamic culture develops its own handwriting, based on the Arabic alphabet, and due to the religious prohibition to represent human beings, makes extensive use of decorative art in architecture. The typewriter calligraphy is present in advertising, company logos and labels of many products, but the handwriting has been decreasing in use over time albeit expressive give some progress in the search for new forms of calligraphy them still have their main essence. The development of calligraphy as an art linked to worship of figurative as well as calligraphy and offers a figurative decoration. Calligraphy is often used to make drawings or artistic compositions that represent objects, plants or animate beings, or simply harmonic shapes as symmetrical or geometric compositions. The style was born of a distortion by simplifying the regular stroke. That is why it is the most currently used for manuscripts daily life. However, it is not ignored by calligraphy, far from it and it is not considered a form of regular Bastard: calligraphy possesses its own rules. The Shodo is the calligraphy Japanese. It is considered an art and a discipline very difficult to perfect. Taught as a subject most Japanese children during their elementary education. It comes from the Chinese calligraphy and practised the traditional way: with a brush, an ink which prepares the ink and rice paper. Used Japanese characters hiragana and katakana, and the characters kanji derived from Chinese writing. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

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