SOURE : ALERT: NFL Gets Devastating Blow After the national anthem protests last week, fans were quick to reveal their reactions. Yet instead of the mass support many players were likely expecting, the NFL is receiving massive backlash. According to Breitbart, a Yahoo finance poll revealed that 80 percent of those expected to change their behavior from the protests said they planned to watch less football.The players’ reasons for protesting the national anthem vary, according to USA Today. It seems the demonstrations largely revolved around three main points: opposing Trump, unity, and calling awareness to racial injustice. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks made all three of these points in a video, concluding by saying the protests were primarily about racial injustice. “I think that it’s more powerful if each individual owner comes out and has something to say about this, but we are all together, we are all Americans, and it’s time for the racism and bigotry, for those things to go away. Those things have no place in society, no place in America, no place in any country, and that’s my two cents.” Many liberals likely felt that fans would support the players who chose to disrespect the national anthem. And that they would also believe the widespread claims that last weekend’s protests were really about the supposed racial injustice in America and not a petty demonstration opposing the President. Yet the polls tell a different story. Many fans — at least 62 percent of those surveyed — were offended by the protests enough to consider turning off their TVs and stop watching the NFL altogether.

SOURCE : CIA Comes Forward – Makes Stunning Statement About Obama’s Birth Certificate The mainstream media spent years mocking President Donald Trump for the birther movement he launched as he claimed that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and that he wasn’t actually born in the U.S. Now, however, evidence has surfaced that could prove that Trump was right about this all along. Infowars reported that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators have just found evidence indicating that the CIA and or other government entities illegally hacked into Hawaii Department of Health records searching for birth records on Obama. These government breaches reportedly began on Nov. 14, 2008, immediately after Obama won his first presidential election. The breaches then continued until Jan. 12, 2011, three months before the White House released a computer version of what they claimed was Obama’s birth certificate.

SOURCE : 2 Years After Suspicious Death, Antonin Scalia Sends Trump A Message From Beyond The Grave When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February 2016 at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas, the circumstances surrounding his death were overwhelmingly suspicious. For one, he was a noted conservative, and Barack Obama was nearing the end of his presidential term and, thus, the span of time when he would have legally been able to appoint a more liberal justice to the bench. Now, two years later, with questions regarding his demise still looming, Justice Scalia has sent President Donald Trump a message from beyond the grave.It’s no wonder the circumstances surrounding Justice Scalia’s death led to many internet conspiracy theories. He was found dead in Shafter, Texas, at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, which is owned by a Democratic Party donor and Obama award winner. Additionally, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, another Democrat, pronounced him dead over the phone, without ever seeing his body, which was found with a pillow covering his face, according to The Gateway Pundit.

SOURCE : REPORT: Top Republican Drops Mueller Bombshell, It’s All On Video The controversy between people tied directly to the Democrats and the Russia scandal is growing at an alarming rate. As new information comes to light, many can’t help wondering where all of these threads lead. Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) appeared on Fox Business Network to announce a bombshell that is sure to shake the foundation of this investigation. As it turns out, Gohmert announced that Rod Rosenstein, of all people, was directly implicated in accepting the Uranium One deal right along with the Clintons, and then-FBI Director–now Special Counsel lead–Robert Mueller. The connections in this story overlap in many ways, and now the truth is coming out. Rosenstein was officially confirmed to be the Deputy Attorney General on April 25th, 2017. He was approved by a significant margin of 94-6, leading him to be sworn in on the 26th of April.

Rich Liberal Celeb Demands Trump Open Borders, Wakes Up To Nasty Surprise When wealthy celebrity author of the Harry Potter franchise J.K. Rowling heard about President Donald Trump’s travel ban and proposed wall, she immediately slammed him as a racist. However, just after demanding that Trump opens the borders to all refugees, she received a surprise that would have her eating her words. Rowling, who is reportedly worth over $1 billion, took to Twitter to criticize Trump for beefing up national security in order to properly vet asylum seekers. Refusing to believe that many are crossing the border and committing heinous crimes in their host countries, the out-of-touch celebrity writer flew off the handle, spewing vulgarity over the temporary ban. As expected, the liberal elitist was not only immediately called out on her hypocrisy but asked to put her money where her mouth is. Independent Journal Review reports that as soon as Rowling, a British citizen living in Scotland, demanded the U.S. resettle even more Muslim refugees, she was bombarded with tweets and a petition demanding that she house asylum seekers in her massive mansion to set the example. While tweets demanding Rowling practice what she preaches continue to flood in, the petition garnered nearly 1,000 signatures in less than 2 hours since its publication. Its creator explains that because Rowling wants more refugees, she should be the first celebrity to house them in her “18 spare bedrooms” at her multi-million dollar manor — or at least one of them. In addition, Twitter users have initiated a social media campaign cleverly called “Tear Down Those Mansion Walls,” in which 92 percent of over 27,000 voters agreed that Rowling should house refugees. “Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, who is very much disconnected from the ugly reality of rape, murder and destruction which many of these refugees bring with them, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity,” the petition states. “J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters…To make this group of refugees representative of the situation Europe, we also demand that the group consists of 14 men and 4 women, since over 75% of the millions of refugees are male.” In 2015, Rowling enraged her entire neighborhood with the trimming of the 30-foot-high hedges she placed around her Edinburgh home. For 3 days, traffic was blocked so that landscaping crew could maintain the massive shrubbery that she erected to not only keep people off her property but prevent them from even setting eyes upon her glorious riches. It’s almost as if she built a “wall” around herself to keep undesirables out. How xenophobic.' The filthy-rich author’s 17th-century manor was purchased for a whopping $3.1 million at the height of her success. Now, she lives in an even more luxurious castle in Aberfeldy. However, she doesn’t appear to want to spread the wealth. In fact, she seems to think that she should have the authority to demand that everyone else foot the bill for her beloved migrants. Of course, aside from not wanting to give up her millions, Rowling won’t even spare one of her posh suites to house a poor, innocent refugee. As expected, Rowling hasn’t responded to the petition or any of the countless tweets demanding she stops being a hypocrite and does what she’s telling everyone else to do. Still, liberal elitists will always be the “do as I say, not as I do” crowd when it comes to practicing what they believe. It’s further proof that their policies sound good on paper but, when it comes to delivery, even they don’t want to be around when the shoe drops.

SOURCE : President Trump Just Gave Big ‘NO’ To Gov. Jerry Brown – This Was a Major Project Donald Trump and his administration are of huge importance for the current California state leadership, but Governor Jerry Brown and the Representatives in this state already declared war on the federal government. Irrational and unlogical, but Jerry Brown still pulled the unreal stunt and made California a sanctuary state with his executive order. However, he didn’t predict the aftermath of such arrogant behavior. Jerry Brown forgot that his state is in a huge debt and it’s only getting worse because he and his colleagues are not capable of leading this state into the right direction. Now, Jerry Brown and California need money to finish the biggest project in California. More expenses… Now, they need Trump. Instead of taking care of the wellbeing of its citizens, California invested in illegal aliens and how to make their lives more comfortable in the USA. Associated Press reported about this: The Trump administration said Wednesday that it will not support a massive water project proposed by California, the latest and most serious blow for Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to re-engineer the state’s water system by building two giant water tunnels. “The Trump administration did not fund the project and chose to not move forward with it,” Russell Newell, spokesman for the U.S. Interior Department, said in an email.

SOURCE : As the layers of the onion continue to peel back revealing just how deep the corruption in Washington goes, it is up to the every day Americans to research and connect the dots. Some call us “conspiracy theorists” and yet others simply call us crazy. Aristotle says, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness” and so it goes as we travel down the rabbit hole revealed by one former U.S. intelligence contractor named Dennis Montgomery.

SOURCE : ‘Resistance’ Heads Explode After Sarah Sanders Drops ‘Truth Bomb’ From Trump White House press secretary Sarah Sanders kept a straight face as she addressed the press corps during her regular scheduled conference. It seems our beloved press secretary had a secret message from President Donald Trump just for all those leftist haters out there. A shocked room of liberal loser reporters looked on in utter silence as Sarah told them she had a “message from a special guest,” telling them to “tune into the screen.” Don’t miss this. President Donald Trump is winning, and he is feeling pretty sassy as he trolls all the leftist haters who refuse to give him a fair chance. Over the last year, Trump has achieved more than any modern-day president, and that includes President Ronald Reagan.

SOURE : City Council Removes Veteran Memorial, So Voters Remove Something Of Theirs Cowardly city council members voted to remove a veterans memorial after the atheist-minority complained that it was “offensive.” So, voters gathered the very next day and made a decision of their own that has the city council regretting they ever bowed to political correctness.On November 2, the Knoxville City Council of Iowa agreed that they would remove a memorial for fallen soldiers because atheists were outraged that it featured a Christian cross, signifying a headstone. On Tuesday, only one day after the council voted to tear down the display, angry voters convened and voted that the gutless officials be removed from their positions.Breitbart reports that aside from some 2,000 white crosses erected in yards across the town, citizens had warned the city council that if they voted to remove the display, they would be removed as well. Apparently, officials ignored the majority’s advice, a decision they now regret, and council members April Verwers, Carolyn Formanek, and David Roozeboom proceeded to vote in favor of eliminating the memorial. The next day, Formanek and Verwers were voted out of office, and Roozeboom chose to forgo re-election, knowing that he would be removed as well. Neither Formanek nor Verwers garnered more than 15 percent of the vote.Resident Doug Goff was ecstatic over Tuesday’s turnout. “I was extremely emotional,” Goff said, “because this cause is very deep to me and I felt like I have let people down. I’d like to send him the message that if you’re not going to listen to Knoxville, Knoxville’s not going to back you.”

SOURCE : Smug Illegal Alien Trashes Trump On Live TV, Not Laughing Moments Later After her father and brother were detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an illegal alien decided to trash President Donald Trump on live television. Unfortunately for the smug punk, things would go horribly wrong – and she wasn’t laughing after what happened just moments after the cameras shut off.Daniela Vargas, 22, was furious to learn that the criminal actions of her father had finally caught up with him as he was arrested by ICE. Of course, seeing how federal agents also took her brother into custody at the time only made things worse, prompting her to announce a televised conference that she would be holding. “The path to citizenship is necessary for DACA recipients but also for the other 11 million undocumented people with dreams,” she said. “Today, my father and brother await deportation while I continue to fight this battle as a Dreamer to help contribute to this country, which I feel that is very much my country.” However, the entitled punk quickly learned that you don’t get everything that you want in this life, especially when you try to obtain it illegally. In fact, after trashing Trump and saying that those who broke the law should be rewarded, it wasn’t long before officials heard what she had to say and decided to send a message of their own. The once smug illegal alien, who was boldly open publicly about her criminal immigration status, wasn’t laughing just moments after her conference had ended. According to Downtrend, ICE swept her up and is set to deport her as well:

SOURCE : No One Saw This Coming! Robert Mueller Just Dropped Sledgehammer On Hillary, You’ll Cheer Tony Podesta, the founder of the Podesta Group and sibling of previous Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is resigning from his position at the lobbying firm in the midst of examination from White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Fox News announced that Podesta and his organization are being examined by Mueller. The Pedestal Group was one of the organizations that worked on a campaign called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine, which was led by Paul Manafort and advanced Ukraine’s picture in the West. Manafort, who quickly served in as Donald Trump’s campaign manager the previous summer, was prosecuted by Mueller on Friday for a few charges going back to his work in Ukraine.Starting reports say that Podesta will hand over full operational and monetary control to the organization’s CEO Kimberly Fritts. A man acquainted with the circumstance said that Podesta sent out an email to his staff in which he clarified that he was stepping down on the grounds that he “needs to fight this as an individual, but doesn’t want the firm to fight it.” “[Tony] was very magnanimous and said, “This is an amazing group of people,” a source said of Podesta’s remarks. He also told staff that he “doesn’t intend to go quietly, or learn how to play golf.”

SOURCE : Californian Conservatives Just Dropped Sledgehammer On Gov. Jerry Brown, They Find 1 ‘Loophole’ Liberals would prefer not to admit to one awkward truth, however, the numbers don’t lie – businessmen are shrewd, and generally more brilliant than the normal individual. Furthermore, business people are quite often conservative. In this manner, conservatives are by and large more intelligent. Crunch the numbers. In the event that it appears like an unimportant thing to call attention to, yet there’s a reason. Today, conservatives in California battled for the conservation of their Constitutional rights utilizing a loopholeAnd keeping in mind that you can contend that loopholes violate the “spirit” of the law all you need, the truth of the matter is this: businessman frequently live and die on loopholes. The most brilliant ones discover them and utilize them. So it’s nothing unexpected that California gun owners just battled back against gun-grabbing liberals by utilizing loopholes in the state’s ludicrous gun registration rules. What’s more, the best part? Presently a huge number of lawfully gotten guns are safe from huge government interruption. Nice attempt, libs.

SOURCE : BREAKING!! PELOSI IS DONE! MASSIVE Scandal EXPLODES! A sickly number of sexually related assault charges has struck California so hard that people are resigning like lemmings walking off a cliff. One by one their career ends, and they walk off the cliff of employment. There they go, down into the hole of obscurity. Or prison. Some of the recently resigned might find themselves in jail over what they did, and Nancy Pelosi is no different. She’s recently gone off the hinges as well, which is par the norm for her daily activity, but this could be the massive scandal that explodes and destroys much of the Democratic party from the inside out. Democrats found themselves buried up to their necks in accusations and drowning in their misery. It’s bad. The levels of trust with the public have dwindled down to barely anything. It’s like when parents teach young kids about “stranger danger,” and the Democrats are big-time strangers as they’re being called out for their alleged involvement in some disturbing behaviors.

SOURE : BOOM! Another Sponsor Just Quit NFL And Protesting Athletes Are Now Starting To Worry As the controversy continues with National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem, the financial consequences are starting to develop due to commissioner Roger Goodell not mandating that the players respect the national anthem by standing. It has recently been reported that ticket sales from last week are down 17.9%, television viewership is on a steady decline, and several local eateries who used to televise NFL games no longer do so. Now the NFL is losing sponsors. Several days ago, CEO Allan Jones of Check Into Cash pulled all of his sponsorship and dealings with the National Football League including his sponsorship of the wardrobes for the NBC sports analysts covering the games. Mr. Jones supported his withdrawal from the NFL citing the obvious hypocrisy on display as he brought to light that the multi-million dollar stadiums NFL owners enjoy are built using taxpayer money. “Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior. When I see Colin Kaepernick lecturing about the ‘oppressed’ while he is wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt you realize the hypocrisy to this stupidity. I love America. They have the right to protest and I have the right to turn off the channel and place our ads elsewhere. The next time someone asks the public to finance a stadium this will have a very long-term effect. These guys should really be the lead plaintiffs in the head injury cases – that’s the only jury that will find sympathy.” Adding to his statement regarding his cancellation of business with the NFL, Mr. Jones provided a bit of history for commissioner Roger Goodell to lament on. “If you will research why Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner you will realize why I am upset about these NFL players protesting. They don’t even know what it is they are protesting. The flag was still standing. 200 English ships tried to take it down. They kept it up all night and it could only be seen when the bombs were bursting in the air. So many patriots gave their lives to keep the flag up — and now to have people protesting who don’t have a clue about any of this bothers me.” Another sponsor has also pulled out of doing business with the NFL. Flemington Car and Truck Country, owned by Steve Kalafer, is not pleased with the disrespect the NFL players, the commissioner, and team management have put on display. Mr. Kalafer released a statement saying, “The National Football League and its owners have shown their fans and marketing partners that they do not have a comprehensive policy to ensure that players stand and show respect for America and our flag during the playing of the national anthem. We have cancelled all of our NFL advertising on the Optimum and Infinity (cable) networks. As the NFL parses the important nationwide issues of ‘social justice’ and ‘freedom of speech,’ it is clear that a firm direction by them is not forthcoming.” This lack of direction on the part of commissioner Roger Goodell is causing serious damage to the NFL brand with many fans vowing to never watch another game again. Mr. Kalafer even stated that many of his business contacts feel the same way he does, and they will likely pull any support they have for the beleaguered NFL. The players who continue to take a knee and disrespect the fans who contribute to their inflated salaries claim that their protests are not against the U.S. Military, or the American flag, but that is the effect they are having, and fans have demonstrated they are not happy.

LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : SOURE : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : Man Hears A Voice Start To Whisper After His Wife Left Her Phone On In Florida, a married woman was talking to her husband using her hands free mobile device, while he was still at home and she was out. The conversation stopped, but the phone was still on and picking up everything being said around her, which her husband could hear. After what he heard, he had a surprise waiting for her when she got home.Priscilla Cercone had been chatting it up with her husband after work on Tuesday evening, keeping her hands free by using a Bluetooth device that she put in her ear. He was waiting for her back at home, while asking her questions about her day. After a moment of silence, he heard another man’s voice. What the new person didn’t realize was that the Bluetooth was picking everything up, and his evening wasn’t going to go as planned. The woman’s unnamed husband got a sense something was wrong when his wife stopped responding to his questions but hadn’t officially ended their conversation. According to Local10 News, Cercone had gotten out of her car at about 5:30 p.m. to get the mail from her mailbox. That’s when she stopped talking, but 21-year-old Bernard Owens could be heard whispering in her other ear, which didn’t have the mobile device in it.Owens put a gun to the woman’s head and demanded she drive him to the ATM and drain her account for him. Her husband listened live as the mugging happened, and his wife, scared for her life, follow the criminal’s orders. She withdrew $400 for him, but he wasn’t satisfied with that amount. That’s when he took his crime a step further, announcing what he was about to do, unknowingly giving her husband the heads up, who was then prepared for him. Wanting to get the most that he could out of this hold up, Owens instructed his victim to take him back to her house. He planned to take anything and everything of value, saying that if she didn’t comply, he would kill her. As the terrified woman pulled up to her house, she saw a swarm of police officers surrounding it and jumped from the car to safety, while Owens was still inside. Cercone’s husband had called the cops early in the robbery, then stayed on the line with his wife’s Bluetooth to give directions as to their whereabouts. Owens tried to evade police by making a run for it, but they quickly caught up with him. He was charged with robbery with a firearm, possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted Florida felon, false imprisonment of an adult, and kidnapping with intent to commit or facilitate commission of a felony, ABC News reported.

SOURCE : BREAKING NEWS About Geraldo Rivera… His Life Just Ended It seems an old Barbara Walters interview with Bette Midler may be coming back to haunt Geraldo Rivera. Rivera is already taking a lot of heat after posting a series of tweets yesterday in defense of fired and disgraced NBC anchor Matt Lauer. Lauer was fired amid a series of wide-ranging allegations that Lauer sexually harassed his co-workers including exposing himself to a woman. Riveria’s tweets appeared to excuse Lauer’s predatory and downright creepy behavior revealed in a series of video clips, claiming Lauer is a “great guy” and “news is a flirty business.” On Wednesday evening, Fox News responded to Rivera’s messages of defense for Lauer disavowing Rivera’s support whether implied or otherwise, stating via a spokesperson for the network – “Geraldo’s tweets do not reflect the views of FOX News or its management. We were troubled by his comments and are addressing them with him.” Now in the wake of a firestorm of his own making, Rivera is finding himself as the accused after a clip of a 1991 interview Barbara Walters did with Bette Midler resurfaced, circulating the interwebs.

SOURE : Restaurant Owner Refuses To Show NFL, Shocked To See Who Walks Through Doors Days Later After watching overpaid, ungrateful professional athletes kneel as the national anthem was played before NFL games, Bill DeFries, a Marine veteran and the owner of an Ohio Beef O’Brady’s, made a decision that could greatly impact his bottom line: he stopped showing NFL games. It was a risky move for a sports restaurant, but DeFries was prepared for any financial blowback he incurred as a result of the move. That’s how strongly he felt about the matter, so he was shocked to see who walked through his restaurant’s doors days later. DeFries met with his management team before pulling NFL games from his franchise, just to ensure that they were all on the same page. He did not know what the move would mean for sales, but everyone was determined to cut off the NFL after witnessing the disrespectful display players made during the anthem. DeFries told Fox Business, “I have to tell you as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I served to defend our country’s Constitution and free speech, and while I defend the right of every American to express their views and voice this freely, the actions demonstrated by the NFL players during the country’s national anthem — it was offensive and disrespectful to me as a proud veteran and all my fellow veterans.” The restaurant owner continued, “We are a family restaurant, and we have been for 13 years,” adding, “And our customers are from the community. They come in here to relax and enjoy a meal and be entertained, in particular by the NFL on Sundays,” indicating it was a big move to decide to turn the game off. However, he had a good reason.

SOURCE : BIG Democrat Who Called Hillary Out To Her Face Just Became Her Most Recent Victim Overnight For years, the American people have noticed a disturbing trend of mysterious deaths connected to the Clintons. It appears that when anyone crosses the Clinton family, they end up six feet under or become the victims of a character assassination that leaves them penniless and alone. While the mainstream media and law enforcement agencies continue to ignore the Clinton connection, victims continue to pile up with no end in sight. Just over this past year, Hillary Clinton has been implicated in several strange deaths stemming back to DNC staffer Seth Rich. Then there was the recent death of longtime Clinton investigator Peter W. Smith followed by Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was just about to blow the whistle on the Clinton Foundation. Of course there are many more victims that have fallen prey to the Clintons, but the pattern is all the same. If you cross the Clintons or try to expose them for the crimes they committed you will meet your demise, and it doesn’t matter who you are either. Now another victim of Hillary Clinton’s wrath was just destroyed publicly who also happened to be a longtime supporter, and it proves that no one is safe from her tentacles.

Obama’s SICK Secret Out After It’s Discovered Who’s Trump’s Deporting First When He Ends DACA LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : Link playlist BREAKING NEWS TODAY 2017 : SOURCE : Thank You For Watching

Social Security Experts Announce Major 2019 Changes For Millions Of Seniors The change is coming much sooner than expected. During the 2016 Election, Donald Trump promised not to harm Social Security. In fact, he promised to protect it, ensuring senior citizens that they will not be forgotten. Now, after two years of the Trump administration, experts are weighing in on Social Security. The results may surprise you.

SOURCE : California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This? The House Ethics Committee has finally charged Maxine Waters (D-CA) with corruption. Here’s what she did: In 2008, Maxine arranged a meeting between the Treasury Department and representatives of OneUnited bank – where her husband was a notable shareholder. As a member of the House Financial Committee, she was able to directly contact then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to speak with him about meeting with minority-owned banks. Through her efforts, OneUnited bank was able to obtain $12 million in federal bailout funding to help cover expected losses from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.If OneUnited had gone under, Maxine’s husband could have lost as much as $350,000. Oh, and she hired her own grandson (Mikael Moore) to work as her chief of staff.

Hillary’s Brand New Book Ripped From Shelves After Publisher Notices Sick Thing Inside LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : Link playlist BREAKING NEWS TODAY 2017 : SOURCE : Thank You For Watching

BREAKING : TRUMP IS ABOUT TO UNDERMINE THE SWAMP ONCE AND FOR ALL Trump has promised to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. One of the ways that he is going about this is the possible merger of two cabinet departments. Budget director Mick Mulvaney has bee working on what would be the biggest bureaucratic shake-up in recent history: combining the Department of Labor with the Department of Education. The Wall Street Journal reported on this potential shake-up on Wednesday and there is a formal announcement planned for Thursday. Any reorganization would have to be approved by Congress.

SOURCE : BREAKING: Secret Memo Reveals Why Rosenstein Was EAGER To Appoint Special Counsel… It’s REALLY BAD Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is oncce again in the crosshairs after a secret memo discovered by the House Intelligence Agency revealed a troubling plot from the previous administration.The memo, which has yet to be released to the public, contains “shocking,” “troubling,” and “alarming” details of how the Obama administration turned its massive intelligence complex against the American people, according to Fox News in an exclusive report. Lawmakers said they can’t yet discuss the contents of the memo, but that it’s so troubling that it’s imperative the American people see it.

SOURCE : Charlie Pride Has Enough Of Whoopi’s Race-Baiting, Shuts Her Down On Live TV Country music legend Charlie Pride appeared on “The View” on Thursday to promote his new album, titled “Music in My Heart.” He delivered a performance of “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” that would make any country music fan swoon, but during the interview portion, he dropped a truth bomb on the liberal hosts of the daytime talk show which was totally unexpected. Having had enough of Whoopi Goldberg’s race-baiting, Pride decided to shut her down right on live television. Whoopi Goldberg, who admitted that she was so starstruck upon meeting Charlie Pride that she could “barely keep it together,” asked the legendary country music artist what it was like to earn a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award as the only “man of color” in the country music industry. “What was it like to be the first black country artist?” co-host Sarah Haines seconded. “Before I answer that,” replied Pride, “I told my wife I wasn’t going to get long-winded. I’m going to have to condense this down.” He continued, “You just mentioned, ‘of color.’ When I first started in this business, one reporter said, ‘Charlie, how does it feel to be the Jackie Robinson of country music? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first colored country singer? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first Negro country singer? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first Afro-American country singer?'”

SOURCE : BREAKING!! ANOTHER ‘TRUMP’ Will Run For President!!! When President Donald Trump took office, Americans’ hope was officially restored and he doesn’t plan to stop making the country great again after just two terms. While he’s almost certain to win in the 2020 election, the golden legacy won’t end there. Confirming Democrats’ worst nightmare, Trump’s successor after what we’re sure will be an exceptionally successful two terms in office, will be another very capable leader bearing his namesake. This is sure to end Hillary Clinton for good as she’s lost all control of her chances of ever achieving office in her lifetime.

SOURE : Woman Snaps Pic Of Horrific Wreck, Floored At What’s Hidden In Plain Sight While Kay Denton was stopped near the scene of a horrific wreck on a Georgia freeway, she was staring out her window when she noticed something amiss at the scene and snapped a photo. Looking at the snapshot a little closer, she was absolutely floored at what she saw hiding in plain sight.Denton, who works with the Commerce Police Departement, was on Interstate-85 in Commerce when the crash caught her eye. With traffic at a standstill as crews worked to clear the scene, the woman watched on and prayed that all involved would be okay, even though the situation looked dire. With the perfect vantage point from where she was parked along the side of the road, Denton saw something else at the scene which she felt the need to share, with photo proof of what she witnessed. In a post on social media, Denton explained, “If you look closely you can see a police officer lying on the ground to the left side of the car.” While this may not seem like a significant detail, it’s what she caught him doing that took her breath away.An 8-year-old boy was involved in the crash and trapped under the mangled car. He was terrified, and Denton was scared for his outcome too until she saw the incredible interaction he had with the cop. “This child was an eight-year-old black male who was scared to death and had some internal injuries. This officer laid on the ground with this child, cradling his head in his hand and talking to him to keep him calm,” she wrote before finding out one important detail about the kid, which the cop was shocked to hear in that moment. As the hero officer spoke comforting words to this boy, he learned that this frightening day happened to also be his birthday, and right there in the median, with the weight of the car and the world on this child, the cop sang Happy Birthday to him. “At one point the child reached over and patted the officer on the head and then played with the officer’s hair!” Denton explained in her post, which she shared with a specific purpose in mind.

SOURCE : Breaking News About ADAM SCHIFF… He Just Got Busted, BIG TIME!!! The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff seems to have an issue with honesty these days, and he was just majorly busted for it. As many are aware, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes, a California Republican (as rare as they are), created a four-page memo outlining how the former administration abused its power against the Trump campaign. On Monday, the House voted along party lines to release the memo to the public, but first a copy of it was to be sent to the white House for review.


WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ WikiLeaks has released information that shows Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribing 6 Republicans to “destroy Trump”. In an email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin, the pair discuss diverting Clinton campaign funds to various Republicans who were secretly on the Clinton payroll. reports: The email, sent in July of this year, describes how funds were being diverted from Clinton’s campaign to the Super PACS of Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich. According to the email: “JB, CF, and JK PACS will be noticeably silent for the rest of the campaign. Each will receive a significant allowance from advertising budget. HRC is in the loop and has talked to all three personally. Eyes only.” Other emails that surfaced but do not refer to anything other than title have also surfaced that raised eyebrows. It seems at a glance that the Clinton Foundation, or as I am calling it, the Pantsuit Mafia, has bought off several key members of the Republican Party to push the Clinton agenda. Such as: “He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only.” This email was dated days before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan withdrew the invitation to Donald Trump to speak at an event in Wisconsin. Even though we do not have the ‘smoking gun’ to say it was him, no other logical conclusion can be assumed. Other emails hint at the money being moved to Republican elected officials in the House and Senate. For instance, FEC reports show that two large donations from PACS and private sources ln early October went to John McCain right after he attacked Trump publicly criticized Trump. That happened shortly after a slew of emails concerning moving money to support one candidate and move support from another.

SOURCE : No One Saw This Coming! President’s Border Wall Breaks Milestone In Liberal State, You’ll Cheer Obviously, Democrats will successfully contradict Trump’s promised border wall. They want to ensure it never happens. What’s more, it’s actual, acquiring support to construct the gigantic wall is a test. There are a lot of government officials who don’t want a safe border. That incorporates corrupt Republicans who take into account uncommon interests.

3-Year-Old Jaxon Is The Only One Who Hears The Neighbour's Cry For Help – Now He's Being Called a Hero Meet Jaxon Lopez, a feisty and inquisitive 3-year-old from Gloucester, Virginia. He loves the show PAW Patrol. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a children's TV show about a little boy and 6 dogs who rescue people in need. Earlier this year, Jaxon became a superhero himself. Maybe it was all that superhero watching on TV that did it. His story has not only brought the boy to fame in his local hometown — he's now also an internet sensation. It was an ordinary day and Jaxon was over at his grandma's house. His mother Kelsea Spouse came to pick him up and at some point, walked back to the car to get something. Meanwhile, Jaxon roamed around the garden. That's when Kelsea suddenly heard him saying 'help'. It didn't sound like a literal cry for help, though. It was more like Jaxon was imitating a sound he was hearing, or had perhaps heard earlier. Parents can certainly relate to moments like this: when your child gets fixated on one particular word or expression, and repeats it all day long. Normally, that can be rather endearing. But unfortunately, it wasn't the case in this particular instance. Jaxon was in fact hearing a call for help, and was echoing it. Before Kelsea knew it, her 3-year-old son was running towards the neighbor's house. He was on a mission to get to the voice he was hearing. And it's a good thing he did. Kelsea followed her little boy into the neighbor's yard and could now hear someone crying for help as well. The cry led them to the neighbor's garage, where they discovered the neighbor laying helpless on the ground, bleeding. Turns out she had not been feeling well that day and had collapsed onto the ground, hitting her head in the process. Kelsea told Jaxon to hurry back to his grandma, and then called 911 while staying with the neighbor. He said 'Granny neighbor, help,' and I thought, what is he talking about? grandmother Danette Lopez told WTKR 3. He grabs my wrist and he's pulling me to the door, I'm thinking he's playing because nothing like that had ever happened. An ambulance quickly arrived to the scene and transported the neighbor to the closest hospital. The neighbor had a speedy recovery and has since been calling the little boy her little hero. And as if helping save her wasn't enough, when she was recovered little Jaxon even picked some flowers to make a bouquet for her. Is this the sweetest most considerate little boy ever or what? What a lovely story! Jaxon truly is a hero at the tender age of 3. Please consider sharing this amazing story to honor this clever 3-year-old and his great instinct!

SOURE : It’s Happening! Historic Company Bails On NFL After Anthem Protests The smoke is still swirling around the NFL’s dumpster fire because of its latest spate of anti-American protests. This time one of the nation’s oldest clothing makers has announced that it is dropping its NFL sponsorship. “Hardwick Clothing, America’s oldest suit maker, is through dealing with the National Football League.” The company’s CEO, Cleveland businessman Allan Jones, blasted the League’s “unpatriotic behavior” and directed his advertising firm to pull ads for his companies during NFL games, The Chattanoogan reported. “Effective immediately, please remove all commercials for Check into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, or U.S. Money Shops from airing during NFL games this entire season,” Jones, who is also the CEO of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash, said Tuesday in a statement. “Our companies will not condone in any form the unpatriotic behavior demonstrated by the NFL.”The owner of the company, Allan Jones, is not making just a silent gesture, either. He is speaking out very specifically about what he thinks of the NFL protests.Jones, a supporter of President Trump, acknowledged that NFL players have the right to choose not to stand during the playing of the national anthem, but pointed out that, as a business owner, he also has a right to take his money elsewhere. “When I see Colin Kaepernick lecturing the ‘oppressed’ wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt, you realize the hypocrisy to this stupidity. I love America. They have the right to protest and I have the right to turn off the channel and place our ads elsewhere,” Jones said. “The next time someone ask the public to finance a stadium this will have a very long term effect. These guys should really be the lead plaintiffs in the head injury cases-that’s the only jury that will find sympathy!” … “If you will research why Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner you will realize why I am upset about these NFL players protesting. They don’t even know what it is they are protesting,” he said. “The flag was still standing. 200 English ships tried to take it down. They kept it up all night and it could only be seen when the bombs were bursting in the air. So many patriots gave their lives to keep the flag up – and now to have people protesting who don’t have a clue about any of this bothers me.”Sign the petition below: Dear NFL: We will not support millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our Armed Forces and Veterans. Who wins a football game has ZERO impact on our lives. Who fights for and defends our nation has every impact on our lives. We stand with the Heroes, not a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American, degenerates. Signed, we the people.

SOURCE : IT’S ALL OVER! Roy Moore Accusers Caught REDHANDED as the Truth Comes Out This past week, Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore was hit with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Now, however, two new polls have shown that Moore has remained unaffected entirely by these smears against him. Breitbart reported that one of the polls was conducted on Thursday morning, before the Washington Post story about the allegations against Moore came out, while the other was conducted on Saturday night. These polls both showed that Moore’s lead over Democrat Doug Jones has been virtually unaffected since the Post story came out. The first poll shows Moore leading Jones by 50 percent to 39.2 percent with 10.8 percent undecided. The second survey shows Moore and Jones with about the exact same percentages as before, with his position in this second poll being 49.8 percent—meaning he only dropped 0.2 percent since the story hit—and Jones has only picked up 0.4 percent to reach 39.6 percent total. “The polling between Thursday morning and Saturday showed far less movement than I originally expected,” said pollster John Wahl. “The controversy surrounding the Washington Post article seems to have galvanized the support of both candidates, but not changed the actual percentages in a significant manner. The Moore campaign has already weathered a considerable amount of political attacks during this campaign season, and I expect most of his lightest support to have blown off during these attacks. His current support level is holding fairly steady.” “The voters of Alabama know Roy Moore and what he stands for. Alabama is also a very red state where any Republican candidate is going to have a very high floor to start with,” Wahl added. “So far it seems the people of Alabama believe Roy Moore is more credible than the Washington Post.” This comes after Infowars reported that claims are being made on social media that a reporter was caught on tape offering a woman $1000 to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct. This claim comes from a former Secret Service agent who said that the woman taped the conversation she had with the reporter and sent copies to the Etowah Co. District Attorney and the FBI.Though this claim has yet to be verified, it is known that just before the accusations against Moore came out, the Washington Post endorsed his opponent, Doug Jones, on October 23. On top of that, each of Moore’s accusers, all of whom allege the incidents occurred decades ago, don’t seem to have known each other very well previously, yet all of a sudden they appeared in the public spotlight at the same time to make their accusations only weeks before an election with national implications. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Queen Just Announced Who Will Be Next King Of England According to Buckingham Palace sources, Queen Elizabeth II truly wished Prince William to become a King. This means that Prince Charles will be sidestepped for the role by the Queen and surely made a conflict between the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles. The same sources claimed the Queen believes that Prince William and Kate Middleton were prepared for the role, unlike Prince Charles. She pointed out to the several scandals surrounding him and to the affair with Camilla, saying that they influenced her decision. She also said that she believes the young couple is more prepared to take the role in this modern age. This whole situation has apparently angered Camilla Parker Bowles as she thinks it is Kate Middleton that is pushing for the position. Things are happening very fast here and we need to be ready for a change at a moment’s notice. The Queen is preparing them for everything that they will need to know. This change will happen soon, as there have been reports saying the Palace Communications staff are under order to follow the 1937 Regency Act. This Act gives power to the heir. And also, one information emerged that the Queen rehearsed a coronation of Prince William and Kate Middleton just one week ago. This whole situation has infuriated Bowles, who believes that they sidestepped her husband. And others believe that the Queen is revenging on her son for his many mistakes. Most importantly the way he mistreated Diana by cheating on her, has hurt the whole royal family.

SOURCE : Massive Obama Scandal Tears Apart Democrats – Look What He’s Been Hiding All Along?! We are only just learning about the injustices committed by Obama’s DOJ. It’s incredible to think that the one department devoted to carrying out justice in our country was so abused and misused. Obama’s Justice Department carried out a slush fund, extorting cash from companies to give to liberal activist groups. We know that under Attorney General Lorretta Lynch, they pressured the FBI to drop Hillary Clinton’s email case. Now it has been discovered that so-called gun control Obama was surprisingly lenient when it came to enforcing gun laws. Why? The reason will turn your stomach. From The Daily Caller: More than 100,000 convicted felons or other “prohibited persons” tried to buy guns each year during President Barack Obama’s administration by lying on their applications, but the Justice Department only considered prosecuting about 30 to 40 people each year, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. The Obama administration may have publicly aligned itself with anti-gun activists, but it consistently turned a blind eye to prosecute known criminals who tried to buy guns.

SOURE : Maxine Waters Is Asked What Crime Specifically Trump Has Committed. Her Response Is Both Hilarious And Sad Loudmouth Rep. Maxine Waters has reinvented herself as the bullhorn of the Democrats’ anti-Trump “resistance.” Everywhere she goes, Waters can be heard shouting “Impeach 45!”But, as many have pointed out, impeachment requires some very specific conditions to be met. Specifically, the president needs to have committed certain actual crimes, and in a certain way. But the facts and details, the actual laws governing this nation, don’t seem to concern this LAWMAKER.At a recent rally, Waters insisted: “Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ and we define that.” In other words, in Waters’ world, Congress can just impeach anyone it pleases, and make up the rules as it goes. Law Newz explained that while that notion is somewhat accurate, Waters had grossly skewed the reality of how impeachment works:The framers, as we all know, were hell-bent on making sure that the American president could not become tyrannical; a key facet to their planning was to give Congress the final word on whether the chief executive was carrying out his responsibilities with the requisite dignity befitting the office. Such an concept of impeachment may provide us significant discomfort in that it varies so profoundly from the criminal justice system, but that’s precisely the point. Impeachment is inherently a political process, not a criminal one. The numbers required for impeachment and conviction ensure that the process isn’t likely to oust a president who is merely unpopular; supermajorities aren’t easy to come by, and are inherent guards against arbitrary or capricious actions. Trump’s been in office less than a year, and most of what Waters is bringing against him remains in the realm of far-fetched allegation and personal dislike. “Arbitrary” would be an understatement for Waters’ efforts to impeach Trump.


SOURCE : 4th Grader Destroys Common Core By Asking School Board One Question Sydney Smoot might look like your average 4th-grade girl, but she has taken such a bold stand against Common Core that she received a standing ovation from adults at least three times her age.The spunky student from Brooksville Elementary in Florida could barely reach the podium when she stood before the Hernando County School Board this month, but her presence could not have been clearer. Immediately addressing school officials, little Sydney never muddled her words as she described the dangerous impact that state standardized testing is having on students. “This testing looks at me as a number. One test defines me as either a failure or a success through a numbered rubric. One test at the end of the year that the teacher or myself will not even see the grade until after the school year is already over. I do not feel that all this FSA testing is accurate to tell how successful I am. It doesn’t take in account all of my knowledge and abilities, just a small percentage.” Sydney asked one question that addressed the obvious flaw with exhaustively testing students at the end of a school year. “Why am I being forced to take a test that hasn’t even been tested on students here in Florida, so how can it be valid and accurate on what I know?”However, Sydney didn’t merely complain of the problem without providing a feasible solution. Instead, she suggested that the painstaking test be divided up into three smaller tests to determine how students are fairing throughout the year. “Why should we have so much stress about one test when we should be learning and having fun at school?” she asked. Perhaps the most startling moment in Sydney’s speech was her revealing of a secret contract that students must sign, preventing them from speaking with their parents about the test.

SOURCE : LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE AFTER DISCOVERING WHERE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DONATING HIS Q3 SALARY TO Liberals have been attacking President Trump on every single issue ever since he was elected President. Despite the fact that he pays more in taxes than Bernie Sanders and donates more than half of the liberals in America combined, they still have the nerve to call him greedy, selfish, and evil. Even when he’s been donating his Presidential salary over the past year to various causes, they’ve still found reason to attack him. Some of them were furious when he donated his salary to preserve a Civil War battleground, claiming that he’s promoting white supremacy—you just can’t win with these people. Today however, President Trump announced that he will be donating his salary to combat the opioid crisis in America, and it’s making liberals furious. Rather than being grateful that he’s donating tens of thousands of dollars, unlike President Obama, they’re complaining that he’s donating it to the wrong causes (AKA not to race-baiting organizations or transgender degeneracy).

SOURE : Dollar Store Shopper Shocked At What Teen Did Behind Elderly White Woman After finishing her shopping at the Dollar General in Griffin, Georgia, Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet was preparing to leave the parking lot when she looked up at what was happening in front of her. She saw a teen inside the store near an elderly woman and couldn’t believe what she saw him doing.Sweet told Fox 5 that she had gone to the Dollar General with her nephew, Senquavious Driver, but as they were about to leave the store, Driver got her attention. An elderly white woman, who they later learned was 81 years old, was shopping alone for a soda, when everything about her day changed in an instant. “We were about to pull off and leave when she was trying to get out of her car, but she was struggling to get on the sidewalk,” Sweet told the news station. “She barely could walk.” Noticing the struggle was one thing, but what her teen nephew who was with her at the time did about it was far different. All the elderly woman wanted was some fizzy refreshment, but she stumbled and fell to the pavement just trying to get into the store. Driver jumped out of his aunt’s car and looked like he was just running to the stranger’s aid, but he did something else. The young Griffin High School senior came up behind the helpless old woman and picked her up off the ground, then he let her know to lean on him for support into the store. He led her inside the Dollar General store but didn’t just pass her off to someone else as their problem. He carefully led her up and down the aisles since she didn’t just need a soda, she wanted a friend in that moment and found it in the teen. He gave her his ear, and she told him about her recent injuries that made walking next to impossible. Meanwhile, Sweet watched from the car and was proud of what she witnessed from her nephew.“I was in tears taking pictures because he didn’t hesitate to help her, and that made my heart happy,” Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet told the news station. “I’m so proud of him because I know and love the lady that raised him, my sissy.” This awesome aunt not only saw a great kid but the result of incredible parenting from a mother who instilled patience and kindness into her son. She could have raised him to see the differences in people and hate someone for their skin color while blaming them for life struggles they suffer that white strangers have nothing to do with.

SOURCE : Bill Clinton Says Haiti Funds Didn’t Pay For Chelsea’s Wedding, Then Wikileaks DROPS A NUKE! Former White House occupant Bill Clinton over the weekend took to Twitter to claim that money the Clinton Foundation received for Haiti after the earthquake didn’t help pay for his daughter’s wedding, then Wikileaks stepped in with a scorching hot nuke. For years, the Clinton Foundation – a “charity” set up by the Clintons after Bill left Office – has received hundreds of millions of dollars from all over the world, yet for some reason it doesn’t have any noticeable achievements, like the Red Cross, which is present during every catastrophic event across the world. For example, the Clinton Foundation received millions upon millions of dollars from the U.S. government to help the Haitians after a 2010 earthquake ravaged the island, yet to this day there’s still Haitians wondering where all the help is.

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