SOURCE : 2 Years After Suspicious Death, Antonin Scalia Sends Trump A Message From Beyond The Grave When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February 2016 at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas, the circumstances surrounding his death were overwhelmingly suspicious. For one, he was a noted conservative, and Barack Obama was nearing the end of his presidential term and, thus, the span of time when he would have legally been able to appoint a more liberal justice to the bench. Now, two years later, with questions regarding his demise still looming, Justice Scalia has sent President Donald Trump a message from beyond the grave.It’s no wonder the circumstances surrounding Justice Scalia’s death led to many internet conspiracy theories. He was found dead in Shafter, Texas, at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, which is owned by a Democratic Party donor and Obama award winner. Additionally, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, another Democrat, pronounced him dead over the phone, without ever seeing his body, which was found with a pillow covering his face, according to The Gateway Pundit.

WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ WikiLeaks has released information that shows Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribing 6 Republicans to “destroy Trump”. In an email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin, the pair discuss diverting Clinton campaign funds to various Republicans who were secretly on the Clinton payroll. reports: The email, sent in July of this year, describes how funds were being diverted from Clinton’s campaign to the Super PACS of Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich. According to the email: “JB, CF, and JK PACS will be noticeably silent for the rest of the campaign. Each will receive a significant allowance from advertising budget. HRC is in the loop and has talked to all three personally. Eyes only.” Other emails that surfaced but do not refer to anything other than title have also surfaced that raised eyebrows. It seems at a glance that the Clinton Foundation, or as I am calling it, the Pantsuit Mafia, has bought off several key members of the Republican Party to push the Clinton agenda. Such as: “He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only.” This email was dated days before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan withdrew the invitation to Donald Trump to speak at an event in Wisconsin. Even though we do not have the ‘smoking gun’ to say it was him, no other logical conclusion can be assumed. Other emails hint at the money being moved to Republican elected officials in the House and Senate. For instance, FEC reports show that two large donations from PACS and private sources ln early October went to John McCain right after he attacked Trump publicly criticized Trump. That happened shortly after a slew of emails concerning moving money to support one candidate and move support from another.

SOURCE : Gowdy Just Put A Stop To Obama’s Interference, You’ll Cheer When it was found that Barack Obama had been running significant surveillance through the National Security Agency (NSA)on citizens, Donald Trump, and his team amid the 2016 election, he knew he was going down. A few reports had been found that the illicit surveillance had been done to attempt to break President Trump and Obama was blamed for working for a ‘shadow government.’ Another weird thing was that the Obama family had purchased a mansion just blocks far from the White House, which isn’t something some other President has done. Trey Gowdy had turned out to be suspicious of his demonstrations and had started his operation to stop Obama’s own ‘shadow government.’ This is then when the surveillance operation was found. He kept running in through the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA is the place Obama still has a large number of his cohorts, even while not in control any longer. One of his companions, Reality Winner, was as of late arrested for releasing some profoundly classified archives against Trump and conceivable plot with Russia. Congressman Trey Gowdy reported to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that he will prevent the NSA from running these projects. “We’re not going to reauthorize these surveillance programs if the American people are not satisfied that their security is not going to be safeguarded.” Gowdy said.

SOURE : Obama Stole The Presidency—New Report Shows Millions Of Illegals Flipped The 2008 Election Democrats should be careful, because the shaky foundation beneath their feet is falling apart.The Left has spent years painting conservatives as paranoid conspiracy theorists who complain about voter fraud instead of focusing on the real issues. That is why, according to the Left, conservatives lose elections. But what happens when the truth comes out, and conservatives were right the whole time? Does the Left then start to get paranoid? We should know the answers to these questions at some point in the near future, because the truth is indeed starting to come out.As reported by The Washington Times: A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates. As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House. The research organization Just Facts, a widely cited, independent think tank led by self-described conservatives and libertarians, revealed its number-crunching in a report on national immigration. Just Facts President James D. Agresti and his team looked at data from an extensive Harvard/YouGov study that every two years questions a sample size of tens of thousands of voters. Some acknowledge they are noncitizens and are thus ineligible to vote. There you have it: conservatives were right about voter fraud. When President Trump stated that he would have won the popular vote in addition to the Electoral College had no illegals voted in the 2016 election, liberals openly mocked him. As stated before, anyone who agreed with Trump was a loony conspiracy theorist.It did not take much to realize, however, that liberals had no actual response to these claims. They refuted the President’s argument only by calling him a “sore loser.” They did not, on the other hand, actually prove him wrong. As it turns out, liberals did not prove Trump wrong because he simply was not wrong in the first place. A fresh batch of studies confirm that millions of illegals may have voted for Hillary Clinton as well. What do you think, America? Should liberals be held accountable now that Americans have the proof? Is this a matter for the Justice Department, or should Democrats just pay for it at the polls? Let us know your thoughts below!

SOURCE : BREAKING: Trump Just Made a HUGE Arrest! Our nation has been thrown into a tail-spin of distraction and confusion for months now, and it leaves many missing important actions that wouldn’t have taken place if Trump had lost the election. The Russian collusion witch hunt, the Paul Manafort indictment, and mean words from Trump all serve one purpose. To keep us distracted from things that are moving forward the very way we asked that they be. Hillary Clinton works hard between the Obama deep state and the liberal media to keep as much distraction going as possible to maintain focus from being placed on her, but newer developments are making that hard for her to keep up with.

SOURCE : President Trump Just Blew the Lid Off BIGGEST SCANDAL in US History Trump’s administration has uncovered a frightening, and deadly, fact: the Department of Veterans Affairs has been letting its hospitals hire doctors and nurses with revoked medical licenses! Apparently this has been happening for the past 15 years. Clearly, and for good reason, it violates federal laws. In direct contradiction to a 1999 law that bars any VA from hiring a healthcare worker whose licenses had been revoked in any state, in 2002 the VA distributed guidelines that allowed its hospitals to hire doctors and nurses that had a license in one of the 50 states, even if they had, previously, been subject to a license revocation.

SOURCE : Girl Holds Door For Woman At Restaurant, What Happened Next Went Viral A lone Texas woman thought she would do a kind act and simply hold the door open for another woman entering the same restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Little did she realize, her kind gesture would lead to a chain of events that’s gone viral across social media. Louise resident Brooke Ochoa recalled the incident in a Facebook post on August 6, detailing the chain of events that occurred after she went to eat lunch by herself, according to ABC6. It started as she was entering an un-named restaurant. That’s when saw an elderly black woman walking into the building at the same time, so she decided to hold the door for her. Come to find out, the elderly lady, named Delores, was eating by herself as well, and after she asked for a table for one, Brooke invited Delores to eat with her. The two talked for quite a bit, and their conversation revealed the sad details of Delores’s life in recent months after receiving bad news about two people she was very close to. “Come to find out she spent the last decade living with her mom who recently passed away and her aunt who recently was put into a nursing home, so she has been having a hard time being alone,” Brooke said in her Facebook post. Apparently, Delores hasn’t really had anybody to talk to, and she was beyond grateful that the kind young woman listened to her throughout their meal together. “We had a wonderful talk, and she just kept smiling and saying thank you for listening to me,” Brooke recalled. “Which made me smile too!” Brooke said their conversation “healed my heart too,” and she’s also grateful to have been able to spend some time with Delores. “By far the best decision I’ve made all year,” she said.

Rich Liberal Celeb Demands Trump Open Borders, Wakes Up To Nasty Surprise When wealthy celebrity author of the Harry Potter franchise J.K. Rowling heard about President Donald Trump’s travel ban and proposed wall, she immediately slammed him as a racist. However, just after demanding that Trump opens the borders to all refugees, she received a surprise that would have her eating her words. Rowling, who is reportedly worth over $1 billion, took to Twitter to criticize Trump for beefing up national security in order to properly vet asylum seekers. Refusing to believe that many are crossing the border and committing heinous crimes in their host countries, the out-of-touch celebrity writer flew off the handle, spewing vulgarity over the temporary ban. As expected, the liberal elitist was not only immediately called out on her hypocrisy but asked to put her money where her mouth is. Independent Journal Review reports that as soon as Rowling, a British citizen living in Scotland, demanded the U.S. resettle even more Muslim refugees, she was bombarded with tweets and a petition demanding that she house asylum seekers in her massive mansion to set the example. While tweets demanding Rowling practice what she preaches continue to flood in, the petition garnered nearly 1,000 signatures in less than 2 hours since its publication. Its creator explains that because Rowling wants more refugees, she should be the first celebrity to house them in her “18 spare bedrooms” at her multi-million dollar manor — or at least one of them. In addition, Twitter users have initiated a social media campaign cleverly called “Tear Down Those Mansion Walls,” in which 92 percent of over 27,000 voters agreed that Rowling should house refugees. “Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, who is very much disconnected from the ugly reality of rape, murder and destruction which many of these refugees bring with them, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity,” the petition states. “J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters…To make this group of refugees representative of the situation Europe, we also demand that the group consists of 14 men and 4 women, since over 75% of the millions of refugees are male.” In 2015, Rowling enraged her entire neighborhood with the trimming of the 30-foot-high hedges she placed around her Edinburgh home. For 3 days, traffic was blocked so that landscaping crew could maintain the massive shrubbery that she erected to not only keep people off her property but prevent them from even setting eyes upon her glorious riches. It’s almost as if she built a “wall” around herself to keep undesirables out. How xenophobic.' The filthy-rich author’s 17th-century manor was purchased for a whopping $3.1 million at the height of her success. Now, she lives in an even more luxurious castle in Aberfeldy. However, she doesn’t appear to want to spread the wealth. In fact, she seems to think that she should have the authority to demand that everyone else foot the bill for her beloved migrants. Of course, aside from not wanting to give up her millions, Rowling won’t even spare one of her posh suites to house a poor, innocent refugee. As expected, Rowling hasn’t responded to the petition or any of the countless tweets demanding she stops being a hypocrite and does what she’s telling everyone else to do. Still, liberal elitists will always be the “do as I say, not as I do” crowd when it comes to practicing what they believe. It’s further proof that their policies sound good on paper but, when it comes to delivery, even they don’t want to be around when the shoe drops.

SOURCE : BREAKING: Calls For Gov. Brown’s Resignation After What He Secretly Did To President Trump Anti-Trump California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is facing loads of scrutiny after people learned what he did to hundreds of criminal illegal aliens, all the defy President Trump.Brown, who’s made it abundantly clear he doesn’t agree with the President’s immigration policies, decided to take matters into his own hands and shied hundreds of illegals from deportation by the federal government. The only problem is that he didn’t use so-called “sanctuary cities” to do it, nor did he forbid federal agents from trying to round them up. Instead, he decided to make his own state even more dangerous by granting pardons to hundreds of illegal aliens convicted of crimes ranging from drug possession and trafficking, to weapons charges including assault. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Brown used the pardoning power of his office to erase felony convictions of 132 people while commuting the sentences of 19 other.

SOURCE : JUST IN: CLINTON MISTRESS COMES FORWARD – Hillary Lesbian Relationships Go Public Bill Clinton’s former mistress recently spoke out to reveal some secrets about Hillary that the failed Democratic presidential candidate never wanted to get out. Radar Online reported that Dolly Kyle, who was Bill’s lover for 17 years, has now written a tell-all book about their time together called Hillary: The Other Woman. In the book, Kyle wrote that Bill told her that he got Hillary pregnant to “take attention” away from the Democratic Presidential candidate’s lesbian “lifestyle!” “He said, ‘ I want to have a baby,’” said Kyle, now 68. “He told me, ‘I’m having a problem. I have a low sperm count.’ He said, ‘We have to have a baby so we look like a normal couple. We need to take attention away from the Warden’s lifestyle.’” Kyle claims that Bill calls Hillary “warden” behind her back. “He used the word ‘lifestyle,’” Kyle insisted. “He didn’t say ‘lesbian,’. But I’d heard all these rumors – that she had all these girlfriends. People said Hillary hit both ways. And that’s what he meant, her lesbian relationships.” Kyle said she was stunned when Bill introduced her to Hillary, whose dowdy clothing exposed “thick calves covered with black hair.” Kyle thinks he was attracted to Hillary because she reminded him of his maternal grandmother. “She raised him and it goes back to that very early emotional and psychological imprinting,” Kyle said. “She was called the meanest woman in southwest Arkansas. She was the kind of person who wanted to put the little guy on a schedule for when he would eat, when he slept, when he was to go to the bathroom. So when he met Hillary, this mean, controlling woman, (that was) the draw for him.”

SOURCE : ‘Resistance’ Heads Explode After Sarah Sanders Drops ‘Truth Bomb’ From Trump White House press secretary Sarah Sanders kept a straight face as she addressed the press corps during her regular scheduled conference. It seems our beloved press secretary had a secret message from President Donald Trump just for all those leftist haters out there. A shocked room of liberal loser reporters looked on in utter silence as Sarah told them she had a “message from a special guest,” telling them to “tune into the screen.” Don’t miss this. President Donald Trump is winning, and he is feeling pretty sassy as he trolls all the leftist haters who refuse to give him a fair chance. Over the last year, Trump has achieved more than any modern-day president, and that includes President Ronald Reagan.

SOURCE : California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This? The House Ethics Committee has finally charged Maxine Waters (D-CA) with corruption. Here’s what she did: In 2008, Maxine arranged a meeting between the Treasury Department and representatives of OneUnited bank – where her husband was a notable shareholder. As a member of the House Financial Committee, she was able to directly contact then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to speak with him about meeting with minority-owned banks. Through her efforts, OneUnited bank was able to obtain $12 million in federal bailout funding to help cover expected losses from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.If OneUnited had gone under, Maxine’s husband could have lost as much as $350,000. Oh, and she hired her own grandson (Mikael Moore) to work as her chief of staff.


SOURE : Restaurant Owner Refuses To Show NFL, Shocked To See Who Walks Through Doors Days Later After watching overpaid, ungrateful professional athletes kneel as the national anthem was played before NFL games, Bill DeFries, a Marine veteran and the owner of an Ohio Beef O’Brady’s, made a decision that could greatly impact his bottom line: he stopped showing NFL games. It was a risky move for a sports restaurant, but DeFries was prepared for any financial blowback he incurred as a result of the move. That’s how strongly he felt about the matter, so he was shocked to see who walked through his restaurant’s doors days later. DeFries met with his management team before pulling NFL games from his franchise, just to ensure that they were all on the same page. He did not know what the move would mean for sales, but everyone was determined to cut off the NFL after witnessing the disrespectful display players made during the anthem. DeFries told Fox Business, “I have to tell you as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I served to defend our country’s Constitution and free speech, and while I defend the right of every American to express their views and voice this freely, the actions demonstrated by the NFL players during the country’s national anthem — it was offensive and disrespectful to me as a proud veteran and all my fellow veterans.” The restaurant owner continued, “We are a family restaurant, and we have been for 13 years,” adding, “And our customers are from the community. They come in here to relax and enjoy a meal and be entertained, in particular by the NFL on Sundays,” indicating it was a big move to decide to turn the game off. However, he had a good reason.

SOURCE : Deep State Snakes’ Cry Like Babies After Trump Reveals His Stunning ‘New Year Prediction’ President Donald Trump is starting out the New Year with a stunning prediction that is causing the deep state snakes to cry like babies. The president was in rare form as he strategically waited until the final days of 2017 to reveal what his enemies in Washington, D.C., will face in the near future. From Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, every deep state traitor is cowering in fear as President Trump makes a stunning prediction.President Donald Trump has received classified information proving Barack Obama was fully aware of the multiple felonies committed by the FBI and DOJ starting in July 2016. We are talking about the “insurance policy” in case Trump won the election, which was concocted by senior FBI agents, along with DOJ officials, working for former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

SOURE : Breaking: NFL Ticket Sales Numbers Are in… Absolutely Brutal News for Anthem Haters The NFL and its flag-disrespecting players just got the worst news possible, which is topping off a week of nothing but bad news. First, one of the biggest broadcasters of football games announced that it would break its own policy and allow outraged fans to cancel their sports packages. We thought that was great. Little did we know what as to come. Today recent ticket sales for the troubled league have been revealed — and they show that fans have declared all-out war on the NFL, hitting them right in the wallet.The Washington Examiner has just reported that professional football ticket sales have plummeted nearly 20 percent this week compared to last week. That information was based on data from TickPick, a major online ticket reseller. Specifically, the retail site reported a drop of 17.9 in the last week. “We have seen a massive decrease in NFL ticket purchases this past week in comparison to years past. Week 3 seems to usually have less ticket orders than week 2, but this year ticket purchases are down more than 7 percent from this time last year,” TickPick representative Jack Slingland explained.For a league that takes in a huge amount of revenue annually, a 17.9 percent drop in ticket sales could mean a loss of billions of dollars. The football ticket sales expert stopped short of specifically blaming the NFL’s anti-anthem antics for the drop, but strongly hinted that this was the cause. “[T]he conversation around the NFL this week has focused on the president’s comments as well as the players’ and owners’ reaction,” Slingland told The Washington Examiner. “As viewers continue to abandon their NFL Sunday habits, both the number of ticket sales and the purchase price of tickets will drop.”Given that the American people are squarely arrayed against the NFL, Slingland probably could have curried some goodwill from fans if he had just embraced the truth wholeheartedly — the American people are furious that multimillionaires think their lot in life is worse than the average American’s. Showing just how out of touch the Trump-deranged liberals are, they actually didn’t see a problem with such an insane claim (I guess the derangement explains that, huh?). They actually thought the American people would sit there to be lectured by people who make more money, saying that everyday Americans are the real problem. And just as they did before the last presidential election, left-leaning groups dramatically under-estimated the number of patriotic Americans who are fed up with being ignored and insulted

SHOCK CLAIM: Hillary To Be Indicted On Criminal Charges Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Top investigators in the Department of Justice believe there is ample evidence of Hillary Clinton’s guilt despite fired-FBI Director James Comey’s decision to drop the investigation weeks before the 2016 election. Bestselling author and former editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine, Ed Klein, reports in a recent article for Newsmax that Department of Justice officials have reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Investigators learned that then-Secretary of State Clinton was conducting official government business on a private email server during the course of the 2012 congressional investigation into the Benghazi embassy attack. The FBI immediately launched an investigation to determine if the Secretary of State violated the Espionage Act of 1913 by mishandling classified information. Classified information was transmitted on the home server making it easily accessible by hackers and foreign governments. During the course of the investigation, officials learned that Clinton relied on the private server to couple official business with personal concerns. Before she was appointed Secretary of State, the Obama administration required Clinton to sign an ethics agreement promising not to coordinate with the Clinton Foundation during her tenure. However, Clinton regularly communicated with the Clinton Foundation and other private companies associated with her husband former President Bill Clinton. According to Klein’s sources inside the Justice Department, prosecutors are reexamining the Clinton email server and have found a number of offenses that could be prosecuted. Klein claims that top officials at the Justice Department have already approached Hillary Clinton with a plea deal. They are asking Hillary Clinton to sign a document admitting that she violated federal law by circumnavigating official government channels. If she signs the deal, the Justice Department will not seek charges for her various “pay-to-play” schemes where the former Secretary of State allegedly traded government access for donations to her foundation. Despite the sweetheart deal, Klein doubts that Clinton will sign the agreement. “This is a woman who never, ever admits that she did anything wrong.” Klein said on Newsmax TV. “We’ve all seen how she has blamed everybody but herself for her loss in 2016 at the presidential election… the chances of her accepting such an offer are practically zero.” If Clinton does not accept the plea deal the Justice Department “will then proceed with this investigation and this is going to drag on for a long time and, in a way, balance the investigation that’s going on with President Donald Trump and his campaign advisers regarding so-called collusion with the Russians,” Klein explained. It has been reported that Department of Justice officials have reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Do you support this move? According to Klein, the Justice Department will be seeking charges related to mishandling classified information, but they will also be considering charges related to obstruction of justice and perjury. Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete thousands of emails before turning the server over to the Justice Department. Clinton claimed that all of the deleted emails were personal, and not work related. However, James Comey’s testimony contradicts this claim, and hundreds of deleted work emails have been recovered, according to Breitbart. Reopening the investigation outside of an election cycle will allow investigators to arrive at the truth of the email scandal with little concern for the political priorities that plagued James Comey’s 2016 investigation.

LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : SOURCE : Thank You For Watching PAYBACK: Right After ‘The View’ Attacks Him & His Daughter, Huckabee Ruins Them With Epic Response Proud Trump supporter Mike Huckabee appeared with his daughter Sarah Sanders on appeared on ABC’s ‘The View’. They were rudely bombarded with rude comments for being on Trump’s side. After being ridiculed by their liberal leftist fan base, Huckabee decided to have the last laugh. He went On Fox Business and gave ‘The View’ a fierce reality check. The show’s co-host Joy Behar to Mike, “Trump, the things he says about women are just horrendous and we all know that. So let’s not pretend that he hasn’t said some horrifying things about women. We know that. Just nod. You don’t have to say anything, just nod because you know it’s true. Having said that, how can you let your daughter defend him?”

SOURCE : Chinese Media Shames Obama, Reports His Anti-Trump Tour Across Asia Was a Total Tragedy President Donald Trump recently made his arrival back in the United States after an extremely successful two-week trip to Asia. During his trip he met with many leaders from different countries. Not only did former President Barack Obama speak out against Trump’s trip, but he felt that it was acceptable to visit the same leaders of Asia on his own tour which did not go anywhere near as well. This many is truly pathetic. Among the leaders that agreed to meet with Barack Obama was Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Chinese media wasn’t as kind in regards to Obama’s visit as they were when reporting on President Trump’s visit. The South China Morning Post reported: “Obama, who championed a ‘pivot to Asia’ policy that Beijing viewed as a bid to contain its ambitions and critics say was largely a failure, said China had made impressive achievements… Relations between Obama and Xi were outwardly positive but were underscored by tensions over Washington’s concerns about human rights in China and the South China Sea disputes.”

LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : SOURE : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : FINALLY!Obama’s College Records RELEASED…What They Show Could Land Him In PRISON! The 2008 presidential election was one for the ages. It was when the left-wing media finally shed what little was left of its dignity and fully embraced its hyper-partisan, water-carrying mission. The amount of shilling for Obama was simply incredible, as media members came across more like brainwashed cultists than the “journalists” they normally pretended to be. One of the many lies they peddled then and now was the “Obama’s the smartest person to ever be president” meme. Of course, this wild claim has never be proven considering his academic records and entire past were sealed and never properly investigated by the media. As reported at Nut Bar Factor, Obama’s time in college is shrouded in mystery, as students and teachers alike surprisingly can’t offer up any information about him, despite claims that he was a star student. The real question isn’t really how good his grades were, but if contained within the records is evidence that he was considered a foreign student at the time People investigating the issue seem to believe that “Barack Obama” wasn’t who was attending Columbia, but Barry Soetoro. We know now that Obama was willing to claim foreign birth whenever it benefitted him. In 1991, he described himself in his literary agent’s publicity brochure as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” We also know that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, claimed Indonesian citizenship (and “Islam” as religion) for their son “Barry Soetoro” when they enrolled him as a first grader in an Indonesian school in 1968. His parents seemed more than willing to claim “nonresident” status as well on official documents when Barry was growing up. Which raises the obvious and often debated question, was Obama really born in America? This question is immediately dismissed as conspiratorial whenever it’s mentioned as way to shut down any honest investigation. There’s already ample evidence to suggest that Obama was born outside America, and it’s thought that the final piece is hidden away in his student records. Unsealing them is a huge deal no matter how you slice it, as it shows just how dumb he actually is, and/or that he WAS considered a foreign student, proving that he has lied about his birth from the start. The question then becomes, what should we do about his treasonous actions with the truth finally revealed?

SOURCE : Trump Signs Executive Order To Seize Assets Of Clinton & Obama President Donald Trump has signed an executive order allowing federal agents to seize the assets of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In the Dec. 21 executive order, Trump has declared that severe human rights abuses and corruption “have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems.”“I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat,” Trump said. The executive order allows for the freezing of assets of U.S. nationals and foreigners who have committed severe human rights abuses, or corruption, inside or outside of the United reports: The executive order also targets foreigners and U.S. nationals who have assisted, sponsored, or provided financial or material aid to the foreign nationals who committed the crimes.

SOURCE : BREAKING: Andrew McCabe Drops Shocking Bombshell After Damning Photo Exposes Terrible Thing He did McCabe, whose wife accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from one of Hillary Clinton’s strongest allies and who and busted in a plot to derail President Trump’s campaign, said he’s going to retire in the coming months amid the controversy surrounding his past actions. His announcement comes as FBI Director Christopher Wray made his first major personnel change in firing the head of the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel. Although while many may be happy over McCabe’s departure, the Washington Post is reporting that he’s apparently waiting until he can receive his pension to actually leave the bureau.What a sweet deal; abuse your position of power to undermine our republic and erode trust in our institutions and still get to walk away with a full pension.

SOURE : Woman Snaps Pic Of Horrific Wreck, Floored At What’s Hidden In Plain Sight While Kay Denton was stopped near the scene of a horrific wreck on a Georgia freeway, she was staring out her window when she noticed something amiss at the scene and snapped a photo. Looking at the snapshot a little closer, she was absolutely floored at what she saw hiding in plain sight.Denton, who works with the Commerce Police Departement, was on Interstate-85 in Commerce when the crash caught her eye. With traffic at a standstill as crews worked to clear the scene, the woman watched on and prayed that all involved would be okay, even though the situation looked dire. With the perfect vantage point from where she was parked along the side of the road, Denton saw something else at the scene which she felt the need to share, with photo proof of what she witnessed. In a post on social media, Denton explained, “If you look closely you can see a police officer lying on the ground to the left side of the car.” While this may not seem like a significant detail, it’s what she caught him doing that took her breath away.An 8-year-old boy was involved in the crash and trapped under the mangled car. He was terrified, and Denton was scared for his outcome too until she saw the incredible interaction he had with the cop. “This child was an eight-year-old black male who was scared to death and had some internal injuries. This officer laid on the ground with this child, cradling his head in his hand and talking to him to keep him calm,” she wrote before finding out one important detail about the kid, which the cop was shocked to hear in that moment. As the hero officer spoke comforting words to this boy, he learned that this frightening day happened to also be his birthday, and right there in the median, with the weight of the car and the world on this child, the cop sang Happy Birthday to him. “At one point the child reached over and patted the officer on the head and then played with the officer’s hair!” Denton explained in her post, which she shared with a specific purpose in mind.

LIKE SHARE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL : SOURE : PLEASE HELP ME WATCHING VIDEO IN THE NEW CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE : Man Hears A Voice Start To Whisper After His Wife Left Her Phone On In Florida, a married woman was talking to her husband using her hands free mobile device, while he was still at home and she was out. The conversation stopped, but the phone was still on and picking up everything being said around her, which her husband could hear. After what he heard, he had a surprise waiting for her when she got home.Priscilla Cercone had been chatting it up with her husband after work on Tuesday evening, keeping her hands free by using a Bluetooth device that she put in her ear. He was waiting for her back at home, while asking her questions about her day. After a moment of silence, he heard another man’s voice. What the new person didn’t realize was that the Bluetooth was picking everything up, and his evening wasn’t going to go as planned. The woman’s unnamed husband got a sense something was wrong when his wife stopped responding to his questions but hadn’t officially ended their conversation. According to Local10 News, Cercone had gotten out of her car at about 5:30 p.m. to get the mail from her mailbox. That’s when she stopped talking, but 21-year-old Bernard Owens could be heard whispering in her other ear, which didn’t have the mobile device in it.Owens put a gun to the woman’s head and demanded she drive him to the ATM and drain her account for him. Her husband listened live as the mugging happened, and his wife, scared for her life, follow the criminal’s orders. She withdrew $400 for him, but he wasn’t satisfied with that amount. That’s when he took his crime a step further, announcing what he was about to do, unknowingly giving her husband the heads up, who was then prepared for him. Wanting to get the most that he could out of this hold up, Owens instructed his victim to take him back to her house. He planned to take anything and everything of value, saying that if she didn’t comply, he would kill her. As the terrified woman pulled up to her house, she saw a swarm of police officers surrounding it and jumped from the car to safety, while Owens was still inside. Cercone’s husband had called the cops early in the robbery, then stayed on the line with his wife’s Bluetooth to give directions as to their whereabouts. Owens tried to evade police by making a run for it, but they quickly caught up with him. He was charged with robbery with a firearm, possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted Florida felon, false imprisonment of an adult, and kidnapping with intent to commit or facilitate commission of a felony, ABC News reported.

BREAKING : TRUMP IS ABOUT TO UNDERMINE THE SWAMP ONCE AND FOR ALL Trump has promised to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. One of the ways that he is going about this is the possible merger of two cabinet departments. Budget director Mick Mulvaney has bee working on what would be the biggest bureaucratic shake-up in recent history: combining the Department of Labor with the Department of Education. The Wall Street Journal reported on this potential shake-up on Wednesday and there is a formal announcement planned for Thursday. Any reorganization would have to be approved by Congress.

Apparently good ole “Auntie Maxine” is great at dishing it out, but she can’t seem to be able to take it after she finds out from a bar owner that freedom of speech goes both ways. Yesterday the owner of a bar and restaurant near Richmond, Virginia posted a racist rant on Facebook telling the Congresswoman to “shut your big fat lips” and “go back to Africa.” This was in response to the Congresswoman and her remarks instigating the so-called “resistance” to confront President Trump’s administration officials. Comments that got Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders kicked out of a restaurant last week.

The Queen Just Announced Who Will Be Next King Of England According to Buckingham Palace sources, Queen Elizabeth II truly wished Prince William to become a King. This means that Prince Charles will be sidestepped for the role by the Queen and surely made a conflict between the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles. The same sources claimed the Queen believes that Prince William and Kate Middleton were prepared for the role, unlike Prince Charles. She pointed out to the several scandals surrounding him and to the affair with Camilla, saying that they influenced her decision. She also said that she believes the young couple is more prepared to take the role in this modern age. This whole situation has apparently angered Camilla Parker Bowles as she thinks it is Kate Middleton that is pushing for the position. Things are happening very fast here and we need to be ready for a change at a moment’s notice. The Queen is preparing them for everything that they will need to know. This change will happen soon, as there have been reports saying the Palace Communications staff are under order to follow the 1937 Regency Act. This Act gives power to the heir. And also, one information emerged that the Queen rehearsed a coronation of Prince William and Kate Middleton just one week ago. This whole situation has infuriated Bowles, who believes that they sidestepped her husband. And others believe that the Queen is revenging on her son for his many mistakes. Most importantly the way he mistreated Diana by cheating on her, has hurt the whole royal family.

SOURCE : JUST IN: Whistleblower DROPS NUKE On Robert Mueller – Brings Investigation To SCREECHING HALT White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the election suffered numerous setbacks this week as multiple investigators were found to either have a documented anti-Trump bias or ties to top Democrats. Now, however, a whistleblower has dropped a bomb about Mueller that could put an end to his probe into Trump. The Gateway Pundit reported that a longtime FBI agent is blowing the whistle on his former boss Mueller, claiming that he special counsel lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the bureau’s surveillance program. Chuck Marler, a former agent who is part of the FBI’s Special Surveillance Group, said that Mueller distorted key facts about spy activities that are undertaken by the task force. Here’s an excerpt of the statement Marler released through Big League Politics: “In the Summer of 2005, two FBI employees in the SSG Program wrote a letter and mailed it to every member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). The two FBI employees were notified by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office of receipt of the letter. Those same two FBI employees and two additional employees wrote another letter and mailed it to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). That opening letter to the OPM was very generic because their work is considered Secret due to their undercover status conducting Counter Terrorism and Counter Intelligence work. The two employees involved in the SSCI letter were informed by staff at Senator Hutchison’s Office of Mueller’s response to the letter which the two employees knew the response was not truthful. OPM opened a routine complaint/inquiry based on the letter that they received from the four FBI employees. The OPM officer that had the misfortune to be assigned the job, sent an initiation letter to FBI Headquarters to gain security clearance to begin her assessment

Wife finds disabled husband crying: Then he shows her what’s in his hand The vast majority of soldiers who serve abroad make sacrifices that we civilians can’t even begin to imagine. They leave their loved ones behind, head to unknown countries and risk their lives — all to make sure that we’re safe. Unfortunately, their efforts often go unnoticed. And even if they return with post-traumatic stress or come back with debilitating injuries, they might not receive the help they deserve, whether medical or psychological. And maybe that’s why I love hearing stories like this one!hristopher Garrett was a combat engineer with the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division. While he was serving in Afghanistan, his unit was ambushed and Christopher was shot in the stomach. Christopher’s pelvis was completely shattered and he was rushed to a hospital. The doctors were able to save him, but he became disabled and had to retire from the military.Christopher looked forward to returning to normal life with his wife, Brittany, and their young son. Soon, though, it became clear that “normal” would take on a whole new meaning.Christopher’s physical and emotional scars made it difficult for him to adjust. Things that were once easy for him — like moving the lawn — became almost impossible. Still, Christopher was determined not to let his combat injuries hold him back.Even though he only had an old push lawnmower, Christopher tried his best to cut his lawn by himself.

SOURCE : House Republicans And Democrats Agree To Shut Down Obama’s Pension — Barack Is Livid Why in the world would a former President of the United States need a pension, or any other financial benefits, for that matter? All they have to do is give one or two speeches per year and they will make more money than only the wealthiest of Americans. If they cannot make it on speaking and consulting fees or lucrative book deals, that’s just too bad. We have an example being set by President Trump. He has refused to accept his presidential salary. No doubt that practice will carry over after he leaves office, taking the form of his refusing the presidential pension. While this won’t fix the deficit, it does point in the direction of the original idea that those in elected office should be citizen-leaders, rather than those looking for a lifetime income from their government “service.” It turns out that Mr. Trump might not even have to make that decision to decline the presidential pension. The House just voted to cut the size of pensions for millionaire past presidents. It’s about time. If Mr. Obama is unhappy, he can get to work, although any “work” he might do is a far cry from what the vast majority of Americans do on a daily basis.The House easily passed legislation on Monday to reduce the pensions and federal benefits provided to former presidents. “Before approving the bill by voice vote, lawmakers expressed agreement that modern-day former presidents don’t need financial assistance from the government if they already earn salaries in the millions.”It’s interesting to note where this practice of paying past presidents pensions got its start.“Under a law established in 1958, former presidents are eligible for an annual six-figure pension, plus funds for staff salaries, office space and other expenses.”

SOURE : Dollar Store Shopper Shocked At What Teen Did Behind Elderly White Woman After finishing her shopping at the Dollar General in Griffin, Georgia, Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet was preparing to leave the parking lot when she looked up at what was happening in front of her. She saw a teen inside the store near an elderly woman and couldn’t believe what she saw him doing.Sweet told Fox 5 that she had gone to the Dollar General with her nephew, Senquavious Driver, but as they were about to leave the store, Driver got her attention. An elderly white woman, who they later learned was 81 years old, was shopping alone for a soda, when everything about her day changed in an instant. “We were about to pull off and leave when she was trying to get out of her car, but she was struggling to get on the sidewalk,” Sweet told the news station. “She barely could walk.” Noticing the struggle was one thing, but what her teen nephew who was with her at the time did about it was far different. All the elderly woman wanted was some fizzy refreshment, but she stumbled and fell to the pavement just trying to get into the store. Driver jumped out of his aunt’s car and looked like he was just running to the stranger’s aid, but he did something else. The young Griffin High School senior came up behind the helpless old woman and picked her up off the ground, then he let her know to lean on him for support into the store. He led her inside the Dollar General store but didn’t just pass her off to someone else as their problem. He carefully led her up and down the aisles since she didn’t just need a soda, she wanted a friend in that moment and found it in the teen. He gave her his ear, and she told him about her recent injuries that made walking next to impossible. Meanwhile, Sweet watched from the car and was proud of what she witnessed from her nephew.“I was in tears taking pictures because he didn’t hesitate to help her, and that made my heart happy,” Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet told the news station. “I’m so proud of him because I know and love the lady that raised him, my sissy.” This awesome aunt not only saw a great kid but the result of incredible parenting from a mother who instilled patience and kindness into her son. She could have raised him to see the differences in people and hate someone for their skin color while blaming them for life struggles they suffer that white strangers have nothing to do with.

SOURCE : BREAKING!! They’re All Going To Boycott And LEAVE THE U.S. If Trump Doesn’t Do It!!! HELL YEAH! In what seems to be irrefutable proof that so-called “DREAMERS” have no idea whatsoever about the American rule of law and our constitution. A group of illegal immigrants is fighting to stay in the country following the Trump Administration’s refusal to extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order which was unconstitutionally instituted by former President Barack Hussein Obama. But now a group of these illegals is saying they will leave the country if a deal isn’t reached to offer them full legalized residency and citizenship.

SOURCE : Billboard Pops Up On Busy California Highway Overnight, 4 Words Make Maxine Waters PANIC Overnight, a billboard popped up alongside a busy highway in California, where Hispanic GOP candidate Omar Navarro is challenging Maxine Waters for her seat in the U.S. Congress. Waters began to panic when she saw the large sign because four words exposed her dirty secret to many of the same constituents who have been voting for her for years. On Thursday, Omar Navarro shared a photo on Facebook which had his supporters cheering and his opponents — most of whom are longtime fans of Rep. Maxine Waters — in a state of panic. Navarro, who is just 29-years-old, is challenging Waters for her seat in the U.S. Congress.

SOURCE : Cops Go To Wrong Address, Shocked To See What Was Hidden On Christmas Tree A pair of police officers accidentally went to the wrong address recently while on a call. However, the partners noticed something a bit odd inside the person’s home while they were there, which prompted further action on their part. After taking a closer look, they were stunned to see what was hidden on their Christmas tree, and they couldn’t just ignore it. An anonymous police officer from Ohio recently posted on the popular Facebook page Ohio Going Blue after he and his partner accidentally went to the wrong address and made quite the unusual discovery. When the individual opened their door, the officers noticed there was something stunning hidden on their Christmas tree and decided to investigate further. The owner quickly informed them exactly what they intentionally put on the tree, which was hidden from many at first glance. On each inconspicuous ornament, there was a tribute to every officer, both human and K9, who had been killed in the line of duty this year. “Partner and I accidentally went to the wrong address today on a run and stumbled across this beautiful tree,” the officer wrote, according to Ohio Going Blue. “The owner took the time to write down every Officer killed in the line of duty this year and place it on the tree. Not only did she do all the Humans but she included all the K9s on the small ornaments.” He continued, “She calls it the ‘Tree of Honor,’ guess our paths were meant to cross since she just finished it last night.”

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