I stumbled upon this strange technique that I named SWYBRYD picking after many failed attempts at dovetailing sweeping with hybrid picking. If you aren’t satisfied with your top speed or just want to be able to play at a fast pace with little strain then swybryd is perfect you. Check out my SWYBRYD Workshop livestream on my YouTube channel every Friday at 10-10:30 pm. If you want more Swybryd technique study materials check out my page: (There are moderately priced booklets and books in pdf format available for purchase) Swybryd-Nation.com For Swybryd T shirts and other music/art merchandise go to:

Played to the best of MY ability. You might have to crank this one. I might try and do as Liszt did with the 5th Caprice in the future.he just used the intro and coda and played a totally different caprice in the middle. Dedicated to

Marshall Harrison shows one of his crazy pentatonic sweeping ideas in a few different variations. Email marsh1@live.com for tab options or lessons Please support my Patreon so I can produce more of the content you enjoy: http:\\

Marshall Harrison reaches deep into the bag of licks for this spellbinding idea. As always Email Marsh1@live.com for tab and lessons information If you really like this and want similar content please consider a generous contribution to my Patreon and be my venerable patron at

Here are most of my guitars accumulated through years of excessive spending. Noticeably absent is the Conklin 8 string with fanned frets (which I would near kill to have back). Also gone is the GMW-Moser made by Lee Garver; I would love to have that guitar back.

Buy my album Presto-digitation! on Amazon.com or iTunes now! I decided to make this vid after watching all of the so-called legato lessons on youtube (not ALL of them, just all I could stomach). It was a galvanizing experience and my mission was clear: to share with all youtubers what I've figured out in the past 14 years about Legato since the inception of my quest. It all started in early 1994 after viewing Garsed's Masterpiece, Rock Fusion video. I Click here to buy my FIRST full-length album: Much Love and Many Thanks to my fans all over the world!! Your support has helped me so very much over the past decade.I'm not sure where I'd be without you all.

We take a look at a particular idea that demonstrates the effectiveness of hybrid picking executed along side legato electric guitar playing. Allan Holdsworth in the country.

We delve into a new video series to learn the basics of ECONOMY PICKING. Our aim will be speed and articulation are the focus. How to master the basic rules of economy Picking? Practice. How to practice more? Pick exercises that actually sound musically good. Remember to START PICKING THIS MELODY WITH A DOWNSTROKE PLEASE. Then use Gambale’s ODD EVEN PRINCIPLE: odd number of notes per string will continue the pick direction you started with and an even number of notes per string will CHANGE the picking direction from the stroke you started with. More on this principle in Vol. 2! Special thanks to Charlie Daniels and Mark O’Connor To order my book of livestream Tablature expertly notated by Padraig O’Kane email me at marsh1 at Live.com

Special Thanks to Adrian Clark, and Lewis Clark In Memoriam: Dr. Richard Swenson, Dr. Michael Economides, and Frederick C. Rick Doutel, Jr. Also Many Thanks to Jamie Cee, Rickerson and Juniorson

title says it all. The piece we're playing over is Joint Ventures by the Johannsen brothers off of the album Heavy machinery. It features tasty diminished/outside licks by Allan Holdsworth check it out if you can find it.

APOLOGIES FOR THE FLOOR SHOT at the beginning and end but I was trying a new recording method. In this technical guitar ramble (not a lesson, more like a lecture), guitarist Marshall Harrison covers an important technique to help you think more like a pianist. First, he covers the genesis of SWYBRYD in 2002 and some intermediate SWYBRYD exercises. Then he shows how RIO (Repeat In Octaves) simplifies extended range scales and arpeggios. He then describes Bruno Economy Picking to economize picking in an imperfect world as opposed to Gambale Economy picking (Perfect World). check out my album utilizing all of these techniques: on itunes and amazon Transcendental Executioner, Presto-Digitation For related t-shirts For Technique Books/Exercises go to Swybryd-Nation.com

Here we use hybrid picking to solve some nasty problems that arise while playing certain scale and arpeggio sequences. Try playing with a clean tone and VERY slowly at first, then speed up gradually. Some times I call this by the silly sounding moniker, SWYBRYD picking which focuses too much on technical mechanics but conveys the idea of sweeping and hybrid picking simultaneously nicely. I really should have played it slower but oh well I got carried away.

If you want to skip the intro and get right to the licks go to 2:00. Here we discuss some of Holdsworth's more inspired guitar ideas (IMHO).

SWYBRYD-nation.com Check out my albums on iTunes and Amazon: Transcendental Executioner and Presto-Digitation

Guitar players everywhere are awestruck by the mind-boggling talent of Ronald Jenkees. It is clear that they too wish to play Jenkee's Outer space jam solo. But beginners be forewarned! there are many tricky licks that don't translate so easily to the old six-stringer. So I thought that since I had this handy trick in my back pocket that I should share it with the rest of the world. Enjoy burning major 7 sequenced arpeggios all over the neck after mastering the relatively simple materia presentedl in this lesson. *upon reviewing this lesson in a few places I say C when I meant C. I Highly recommend buying Ronald's FULL CD for more highly addictive soloing and phrasing!!! If you like what you hear from yours truly BUY my album HERE on amazon.com:

Direct link to Purchase my album, Presto-digitation: Just showing some of the things I figured the first day with this monster guitar. It will take a lot more time to unlock all of it's secrets. You can also buy more of my music on iTunes and Amazon.com look for the album Presto-digitation! by Marshall Harrison Click here to buy:

You can buy the TAB for this piece. Just send me a message indicating your interest in the piece and then send $6 via paypal to marsh1@live.com. The piece is called Autopilot.

The Coda of Rachmaninoff's Prelude 13 op 32 is monstrously fun and terrifyingly difficult. Most professionals steer clear of it the only player who truly owned it was Alexis Weissenberg. Most players who have to play it to complete the set usually wimp out and record it at practice tempo. This take was a little better than the previous one up here and it features the new Yamaha Clavinova cpl-230.

The intervallic material had to be cut off to stay under YouTube's time restrictions. Sorry if the video ends abruptly.

Sorry about the mealy-mouthed definition of Swybryd Picking at the beginning of the video, I should've just said that Swybryd Picking is simply economy picking with fingers AND pick rather than pick by itself. When I spoke of the ease of upstroke + hybrid pick combinations. I meant to also add that (upstroke + hybrid (either m,r, or p)) is analogous to sweeping across multiple strings with a single pickstroke ie they're both instances where you get two or more notes for a single picking motion. One can also pick thusly: downtroke followed by hybrid-pick (either m, r, or p) but it is slightly less natural than upstroke followed by hybrid-pick for me for whatever reason. I really don't enjoy focusing so intensely on the technical mechanics of music-making but it really makes guitar playing effortlessly enjoyable in the long run. All that's required is mastering a few technical ideas. Upon completion of this lesson , the perceptive student will also recognize how important banjo rolls are to Swybryd picking. In short, The goal here is to make scary virtuoso guitar playing relatively easy.

Here we are experimenting over a latin vamp with some really outside labratory ideas. Hopefully no ears were harmed in the process. It was great having an amazing player like DG pushing the envelope here; I really felt obligated and inspired by the whole experience to really go for it.

First: RIP Allan Holdsworth. (pauses for moment of silence) Email marsh1@live.com for tabs or Skype lesson signup. Merry Axemas

One single combination of pick/finger strokes enables us to play some fairly challenging musical phrases. Starting with The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway then Black Page no 2 and finally Rosenblatt's Christmas Fantasy and Astro Boy Variations, This lesson culminates in a demonstration of a lick (by Alexander Rosenblatt originally composed for piano) which incorporates hybrid picking, economy picking, string-skipping and wide stretches other than those hurdles it's not that difficult. Enjoy.

This is the perfect etude certainly on par with Chopin's technically but not as original. At times it seems to exceed some of Chopin's etudes as far as virtuosic grandeur. This piece was used by Rachmaninoff as a warm up so apparently he thought much of it too. You can hear this played professionally on itunes and you can even download Josef Lhevinne playing the extremely rare Schloezer etude 1 op1.

One run towards the end went pear shaped, but overall I just went for it and tried to focus on a sweeping, majestic feel.

NOW AVAILABLE! livestreams books Volume 1 and Volume 2 which consists of full transcriptions of selected licks played during Marshall’s 2017-2018 sessions. Also available MCH Guitar Books 1 and 2 (81and 69 pages)respectively. These consist of full violin, piano masterpieces transcribed for 6,7,8 string guitars. Email marsh1 at live.com for ordering info. for Marshall Harrison T-Shirts!

At about 1:30 I start over after a false start. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. Consider supporting my Patreon and consider subscribing. Thanks for your continued support and interest.

Please enjoy this rare favorite from Maestro B----- Imagine what this would sound like recorded in a real studio with state of the art equipment and noise reduction techniques. OH well a person can dream. Thanks to Cyprien Katsaris for letting me play along with his great recording

Email MARSH1 at LIVE.com for ordering tablature (and standard notation) books of previous livestream transcriptions and stunning transcripts of Bach, Paganini, Chopin, Wieniawski, Alkan etc. Join the SWYBRYD NATION: t shirts available at Teespring.com/SWYBRYD-nation

Visit swybryd-nation.com to learn how to do the techniques played in this video.

Composer: Pancho Haralanov Vladigerov (1899-1978) Pianist: Mac Hine (2010-) This piece has not been recorded (to my knowledge) and has largely been ignored by modern pianists. The ipad music notation software Notion was immensely valuable in the realization of this music. I tried to include as many details from the score as possible. Pedal markings had to be ignored because they would make the software crash. I have finished the 2nd prelude from this set and am working on two others. Look for those later. I will also upload other rarely played composers' works as much as possible. Marc-Andre Hamelin would be the ideal pianist to record these given his familiarity with Vladigerov and his super-virtuoso status.

The highly utilitarian book I mentioned in the vid for analytic computation of inverse Laplace transforms by contour integrals (and a myriad other useful topics): Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Science Students by Stephenson and Radmore, Cambridge University Press, 1990

I love how Spheres look in Minecraft. So I built a few and though they ain't perfect they did take awhile to build so I thought I should make a recording after all the effort it took. A few nice images are combined with one of my favorite pieces of music in this video. The music is by Pancho Vladigerov and is titled Improvisation (Orchestrated)

It probably doesn't converge but I just couldn't resist using RMT on Ramanujan's most beautiful identity as judged by Hardy-Littlewood. Where else have we seen an integral that gives values of the partition function p(n)?

Title says it all. I love how this one went, what an effective transcription I've studied the art of transcription a lot in many different formats and this one is right at the top. Liszt would've loved this one (maybe not my playing) but the treatment itself. This gives you so much bang for your buck as in you don't have to be a world class virtuoso to play it for great effect.

This mathematical derivation hopefully will convince you that the method described is the most direct way to prove this rather complex assertion. -Correction: I state that the sin function has an infinite number of roots. I meant to say zeros.

Please use this video to relax and kick back to. Can be used to drift off to dreamland or to get some work done. Remember that this is an actual neighborhood with actual audio/video and not some computer generated sounds with fake still-picture video overlay. Spring afternoon

At SWYBRYD-nation.com you can learn how to SWYBRYD pick or learn actual full tracks as exactly played on my album Transcendental Executioner” (available on iTunes and Amazon) Get a T-shirt or other merchandise featuring my own “line art” at teespring.com

It probably doesn't converge but I just couldn't resist using RMT on Ramanujan's most beautiful identity as judged by Hardy-Littlewood. Where else have we seen an integral that gives values of the partition function p(n)?

I promise to stop bothering my guitar fans with piano music. Just lemme upload a few more then I'll be done with those for good.promise.

Roasting comics is fairly common on YouTube now. As a contrarian I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at what makes an entertaining or generally good comic experience. This offering from Diversity & Comics (R.C. Meyers) features many of the devices that make for a good read.

Enjoy a properly mic'ed Texas thunderstorm and torrential rain

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